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Daily Iowan (Iowa City, Iowa), 1930-07-18 - Daily Iowan: Archive

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)AY, JULY i7, I9J(f s

II, number or plants anll 'ol'ked on part lime selle<!. cUl'lullcd forces en&a&ed:

II Influences, .ueh as ml4. ,lory takIng and the com. I of vacatIon periods were • in some Instanres (or thl~ n Industrlat acUvlty, g contlnu~d In fall' vat. with a plentiful supply o~ 'ades men ava.llable In a1[

1'he 1930 municipal Jill. programs are now well un. nd ha vo provIded employ. nany sldllM and unftkllletj n the varJous clUes 1l.n<1

Arrested for erfering With Federal Of£ice~

D)NES, July 10 (AP) ­~', Waller ot McGregor

y to meet Senator Brook· ,CURS his rC'cenl Il1'l'est for wIth a fedem l officer In r

:e of <luty, but ho did meet l C. Parsons ot Ft. Dodge. luly f dNa l prohIbition ad. fat· northern Iowa, ordere<l

:la.I·Hon~ and :Mayor ' ''aUfr nllenilln~ the l'e llubIlcan

'nllon hCI'o and chanced to '"eh 0111('1' In the lobby or a SOlIs extl'nded his hand to It the muyor reCused 10

,",1 Is stili too sore rrom YOII struci, It wll h your , \Val te,' said he told Par, ;OIlR1 accol'dlng to 'Vnlter, m to [orget pcrsonalltl B. rill be. no conversa.tion un· h the courl room," Mayo, I IIlte r .. .,' h~d nn nppolntment to. t'ookhart 10 dlRrllss Iho ar. e senator found he had to too eUl'ly in the mOl'ning to ,gugement.

ler I! Values for


s in Years

~' ............ $1.00 ~~~~::.~l.~ .. , $1.00 ..................... 6ge ............... $1.29 'ices

..................... 59t llnpnct with a $1.00,

J~~~l.~.I:: .......... 6ge ..................... 43e ..................... 2ge .................... SOC .................... 6ge .................... ISe ~~' .. ~~:~~.I~ .. ~ $1~.00 " Fancy Box .with [acc (lowder, IIerbel

............... $1. LI9

'.~.~l.~.:~~.~, $ 1...00 .......... ........... 25e ..................... 4ge .................... 27 e



6ge 6ge 39c

BASEBALL REPORTS Late Wire Stories of All l\laJor

League c"nt ... t.. See Parea G, 7 •


Inquest Frees Officers From

Sawdy Death . Jury Says Man

Resisting Arrest of Law Officers

HA MPTON, July 17 (A T')- IT°nL'Y

"Slim" Skovga'lrll, nn<1 John undercover wO I'ker~ iOI' 11'r~nklln

county law OrnC~ I'", wet'e fr,'pd lale today by a cOI'one-r 'H jUl'Y (It !l ilY blam I

In l he shooting of lI a l'llll l SawilY'1

alias J-{ al ')am.l Pe t ol'son, n l flO IUlown

. , "One Al'tnPll Pete."

The jury fou nd l ho.L S I\n1y was killed "by officer. of the law In self deten." In the dl"c l"~ I Ke ()f Ihelr du· tie •. " The shOalI ng occUlI'~lI laul nIght when Sawely real.teLl ll11empts ot otelc rs to arrest them artel' PI'U'

cUl'ln!:: rl'om h im llqLlor thC'y illt £' lldeJ


10 us. as evIdence. , MI'9. J ... oJs \ Vhl'o lpr, 26 yeal'!of o hl , u n d

Cecil Vinton, who wei'. 1'llI lng with Sllwdy, wel'e h ell] on 1I IJ UOI' c hn l'ges. 'l'hey will Ix> nr l'u lgn~d tomot'l'ow,

Tl'esthn o n y bef ol'e t he CO I'O Il c!J"S ju rlf

developed that both Skovgaa"d find J oh n Chizek, fh'e c.1 ill Sawdy w h ('11 h pulled n gU ll nfle l' bei ng' {'onlJll[llldetl to 8u1'I'eudp I', O IW lJul h·t ~t l ' u ('I' Sawdy In lhe r hes t a1lel the other In Ihe chin wIth falal effect.

Skovgllllrd , the f l l'~t wHnp~", l~"tl. lied tM t the pUl'cha8e ' l'ueHclay nlghl wns the second he hlld olJtatnl~d fl'om Sawdy, 'rhe prevlou. n lgh l, Ioe Kuld, ,Sawdy had delivered !'Ive l.::t il l)l\< "nd arra.ngementH hn.d beell Inthle I'Ot' ,la· livery or 20 move the fo llowing nl/.;ht.

Skovgll.llrd, lestICled t ll"t h e tt'1<1 Chizek nnd Slule AKenl J""HP Quln· Ian went to meet Suwdy. Art'ivlng at the 10l1ply s pot nPll ,' ll unl p to ll that Ilad boen ag t'ee!l U))OI\ fOI' tile tranij' t er or the aJeohol, Skovgnard nn<l Chi· zek helJl!Id Suwdy tl'an';("I' fI\'~ of tho 21 Gallon tins to t he agf'1l11i ca",

Then Skovgaurd lestifled he turned .to Sawdy and H:UU " l 'm un oJ'fj['f-' I ' or the law. Stick 'em Ull."

"SUck 'em lI ll YOllrHE"lr," lip f]lIolptl 8n.~nl y U8 r~ l)lylng UK h e Oll ll{ld a uls· 101 nod fired.

Skovguard and Chizelc bOlh drew theIr ,Qell.pons nnd fired, I<llling Sawdy.

Chizek followed Skovga::U'1I 10 I h"" .taHd nnd COt"'obot'a l,'d his testirnollY.

'fhe quest ion w h nt Iw l' ~:nvdy l' ft'fllI at lheofflcers was Injected inlo lh~ In· qu ll'}' by arr~. ' V!itl.eler, nllt' VI II I(~n.

M rs, \V heelel', who on thll Ola nd 211 1d 8he WnM nlt!5o I(nown as J\11'1i. Vel'n B ,'n.nker . Hald Hhe klH .. lW lIolhtug' (It the liq uor delivel'Y llnd I I III I Rhe "'went :!long rO l' l h e t ide."

Sho leButled lhnt !:Illw,ly, whom s he know only as "}Jete-t'· hall ('n ll t'd he l' t'P tt l Walerloo a nd in vited 11<'t· 10 ;:'0

.... on". She said !!he ,liscovPI'pd th:ol ho cllrrled a pistol about [Ive mIn· Uh.'N b{~ rOl'e lhe shoo I h lg OC('lI IT (~d .

Vl nlon, who sa Id he hall opel'aleJ ,...,tauran (s at MllwllU lc~~ and J{or,k· ford , III .• lJcfol'e coming to \\'n le l'1 oo, teHurled he d id not heal' R'lwtll' Rnl'

". tl ck 'em up you I'scU" befol'e tho .hootlng .ta l·led .

Mrs. Wheeler Ra id "he lwa",l ~nw· dy's reply to the OfflCPI·., bu t tho t s he did not lenow If he f it '",) at lh elll . She tesUried thut s he became tel'rl fleu wht\n the nrguJl1 C' ll t stnI'LC' l\ [Lil Li

turned her face a wny. Jesse QUinla n, state age nt who was

with the undercover me n, sal il that th e slayed In the bacl,g"o llnd d Uring th e nlcohol h 'unar(! t' and w aH cOY(,I' lng Mrs. Wheelet· and Vinton who I'e, malned In Ihe cat·. Ill" l es tlmony was sll11l1a,' to thut of SI(oV~WlI'tI a nd Chi. "ek.

11. C. R elko, rederal "gent. a nd Sherl!f Lee McNames and hl8 clepu ly , Charles lIar rl son, were other. who ap· pPllrpd III tile Inq uest. 'rIl ey su ld the; Were in an a.utomoblle som E" cli !':lta n(,(' f"OIll the shooting g ua rding th~ t'ear ot the Sc.'l.wd y cnl' fo,' fenl' a g' lIa l ' " {'I ll'

might be following. 'I'hey cam e to til. sce ne at I he shoo t In g aft~ t· I h Y heard the shote.

H. C. Cha pm a n of ',Vat~ rloo a p' pear"'l before lhe jul'Y fl nu l e" li(f ~,l

lhnt he wUs nn uncle ot the L1~" ,l mOon .

Mamer Starts Flight; Plans Round Trip to

Seattle, Back Again

ST. PAUL, MInn., Jul)' 17 (AP) -FlyIng his n ew low wing m onoplu nc, Nick Mamer at Spokane, le[t the SL Paul municipa l all'I)Ort at G :~O I) .m . (central s ta ndurd lim e) torlay In nn alteml)l to mnke a round t"lp to Scat· tle, Wash ., and bael' wIthin 24 hnul·".


As.soc1uled Pre" l 'h OlO

Ru th Hunn3 :'l Ie 'o l'lJI ick, l'epublican sC'natOI'iat nomi nre ill Tlli· nois. on t hr s l ancl in hI'!' own de f~nse in thl' S('llfl l c eom In i II f'(' 's illws­tiga t ioll of hel' ra mpllign expendit lll·cS. '['he illV<'stigation W:1S held in 'hicago.

Pan-European Union Favored

Twenty Replies Reveal Acceptance With


PARIS, JUly J7 (JII ')- 'r wenty Eu· ropean gOVe\·nmrnt. lJy lonight had expressed Lo Pronee their vlewA on

FOl'elgn MJnlstel' BI'lands' proposal

Two Request to See Gandhi

Viceroy's Permission to Statesmen May

Bring Peace

FHMLA. Tndla, J Uly 17 (AP) - A drn.mnllc re4ueAt to lheo viceroy hy two lnflup ntloJ mQ(lAI'nt l PfLdp l'M.

Sir Tej Bat1ahul' Snp,.u and Mr. J ay· [or a Pan·r-tIl·openn conrederalion. aktlt·. mtly mark the most Important

or lhe 2G govm'nmentB asked In n. step yPt lak<'n upon t ho road to QuesUonnall'e to discuss tlle' fen.."JI- pt'ar(\ slnC'P tllp. CIVH t"eslstnnce caw "

bili ty or Ru~h II. union. near ly every palgn or Mahatmn Oandhl b gan. l'e~ l)ond~nt had voiced g"neral ao· ~PllI:tnpp of Ihp Irlpa In prlnclplo hut had made a n umber of rese l·vnliona.

The twentieth 1'I> ll1y to arrive was t h" Bl'itlsh. Its contenls WeI''' not ma.la known , but pl'e8~ d ispatches fr om Lo ndon IncUcal"d the BI'lliah tl nswPl', while llon·commlltitl On tilt?

maUPI' of waY/3 and means, would a.t t he same time eXP I''',",~ n d~8lre l oco]· hlbol'ote In a further stully of the posslblillie" Of Rn~h u federa tion.

Reservations No Obstac le DespIte the rest'rvations expressed

by m ost of the governmt?n tH Ques· t ioned , F rench ofOcin.1 ci rcles to· night considered lhat no obstaCles to a clo!'4er EUJ'O))NlIl un ion had Ileen reven led th ll t cou lel nol be ovel'COmO at the con ference table.

1 n fact It was asserled two of l he t hree most serIous t'ese t'vntlons a l· r elldy had been ;l!scounted In B r l· and's m em orandum,

'rheso l wo r est? rvations w et'e to the effpct t ha t the proposed fedel'll ' lion must not clash with the league of na tions, nnd It musl nol be lnlm i· cal to lhe Intel'est of other conti · n~nl~,

World W lIr Tr~a ties Problelll A thIrd reser va tion, numely tho

Germa.n a nd Ita lian desIre Cor are' v isio n or the ll'ealles whic h ended lhe W orld wn t" rolsed a problem . 1L was [elt here. t hat m ust be .olved. but tha t muat not necessarily b u bar to a European union.

A not h eL~ di !'Jtu l'b ing eJ('m ent was the IdC<L ~xpress"d by llnly, Ger· ma ny. a.nd sevet'lll ot her nnllons tha t RussIa and TUl'key mus t be In· vl ted to Join the proposed un ion.

SllepticaJ or RUSHia , Turlmy F "ench opinion fo r lhe moment Is

Inclined to be skeptica.l of a ny SUCll n t' t'angement, B ut again It was felt thIs Is m rely another p" oblem tllUt may be I" on d out a t Geneva .

'l' he treaty govel'Oments Wl1lch ha ve repliM thull fnr Include a il Ule majot· pOwers ques tioned. 'l'he s ix na lions whose replies s tilt a re a wait· ed a l'e the IJ'is h f reo state, Luxem· bO Ul'S, Swllze J'la nd, Jugoslavia, a !"~e('('. and B uls;al'jn, , Assessment Board

'rh~ fPQU£l9t, Os l'f\venled by puo· licalion here tonight ot corl·espon·

deneB lJ~tween tho lWo statesmen and the vlc~roy Is that Lord I rwi n "h01l1d allow So pru and Jayal<ar to see the Mahatma In jnJ l. "wllhout there being anv ofClcer of the govern. m(lllt present n.t our IntE'rview, In ol'Mt· 10 pPl'slIllf1p 1,lm to hel p reo Sin!"£' nOl'mUl conditions."

"J\IiV6 ttl Oilnge- rs" The two lel1<1.r8 saId they were

"allve to the dang~I'R Of t ho c l vll dlsobedlenc(' movement, but teel that in a cont"sl between the people a nd the gov"'l'nmellt which has In vo lved "dopllon O[ n. policy of repress ion a nd conMt'LOt .Illbi llet·ment of popu· la,' r e ll ng the true and llbJc1 lng In ­terests of the counlry a re apt to be Racril'l ced, "

I n his "Pll1y Lord I t'\vln reaffirm d his belle( that the civH d isobedIence program Is dO ing g r"at harm to In· dla. H e stale,1 tha t It was the gov· ernment·s in tention 10 OP1'O"" Jt by a mea ns within its power but thlll never theless If Sal"'u and J aynkllr think they can "do flJlyl hlng towa rd I'CH lol'ntlUJI or normat conditions," It woulcl not bp r lghl fo .. hi m nor the govel'nme"t to OPPose th m.

l'ubl ic SIIh'iterl All empt Th e vlcC'roy a.dded t hat he W OliIO

" I"sue the neress"ry Instruction to lhp local gov" l'n ment concern (J

whic h will clluv lc you lo ma ke you,' pulJllc "I)idted attempt In the cause ot 1ndln."

Recount Puts "Leaky Trunk" DIinois Man

Out of Congress Seat

C1IICAGO, ,July 17 (AP)-Th~ boal'(l Of eJectio n cOll1 l nisBioners announceQ toel ay th at " r ecount of bn llots showed Bep. M. A. Michae lso n, own· er of the " lea ky lrunlt" broug ht Into K ey West , I,'lel., las t yelll·. had )OBt his bid fO I' n "I"th tel'm in congreBS f"om tho spvc nlh T11lnols (l ls l l' lCl.

Me~ts ill Burlington

Jam es C, MOl'eJll llo, his oJ1I10n(\nt (01' the I'ep llbllcall nomina tion al t he Ap ril prlmat·y, gained G13 \'otes ill lhe l'eco unt nnd th ll~ tool' the leatl [ I'om 1\l lehUl'llsOIl by 557 vo tes, 'fho i nc u mlJe n l hOtl bC'Nl unnoullc(lcl lll l:'

DElS MOINJ1JS, J lily 17 (AP)-The I wIJm ,, 1' by fi G votes In tho ot'lg lnal sto te boa.rd of a88e8sm~nt a.nd re- cn nvaRS, vlp,w will hold .a. Ileari ng fit 1:1 U,l'lI ng· n ep l'e. nlatlve Mlchaelsoll was lon tomol'l'ow 011 lhe lIahlllly or a n elecled LO co ngt'ess In 1 9~0 a nd ha d eslale fOr boy ment of back moneys se .. ved contl nuousiy s in e. lie \VIlS

a nd cre(Uts taxes. I"d ided In 19~O utter lIquOl' was

Mamer hopes 10 rea cl, Senttle, 1,500 • miles from het'e. a round dawn, J 10 look ) 60 gnlions ot gasolin e on hI , new .hlp and plan" 10 r eCuel early to. morrow at Mlle. City. Mont., th o only ocheduled s loll . II. may come down tortuelat Spokane, It condItion s wnl'" rant.

At S llttle he will refu el and slllr t tbe retul'll II'IP at once. Mile" Clly Is to be the only halt on the ea stward journey.

Renews Il .. q urst for U('urlng

LoUis Il. Cook, chnlrma n; Dt· . J . fo una In h i" IJ'LJllk Il t Koy Wes t but W. Hey nold s democra tic mellluer •

I lilw I WI !I ' Itt It • WflS ocqLll lieti when a bl'otl,e l··in·la w (l.n ( .' 8 om, ass Ii an n Or .. nssum £"d th£'l , bln m e. nt:"y gent;"'ral , went to Burling tOIl to· day. They will examine tho I'ccorus or th o esta le of Dr. James J. Han· S0111 , whose holdin gs were In ventor· I d at about $1,&00.000. THE WEATHER

IIIW "~I'aril:v rlolld)' "'riliay IIIltI I'uturll.IY, I)OHsillly 8CutterOlI thlllldpl's!ortllK II)' .'1'11111), IIlght 01' Sill t111iuy ; not qllile HO warlll

BELIEVE IT OR NOT Robe" Ripley's Cartoon... Appear

VIIII, In The lowao 00

Pac. t,



to Graduates at Convocation

182 Granted Degrees, Certificates From

S. U. I. in July

(1IIlivl'I'.,it1l /v'PWR) 'I'he 111l·ClSUI. on the road

arhlevNlIPllt clicked 182 times las. night as Pr~"ldent 'Wa lter A. JesBup uWlJl'llcu <leb' I'ce~ 0114..1 certificates to ] ~2 (,tL lluldule!'J III l he nallle ot the Unlvt!rBlly of Iowa a t Is a nnual July cOllvoclltlon ,

bP~leJ Oil lilt· lawll we!it or Ol,j Cu pilo l itl the- pl'p~wnC'P or 1,000 slwl'la l (.!I'H, t lie g' I'iH.1 uat I!s hea I'll I Itt-ir I"HII \\'01 t.1 u( n atlemic n COUl'ugi'·

IlIplll f1'01i1 I he lips o( 1 '~ IIIH '1' 11ul'· I'll t BI'yr.1 II , I \I'Psid~n t or Ohio lI n i , ,.'p ,···lly.

' I'lle p<1u~ntor pOinted out '"' J IOI'1I 1 0U~ pl'og l'e'ls mu lip by el] UCu·

11011 III U IP pa .. -il llpt!l:Idllg' lh3l the )1l'e:,"nt ,tll(U, or the IlIslll ulion In· Itcale,1 th.. hl!lh st dev lopmen t ~r.·t IlI'hh'vt:'(l l,)y the hU fIlan r ace,

.. \V .. htl \fflo here ('rull l y lhe one aCa

II\llly IIUll Ix g'rea l E:" t' In Its interest, ~('''r~, llll<l vltni ll y lhan any ol hel' sln~lo thIng Iwown lO hUlllanll"."

, 25 1" '1' C~"l ill Si,'ho,,1 I ( ~ dl-ellll·{·d thut 20 P" t' cpn t of the

POI)uillllon of the Un lIed Stat .. s Is goln~ to schoul, fUld thal outo t llird or I hp I'P!,ddt'n t N or th~ (,oun t l'Y [u 'e nclivt>ly engllgPd III e.lucallollal en· t!·"'H'J~t.'~"

F rank Goldsbol'o u~h , 19 year old IlviatoT', bei n ~ca rripd on 8n impl'ovilled stretcher from the Rcene ol his Cl'acknp in a dense wood nea l' Bennington, Vt , The juuiol' f lying champion had been lying nnconscioll. over 18 hOlll's before Donald Th lockl(' 1' (i nse t), his f lying companion, managed to bring him aid . The two werc flying from Buffa lo, N. Y., to Keene, .11., and wcrc try ing to go undc r a fo~ when t he p lan scraped a trec lop and fell in l'ui ll S. li e dicd in a hospital shortly Ultl'l' his r eSC lle,

l 'n'!i1tIt'nl I1rYilll added t hat 100 11('1" 1'(>111 of the I'Ig'II t m tnc]Pll I)t'ople or the counl,·y nrc Intet'estell In t h~

fU'PRP I'vull('e or the educ1.lllonn l IH'O" g'I 'urn rilttlllclally lind ol hel'wlsf?,

Larson Invents New System

of Fingerprints

Method Betrays Thief's Fiuger Marks by

Mere Touch

Hot Winds Cause Mercury to Shoot Up to 100 Degrees

DES MOINES. J uly 17 (AI') -Town. thermOllleLEH"S shot up above the 100 degt'ee ma,'k again toclay as hot winds ca rt'1e<\ n. I' newa I at the as· sault begull la.sl WH·1t upon (' I'OPS,

Walerloo tOOk lhe leltd In the rise. the m ercu ry there reaching 104 de· grees at 3 p. m. Council Blufts reo l'ol· t ~cl a mUl'k or 102, an,l F't. Dodge

Twelve Men Killed in Gas

Filled Shaft

Explosion Injured Two, Trapped Others in

Foul Tunnel

Til NlI'e8slng thp I m pol'ttlnct.~ of ('(I, ucation lhe Silenke t· declured t hat all lh'" UlIiteLl ::Uates Is nol un Im m a­ture pf'fI,)lp 1101" Yt't n ((nish ed peopleo. )Jl'ogr(lN:-i wouM lJe made tl\ mll.n)

lilies uf Industry. "Yet," he d~r1ared, "Il do sn't make ~o much d l ffel'ellce If Ill'Og'l'~ss III ot her IIl1es Is haltcd, bUI Ir NlucalJon stolls a ll other lhlngs will be nded."

(U1liversity N etv~) EV(,11 n. fl'tlction or tl. f lngPl'pl'in t

and Boone had lp J11 11e ralurcs oC 101. CAMP lIUTCllELT_. Cal., J uly 1'(

A t De. Moine. nnd Marshalltown (AP)-'f welve men were k illed a nd ,the mer ury 1'~I\CIlPd lhe cenlut'y ( 'hil,h'\'1l CUlII'p,l"d Rig hl s

'''I'hls Is lhe fll's t genera.t1011 In hlslol'y when e.h lid t· n aro horn wilh 111l'PP rOIl('l'(l pd IlIhe l'e ll t rights-sel f dl.cove t·y. se lf development. and selr ,·xll ... ·sHioJl." It Is thl'ough e.han · nels ot Nlurullon thal the l ull t'x· (,l'ciSf' of tlws(> privllpgPA jA obtat nE"d, (>r~:ihl(lnt Ul'yUll Hllld,

~eII'llY" II. ll1ul<e,' iC police offlclul. ~lIIploy :~ Hew !i~'~t l 'm in vt1llt..,d by

Prof. John A. La.l'80n, UniV(,I'Rltl' of Iowa psychlat "lst and expert III cl'lmlnology.

lllu l'k aM .lasOlt 'Ity ,. llo"Ied 99 two wet'e Injureq to/lay In lln eXpto· degrees. siun or naturlll gas in the east nru t

(;01'11 wno 1'''pOl'l ell rl),lng at ~lal" of the Mitchel! ravine shMt, a u nit

'l'h~se I hl'P" in hel'ent rights. ac· ~OI'dlllg to the speaker, are encour· nKe<l 111 "I'd~r that the child may 1"lt l'lI 10 aH"Ume I1ls three pr InCipal {)blJgatloll~ 10 "oclety-to pr('sent a cleltn . wholesome lICe. to ma ke tL

l"piLsonnhle (,onll'lbutton to the life .tl·(oM' or w ll leh he Is pnrt, and to tnl,e Il:"'! III Ihe five reat socia l In· Rttl \1t I01H~ ·c l lUl'C'h . :.1.('11001, n ll d business.

8 ule. home,

'I·ltu. l ite Oh io scholar su mmed u p the 1>I ,, ')10S U lIel val u~ at e(Jucation as t h e hugls fol' 3 1i hu m a.n p r ogl'{'S !!!I u lld W~HlL l'e-,

Two George W. Norrises May Rnn

on Nebraska Ballot

W AS IllNO'l'ON. July 17 (AP)­F' l'Ie ltd. at Senato r Nonls ot Nebms· I( ~ b~lio ve he will run ns an Inde 4

1)(·IHh."t III the fo rtl ,com(n g election . H ll we vel'. Senntor NOl'rls Is wllh ·

hoilling HOY ~ t :1 t (' m('nt pending o f · flcl" 1 noti fica tion of Ihe rleclslo n by tI,e Nebraskn secl'eta ry or s ta te who "08 I'uled tha I a s cond George W . Norris . a. gl'o e l'y cle"k of Broken Bow , m aY' e n l e I' his nam e as 0 ('a ll ·

dldate fOI' the republica n nomina· 11011 ,

While he had been informed 9f the (lpclbio ll to a llow t h e two n om es r~ eo l 'l;e W . Nonl. 10 go on lhe bal· lot with the :ul d r~s" or pach, the "Nu\lor Illalcate(\ 11e did not think any a uthority exlslerl for pla rln !: I hI' addresses or candidates on the ballols .

"or cou rse." sa Id N orris, "It would lop 0. fa ree to have" prlma r)' with th,.. hallot can yln g two 8 pm'nte and Itlenliclll na mes."

Making the business of scienUllc· ..lily lu\.rTa."islng crhni llfi l HUMPCC'ts his p"oftsl1lo l1 an d hobby, PI"OfeS801' Lal'· HOIl now I~ pet'fecling a Bingle fin· ~"l'Jll'llIt methO<! which he hopc" H"",~1I1l1C will dl"plllce the !:lcl'lIl lon :-IYbtem the wOl'leI over.

Pnlrolmlln III Berke ley II was ahout 10 years ago t haI

L Ul'ROll, t1len II gruduate student Rl lhe Unlversily ot Cullrorn la, served DII,·t (Ime tiS a Ilatrolmnn on the !lo!'I,ele), pollce force ane1 became \.h:-lol'l)p(i In {lngel'pdnl sciencE'.

He devised a. new system, making rad ical depat·t ut·es from the ll.Ccc)lt· e{] method. Now his system has ltd· vll nced to a point wher" Il offlclnlly hll" h~Pll Insta ll. iI It, eight Am.,·1 n n cities, nmong whiCh are Berkeley, Cal.; Wichlla, Kan.; lind ounc ll Bl uff •.

Slip or a. ""i llger Cl'lnlmal.. now fear lhe established

B" l' tl llon system, bused UI)On th e 10 ri ng-PI' method un d l'Pq u lring rai rl y (,O I1lIJIf' l t" pl'lnlA beto1'e it enn g l v(' Pl'£,C'I$(" set'vlce, Professor Lfil'so n sa l,"

W ithin a tew ycnrs. r roressor L.n r so ll 11 011{'1R, RlI Ch n. tin y luellenl " IT("· OR the s lip of Cl ba r e f t ng~l', on ly pnrt ly t au hl ng an object. In <:lt l ~s' ('I'I Il'l~ detec tion h<,atlq U 3 rt~I's

IV IlI fU rll lsh Identi fication powerful (' nough to c losc )l1'itro n doors UPOIl the crimI na l. F OI' the w" ongaoel' neeel oll ly t o fa ltPr once befol'e he Is lIahle lo betrayal by tho university m an's m eth od,

Unknown Assailant Beats Detective to

Death in Her Home

SAUGUS. Mass. , July 17 (AP) -Mis. E dith Thompson. 61. an Inves· ligator for private detec tive a gen·


Police Check Story of Girl

Check Artist sroux CI1'Y, July 17 (AP)-Em·

lly Del RO~!l De K loma, 21 y nl'S 01(1, languished In jll.l1 h~re today while authorltl.s cheCked her stories of noble Austria n birth. her adventures with a hlcago bootlegger, and var l· OU~ operations in Nebra~k n.,

Th e g ir l tln itl shp w as [t coun tess, bot'll In A ustrla, the dnughtel' Of

'ou nt JOK<' I)ic De Kloma. now tie· cwse~. Il er mothel' was r ema n 'led ll lld now li \,l?~ i n Au Ftt l'in., she said,

COI'"l ng t o Amer ica In 1926, the l'U"po,'lecl cou ntess sa id she attended a g ir ls p,'e lla r" tory schOO l at Lake Forest, JII .• u nd NOl'th wes l ern unl· ,et·a lly.

P o(lce were attempting to check her stnlem ent lha t she Is now on P"oblltlon !L'om the dependent wa rd of the Chicago juve nile court. to whosc a uthoritIes She sal el s he w ent \" hen Mile lpnrned that Rhp w as Hv­In g at the home or a. Chicago boot· leggel·.

Al lollgh no fo rma l charges ha ve l .een placed aga ins t h el\ p olioe be· lIeve shc is the yo ung w om an who pussed 1V01·t hle>;s <, hecks lotaling $2 00 III lh l'ee Oma ha della l'tme nt s tores. She WIlS It ''l'ested Tu esdny by a prl· vute dp l ~ct1"(' Ug'PIlf'y whell she up· pl1~d fOI' It )108lt lon w ith t he a gency.

A .kliled ling Uis t . E mily Is sa.ld to ha ve co ndllc led . tud l08 a t E lgIn , N eligh, Albioll, Neb., in which she tn ug ht musk. dapcl ng nnd d" a mu tle llI·t,

cies, was found beaten to death at Mrs. Murphy Denies her home here today. Her body was found In the s un porch of her Story 01 Arrest

Registration Begins f1nt . CHICAG O. July 17 (AI') - 1\[1' •. MJss Thompson, a divorced Mr • . Alice Murphy , probation ortlee r at

Today - Final Term Wl'lg ht who has resum ed her maid· lit e juv81lile de tention home. toda y

N Ah 2 800 en na me, had left her automobllo ,1oll(ed the slory of n, g irl fli 'l'PNted In to et out, In f"ont of hel' home Tuesday, tile Sioux City, for qu es tioning on Jla~s.

