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<ul><li>1.Month-End Closing On Time With Control 8/14/2013 </li></ul> <p>2. HOUSEKEEPING How to participate You can join the audio for todays conference by selecting Use Mic &amp; Speakers Or, to join by phone, select Use Telephone in your Audio window. See example Submit your text question using the Questions pane Note: A recording will be made available within 48 hours 3. TODAYS PRESENTERS Jim Chidester Director, Product Marketing Xactly Corp Joe Consul Chief Financial Officer Xactly Corp 4. AGENDA Challenges In Management Reporting Cycle Challenges With Incentive Comp In Reporting Cycle 4 Reasons Why Incentive Compensation Is A Pain 4 Fixes Close Faster, Increase Accuracy How Xactly Makes Incentive Comp Work - Joe Q&amp;A A little about Xactly 5. CHALLENGES WITH REPORTING CYCLE* #1 Timeliness of Reports &amp; Analysis #2 Integrating Multiple Data Sources #3 Time Required To Close Books Pressure to deliver with more rules and more data sources *Source: IMA Research - 2013 6. NO MISTAKES ALLOWED! Financial Close Demands 100% Performance 7. NOW LETS TALK INCENTIVE COMP! The Importance of Incentive Compensation 8. INCENTIVE COMP-REPORTING CHALLENGES Whats The Accrual? Sales Reps Commission Statements Time Pressure- Payroll &amp; Commissions Bad Systems Integration with No Visibility 9. 4 CAUSES OF INCENTIVE COMP PAIN Error Rates &amp; Reconciliation Need Accurate Commission Statements No Integrated Data- Get Data through Excel Determining Who Gets Credited 21% 25% 45% 48% 48% 77% Excessive costs running system Serious Errors Lack of Timely Reporting Difficulties maintaining system Multiple "Versions of the Truth" Excessive Manual Effort 2 3 1 ALL 42 1 3 *Source: Institute of Management Accountants Research Rising to the Challenge-2013 1 2 3 4 10. 4 FIXES FOR BETTER INCENTIVE COMP Integrate CRM &amp; Other Systems Real-Time Reporting Forecasting What If Scenarios Automate Calculations 11. FINANCE TEAMS AGREE ON FIXES 82% 79% 62% 26% 35% 5% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% "The accuracy of financial data supplied by operating units is highly accurate, requiring little correction or manual intervention "My company can easily adjust its current financial system to changes in business profile" "I'm very satisfied with the level of integration among our financial systems across the company" Separate Systems/Manual Processes Integrated Systems *Source- CFO Publishing Research: Future Proofing The Complex, Modern Business - July 2013 12. HOW XACTLY MANAGES INCENTIVE COMP Joe Consul Chief Financial Officer Xactly Corp 13. HOW XACTLY MANAGES INCENTIVE COMP INTEGRATE APPLICATIONS SFDC, XACTLY EXPRESS &amp; ADP No Re-Entering of Data REAL-TIME REPORTING See accruals before end of the month Build commission statements SALES DASHBOARDS FOR REPS Real-time visibility from anywhere Execs and Sales Managers 14. HOW DOES XACTLY BENEFIT? SPEED UP FINANCIAL CLOSE Post accurate accrual within two days of Period End Get Commissions to Payroll on time Credits are easy smooth workflows GET ACCURACY &amp; ENGAGEMENT Mitigate Risk-See Accruals before end of the month Easy Payroll Review No Discussions with Sales Reps REWARD ON TIME Commission Statements/Payments for Reps Tie behavior to performance to company goals 15. Closing Remarks &amp; Recap Changing Environment Makes Closing Books Painful Incentive Comp Closing Process Can Be Painful 4 Fixes Can Get you More From Incentive Comp Xactly Principles To Close Faster, More Accurately 16. FIXING INCENTIVE COMP CLOSE! Close Faster.. with Accuracy.. ..Reducing Risk.. .. Linking Performance 17. QUESTIONS 18. LEADER IN SAAS INCENTIVE COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT FASTEST GROWING PROVIDER OVER 125,000 SUBSCRIBERS FOCUSED EXCLUSIVELY ON INCENTIVES AND COMPENSATION MANAGING BILLIONS IN COMPENSATION ANUALLY MEET XACTLY 19. &gt;2x 7% 36% 37% 25% FASTER REVENUE GROWTH MORE REPS MAKE QUOTA SHORTER SALES CYCLES QUICKER SALES LOWER SALES TURNOVER SOURCE: Aberdeen Dec 2011 THE PAYOFF 20. VISIT US AT www.xactlycorp.com OR CALL 1.877.GO.XACTLY(469-2285) CONTACT US </p>


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