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WU EMBA Program Brochure

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  • 1. Executive MBA(Global)
  • 2. Master yourvision.And sharpen it.
  • 3. 3 Bodo B. Schlegelmilch Michael J. HoustonThis Executive MBA is an internationally orientated, The faculty of the Executive MBA consists of renownedcutting-edge partnership between the University of international professors and top executives. TheyMinnesota and the Vienna University of Economics provide the latest scientifically-based knowledge andand Business (WU Vienna), Europes largest business in-depth views of state-of-the-art applications of man-university. The program provides a unique 360 global agement models, allowing you to profit from exceptionalvision with expert insights into management and teaching and real-world business experience.leadership practice in developed and emerging marketson three continents. Our Executive MBA is one of only a few worldwide to have been awarded the prestigious triple crown of MBAIn addition to interactive classes in Vienna, three inter- accreditation, by A ACSB, EQUIS and AMBA, confirmingnational residencies expose you to the latest thinking our place among the worlds elite business universities.of leading international professors, senior managers The outstanding quality of our executive education hasand policy makers. recently been reconfirmed by the Financial Times, where the WU Executive Academy has been ranked among theThe Executive MBA is specifically designed to meet top European Business Schools.todays real-world challenges in demanding industriesor business functions. It enables you to apply up-to-date After completing of the program, graduates join aknowledge and management tools in your workplace vast international network of 75,000 alumni fromeven as you study. The program provides you with all the both universities working in diverse companies andskills necessary to maximise your potential to become institutions around the world.a world-class leader. In a challenging but nurturingenvironment, it builds a deep understanding of core The end result is a blend of an American and Europeanbusiness subjects in all major functional areas, while MBA, allowing you to profit from exceptional teachingemphasizing the skills and abilities needed to recognize by an internationally renowned faculty, cutting-edgeand adapt to emerging trends and new technologies. research and real-world business experience.During only 14 months and with only 40 days away from We welcome your interest in the program and inviteyour job, you study and work on projects in CEE, Asia you to explore what this unique program can do forand the U.S.A. before earning both a U.S. and a European you and your career. An MBA is a serious investmentMBA degree. For part of the program, you work in a in your future, and we are confident that this programvirtual team project with other Executive MBA students will exceed your expectations.located on three continents.Prof. Bodo B. Schlegelmilch, Ph.D., D.Litt. Prof. Michael J. Houston, Ph.D.Dean Associate Dean of International ProgramsWU Executive Academy, WU Vienna Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
  • 4. 14 months,3 continents,2 degrees
  • 5. 5Table of ContentsWelcome 3Why Choose this MBA? 7Your Universities 8Unbeatable Location 11Timeline Overview 12360 Global Vision 15Cutting-Edge Curriculum 16Work with the Best 18Module Overview 20Student Profiles 22Alumni Voices 23Support Services 24Post-Graduation Benefits 25Application and Admission 27Find out More 29Meet the Team 31
  • 6. Carlson School of Management, Minneapolis, U.S.A.
  • 7. 7Why Choose this MBA?ELITE TRIPLE CROWN ACCREDITATION WORLDWIDE ALUMNI NET WORKThe WU Executive Academys Executive MBA belongs As an Executive MBA graduate, you join two vast alumnito only approximately 30 MBA programs worldwide to networks of the WU Executive Academy and the Carlsonhave been awarded the prestigious triple-crown of MBA School of Management. Cross-cultural business relation-accreditation (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS). ships give alumni and their companies access to an extended global network and a set of exclusive alumniDUAL DEGREE services.The Executive MBA combines the resources and knowl-edge of two leading global business schools: the Carlson DYNAMIC PEER GROUPSchool of Management, University of Minnesota and the Carefully selected participants with diverse backgroundsWU Executive Academy, Vienna University of Economics and perspectives contribute to the quality of the pro-and Business (WU Vienna). Participants in the program gram to the same extent that the faculty do. Creating newbenefit from this powerful partnership and graduate with ideas, reflecting on ones current work and exchangingtwo degrees. insights with like-minded international colleagues adds immeasurable value to the program.WORLD-CLASS FACULT YOur multicultural faculty consists of both world-renowned FLEXIBLE FORMATprofessors and internationally acclaimed top execu- The program structure of the Executive MBA is specifitives. Besides WU Vienna and the Carlson School of cally designed to accommodate the needs of hard-Management, in recent years professors joined us from working executives. The modular structure, with onlythe University of South Carolina (U.S.A.), the University 40 days off-the-job, allows managers to participate inof Bath (U.K.), the St. Petersburg State University (Rus- a world-class MBA program whilst developing theirsia) and Simon Fraser University (Canada) among others, individual careers.providing the latest scientifically-based knowledge anda profound understanding of cutting-edge management ADDED VALUE FOR EMPLOYERStools. Recruiting and retaining top talent is vital for truly forward-thinking companies. They understand thatTRULY INTERNATIONAL PROGR AM professional development is absolutely essential for topThe exclusive program setting, with cross-cultural teams, executives being groomed for positions of increasedtop faculty and international residencies, reflects the responsibility. The return on that investment?reality of todays international business world. Executives who bring the full force of their knowledge and abilities to bear for their companys future success.RESIDENCIES ON 3 CONTINENTSIn the course of residencies in 4 countries on 3 continents, STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY(Russia, India, China, U.S.A.) participants gain in-depth Participants in the program have access to [email protected],knowledge of business theory and practice in both one of the leading e-learning platforms with more thanemerging and mature markets. Numerous company visits 45,000 e-learning materials and over 32,000 users. More-give the participants the unique opportunity to gain over, students benefit from state-of-the-art, technology-insider information on local management strategies. based learning methods.
  • 8. Your UniversitiesThe Executive MBA is the product of a powerful partnership between two leading global business universities:Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota and the WU Executive Academy of the ViennaUniversity of Economics and Business. This collaboration brings together leading perspectives and expertisefrom both sides of the Atlantic to create one of the finest Executive MBA programs in the world. Graduates areawarded degrees by both universities and enjoy privileged access to two vast networks of faculty and alumni.CARLSON SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, Within the University of Minnesota, the Carlson SchoolUNIVERSIT Y OF MINNESOTA International Programs Office oversees the EMBA pro-Positioned where the University of Minnesota and gram and also manages other global Executive MBA pro-downtown Minneapolis connect, the Carlson School grams in China and Poland.of Management is both a real and a symbolicgateway between the a