I key . t111 In th e Ignition swItch . l uge of ba d checks, who gnve the name

(Ulli1Jllr&ily 'N ews) Neig hbol's noticed II and when she of J.:mlly Del Ho. a De Kloma llnd n~l:lstJ'atJon procedure whIch I" tailed to a pllear by to<10 y the pOlice. sold she \V aR nn Au s trlun countes.

expectet! to e nroll mOl'e than 2.800 I we l'e notified. Chief at Police Ma ns· olld a fOl'lTI el' student ot NOl'thwest · s tude nts for the summer sesslon 's tleld forced his way Into the fla t and orn unlvel'slty. s~cond and final term wil' be \lut In found lhe body. M,·B. Murphy sol,1 she had known motion todoy at the Unlverslly or the g irl, whose oOI'rec t tamily name Tow,.. Youths Mow Man's Is Ki<'hnel. for yen t· •. and thaI she

'i'he students wlll range In age wus l'o)(Nh [Htel had been sent ovel' from 14 lo flU l'earB. the young~., Lawn; Arrested With from Poland by her parents wh en a be lnK membel's of the RiI·s tale high M':La S d child to live with an aunt in Chica go . sc hool ba nd nlld dt'ama Uc gro'u)) a lia an 8 rge e an The g h'l and he l' OUllt d IAA«I'et>{) 1[.lor Ihe oldest vetel'an schOOl a0l11l1llS' and the g irl went to live with a.nother tratot·s. FAIRFIELD. July 17 (AP)-Eu· woman, Mrs. MUI·tlhy said.

Classes begin Monday uno end gene Jackson and J . W . ~Ider, 'I'll'lng or high school , th e g irl Au&:. 2\ whell degrees wltl De youths who mowed S. E , Duvall's worked In th e <Iny time and .tul)(ed a warded III convocation. la wn here July O. were Il1'rested wllh llt blts lness college at nl~ht.


1, ,, 1' ' roueh unnounced he will seek " reducti on In street car Care from 10 ce nts to elKht ce llts und in week-1)' tlcke l. tl'om $1 .25 to $1. Opera· tion of one Illall cal'S, he said, should

Duvall ''!. large sedan at Sioux City The 11I'obatlo" oWcer sU W the girl today, authorIties th ere notified had never been In trouble. Sherltr L. E . 'Stansberry. The sher · If! said he would gO to Sioux City to toke cURtody ot them tomorrow.

Sioux Clly officer. a.lso asserted Jac kson Bnd Wilder were the plllr Who robbed an all station at LiveI"


Of the San F ranCisco U etch·Hetcny water p "oject, 40 miles .outhea.st or Snn Ft·anclsco .

Twenty·one others were t t'appeCI In the far end o[ the lu nnel bu t fought through gll8 t umes a nd toul alt· to the holst and were I' scuM.

'f hls was the second fMal gl.l.S ex· ploslon on lhe water system proJ' ect within two months. T he other k(lled ~e"en a nd se riously InjureCI one.

Foul I\ir In Tunnel Tu nneling has exte nded 1,~ OO reet

from the boltom of the 819 too t Mit· rhell ravIne shaft. Th~ t unnet IS to connect w it h the calaveras tunn el of the Spring Valley section of tho proJect , whol'o the explosIon las t mon th occu l'red.

F demi, state, m unIcipal, nnd cou nty officials came h ere Imme· dlately for a n Inves tigation.

Several hours passed before nil bodies could be brought OUt. gas fOI'clng back rescue workers. Tile concus"lo ll fla ttened 400 feet of tne tunnel's ventila ting lin e and tillS

har1 t o be repalred before blower s COUld 1'1(1 the excava tion or roul a,r.

Missed by 3 Minutes 'l'he exploBion occurred at 1:30

n.Ill. It mIssed Chal'les O'Malley, " top m o.n" tor the east drJ!t Ct'ew, by t h"ee min utes. He eXlllaJned the cl'e w was ti mberIng and he had le[ t tOI' t he sudace to get a n It'on ba l'.

Inves llglLUon disclosed that tim · br t· hI the east d rift bad been 8PU n· tereu a nd deb rIs scatte red tho e n· t h'c length of the tunnel. 'fhe twelve n.ppar n tly \Vere kIlled outrig ht.

T he kIlled were John McNichols, 41, Los Angeles.

shift bo8S. J. C. l\Io.ybin, 21, Sonora, UBUf. G. Nations, 27, no address. C. R, J<avlJnaugll, 34, SeaUJo. n. E. J{ t~ub, 28, Yorba. Lln(\ll. Calif. N. Yaworski, 3~, Whisko,,", ClIl1'

adl' . A. W. lleMolay, 2H, TI'acy, lJallr, 'rony Rltl,a, 44. no address. (1. Ulrich. 45, LovellUld, Ua.lIf, ,J. l\1/'MlIster, 41, !SUIIOra., Uallr. J.. n. Crowlt))', ai, Oakland, Uaill. I'ulrick Gallagher. 49, WelleSleY,

1I1R!I8. C, R. R a nkin, engIneer In onarg-{

saId the CJ'ew WIl8 wOI'k lng In a Bel" pClltlne forma tion. tho (il'st Of II .

I<lnll encountere<l . H e vIsIted tne workln!:" a t 5:3() p .m. yesterdny, ana said no trace Of gas WIl.9 diseemllllo then.

Tax Board Will File Test Suit on County

DE S MOINES, July 17 tAP)-A t cst 8ult to d le t'mlne whether tne sla te tax commissIon can order equaliza tion of r eal estate valu~

tlono In years when I'eassessment was not made Is to Ile Wed In Web· stel' county.

. , teaders May Use Cloture

to Stop Talk

First Night Sessions Resort to Exhaust

Solon's Oratory ,'.

W J\::;ll fN OTON. July 17 (AP) ~ e"aSI,e l'ated by the retusnl Of th. London t1'euty opponents to agree to Innlt debute begi nning next week: "<- l1 U te le"de1'. decIded toda y to try to exhuu. 1 dl Hc u8sion by night ae.· Rlons alld as a fin a l resort to employ th clolUl'e 1'\lle s hutting otf talk. "

SenatOJ' III1'a m Johnson, repubU­calC , CaIitOJ'nla, leader of the opposl­li on. rejected a PI'oposal to limit de· bute beginn ing next Tuesday and I'u ll ed fOI' a tI ~ ht "without Quarter."

Senator J a meB E. Watson ot In· ~Iunu, the republican leadel', wh~

sough( th e ug ,·eeme nt. a nswered bY' dra wIng tr am his pocket a petition te In vol,e Lhp clOture rule, It was quickiy signed by twice as many ... the necessal'y J 6 na mes. .

It was withheld tonight, however. a9 lead rs sO llght ei ther to ""hault d~bate or to I'each a n agt·eemenl. An· otb er a ttempt will be made tomorrow looking t o lim Ita tion ot aebtlte.

SenlLtor Dav Id Reed, rellubllcan. r'enl1sylvonJa, gave no lice a t ad­joul'll me nt tha t he would move to keep t lte senate In sessI on tOlOot·row . 1,Ighlir the agreement was not !orth· , comIng. An earlier pla n to hold to

"""Hloll to nig ht was abandoned aCter n Hf'd f>H or con fe l'£mces.

Meanwhile, Sennto1' Johnson a nd enatot· Ken n lh McKellar, demo·

cfat, 'I'ennpijsee, ca r r ied on the opPO· Ril lon delJlLl e t oday. con ~un'l l lt :; Ul8 six hours. It was the seco ' d . uc· ~~"sive day Sena tor McK e:'.1r haa sl,oke lC for three hOUl'B a t II s tt·etch.

'I'he t rea ty toes a lso s tar ked up a tota l or seven reservations t a be voted upon bero l·. balloti ng on the r elO' I>J Uon l'U lI fica llon ,

A,I"""utes Sur& of Strength Sut·~ ot a wide margIn ot vote. {or

Ule Ireaty, the advocates plainly Ahoweli llt elr Irr itatio n a t the . leady C10w of words '"om the sma ll but s)llt'ltea ba nd ot foe • . Howevet·, the re IVa" sorne doub l wh ether thet'e wero e nough votes to a dopt lhe cloture rule wh ich l'eQ ull'P9 a.. t wo· thirds major. IIY·

Making hIs firs t extended a ttack: U)lo n lhe t l'eaty Itself. Johnson la.1d 111~ conlention tha t the trealy pro· video tor 0. Ihnlta tton of armament WlLll " [)clltlou s."

" We demanded 2B elght·lnch gun cl'li isel's," he suid. "and Mr. MacDon· 1.lu said we COUldn 't ha ve them Ilnd must take only 18. The only thIng w~ elld \Vas to scra p Our prog ram and arce))t the BI'ltlsh program."

Meanwhile. the s lu le dellal'tmen!, ill res. onMe to queries b y newspa per· trle n, l~sue<1 a statement saying th. WaBhln &:ton treaty of 1922 was I·at!· fled withIn much le8s tim e tha n the l"ando n pac t has required already.

'' It Is a lready 8G da ys sInce thl. h ealy was sl" ned In London:' It !4uid , '''r'he 'Vashlng t on n aval treaty ollly occupied 1i2 days between the ,la te of s ig na ture a nd t he consent to l'llll flcaUo n by the . ena te."

Senotor Josel)h ~I '. Wa.tson accused: 'he OPpOsition today ot " killIng time," Senator Robinso n. republican. IndI­ana, un opponent of the pact. dl.· puted this . Watson repli ed that ye.­lerday one Benator spoke "for the 8:1'

1,,'es8 purpose of killing time until an· olhel' sena tor can return to the city." Robinson did nol challenge this. '

l) ..... te Mean. Second Week Pointing out that debate WIl8 near­

Ing the ' close of the second week:. ·Watson saId if lhe agreement to lImit 1I 18cus810n aCter next Tuesday were ~lIlet'ed Into It would stll\ have the OI)pOnenlS three Cull days tor dlscu.· sian III a ddItion to the time they al­really have consumed, But John8oll would not IIs1en,

Johnson submitted one ot the re.· ervation. offered today. He pro­posed to re.erve rIght fol' the UnIted SllLtes to build all 18 eight Inch gun cruisers allowed under the truty within the life of the pac t . Under th e a greement, three ot the cruiser. could not be completed unUi after the treaty expires. Some could .,. completed the day following expira.­tion of the treaty.

Offen More Ret!enratlon. s enatot· McKellar offered 0. new

hatch or reservation.. He propoRed lh at I! any signatory nation vlolat. the KelJog peace pact, the naval tt'eaty ahllll ,become Inoperative. An' other I'eservatlon would force an,. na Oon going to war in violation ot I he KelJogtr )lac t to distribute '1,-000,000.000 among th e other nation •• H " a lso prop\lsed that naUons agree to limIt the number of merchantmen whic h might be convel·tlble Into shIp. at war,

Senator Frederick Rale, republl· can, Maine, the chairman of the naval commIttee, al.o notifIed the scnate he would prop08e a, reserva· lion stipulating that the American na.vy reserved Its previous polley of Ihe right to build ehipR wIthout reo gard to categories within the tonna. •• limitations.


lU:LE>NA. Mont., July l7 (AP)­The 1\Ionlano. ralh'ouel commlsSton today I'enewed ItK rOQueRt for n hea r· Ing In Monlttnn on lhe J)t'oposat to 'tIIerg" the Ot'eal Not'the t'n anel Norlhern P ncltl .. t·ullwnY3. It ulso 8ubsCt'Ibed to a Hlatement uf lll e 1oIlnnesota cDmmlSijlon ubjectlng to UIa merger.

Juclge James D, smith and 'I'll eo· dOl'e Kl'e lMhbaulll, administra tors , ha ve bee n Rubpoenacd. 'rho "tlllO bO!l rd belloves tha t about two·thlrds of the estute is taxable as moneys alld c"edlts and Is seeking to tOI'CO payment over a. (lve year perIod.

at tII"I~y in llorth lUld cl!lIh'w porllous. , 11e"mlt the decl·ease. Olore July 10. .

ney , US year. old, who practiced m ed' Iclne In VInton for 47 yeut·s , dIM Thul'sday. HI. widow and a son, JlIhn., survIve.

LouIs H. Cook. chaJ rrnan, said the board wlil We a mandu m us action against the county s upervIsors to llemand adjus tment Of IUIses8ed val· ues (n on e towns hip. The comnn.· .. Ion contends the supervisors t'alled lo reduce some land va lues In ac· cordance with Ii board decISIon.

CEDAR RAPIDS (API - Oael.r A rmstrong, as years old. of PeorIa', ! II., commit led sulclde by leaping Into tlte Cedar rivel·. He had been un· able to tlnd employment.



;Dinner Helps l QOLDEN DAYS by Claire Dwiggin I Petitions FfJed Graduates Bid .-----------;:.~-~-~~-...., in U. S. Ru~g

II Adieu to Iowa on Primaries '.

260 Guests Listen to Toa 1 Program at

Iowa Union

In th~ prest'nce oC veral score pa.r­ent. and trl~nds, a quaint, 80'yrar-old I."y cal l d "mother unlver,lty" by TolllrtmaslPr 0 Olll'e F , Kay, lasl eve, nlng celebratetl the admt •• lon of al­most !OD m(l~ chUd""n In~o the rank6 ot alumni. Tllp occasio n was the grndua tfls· d.lnner. se ... " d to 210 &1l siill' the l'h'~r !'<10m of 1o, a n · Ion } ejlterday at 6 p.m .

Jmmedlat Iy following the dinner, eapdl<!atpa (or dp,re~~ assembled Into marching rormntlon on the east wll ik In front I)t the nloll , prepRratory to th II' proce-Ilon UP the 11111 to Old Cupl(ol.

The dinner Qntllta sharI progra m of Lout. had a deep, slgnltlcant pur. POI Cor b Kay, "TQnlghl tbe unh'prslty I. reJolcln~ over a family Increl\ '<e oI ~lmo8t 2{)1)," Ihe tOllst · m •• 1 r polnlpd ou t "Tpnllhl with th~ atiaHlon ot thel~ graduales, t~e number of Iowa "thlldre n" moun 8 PMt 2D,000, scatterl'd Into varlo!!s proCesalonl, mUng ttr.h· nlaoy PO~I­tlonl throughout the world with tlie utmost ability. "

Upon the ft llggcsllpn oC Dean Kay, e. n w "soo," Charlcs L Horfman oC Wale.'loo. who two hours later reo cel"ed hla M.A. des-ree, re~pond~ with a tOallt from th ~ un(lergra~ull~e ~d gradual e bod)'.

