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  • 1. Commonby Tobi Kehinde

2. IntroductionCommon (real name Lonnie Rashied Lynn Jr.) was born March13,1972, in Chicago, Illinois. He is an MC. 3. Early LifeWhen he was six, his parents divorced and he began to livewith his mother. In his teenage life, he formed a rap groupwith two friends called C.D.R., and during this time he releasedhis debut album, Can I Borrow A Dollar?. 4. Music CareerCommon has released seven more albums after his debut.Most of them have been critically acclaimed (successful). Rightnow, hes working on one called The Believer, which is comingup in 2011. 5. Best Albums 6. Acting CareerCommon has acted in various movies such as AmericanGangster & Wanted. He also does voice roles. 7. Awards2003: Video of the Year, Best Film Song & Best R&B Song -Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip-Hop)06: Lyricist of the Year - Be album.07: Lyricist of the Year & CD of the Year- Finding Forever Album.08: Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group - Southside. 8. BibliographyCommon Wikipedia Thank You!And now, a song on the next slide: 9. Be(Intro) by Common: