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1. PRESENTATION 2. THINGS TO REMEMBER Before we go ahead, we should keep certain basic facts in our mind. We are a country with huge population out of which majority are unprivileged and Below Poverty line. We are people with tradition, culture and ethics. In our country it is very difficult to get alternate employment. Our survival is because of our collective strength. The Govt. policies have been anti growth oriented for traders. The traders voice is not heard by decision makers. In fact traders have no representation in Govt. The decision makers do not ever hear him on policy matters affecting his trade. 3. PREAMBLEWE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constituteIndia into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICand to secure to all its citizens :JUSTICE, social, economic and political;LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;EQUILITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among themallFRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity andintegrity of the Nation; 4. INDIA UNDER MNCs REGIME : WILL THE PREAMBLE BE RECONSTITUTED.WE THE DICTATORS TO INDIA having solemnly resolved to Reconstitute India into a SLAVERY CASTE BASED UNSECULAR DIRECTED DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to ENSURE to all its citizens that : JUSTICE, social, economical and political is discriminatory LIBERTY of though, expression, belief, faith and worship is permitted as long as it is in line with MNC & World Bank thought to make world a single religion, belief in single god and faith in them as single economic power. EQUALITY of status and opportunity is not applicable to local citizens. AND TO PROMOTE AMONG THEM ALL INDIVIDUALITY, HATRED FOR OTHER CASTE AND SURRENDER OF THE NATION TO THE LONE ECONOMIC POWER ON EARTH. 5. PRESENT CONDITION OF TRADERS Fringe Benefit Tax VAT INEFFICIENT LICENCES & PERMITS INDUSTRIAL DISPUTE ACT LABOURS SHOP & ESTABLISHMENT ACT PREVENTION OF BLOCK MARKETING ACT COSUMER PROTECTION ACT ANTI HOARDING & PROFEELING ACT WEIGHT & MEASUREMENT ACT MONEY LENDING ACT PACKAGING ACT PRODEND FUND ACT PREVENTION OF FOOD ADULTRATION ACT MINIMUM WAGES ACT ESI ACT GRATUITY ACT BONUS ACT ENTRY TAX SERVICE TAX FDI in Retail Trade ANTI SOCAL ELEMENTS OCTROI WATER TAX CENTRAL EXCISE POLITICIAL INTERFERANCE PURCHASE TAX SALES TAX INCOME TAX POOR MARKET CONDITION POWER PROBLEM Cash Transaction TaxINSPECTOR RAJ STAMP DUTY & Quarterly C Form WELTH TAX HIGH BANK CHARGES PROFESSIONAL TAX New Naka Complex ESSENTIAL COMMODITIES ACT 6. Aviation Information Telecom Technology Infrastructure Retail Traders BankingInsurancePharma Mining Steel Professional Education 7. RETAIL TRADE : BACKBONE OF ECONOMY Retail trade is worlds oldest business. Retail trade consists of sale of goods & services to consumers for their personal, family or household use. Based on turnover and volume, retail trade is worlds biggest economic activity. In the year 2000, world turnover in retail trade is estimated around Rs. 3,10,20,000 crores.In India by investing nominal Capital a person can start retail business.In India Retail shops are generally owned and run by family. The whole family gets self employed. 8. HISTORIC CONTRIBUTION BY TRADERS :During Pre-independence days the traders have helpedthe leaders in all forms like man power and money.In all social activities & establishment of schools, colleges,hospitals mandir, masjid etc. traders have contributed.Round the year 24 hours a day, traders have made all thegoods required by customer available to themDuring the days of acute shortages, the traders havesome how managed to arrange goods for its customers.Relationship of Indian traders and customers is muchmore than mere businessIndian traders have always seen customer satisfactionabove personal profit. 9. SUPPORT AND HELP TO GOVERNMENT Traders are self employed and give employment to entire family and others. Traders give employment to that neglected section of society who do not get employment any where. Traders take care of entire family of his employees. All direct and indirect taxes levied by Central, State and local govt. are deposited by trader in Govt. treasury without any charges or commission from Govt. During famine, floods, earthquakes tsunami and other natural calamities, the traders have always come out openly to extend full help to Govt. 10. TRADERS BEING IGNORED BY GOVEREMENT In Order to gain political mileage, traders have been termed by objectionable words. After independence one after another anti trade, anti trader laws have been made. Traders have been made slaves under Inspector Raj. Time & again new legislatures are being imported. Small Traders have been put under heavy burden of book keeping, taxation and compliances under various laws. In the name of development and road widening the shops are being demolished only to give passage to hawkers and footpath shopkeepers to establish their business. Local Govt. failed to build new markets. old traditional markets in different localities are being removed to make way for Big stores to get customers. 11. CONTRIBUTION OF TRADERS IN ECONOMY In comparison to world, India has largest number of retail traders. In our country there are about 1,25,00,000 retail out lets. Retail trade contributes about 10% - 11% of our countrys GDP. Total turnover of retail sector is about Rs. 8,75,000/- crores. After agriculture, Retail trade provides employment to maximum number of persons. 1.25 crore shops are providing employment to about 4 crore people. In a study conducted by Reserve Bank of India, India Retail Traders charge less margin. 12. FOREIGNERS ARE MORE DEARER THAN INDIANS Indian traders, Businessman and Industrialists have established their leadership across the world. India is emerging as a big economic power. Our country is progressing in all economic fields. We have lagged behind in infrastructure, irrigation power etc. i.e. such sectors which were under control / monopoly of Govt. We could not grow to full potential in such sectors. These infrastructure sectors require huge investment with larger gestation period. Hence special emphasis has to be give