}~d llcqllon Np"c~ E I'jb " Educatlon 1. 0 contlnu!ng ~roce~8,"

declared HoHman, "goIng' on 118 Ion a s liCe, openIng aven4es nlollg ClI tur· aI o.a wplI as l)rofe8810n I lines." · tn a. break 1I0wn of the old llteor¥ th llt ducatlon SIOJ1H wi h the <tec/l~taJ'ce

or any d~llree, B.A" I.A .. or Ph.il., /lId H oUmun .e~ oo l"at,on tor til e 180 candillatcs muspd beCore hl'l" "Through th~lr carr s pondence CO\lf!J' ea, radio l11strlrclJon, .hort coursell, and r D.dlntr lists, educallon,U Ins~l· tutlons ore now recognizi ng a urirve)'. ·l 8111 d sire to rontlnue ed ucatlon , 10 never ItOP \VlIh a IIltl(" It'llrnln g," ell, • ---____ ~--_--

plalned the stud.'nt .peaker. Since a. return to lhe campu. of all

l aculty mrmbers who have ever cqn· trlbuted to th" pducatlon or Iowa. .lu. dente, \V • oul 0( th pOIY~ r ot pean Kay, he cu llc'l I""tead uPO/l l'lJornp· 80n Ston~ , " lsi ling loctu,'er In mus ic for an /,xprp ~Ion or oplnlop SIQne hnd nol hlnll but praise ror 'h~ unlver· s lty Ih L h s hall sed him tor tbe last six w~ek&,

H . Hal,l ' "\'ou nt Iowa, are kl"d to \'Is ltors. J ,1m hnll~.s ... tl by th~ s pirit her,e I'ather t ~I"I at Ihe size o( YO'II' bulMlnl'ts 01' Ill' ~llrOJlmcnt. JJ~r~ y OU helln 10 havr fOllnd Ihnt th.e I'eal aIm In education I. not knowledge 'I1 ut It lruer, brlt" 1 UllflrrRtandln,,- or life."

,JpS8Up f ' ltn llongoH GI'lt tl UIII'Jl Ihe p'{ldOtltc8, th Id.l SIll!a lt·

er, Pres. \ ~ I trl' A. ,lpS. IIP placed a challim e anti dosed (vlth r I'vent con· gra.luill. Ions. " I hope," sl!oke Ih~ P18aldent, "that thl8 gradunli ng Cl8ss hila CBulfhL the "ptrlt or "tlmulatlon, rbe eagor'n~e~ to IIvp highest a n~ to (rO th brs t, In It. eonlact with the urtlverslly. Only In Hvlng riChly , In Caclng wllh our8.';& a. hostile wOI'ld that will .Ithpr lI1ake or each ma ll '" l uccels or ta.llur~, can tbe truth oC this Instltulton In lis graduates be Justltled. "

Out oC hl~ fund or p~rsonal ob Tva­tion, PI' slde nt J e88up flrew cas" to lIIullrate his polnt-'h~ .Ium~us of 1876 who 8tll l Ihrllled over his rOw, Ing victories nnd oy~r bls class 8 at university: Ule Iowa !amlly tha t In· clude, 110 Cather whose ! A. from Ames hMn 't hu rt hl~ pig raiSing. the motber, whoa M .A. (rom [OW" hu.dn't kept her rrom ral. lng t urkeys and drivIng the Cnrm tractors, and the two c hlldrrn with their respe!!tlve 1e. II'reea from Amc. a nd tTOm roWa.. "These are uRlng a ll that co lj~, e gave thein, to make their lives r lcll r. Th ¥ are farm rs, living In northe.rn 101Va. perfectly content and happy. There 1& nothing like a university , no experi­ence compuable to going to school." , T he toas t program and (linnor concluded about 7:35 p .m . Bowls or blue and or ng gn rd n nower's were cen tered on th table. ea.tcblng til., evenJilg s u 0 that poured In 0[( the Jowa. river . DurlnJ dinner the Union orchestra play d. ddltlonal gllcst. l>esides corwocaUon oUle,a1s, r~~,I· .ont an\! )\frs . .T~"8UP and the spea/t· ,r,. were Pres. an~ 1011'1. E)J)wr ~rlaJl, Of Ohio unIversIty al Atb,e'l8, !l-n~ 10. ~p~ Hau,ebold~, who I.' tr'!-veUn, with th Bryans. , ------------. Prof. Spohn CoI1t1~u.e8

to Broadcast Course in ~rican Lit~.t»,e


Julia E . Allen, JrrrCI'SO n Nina. V . Bailey, KOn3!lj1 City:

bel Do,nta, MO' Rhall ; Pon"y L. Bnr· gCl', \Ves t hofO, !,pllp Bru'l"f>tl. ]{an·

, 38 <.:Iir: (~'roly" I:IMkett, J.'nyNt~ ; Olenn H . HenIon, HI,rlngrll'h1; Ro~p

q RIM<tti , ,(anH"~ lIy; K .. rmtl H . Bool<pr, I.pJ<lnl;lon; \ O"hL M . Booze, 110pl<ln ...

\Vllllam L. Orad_hnw, Coillmhln; He\e/, ;.. Brnl/ln "d , Martin Ply; Zell Brokaw. Fulton ; Jo;ll~\\ol ·th lil'ook:i , O " nnA'e~; li~~.lr ~I . BrownlnA', Ma· COil; Oeorgo O. Caldwell. Columbia; J ~l' d N. f'ft OlCrOI1, \',rnl'r('n8bul'~ : DorolhflJ\. 'hrl~tlan. J\lhuny: j\nno. (l C.olI ll'8, ~:x('pl"lo ,' RIl1'lng"; [)o,·o· thy ~1. ('()()I~y , Moulltaln G,·ove.

Carroli C. Dlm I, .Iert r~oll Cllr; Y.yerell '1'. ' ll"hl. K~hol<n ; Glenn Ocoln', ('011(1)1'11111 ; Vlq;lnhL L :qUllll, pJItp,(1) (;It)'; WIll'ar'! P. DurrNt, lI{arHllUll; Leuh Ferlpr. St. Loul.; V .. rll .. ' ('. IClrkr, (;"1'U II) , Evlyn N. Fl~h('lt·. ~ral Khflll ; .1\ nn t: !'lhril'I, Cull Cornllt , MIII"n fl . Hardiman, J~f!"r· Fon rill' ; J'.ln~lI~ g. J1~II1I'1~h, I'l lol dl'ove; 'arroll D. II rnrtrr"on, 1..:,. thrOp. ~ug:pnp 0 lh'~~, lA·,\ lslon: trv" B . I h ' ... , I.(,WI"tOI1 .

Armida .1. 1I0dt:es, ('a" ton; Zelma 1l0rteMllnr, Brnol<IIt'ld; r ... ~I1~ "r. trwln. 'J nml'Fllorl. ~d\v Rr(l 1\1, .Jan uary, ![annlh II , Naomi II . KPN'P, J efrer.on ('II),; Rnvmnnd ('. Klnni',

amp!"on; f1 !lth~J' L . ]~n"hllI18. ~ "a pr Olrnrdpau ; Rrword C. V'ekn. In(lr­P<'n.lrnr~ ; D,I.y (;. Li'noln , HI. Louig; RN'rlle 'I . l...,wI8, F'r~drl'h'k· lOll-II; L~u LII .k. 1I011lda)' ; JoSE" phin. MacJlonahl . K.1I,"'" City ; 1"(0)'(\ II 1\1 e:-.'ell , SI . r 01110; R. Oe""" M llggard, Canton; 1. .. ('n .... 1 \V , Ma. on, K'nn~s {ty. '

Bd,tnr ~r. J\1oorma.n. Morrisville; Mal'qtres H . MOIll'ey, ;\['II·, holl : 1, 11 · lIan G. ~l()rrl on, FayeUE' ; A. L our· ~~ce ~'10rh~m)el,,1 Columbia ; Glrn On. bP'rn. sp!cka{'d; Pc rl 081>orn. Splck· ard. Robert G . O,,:cn. Fulton; Edwin A. Da"ls, pu , e~lI ; Jo'iorn Pn~p, Bovn· lon~ i\p\<I .. ett PalnlPrton , !';p .. ln \i (l~I 'I ; Grace E. Pr'l"' ~o;', punhp; Paul E. I"'ite!'!'. Camoron: it. S. Pfeltfer, GreMl CIty; ElI1,1heth ' . Plr,,-r. 81. ' Loui s; Cla ra H Polk , HI LOIIIA. }fazel P . Quorr),. Mo',dvlll .. ; John W. Querr , 1I[ead"llle: \Vlll1<tm II. Row·

M1Ml! MarlSliret Emily Lynde. ~ociely girl of Winnetka, rH., will make her d('but $oQn- a/l a flyell. She ill the latellt socit'ty ~iJ'l to tak llP avjtlti oll . lShe IS talqD~ flying Ie. on~ daily I\.t Sky 11ar/:lo)' airport and \ritpill tbe nc~t few qaYIi expects to make her 010 flight,

Fpllowing Suicide of Director, Run Starts

on Trn8t Company don, t. t-ci~1 3: .Sldn ey J . Reedy, St. R TLAN;, vt.: J uiy 1 j (AP) _ L~uI '; AnFcltr,(" Rpn(,.,l\v, ~dalla.

Corne IU8 A. R~', LOUISI" na; Echo s or the shot wlth whIch a 76 T oOu"i J.' S~hullz. Cap'> Glrnrd"~u : year old director at tbjl west RUllal'd If!,lene Searl, Jamepon : Maurine Truet company killed hlmselC tooay Searl, Jame~on: Robart D. Rhp('t1., (lew down the s treets t ram man to Bran.on: J ame!f W-. Shurtz, OrCey; JO B"I.e ~r. sl<:ri"n~n~, 'Carthage; A 1- man and slorted 'a ru n which entlee! fred L. Rtevprison, Moberh.", Aub,'ey only when the bank ~Iosed tts doors Classroom brondcllStlng ot Unlver·

sl ty of low", courseR wlll be contlJ)ued B. TaY.,lol·. palfllYf'\; Kilsy P . Taylo,·. a n" was placed In charge ot the slate Monday when the flr~ \ Icctur sand S . J Oseph; l.-lan<1 A . Updegra(t. bank examine,'. recJtations at a cou1lle In AfDerlcan Je!terson II),. William . Tbrall , e lderly secrellll'Y Iiteratur go on the ,alr. 'm)' L Va... Hoozer, Albany ; Allcc and member oC the board was ~~ by

The course \,,111 .lHl cood"C1e~ by M . w a ldron/ Parkville; Lytll 111. his own hand onl)' a . few hoUI'~ ~ I\e n Prot. George W. Spohn, taclll~ lIle/p , Walkup, beep\\.atel': James K the ~l<1.le bank ~xam(ner, R ober,t. C. ber of St. Ola,t colleJe, Norl~\eld , Wal ~h , Bo~wor·th ; Wlrtlfr~d N. lark of Mon tp.e liJlr, , a nnounce1f to· lIflnn . Pro!e""!lr spohn Is 8. vl/!It lnl WealhH):IJIW' kAnsa Cil}'; Llo\-d nl):ht Cram ~ehin~ ~he bar,;ad doo~~ r protqssor In the d, partm~nt ot"i;)''lJ' W . W Id~n, Bos worth ; FranCc$ E . the 'qual contpii.ny beliould .ttI>t.Yllt Ilsb durin" Lh,e lI.um('\er) W~~el~;. Car'l,IJa,p; Shelby iJ. " ' 11- say whether the balld ""o)J~d f'l0pe'1.

'Beginning it 1 1) .111 .. l~e c,?~ ""II 50n \ Ma~sha I: W lI iJam B, Wise, Tl)e ,W~sl Ru tlJlnd Inl\t{\Uti0Jl Is a. .... broadcast ~v~ry My fl,l<cep~ Satur- S~~ n(:lI~l d; M..... W . :S, \"lsE', I·,'orklng·people'sbank . $lr\ce~hetJrH dAr lind Sunday unhl A ug . 21. Dur- Sprlngfjeld; Lena. M. Yoder, Tltrklo; ,,( tho year depresslon' ln Infslh9s' hd.s 1!l1; lIs progf<'R', tracing' wl~ 'be mB1e F annie t;l. -young, Klpg ClIy; Ira fl. touched them as well as,. bll't b~~lne " 'If the rls" a nd development o(,Ameri. Young, ' King City. I '~n. and deposits, cqmPfll\y otflc!als can IIt~l'tltur land Its relaUoT! to • ;'(llcMed, had lri!en ama.ner -a'nd' ies's A,m erlca n lire. hl. tory. a nd contem- f' ~quen t. ""ra neous English Uleratu re. • T The b<tnk I. 25 yell l's old a nd Its I ALUMNI NEws a" eta on J une 30 were $1.233,279 with

~le8dame, Te8ter, t----------. <'np()sU. of $n6,t6~ . ',.

E • Undl'n·\Vest ~ Ingwersen .".lerfa'rt, marrle -/0 ~r . fnul 1,l ndpn, '30 of

at Dinner, Brld-e DaveQllOrt 01' J I,IJle 22 In l he gal'~r n • ., oC l hp " rpst hOme.

~ Hr~. Allen Tfster, 229 lIlelr~86 <:<lurt, anrl l\Ir~. B. ~. I ngWersen. 1~1 S, nodge s Lr et. enlerlJLIII~d at Jl elln--r- ". ~_.L I

-'ler on the roor ·gn rd~n of owa U nion Wednesday night. 'E1lght guest. were R"af~d a t tab'es of tour decorated 'wlth l;ard n flowcrs.

I A t-llir tho dInner, the gueeta went t o the Home of Mr . .a.d Mt'I. lngwer ­"qn, whHo games oC brlcIP Mlre Jl layed. I lo nors \V nt to lilt'll . Dean L lerle an", Clarence Updegraff.

M".. Ll n'dpn gradunied [rom I h~ nl verslty of nllnol~ and was offill ·

I'tecl wUh 'I).ell'/; Della Delta , Slgrn(1. D,elta P;l, Alpha I;II/rma Nu ~otorltlp~. 8.!1d, l\fQr t"r BOard , honorary nlol' ~vorncn~fI AQCret $·. D I-, L inden was 9 memller C Sigma Alpha Ep.lIon . ~, .. c lal f r lLlern lty, a nd P h! R ho Slg mn, medlcal 1'ratern Jly . He also belonged to A.F.I. honorary senior men'8 I!O'

clely. a nd waM a mpmbe,· or thr Olym. pic Wre8llfhG' team 1n'1924. ACter a s hort wcddlng trIp they w Ul ma ko ( hell' home In Sayre. Penn .

.' - --

;·l l'l!, lIog-an Wins ~1!d TOllrnillP'lnt

, . Mrs. Edward M. Hogan. 429 Oak­

la nd "Venue. won h igh SCO\'o a t the sc.:ond of tbe brlel,e tOlU.'T1al" I',Is "J>Qn~r d by tho;' I'lk lad!es, Yes ter­<\:).y ,,-Hernoon. The third and [l nal COli \e~l of Lhr !!Or les will be held next T hursday afte rnoon, July 24.

Spanr ler Takfll I,ver ~Iutlllli CED~ RAP IDS, July 17 tAl'I -

H. E . Spans ler , new chal r'ma n oC th e republlco n slate c~ntral commrttee, a nnl)unced t ha I the .conimltte. wou ld hold lie, InIU~ 1 m,c:e tlng In J.Jc8 Molnc-s .A ug. 20 ·2~ ~o ~n~er ' wlLn Ilal'\), Icadp"N on t ltc (a ll cn mpn r~p . Dr . H. A. Wlnkll', 'SO, who grndu,

nred (rom t he dentlRtr)' seh",,1 at the u nl\'(~r( I LY Is s ta ,·tl ng pl'acUce In Onr. lIer ,

U r. Willia m Chnse, '30, began hl9 , IntPrne8hlp a t the Brondlnwns Oen · 1 A I'ojlcpmlln In Rol t Lake City hA g era l hoap lta l In De, l{1>'nes, July ~, b en granted a t ran~port pilOt 's 1l'

I\Ir. a nd ~lr" . H n" ry C. Ncsler. IUld

dau!!'htel' .loyce, 8J I !JOWC,'Y 81 rppt , al'p spe nd In S- Ih l. wpck In St. Pllul a nel Mlnrw"polI M. Th c), will r('turn 10 Iowa: 'Itt Sunday.

~II'" Lonnl. Vwl. ot ~lu.caUne hn, he~n vl altlng hl"'c II I tile home or M .... elld Swan, E Bu .. llngton

anti MI' ••. l ver A. p.tud , 513 s lree l. will Icnve IOflny ror th.

stall' of \\"'nghJngfoll , rot' lSev(,ral \\ .. "It" vucatloll, ~Ir , Op~tltd 18 HUP' "llIt!',I,lellt or lh cl ly schools.

.\ l1l1llhrllf1 Getty or 1111' Sing-N° ~f~WU'J: ~Jf\(' hlno con1pflny I~ l Nlvin~ ,\luluhty rt ... ('rcHton where .he wIll I," lluollk.~ I)er fol' tM 8umo com· POll)' at Lhat plnf'"

WA SH INGTON, Julr 17 (AP) -A petillon was !lied In Ihe slIprem'" court toila), IUIklng the highes t trl· bunal ror a rullnA' whelher pOlitical parly or's-Itnlzatlon" In th., various Btat~s rQultlla.Jru lly p .. ohlblt N"S"roe. from p rtlclpalinf; III thch' IIl·hnarleR.

~rh{" (n.SI' ("Oftl(\M (rom A r kansad. J . ?oJ . Hoblnson and olher Negl'oes liv ­Ing 111 I)tllr Ro"~ , Halrl tll py voted th e .Icfnocrulr ticket anrl we'''' conal.· t~Ht I'IlIppbrters or th(' rar'ty plaHol'm s. 'rhnv l. rotp.< tPd "<rains' being bar'red front 111(' d('n'loc,,'j'UUC ),, 'Jmat'l(\'8 In NowllIll"r. 1 9~R. obtulnrd a t mpo· mry loj'l1Iclloll a nd volrd l}e(01'l' the sl ate ('OUrts cotl ld heal' lhe cas~ ' on It . merits. Later whpn the cgntro· vrr~,w \\ et:t rl!'ddf'd. the AI'ka nsas su o Ilr"one cb,"·t ~t.'t 3al~~ the t ~mpor"-ry InJunctio li and tll~hll~s('d th~ pl'oce-ed , Inlrs, tnkln.,: tha poslLlon that the fOllrh~ " nth unci flrtC(,lllll umendml'llh~ , undpr whkh the Ne!;roe. chimed they hull the l"IJ.t'ht. to vot£' at dem ocratic p,lmnrl~N, l'~fPr'rPd only to wha t s la tes were prohibited tram dolng III the Wa.!' of I'ost detlng th ~ voting rights oC Ne· groe. ar,,1 dl(1 not apply to political organ l<q (Ions.

In Marcil. 1927. tlle United States supreme co urt In a s \llt from EI Paso , Tex., bl'ollght by L . A. Nixon. 'a Npllro, held Invalid " Texas stlttuto I)I'Ohlbi tlns- Negroes from voting In democrtttic prJlJlarJf1os. , Th e OplJllon ,was d?Jl vered by Justice Holmes. It deciar("d Lh(' Tex's law a direct a nd obvious Inr .. lngpment of th fourtee nth amendment 10 the co n­utitution.

'1'he AI'ltnnsas s upreme court de· dlll'"rI the Nixon decision did not pro. hlblt a politica l ol'ganltatlon r .. om de­term ining It. own membe .. s hlp 0 .. rrom deciding who II would permit to vole at. Its pJ'lmn,.leli.

Ta~gMace Creates Stir in Parliament

LONDON, Jllly 17 (I' P)- A ni~",· b~,· ot parliament al tOday's 8e~"lon oI Ihr hQu"b or common" mn orr ',,/Ih the .,.,ace, l"11\08t sacred symbol at /lar·flmentary authQrlly, Ihat "cstR nn " tllble b 101Y th e 8peakc"'H chai r . The Incldenl created a Bcene without pre · ~cde nt 111 th~ hlsLory of the mother or parliament. si ne Cromwell dc' clalmNI "to k c away that hauble,!' and the mace was rC'movC'd.

Th e mfact'cnnl wll::l .Joh n B('tckf"tt, labor lt . I!ls actron, which 11e ac· companIed with the wOI·dtl . "Itl!:, I\.

damne6 dfs.s.rracc-," waH In Pt'OlPst ngalnsl8usllenslon or a colleal(u<" Fen. ner Brockw y, by a lrno.t lInanlmt)t'H voto In mot/on of Pr'eml o,' i\lac[)onald .

'1'nrlt lcd b.\' Attenda nt Brockway hnd o\'crstcpt)cd hlH

bound" by trying to ma ke a speech on India durIng ~ur.lIon lime.

'i'~Ck~l dlO 110t g t r.,· .vlth hi" trophy. An aU" ndant tackled him n.

• he rNlcl1cd the door oC the hOUsn and 1\11'. a"d Mr<. D~"n 1 homa~ oC .. ('turned tlw ma"e to the SN'g~an t'llt.

'I',.,n,· rc turnt'd to IOWa. Ity today I arms, li s orrlclal custOdian, who, with after " . Ix w('ok" trip In lhe 8out h· tbe peakeI' was tit only man who re. \I, ,· t 1)lII·t of Ihe United Statcs. They I n"tI~' d ur,,;,oved In a. c'hamber s('eth. VIHltc~ III New ~Iexlco, the GI'and Ing with exciteme nt. (',,"yon, llnd .ev~rnl Ilolntd III ('a)· Nanu'JI tur OIRl) r<l~rlY CoIlt1ltet 01"1'10. :'11' •. 1:homa8 18 J;'rad uat ot All ""yes th"n we". t Ul'Oerl on th e 1I'" unlvCI'8It)' anrt a daughter of sPclIke r to ~ce what I\ctlori he would ~I'·. lIlIll ~h's Andrew Mulc .. , 604 t"ko ir thl. unh~a "d of cII,crgcncy.

LIe rose to the OCCllI!lon, 11I'onotinclng the Uri-Ie h OllU"(>r1 fOl'muht ,or nam e the honorable member fOI: Peckham tor ,llBOI'derly contluct."

.\ Iflr~f\ N:\u~h(on or thfl ( '0 Btl IIp "Ity shoPI)e, will I ave III a. weelt r 'l l" " two Wftek'!i vncntJon , She will r.}lI\Il' J, 1J~1't of fh l' tilT'" at hrr hom e In \;' lIl1amnhurg-.

:'/l·. nnd .\1 .. s. (lPOI'.o:(' , \ . P")" ~OG n w .... y ~trc~t. "rl tlroe<1 yr.tcrdo · "fI"1 ~ I qnb , IJl nh, whe,'~ thoy have ""('11 for t wo wC'ph;~. i\J r H, Day ,,'a1H fnrrnPI')' ,~J."lnp T~l ylqr of Mo"I). TIll' cOfr p/1" wor!' I'N'ent ly ml1l'rlod. III '. Pil)' IS O!Jemlor of mdlo s la llon KtS Oil Sen t~n sln">"'t,

Mr. nn rl ~Il's. Raymond F.. DIck· tHI'} lIIH] thl 'C(' ('h1J rl t't'n, 806 E . Bow·

1 y J;1I·e~. nre Iprlvlng today for f)llluth who"e they \\'111 vis it a~o~t I R rIll \'" at the home ot thel,· uncl ~, \ IT Hp.l'dey.

~rul'lel R )[ncKpllar . G oC Vlnto ... , letl rps l ... d"y ro,· 11·,,1n whero ~h '

,"111 vl,l t with rp lntlv~" ro" a fc l" ' Ill l", Sho wIll rrtul'n to VInton (qr Ihe r'pst 01 the s ummer . Miss . 1aC· Kel"11' wi ll tcach at Sco ll Cit)' , Kan' .. "r~t Yf'Ilr. She h'l3 hopn s tuylng wl lll he .. ~ 1 'ler', M,,". Gpo .. ge Krot ~, ~04 S. Clinton s treel, Ihl s summer, Willie "',e nllen.llnF the university.

Da niel Y!. COI'C)', proJ)l' letol' a! tlw COl'~Y' af)d ~qmJl""Y ~ t.o)·r, motored to " raterloo W ednes(lay n buslnes .

" --,. ~l'· . lind ~rl's. 1,loyd Ouslafson or . r I~f>/l , ?or~,~ .. . /loTe Ihe suests oC !Wr eyl~v~ I. /" ,\)"1/1', P of .Clear 1 ,,~ )' n, lOll Y and ~0"lo ''''qw. lIl ". ard l\1ra. O\l~tat80/l hare been s pending tlYO wl:.~ ks In 19W~, but will lea.vl' Nunrlay for Ihelr bome In lh~ east.

HlJ'I'eJ C. WI III \., (. o~ Oalva . Ill ., 19(t y.cslery'I-Y to spend I/le rest of 1,le ~ummer aL he,' homo :;lhe will lttU!,J' 10 lown ' Ity II' Sep~e1Pl)e; to cQIIUnUe her ' york In t)l~ univers ity.

Suspen810 n ot Beckett WlUI dull' 'roved by remler MacDona ld a nd ca rried.

won ChlJrgcs TJIal U,utec:J States favors

S.ovict Russia. Agents NEW YORI.(, July J 7 (AP)- lI/l' t.

th ew Woll, \1.1 00 IlI'esldeuLof the Ame ... lean federation oC la bor, charged to­Ilay that the United SiAtes has tav­pre4 uepts 'Q' ~qy\et RU$SIa..

TestifyI ng- beroee th e congressional commlUee Investlgatlng communist activities, Woll saId the gover'nment had permitted red eml.sarles "nd Sym. pa.tltlz rs to entel' the nlted Stlltes. tvhe.rear;t the Avowed enemies of com­munl~m bad been baiTed In !!ome In · .t"nees. lie said be "supposed" the allegen ravorltl"11) waa "under th e guise at bettorll' !; trade re lations." ~Ilre~eotatlve r ,"'1 Bachman oC

WesL Virginia. bl'qught the nrune qf Ihe Amtorg Trnd/Jlg corporation , com· m~rclil l represe ntative or tho Rovlet government, Inlo the discussion .

','.00 you t hlpk officials oC lIle United States Ir0verlllnent have favol'ed the J).mtoFl~ ,wents Qgaln~t the while Rus· ~Ians?" Ila~hman asked . Woll rep lied that he dlel.

EXI) .. esslng belief thaI ROssla /l ~"'tI(e rerr~~'entatlves here par(IClpat­ed i n comriiu nlst pr'opaganda, he Hald sovlel aet.)vltjr;s had become "more Bubtle a.nd dll.llgerOij8."

Barrere, WaQted in Maty Baker Slaying,

Held for A:uthoi.ities , l

MONTREAL, J u l)' 17 (AP~lI e .. · nI,'!fI ll~n;¥, 'B/lh~rc, I)'an~ed In t he 1Jruted States In lhe s laying or Mary B<tkel' na'Vy dcpll.rlnl~ n! cler' k, was

• held tonight ltwa'iling t ho ar" lvlll or SQllt~eni C~)jf~rnia 'atflMrltlc8 trom Arlington coun ty,

Ii,..t Weath"'r Sie.re V irginia .' He waived cxtralllUon pro: ... ... g cee<llngs. '

Takes Seve n Lives When arl'nlgned loilay, Bnl'rer'O to ld .J usllce Denn is that he would go back

. .... to t he United s tate. to stand trlo l hut LOS ANG.r.;LES, J uly 17 (AP, - mati hc ' />¥ In noc(>t1f :

1 hree' ~e'!.the , In Im pel'la! Valler to· Heltl with Ba.rTer·e, a n Itinerant d,,} and one at 'Montebe) lo, Los An· pain ter, Is a woma n companion, 1:~le" .ubui'll, brought t o seven the whQsO Iden tlt)' police rerused to dis· tvtRI Ca tallties ca used by th e hellt close. The woman , they satd, ls from \7nxe II' sOllth~rn CaH(ornla. Pcnnsylva nla, a nd may be a ble to g Ive

ple temper'a tu!'e reached 110 de· "ln Cor"nation " aboul Il)e pal nler·. gre"" wll~ hig h 1)'1'!lid/t y In the val· BR 'Tero had bee n MUlrht to,' nalltl), Jey. OnLa d o, Sa n BernardIno ~oun· a month ~Ince a lJ tborlli s were In· t):', I,th ,. tellJ P;; ra~u'r<qr 10 ~, altaln fo r'mod he Willi nea,' t ho scene or Ihe experienced the hol Iest w~th e .. o ut- murdoc a t th~ ttmo It was committed . ~ldo i mP"Flai_. V, Uer· . MisS' Bakcr!s bOdy WIlS 'fou nd Allrll

I Q Los An~el e8, altel' "eru:hlog 03 p In a Sh IlIl Q'V streum near the Arl· .!"~ r~e~' be to"" noon, t her/f1 ome~~ ,·s Illgton nallonal cpmeter),. rr u 10 8~ In t\\'o hourll, under 1\ brlRk )3"I'I'P ',(, wn.. I'N;ognl'l'rl fI 'o rn poUe!' f"'!'~n I. ... P~zp. elt'~ ul n r's n/}rl nn 'PRt <'f1 whc n hc e n ·

No permnnent I'c llpt \l'ns rorcs~en , t" I'NI poll,'q h~ndquatt, r8 yt's tcrdny ur the wCR ther b u rell ~ , to compla in a bout a t6Q Ih.qCt , .

FRIDAY, JULY 18, 1930

PROB~ "RED" ACTIVITIES Two Railwavs I , , .. \

Plan Merger of Companies EW YORK , July 11 (A.P, - Tho

stockhold 1'8 ~om!\llttee for the morger of thc No,·thern Pa.cl flc and Great NQrthcrn I';lllways sent a notice to Htoc l(hoille l's lonlsht n6 voc,,-Ung titat tll!'y Irav!' I hei ,' .l1al·E'8 on deposit I!O

that the comm itte!' may conthrue IlJ eHorts to completc th. con!\o lld~Uon. dN-pltl' tho delay Imposed by thr raU. urc of the hous" oC representatl vr. to ac t on the COI.Hr,cnti rt"8o lution bfl!OI"8 adjournment.

rrhc no Uc£' which wns m ade pub­lic at the Offices o.f' J. I'. Morp.n and company all"ounc"d thal s trek anti rP I'llqcates o[ (leposjt wO\llrl b~ \hAde [ I·CC!.\· Intcr'chnngpable [0" a porl04 or at least th ree months, (l ncl 1I ,.refi fter IIntll 40 davs Mler Ihe commlttee )la, reached a decision on a modIfied mer· gcl' plan to comply with condition. I ... palled by tho Interstate commerce commls~lon .

inv liga.tjIlg comJp,ittec inquiring into nctivities or comUluni~t · n New York sC.!J,QOIR. ~catcd,le!t to rigllt: Reprt'senla, Ii" 1\ Robet'l S. HaH, L!amilton Fitih, Jr., and J ohn E. Nel~on. i$lnDdi.J;i~ : Hcp l'('~~nta li"e~ Cal'\ 0;. BaCkman alld Edward E. Eslick, lId J. 0. Uoger~, serg~a.o,l at-arU1~.

Inasmuch 3S congre8!1 has not yet disposed of the ('uuzens re.olutlon uncleI' whloh rail"oad co n80lld'UlollB 1V0uid be held In abeyance until March 3t , 1931, the c<;l,nrnlttoe started It "wo. not In Ihe Intere.t oC stockhoid· pr, to procfed with ;t modified plan which such leg isla tion Is und~r can· "ldel'aUon, nor will It be to their In· tel'est to p .. oceed until the cleClnlte at. tltudo of congress toward lhe matter at 11 . next spsslon I ..... c.,..tnl".d."

! "'. •

Wholesale Prices Show Continued

I Drop During J unc I . l

WASIIlNGTON, July 17 (jIP)­'\"hO I~c •. II · prittt .; were ::;ho\\,11 tucln) hy labo)' (\epUl·tll1~nt computation to h"I'e contJhu~tl durin~ Jun thO do· rlll,o whl<~ h" ho " 1>ro l1 III Pl'ogre~" for n('lt~I~~ j, yt-:1 1". ~

·thJ~ illllox rn)l"c"Pllting the coIn· PO"itn fr' II 01' ['"0 rlltrer.nl comn,od · It~' prlco~ \I'll" rlxod rOI' J line fi t SH.8 whlrh ('oh"'lT>rtt (", with R!I.I fOl' ~h.lY. 9G.4 COl' .Ilme n ye",. (l1r0, ,tlHI 10\1 rot· the " \'. I·"g~ of tho ye~r 1~~f,.

H" rr tl on Ihe,;" fI!;l1rc •. thr (IPllarl rnol ,t ft~l lt l . Ihf" \\hf,l ct'a lf' rUI'chagjn~ powor IIf a j 92G Uolll) ,. wa. $1.152 III "lUll' or tl\'" pl'l' ~(. nt Y<'f\l·.

"~~11 rn: I~rf\{hl,'tn whkh a~ H Al'oull r howe.1 " IIrk,' tnll of rlNll'Jy I \·2 p<;,r renl frhor ~Ia)' Of thle )'01\1' 10 Jl1Jlf' W('1'(' th(" lIlolt l ~("' IOllKly ,lffpet ­I'd, thol1gn 1 JIf-'I'C wn~ a ~lIght In ­".·P:L:.Jt' 111 wholl"r;~te prkeH fOl' ggs. ve,,1 lind Jrllll/).

ot (he 05 0 ,·ommodJllc • . 2H wC,'O ~,c: l(lnl; fit JIIWf'I' f1R UI'P~ in June than h' IItHl' while roo . howed .light Ill ' (, I"t :'h~r' nnd thl" haln n c(' were UTl ­~lHlI;g1\(1. .1\ ', rOTn)l:uC'd "lth .I Ulle- fl,

)'NU' ug-o dl'C rtl'llHf:,S jn I lI'kes WN'C

found this yeal' III all mujo,' g roUI)' or · commodltic!i.

, Odd Fellows

Mcet at Elect

Lake; Officer s

cr;EAR LA'kP;, .July 17 (.\1 ')­

II'qu i" h\IIH'r~(l Qfhl F{'llows l,tud Ihe1 r wlv " hnt! l'egl"lfrPtI lodll)' fot' U,e all nu ll l CllcampnwlIt of th" dOI>al'l· lIl e llt ('ourlrll o[ lowa which bel(an hu;l :-salul'tll), HUll will ccml1nllc unlll ~UHthl' 01 l'1olHlny,

'I 'h n "m/I, I ,l"~( ... atlon or chlvnll')', hi !;" ,;;( ilWIIl',1 t:l\'~n Ily I "t' Odd ro'"I · '~h':~ 10111;(', Ibd:ly. WrtH ))1 ('s('ntt'ti j)r . \\' , J" . II IIIIL fl( J)\Vpnl1l1l'l and D . ,.: , J) .. tUlt" IRt>ll of f'lIcl'oitl'o. Ot'H. Ffl~(l

J I. . \ . I ~ ' h,' 01 ')'o) ,.' rlo bc:;towed the Inf'lt"h',

' ]'l l t lOrrow I Ja f· Il('wly (')['1'1('11 or­t 1,-t,l'S or tll~ droollOlenl (ollildl anfl , t,I 'p fI"I.1 oWeN' .• II III be Insta lled (or thr np :(: 1 Ih rc(" l"'(H'~. )laj. Gl'n . .r. C l-{pllp"II!' ! ' oC Glarlhl'llol<. ill ' I 1J11"l11lt-: lI"a.tI or tll (' Pa.tI ' lal'\· h~ .. 'flH· r,"11 .. J' IOlln. "III 1)0 In" t.llled a" will ~I'· ". G. (' Due",'lllo or Hloux ('11 r '1'0 111I'(·"",ln J\ l rs. ViHII uf )1"· UOIl (. ty Ie; hcoltt! or the Ql.i(1 li~CnO\\rM

·\llxllla .. y. ' nl!

Dcmocratic Senator , P~cdiclS Prosper.ity,

' IloQv~r's Rcelection

NEW Y RK July 17 (AP)-Sen-0101' ~oyal S. Copela nd , (lemocl'al, Now York, tonlghl p .. edlcted that the country will b~ rnjoylng an era t)f pro. perlty In 1932 that will IOH ure l:re.lllcnt Hoover". reelec tion.

Add re •• ln <; .. ep,·ese l1 tatlves of til garment II'a(les III It bu.in as 81abll · iLy ;neelln!;, S(' lI ttlOI' Co pel llnd told of it CO Il\ Pt~Htlon h e had rece lllly wll h on IldrnlnlHt,'ation (lsure.

" I tol,1 hIm." th se nator .ald, "to go back to P" esldent H oover. and tell him that h~ cou ld thank God that th(\ tlcprf'fl.!llion came tn the lIIi(1-dll' of his lenn . AI'i HUr (1' :La fale, t h e chimn!'y. wll) he Inl~(J ng torth am<1k c, thp fal'?lPI'S will be l'Illslng crop. ttml will bl'lilg them . good 1)1'11; • 11\ ln2, a/HI Hoover wi ll be "e' heeled '1)1·r sJtI~llt.'· ,

FW HMER Jl ANnfl SEU ' SJlEN~\N.I)OAJI {~P)-WOI'I'y ovel

Ilnandal tro-ublo\! Is believed La hav~ caused ea"'ln BQudma n, 42 yell-rs told, (armt'l· n<!a.. otn, to 'have tuken his own lIfc. HI. hody was f6 un d hangin g trom a Irce In hi. ),a,·d.


bes • ~forne~ a nd C. C. Cuswell ot "'ichll a , Kan ., tOday Il ll "chnHed tile' Cl ill'lnda J otJl" nrt:l. a seml· week ly ncwf.lPapcz'. rr hcy w tl l ta.ke posseH-810 n Aug. li\. M,'s. Mabel 1<. Wallin hlliJ been editing th e paper.

E VJ\N Or'J' OI:!E S DOWELL DE:S MOINES (AP) - Scvehl h eli H'

Irle t democrats nomlno.led Cal EVa nK, D s Moi nes nllor ney, to,' cong .. ess­m an. He will oPPose H~pre"(> ll tat1vQ

C. C. Dowell .


officials wel'~ ea,lled to Cle l'mon t tq be a"allable In 01181l of t ro uble gl'OW­Ing opt 10( a . t r lk qf truck drivel' (or t hc . F. Lytle Const r uctlon com· Illlny Ihcl·l'. '1'111' rl "I"~I'H (tll ll ",h plI tl ,ell' IIUI.I" "tl r,... hl f;'h~ r wngcR wnn I'C{UM d nnd nell' ,lrIYCI's wero given t he! .. Jobs. I

OJfic~rs Opcn Drivc , 011 Stores Sclling

"Homc Brcw" Malt

S'I" FA 1_, ~l.Inn .. July J7 (AP) -j\ cOlieN'ted drive On 8hol)S a nd RiO"'" thltt se ll the sperl fie kind of mu lt unod fOl' thp manllfacture of "home hllew" \\'In be mUde by p"ohl ­blllo" JOl'e'·ri-.,.ln th e no"'hw~" t <\I s· l"i r E. It \\'as Indicated tonight by An, ,HeW J. Vol~t .. n·1. ler,a l advlsol' or tho ,1I.trlc t, al1(l rnth~,' o( the pl'olllblllon rl1fOr'(,Plflt'nt 3C't.

"The' ('01' 11<:"1' .c rocery stot'e whlrh M lis thl~ nlall Is IIkowlse to come un · (1(',' til(' Sl'1'II!1ny of dry fOl'ce~, .. M n lt ... lIrl In I(N)t'01'y storcs-that "peclfic It!l1d u ~f' d for making h cr-1s no d,rtel' nl thhn the mfllt soid In reg· ulUl' mull ~lorl'n," Rfud MI' . Voi sten.cl . ·,ts ""Ie IN Illegal wIH'th~1' In the MI,.,hhorhooti I'troccl'Y or the down-10wI1 ma lt s hOll."

1"l'tlr t':Jl fl gp. nl~ vhdtpc1 fOlll' twin cltI~. malt ShOPA yesterday and those taken In the "aids wrl' ul' .... llrned lte· /0"0 U, S, conllni8~lon ('rs.

Breac,.. of Promisc Suit Against Thaw

Dismissed by Court

l.Of; ANGI!;J.,],;S, July IT (AP) -.\ $II'(i,"no tol'N,,,h of l)romloe suit as-aln.l Ha .. ry K . Thaw, rnliliOnall'e H!ayc .. of .$.t"nfQrd \Vhltc mOI'e thall ~ (I yoa"s ngo, b,-ollght by Miss Fol" )".'8t Hope Wa ll, was dismissed In Rllperlol' co urt tod (1.y "with p .. eJu· tJit .. s" whlth mC'af1s it may not be re­tiled.

'l'he ."IL was !lied In ))ceoQlb .. ·, I H27, : tlH,1 rho rgt'd Thu w pl'opo~cd

"'nrrl[l~c to MI"" Wall, thcn 11 !11m nl l~'C~~ , Jndu ced h or to ~ lv(' up her ca~ ltl' I ', tht'll refused to go througb with till' ('cl'cmony when she and her rnoth · ,.)' wellt to hi . home at Stephenson, Ya,

~JI." Wall'" attorney "!lId no sct· tlemen t had bcc>n made out or COUl'L

Lions Club Convcntion Suspcnds Business to

See Mountain Lions

J) l';N v 1,:1{ , ,I uly 17 (A 1') - Moro t .. an ~,QOO delegates took tllll e arc f .. om tile Inrslness oC lhe !oul't"enth annual COJl \,\"lltlol1 or the Int crn ~llon' .,1 " "xo~iatlqn o[ Lions ciullo fo .. a fll'ut ba nd view of the Rocky moun' .-'(n lion.

A hulf dar lllo~ntain tr ip which In· 'I"dr d a "toJl'off at the !l'rIlve 'If Will · iam F'. (Buffalo j3l11) Cody, atop LOok· 01lL Mountain, occupl e~ the delegates who l)av onlY the formllllt)' of elec· lion o( oWcers to wind UP th~II' can v{'nUon tomol'row. Aftel· the a.n ­llouncement of the new slate ot oW· ena, hea~ed by En.rle W. Hodges of New York. first vice president, who wlil become p" esldent, the cOjlv.nllon w.1l adJoUI"U.

w. E. D. Stokcs, Jr. . Files Divorce Suit

RENO, Nev .. July 17 (AP)-W , E. [) Stokes, J .... fIIe el suit (or divorce hem today against Florence rlt· tcnton Stol<e8, who e(tme with him 10 HellO ,\ 1..-11 15. 'rhe papers In the rUgCl arc spnled. 'rhe Stokes w 1''' malTled In Key Wesl , Fla., In ], / ay, 1926 .

::llol<o, 13 the "Oil o[ W . R O. SIolees, we"11 hy Now YOI''' r.lalOl' \\'ho died In i 926 . .M rs. Stokes I. a rlull ghlP" or C. R. O. ritlenton, one ti m\' J;:Plscopa l a l'chdeacon of Texas, who rll eli (1. "umbet· of years ago.

Giv£s th£ N£w F£minin£ Skin-Tone

At I •• t-th. New, ~ello~ powel.r t~t Ir"PI,th. "'ifle .w.y, .lv .... h. slCin •• mooth, youthfullinl.h, pro­te,ctl but does not enl.rte por .. 1 Arm.nd Colel Cr.... Powd.r­h.re'. the re.1 .. cret ' of the new cre.my-toned complexion to m.tch th, nlW dimes, A ~ch ",enow pow~~r tb~t V~u .pply dik~.ntly, .nd ,.t '",lZln,ly dlff'rent r .. ults. A.k for the new ,h.d. "Sym_ pliO"!.," .ntt '~'r." wh,. N.w com­PI_xl.on lovelln,.. ",~y be youn. F or quick raultl, lor b.tter look.-


'rhe New York s tock exchange ,no noutlced that beginning tomorrow stock and certlClcates of deposit or Iho t wn roads may be traded Intcr· changeable.

Woman Found in Jackson; Idcn,l1fied

as Mrs. Gunl1e8s

Clil AGO. Jllly 11 (AP)-Th3 HO"ald "nd j".a~llner said to(lny that t1. wom nn believed 10 be Mrs. Belle atlnnf"~s. centra l figure In the "matrl, monlal [arm" sla),lng o( 15 I'o'en " sCOre of yea "S upo npn.r L tt POI'te. I nd" had beeh locnted li ving yndel' An as­~ llm('tl naTO£' ncar J ackSon , :Mlss,

The F.x:lmlner Mid tha t Shel'lf! To .. II1M)I'e of .lackson had wirer! to Chler Of police J. 1". 'fllden at La. POJ'le say. Ing:

" I am positive 1 have found Mrs. He-lie OUIlIH'HS, Hh c IIvC's In l\ Hmttll town nenl' Jac l<son and Is well liked by her I1 cfshbon~. Sho l ti 70 Y£'(lJ'8 old and Is living under an a.~sumell name, but W(IS positlvcly Identlfle,l I,y a rn1n who MOle to me yeijtcrtla.y lind r.al.tl, 'I Itnew hf'r In JJll POI'te many years ;1g'Q and th ttt. JR th" wOITI\,ln.'"

Sh cr'1fe Moo .. e "-811Cd tor Irl"t,·UC· Il on8. Chief Tilden and Shedff' Tom Me Don"let or I,,, .Pol·le !;(lId tliat I! Ihc woman I. Id~ntlflecl as ~I'~. Gun· neas, thoy will se nd ror hel' Il~ once.

Lawson Appointed as Sole American on U. S. Commi sioll

WMIITINGTON, ,July 17 (,\.I') -1 h~ appointment hy PI·e.ldenl Hoo­\' ( r or J-.HlWI'cnc:c ~l. JhlWft0n, Amer· h II , I ('utn lll i:;;sjollcr on the lntcrna· 1I01l11 " Du n.la ry comm ission of the Pullr .. Slates and ~texlco , to be 0

~Jlcrlal commissioner on the Inter· IInllon 'll waleI' commission elI the tW(J cOlll1 lrJ ('~ was 1,Innounccd tQdilY IJ,V 1 hi' stntp dC'p.1t'tment.

At the sarno time, the Btatc de· I,,'rlln,'nt said the IlI'cs ldcnt had ae· "" ltrd th e reslJ;'nations of Dr. iii· ,'-uml ~f('nd . ~l &jor Genera.l L.,'lnelng II. BN,Clt ilhd W . E. Anderso n, three A rll ~deal1 member's oC the Interna, tlonal W[lter commission .

'rhe s t" le department Hald l,a",",," r will now be Ihe sale American com· rnlssloner und \VBl conti nue eurve)'I! u ml n il cngtncerl1lg work of an In· 1" 'n ntlomU cM.l'actrl' on the lower "olo .. aclo a nd Rio Grand9 rive ....

W alcbll,.a~ Charged Wjth Negligence in

Crash at Crossing

llUR).,INGTON. July 17 (AYJ'­J. "r. Rennel', croBsl ng wa tcnman, WM cha "ped WIt h negligence In tOO finding of a cOl·oner·. ~u .. y mvesU' saling ttle death of (OUI' West HUr' IIn gten men In a crossing Crash nere T1)esdoy.

The 'J"ry found tha t Wntchman Re" ner exhibited a lac k of j ll~gmen l

In lhe nea,·ll es. of l.lle lraln to tne eroSsl llg before attemptlng to lomr the gute.. The car pasBed unner tn. bars as he was lowering fhem, lne

,.lvatchma,\ t.stlfled.





lAng llnd sltorl styles ; all ·~Iors.

Formerly sold al!j high III $10, Special, no~ J'

Odd lot of ladles' cottp~' crash beach rooel!j a,,11 chll· dren's robes. Values to $3.00, now .


, ,\ .' (GIRL CL.ERJi " JENDISR MUI ~Han, 1. McDo'na) 'Iployed by a Po~ 'erly company. w skull was found Where Rhe \vol'l

.n~1' mystcl'j6\lR ( WIth ,an $800 pa land, Me. "

YOnK Jul)' 17 (AP) - The r8 con1lJ"ltlee Cor the m~rg ..

1'101'11,.,'11 P acific Ilnd Oreat sent a n9 tlce to

tonl;;ht a(lvocutl"1f Uutt th ~I ,' 01"'I'C6 on depos it ..

committee may conti nue It. 10 complete Iho eon.oJlI1~tlon. Ihe (Ieilly Imposed by th. lall. he house of .. epresen18tlv •• to

Couzcn~ .'('solutlon before

Ice, which was mact" pub. omce~ of J . .P .. Mo.rgan IUld announcrd that 8t~k and

of dePOsll would .b!llJl&d. l~ " rl1(lngpnh l e fo t· a OOrlod of three months, and thot'calter (Javs after the commlttel'llas a (iccialon on a modified mer· to comply wlth condition. Int.

the Inter-stille commerce

ueh (\6 con~ress haM not rei or Iho rouzens resolution leh roJlroa(t consolldallons

held In abeyance unlll March the committee started It

In the Interest of .Iockhold· l)I'oceed with a n,odlrIed plan 8uch legislation Is undo, con·

nol' will I t be to I heir In· l)rOceed until the definite al. COWfl·es. toward the maUer

8essiOD 18 ascert;u"ed." York slock excha~ge an·

beginning tomorrow of deposit 01

liMY lJe traded Inler·

Found in t"n." .... ; Ideu.tified

as Mrs. GUDl1ess

(;0, July 11 (AP)--Thl Examlnet· said lO(lny that

believed to be M.· •. BeU. cel1u'al figure In the "malrl. ~

" slnyll1g of lfi wen \ ano nNY' LtL Porte. Incl .•

IIvll1~ ~l1d~,' ~11 lUI­Jackson, Miss.

""a "11 Ill e r "aid that Shc"lff Tom ,lackRon had wlrerl to Chief

J. I". 'ruden at La Purte eay·

poaltlve 1 have found Mrs. Rho lives In n "11l~1I

al1l1 18 well liked She I. 70 YC\lloa old

und(,l' a n aH~umed name, positively IclonUflcd Vy ~

o came te;> me YCHter(\ay and I<new 1'0" In La Porte many

ane! that Is th, womlll1.''' !\loore Ilske<1 for IgMtruc·

Tilden 'lilt! SherJrr rom of 1.a ,Po rt~ "aid tbal If I .. IdcntlflNl a8 Mr •. Oun·

will Hcnd ro ,· her a~ once.

Appointed f Sole American U. S. Commission

NGTON, ,July 17 (Al') -ment by Presldcrlt Boo·

["" .V,·Pnce M. U'w'l0l1, Am~r. on the Jnterna·

"""'''''U'Y commission or the and ;\Icxlco, to be •

1s.,loncr on the Inler· water commlHslon of the

IrJC8 was announced tod~Y d(·pul'lment.

sume time, Ihe "t llto de· said th~ Iwe.ldent had ae·

"esll;l1MloDS of D r. EI· . Major Ceneral Lansing

aJl(l \-V. E. Anderso n. Ulree nlt~ JtlIH'T!i or the Interna.· f

tel' commh;Sion. drpartment Hale! LaWRflt\

be the sole American com· and wil l continue survey!

nJ;lnecl'in!; work of an In· chtln1.cter on the IOlVer

July 17 (AJ'J -l1et·, crossing watcnman,

• ·"cd w.th l1~g ll ge nce' In t n. of a. coroner's Jury Investl·

death of (our' est .l;SUr· I n a crQsslng crasn nere

of the t rain to thO alto", pll ng to lower ea r passed u Mer tne

was lowering them', Ih. t~stJrled.

DAWES' PRIVATE BARBER- William F, Piehl, retJre,1 'Evanston, JlL, mail carrier alld the on ly barbp r in }I!Vl'nRtnn who cut:; Amba:;.;ador Dawes' hair . IAmong 'hi~, prizeil ,l!,Q.S04 ?C!i&ions are c\!veral cablegrams receive,d at various times ad­vising him of contemplated visits to .I!1vanston by t he amoas-ladol'.

'4;T SEN ATE PROBE.--,The sena te committee:s , invest iga­',tion'(of t bo' campaign expenditures of Mrs. RutH Hanna Mc­, C61'mjck wOJ'l'ies that lady not at ali, this photo made of her \ an(l her daughter, Katrina, during t he he,ar inis held in Chi-. eag?, proves, . .-

" , " ,mRL CLJ,JillJ{. VICTIM IN ¥1ENDISH MtJKDER - LII­:lian. 1. McPdnalct, clerk : eni­,;p!oyed by a IJort!and statlon­:i l Y company, whose· charred ) k,!l1J W?S found' ill'.a .J Vl'fiace where Rhe worltp.d follQ.wing

~hcl' mysteri6\l f! dlsap~ahnce with ,an $800 payroll nt' Port­land, Me.

Associa ted P"e"~ p holo.

SENORITA CUBA- ::)en­orita Mercedes ~oymaz y Per­domo, 20, will represent liuba in t he international beauty pageant to be held in Hio Ja­n~il'o in SeI'tember.

1::' r.·t /'. ' .-I ~;;;~'~:i ' " ,. ,~ :fO~(TUNl.!; ,tsM Ir;.,E~~, Ituth Ta)(lol' Pqn t ius/ wifa(pf a ,Noi,th wes.tern " umv6l\.~ur~ medical student . whoJisrOn£'tpf t he thJ:ee persons -to ,8ha'c.e equ6.lly in 'thel ~15100U OVIJ.,ls. tat e of the lateJ\1r~. 'lda Jl!::'a~­lel',\ her grand-aunt and Widow of Henry M. l<Jagler, 011 '.a;n<t rail road

TO fJ EAiU J!;AliLE~J:(.pb­crt E. Proctor of l!akhart, Iud" who will be e le,vated t o the grand preSidency .of t he F.raternal Order of Eagi~ .a t tb,e international conv~ntJon in .San Fl'anci~co , A U'gust-11 to 16. 'He is .QOw gran(l .wor­t hy vice

. . F ATHEn, IS '1'IELD tN

MEJlCY . KILL1~G-:;-An~ L, . Beer~, 78 j in the: di!!'tnct. a,~­i orrley' !I oWee 'Ilt Watton, 'N . Y., aftcr admitting ': tMt ' fle IdJled his invalid daughr,er , Frances, 27, betause he feal'lfd for her f~k after 'his death'."

. 4 ~ \

OUPfD Kl{;"


'"FlAWK§ W , TRY FOR CROSS·{;UNTIN.I!.;NT RECORD-Capt. Frank Hawks hopes t o ,.ahat er transoontinental spE:~d reGords in a h igh ,alt it ude flig ht from ew, Yorj< to Los An­g:e les a l!-dl'eturn. Stops will be made at Inctlanapoli g, Wichi ta" , ~nd ,A!bunuerque, He is shown above with his m:w plane which he says is capable of 250 miles an hour .

SCENE OF 50,000 YEARS AGO-tireat ]a ws opn, tne sabertooth tiger (now extinct) drives predatol'y creature;:; of t he land and air from t he carcassc,s of animals trapped in t he tar at thl;) Rancho LeBrca tar pits neal' Los Angeles. This f it:Ie l;oncE:ptIqn of a ~ene ot 50,Mo years ago is from the brush of t.;harles R, Knight, and can bel s~~n at the. Fie)d mu­seum of natura l history in Chicago. T he pam ting was presented by t;rnl;)st. K Ura nam or Chicago. T he wolf and vultures are also species no longer in existence.


CAVALRY Ht;SERVISTS AT t:AM1'-lV!e,'11bel's of the :n7th Uni t ed s tates cavalry re­sC l'vis ts, chkIly Chicago and middle-west 1l4SIlless men who SE\r ved ovr,rfieas in the world wa r,' 'le<l rning afr esh all about maChme g uns in t heir annual camp a t h't: :)heridan .


-Ruth ' Alexande', who 1'e-r j, " f

ccntl~ set .!l .!?ew a.!~!tude rec-

PAJR TOG~THER --+ Mrs, Caroline Hy;nson \ H'tQIIe~­werck, Widow of E. ' Cal'colJ StolJtl~ werck, , ofBalti~ore. will be: married this tall ,t o. La­mQnt du Pont, president" of the E. 1. du Pont de N ameul's " ASKOClatC(' ['reit8 l'ho 0-.

Company and , ch&irman' . of "'GIRL ON THE 'QUAR.TER" IS MARRIED-Doris D'oS-.

ord 'for women, is believed to ... '\ i ,. I' \ ~ ! ~

have 'bette,red by 6,600 feet Gqnel'al 1tfoto'rs. Mrs. ::It~l- ,~her:of Whites.tone, N. Y., who was chosen by, the govel')1mpnt lenwerck now lives in Scat!J- liS the model for the g.irl oJ;! the, quartet', became the bride of dale, Netw York. Dr. William Baum of New ~ork City. . - .

.-, ~ I' I '.' 11· 'I t\t '"'I 1

het' previous mark of 20,000 I , , .I .

~t' S'an Digo, Cal.

.' ,

SITTING AWAY ~ VACA'.flON-'l'h ~y're off agam! tt~~­old Simpson, 13, and Carl Carlso n, 11, in the branches .of ah oak t r ee;! near tbei/: homr, in Chicago, where they arc engaging in a tree-sitting contest, a childish burlf.·3q ue of the many adult 1llarathons of the last fe 'years, '7, .

A,~o"llltOd prcs~ pi.h\~ . .John ,\Ia Donald, Wh08(' le~timony HiliI'd in sending 'J'holllas 'j.

lI[ooncy (ins!'t ) to pl'ison for life llf1N tit!' 1916 prcparrdneSs day hOJ1;lh ing ill ~IJlI Francisco, ~ig ll t'd all affidavit ill Baltimore, lI1a,., dccllll'ing thtH ill!' trslimoll,Y hI' gave was {His,'. Atto l'lley'/ 'fol' ;\Joollry will rl'ltlrn hiul to Cnlifoniia to scrk the Jabor leader's l)fl l'don. Pi ·turr '1ho\l's '\J ac l)ollll ld (ern ler) signing Itffidayit b~· fo],( Boll imo1'C' police. .

'" • ..\$' OCU:Lt~d presS · CAROL'S SON COURTESY 'PK1NCt<;' ONLY-A

on1y tiy CO Ul'tesy , ,Nicea Gregore (above), bOrn of the TnIlIl"""I.1'­

lltic m arria!fe of King Carol (top) and Z,lzi .Lambrmo will sQme day re,turn to Rumania as an engineer,~ ' m01;,I:lel' hopes. ,

• ~$~,, ' .@!!i€~ ~~~~~~=i~;~~ . MISSING 'OR SLAIN?-~~r. = 'ward Gerald Edge; ' 20,

(Jdt) SJ{ Gary; ,Ind., who has been TII .• ",it .,. for a month,' and ht)r husbi nd (right), wealthy dl'ugg!st, who : ~ ill with pneu­monia in 8 Gary hospital. Mrs. Edge's fall~: ' Y have 'asked police to investigate mysterious circumstances surrolJndhh~ her disappearance.

• I. I.

. .


J'ubUlfled Ivery mornln. except UOIIcJaT by at .... , ItU W,CAoUuOI Incorpor"l~. "I In·uo Iowa a, .. llI.., Iowa \.."Il )". l uwa. Fred.Al. Powna.lI, Director.

Board of 'l'rUlt"U: Frank 1.. Moll, il. ... JUcJDww. R. B. Klllrld ... ::I1~ne)' O. Winter, HerllCbAl O. ~ """'18.rd I.'~t ... ""n, .l'aul R. Strain. Clayt_ II. 1'boaIpeoD

liArr)' B. Bunker. 0 Dual ......... WIlliam T. U.Il¥eboeclr, Aa8i.oIUlJlt Oeneral Kaaacv

Enler..t III ae<:Ond cl .... mall matter at u.. ...,. omo. at JOw" City, IUWIl, wu.l ... tbe &01 ot Coocr_ of Marcil J, 1I7V.

TIwo Auoclated Pr .... 8lIclualve1J' ... Ut\e4 to .... or republication of all newl dl,opatchu crKiled 10 Ie or nOl otberw1a6 ~redltad In tll18 pal*' 8.I1d &lao u.. kIo&I n_. publlabed bereln.

All rlll:htl or republication ot epeelal dt.patoM. IMnIn are allO rellerved.

EDTTORTAL DEPAJ\TIUlNT Roland A. w.hlte. ____ .. _._. _____ . __ --,-_:Ildltor John W. lIefid eraon._._ .• ___ ...... _._ ............ EdItor Vaul Whlt. ·.··.··· .. · ....... __ ...... · __ .... _ ........ __ N .... Edltor lIUton Lom.IIt .. _ ...... ................... _..... CllF IilcI1tor H. SUinley Woodr/n . ..... _ ... __ ._._ ...... __ .Sp0rt8 Editor He.tor III." .............................. .. _ .. _ ......... _ .... 8ociIaty Editor hank Jaffe ..... _ ............................... _ ......... _ .CamP'" Editor Alvin COOn . ............. ................ __ .. _ ... BOOIt R.vIew JIl4110r William F . W.ber ............................................. _.....LIbrarlaD

BUSINESS lIANAOER BtoMett Burk.· ..................... _ ........ _ .......... 81181a_ Kaatcw FrancJ. O. WllCOL ................... _ .... __ .... ClrolllaUoo llaAaier .len" W. SChftlJdl .... __ ................... _ ........ . A_taIlt

TELln'.On ... Branch each.J,g. conaectln. aU 4epart_ta

FRIDA Y, JULY 18, 1930

Old Ma,'ers and Y oun, (Editor's 1wte: This "eaction to the final

joint chorus 01 tke high school CMr"ll.8 and orchestra UI'OUpS wos 1(}l'itlen by Prof. Fraftk E . Kendl'ie of Ihe music depal·t>rnent).

THE I)e l'forma nce given by the all state orchestra 8m] cborus Wednesday night

at Iow8 niou will long be remembered by the large and apprt'ciative audience as & defi· nite point of achievement in the art of music both hel'e at the uuivel'!lity and throughout, the sta te,

As bas been 8aid before, the project of jlIointaining botll organizations here hllll a twofold object. Tbl' first is to gi ve high school students of suWcient teclmical skill a more comprehensive insigbt and knowledge of both musical Iiteratul"e and the art. The II conct is to enable pros~ctive teachers to ob· serve, through consta.nt attdndance at reo heftl'sa ls, the method and rehearsal routine of the eXCel)tional ly 'gifted conductors.

'1'0 on who has been in c,\ose touch with reh arsals there ·are scveral points worth mentioning. 'fechnical skill is vitally neces· R81'y in the expression of too art, and to ac· quire it illdividual preparation was reo quired, but not before a more or less compre· hensive id a of the objejctive, emotional, and I'xpressive value of the music bad been care· fully and fully explain d. The concerted reo heol'sa lli therefor resolve!l themselves into a I< ril's oC very interestinf: and valuable ex· p l'iments of the imlividnal to coordinate bis OWn e ff or ts ilf acco rdaJW!e wi lh those of the group in expI·ession.

To the layman in the audienee who might have asked "What i!s music '" our answer would have been, "'1rhi,s is music." And it was music, and the pl.'.:rforml.'rs knew it 8S well 811 tbe audien'.ll' for music capable of IIrtistic expression IIfnd actually given artis­tic I'xpl'essiolf. "·"What price technique'" Orl !! might ask, anc11he rl'ply .. only as a means of expressing tbl.' ·urt" would be adequate.

1'he couductor,,; have shown marvelous abil· ity and tact in mai,*aining llU excellent morall' in theirlJ'!spective groups. Not every high school bOyl or girl knows enough about mllsic to want io play Beethoven's first sym· phony 01' to sing "Pa.uis Angelicus" by Pal tr'ma un·,il th~y are told what Beethoven Pl aut llnd v,hat Paleslrjna meant and how to reCl'e~8e the thongbLs of these composers in terms ' f sonnd.

Incide ,sny, the educational advantages of 'III. ca pl'lIa" singing were exemplified as

• 'wIlS tbe wdy of the Beethoven symphony by II great r cleal·nes." of ex pression. In this rel\pecL aL'lO tbe use of the orchestra as an accoml?animent to tbe Grieg concerto for piano with Prof. Philip Greeley Clapp's pro· fessim]81 as.~i . tallce was an inspiration not to be soon forgotten by the performers.

Both conductors, Charles B. Righter and Thompson Stone, are to be congratulated over the performance, that they have 80 success· fully aecomplisitOO with high school studenta the same objectivoes for whicb w~of tbe regu­lar sta ff strive. Last, and by no means least, we should menti!on tbe excellent work of the corps oj' assi t.srits in both chorus and orches· tra . These insn·uctors bave been most dili· g nt in the supervision of technique. Witb· out th m the result would have been more dif· fieult.

, Lon Chaney Come. Back 'IX) SNEAK up 011 an unsuspecting friend .I. from behind aud surprise him with

.. Boo I- IJol1 Chaney I" was not long ago &

favorite parlor trick. "Don't step on it; it might be Lon Chancy" with variations had current popularity in comic publications and columns.

Publicity of this kind built up a booger man Lon Chaney who never existed. Beeause of spectacular achievements with torturing equipment and poses, the homely HoDy. I

wooder became known as a sort of human freak who used trick devioos to produce his effects and wbOlie chief asset was a capacity for abaorbing the torture imposed by ome of hi8 diUicult roles.

This pbase of the man's acting had been strong ever since he crawled in the gutters as a fake cripple in The Miracle Man, which was the debut also of Thomas Meighan and Betty Compsou. So strongly was it empha. sized that doublers saw his doom with the advent of talking pictures. Where could be get a voice to matcb his ghastly characteriza· tions f

That altogether too much emphasis was given this spectaoular side of I_on huney to the neglect of his real dramatic talent was demonstrated by the talkie version of Tlte Unholy Three. In the silent pictures this wa8 one of the forgotten occasions when clever acting was the real basis of a Lon Chilney success. In the talking pictures it furnished convincing proof that a rare genius in the man had heen overlooked.

Many who saw the talking picture were prepared to see Lon Chaney a.~ the old bird store granny because they also enjoyed th silent version. Those wbo saw it for the first time and those who remember vividly tbe first occasion probably for the most part recall a thrill, a catch in the tbroat, wh n .. granny" took off her wig to start le them into the realization that it was Echo, the ven· triloquist, in disguise.

Because his voice records well and has variations to nit changes in rol e, Lon Chaney may be entering a new period of success. In pictures like £auglt, Clown, Laugh and He W}w Gets Slapped he made the most of parts for which he was cast. As a fight.ing sergeant of the marines he dispensed with U'ick make· up altogether.

In these three successes and in The Un­holy Three Lon Chaney has played the mar· tyr to somebody else's love affair, not hand· some enough himself to satisfy a public's de· mand for pompadoured heroes. In spite of this he has acled well, displaying genuine talent worthy of more variety than that af· forded by his alternate roles as monster or martyr. That his characterizations did vary was due largely to hard work and bigh ability on his part.

More of the public needs to realize that Lon Chaney is not just a human drape for grue· some costumes, not just a patient sufferer of torture in producing weird effecLs. As su~h he might be a sheep in wolf's clothing­aDd Lon Chaney in any guise 01' without inci. dental helps would be ubout as good. Talent refuses to be hidden.

====== Iowa', Delinquent Children

(From The Des Moines Register) The plaCing ot Towa rar down In the U.t or states

In respect to the discovery and treatment o[ delln· quent Children, In a rating made by John /I. . Larson. Unlv~rslty ot Iowa psychiatrist, 18 not nn Incident to be paa8ed over f1ghtiy . As Dr. Larson pOinted oul. Iowa need. a statewide children's aervlce Involving the cooperation ot oWclals, parents. tMchers, ond oourtll.

The treatment ot child delinquents Is nn Impor. tant 80clnl problem a nd shOuld be tr oted In a 8clen· title manner. The permanent solution of most ot the dltticultles In child welrare depends. however, upon the removal of those conditions which encourage antl ' Boc/al or other abnormal conduct. As long [lS

there are unwanted and undernourlsh d chlldren, there will be deilnque nts.

Just 8JI a prize tighter Is more likely to roul his oppo'nent whe!} loalng thnn when winning, children are more ilkely to becom~ delinquent when h redlty Or environment condillons are unfavorable. Thu .. a chlfd whose security Is und rmlned by physlclll or mentaJ weakness, by poverty. or by lack ot IIYmpa· thelle allenllon trom hIs parents Is much more like· Iy than a normal child to become unscrupulous In his conduct. , ....,~

The mOlt Important and most dlrtlc ult problem ot the child welrare worker I. the child's henlth nnd In 1118 economlo and emotional security.

There's one convenience about taking a girl to the show. It eliminates any fight over who pay_or maybe yo~ good loser.

The trouble with this country ill that so many are taking time off from woPk to deter. minI! the trouble w!l!!..!!!!s cOllntry.

In the old days Indians trimm pd the head with a knife and it was called scalping. Now barbers trim pocketbooks with fancy inst ru· ments and call it to~1 artistry.

The chief weat.her question seems to be whether it'll turn too hot, too cold, ot' rain.

Bee Not, Hear Nof, Heed Not Can it be that the rumble seat was de·

signed for th.e husb~ a back seat d riverf

Strangest of all considerations abou t the huge prices paid for seats in the senate is the fact that the buyers apparently think they're worth so much. •

llother's skirts and mother swept the floor, but both daughter and her skirts are above doing that.

Issue Pushes Farm Work

college, haa macIe .. stu4y Of beet cattle producUoD. HLI article. "The Pas.log of the Herd," tracea the de· velopment ot caltle ra .. trig In Iowa.

a vllal picture of the nverage "mas· ter farmer."

Later numbers ot "The Pnllmp. 8etIt" will dllllCUS8 aviation, Indu8lry, Iowa clergymen, nnd dramatics.

'Aviculture Featured in July Number of


".Ag riculture" Ie the subject rea· turM In the July I .... ue or "The Pal· bopsest." edited by John Ely Brlgg •• allooclate t>rores.or of political 1101· enee. and printed by the 10 ..... stIlte hbltorleal .oclety.

The first story, " Tbe civilization of com ." Is written by H. A. Wallace, editor Of Walta.ces· Farmer. Mr. WaI· lace. who has made a atudy of corn and hel l'p.~ 10 Incre""e corn yIeld by a hvbrldlzatlon proee88 , haa commer· e1p 11· ' 01 th:\t process In thIs atate.

.T"h~ A . Hopkins. Jr .• lese her of .. rlcullural economiCS at Iowa State

"The Comlog ot the Legumes," wrlten by H. D. Hugh .. , protenor or (arm cro.,. at Am .. , 18 a diacul' alon of red clover, &lfalfa, and lOy bean.. and their u.... In Iowa. He alao brlnga In the idl!ll of "bee paa· turage.'·

Donald R . Wllrphy, manaclng edl· tor of "Wa_IIaoe'. I'a.rmer." trace. the developmeDt Of hog. -.nd hog r.mlng In hla artIcle. "Hoga to Feed."

Attemptll to Introduce products from northern RIlIIIIa &tid Siberia. Inlo the lta.tlI of low .. are 4~r1bed by A. T. Erwin ... hortJcultur"t con· nectecl wltb tbe Iowa espertment station at Am .. , In bLl .tol7 of "1m· mtcraotll rrom Kuala..'

In "Comment bJ lbe E41tor," John Ely Brtna tel" at lbe "muter f.r· men of AmerIa&." I'rom .. lItu4y of 400 "muter f&l'aMl'l" coD4ucted by Ollver S. ~. Kr. BrIce. dn. ..

Larson Only Living Founder of Huxley

HUXLEY, July 11 (AP)-As far as Js known here, L. O. Larson. 80 years old, la now the only living m ember of the sturdy band of plo~ra who trekked across the prlllrie. from Lis· bon , iii. , In 1855 to locate In 0. spot they called Paleatine, a. mile .. outh and a mile eaat ot the present town or HUltley.

Good Terne .. Worill ~ COLLEOE STATION, Tex., (AP)­

Well-constructed terraces In Marlon county were Ihown during re.:ent heavy nooda to have been worth S5 an acre In actuat .. vlng of 8011 &tid plant food.



•• £

(Rec. In U. 8. Pl.teDt ottlce, By Ripley I





Gf.ORGE.TooJN,U.S.A 15 NOT IN TrlE \lt4lif.1> STATES

~ ... -------_ __ _______ 0 I_, I .. r.M .... II"~"" I_~ to,., anc_ nehe. ,...........

1-- jiM RyAN LIVE~ IN A REOWOOD TRE.E - lIe~l'1!YeNllle,Q/.


More huck .. In the paycheck each month 18 the rewa.rd for pursuing the elualve spector oC trut through thp documents oC the reserve library, or ~lselYhere. Ua ot Instrumenl. which would mak the pU1.zle manu· t"clurerB curl up In jealou.y give. surne or 'i?m-the resenl'chers-J:r1st

fo,' Iheh· mlils. And so th~y mill away, l'ound nnd rounu, rlna.lly getting rOl'

their trouble the manila ot Ood's count' y-bucks. · " " This trlld lng of books (0" bucks and old bucks (0'· new In llnylng hl lfher lor hire education ought \0 h"'l) "olve the proul ms ('"us<>(1 by dpp,·paslon . It k(,l!J)s mOIl()Y and library bookH In clrcu lntion.

• • • Out or Circulation

But the biggest thing kept In ch·· culoLion are th€' wonls from -\V t"h· eter's storehouse, with others, f'SP . c1ally some ot lhose that don ' t 0)'·

dlnurliy get Into circulation. 'rhey don ' t c irculate widely, or course. but a stenographer and one pl'ofesMor probably see them all and the com· mlttee Hees pa,·t . 1:10 do unthinking 1-elatlvl~tJ who stumble In ot Inop · J)ortune mOments,

• •• But I he Overheatl

H's all right to keep 80me oC theae words In circulation, but It 's Ilan · gerous lo I>ubllc m'i'rale If they cil·· culate too widely. Ju. t suppose sOln~ r~ader ot Liberty or Collier'. or that heav)'wlght champ In the Inagazln o f!eld. the l:Iaturday Evening Post­jual suppos aome Innocent rl'ader got jammed In the middle oC a lut of words like articulatory and kin· "",slhetlc D.nd synlax and multiple-­choice and Juxtaposition nnd hYI>er· critical and acquisition and remedial und chloroanlines tl. lld orgunomagne· .Ium and InterpolatiOn a lld hemoglou· In ad chlo,·ourc8.ll ... •

"Rest passed up by bored linotype operator,

" .. Bull all the Tear

·Why, It almost c,·eates a conflict situation. ilke IlS If he'd atu mbled Into a. pasture where One bull came charging at him- and maybe he goes running to hide behind Webster's dlctlonllJ'Y.

• •• It's really as bad as seeing a. Lon

Chaney movie or going to bed In the dark to meet up unexllecteuly with 'Words which are comp lete Btl'a.ngers, before you've even been Inl!'oduced Or anything.



• •• This "test ror sclentltic atlltude"

written about by one Arthur Hoft must mea n that hunched over po.· ture Induced by books and micro· scopes. Graduate students eVen carry brle[ casea to help keep the pose during ott hours-like Lon Chnney's hnrness tor "The Hunch· back of Notre Dame."

• • • Can there be any connecllon be·

twee n the Ume ot greatest awnrd of odvanced deg rees nnd the time whe,l thermometers rise to the greatest height' rr '0. some or thcse minds 8upposedly brought to 0. boll m~y ,..a.ve e vaporated off their mental ellergy, which woul(l account tor lhe Ph.D. (Doctor of Phooey) complex.

• • • And the Miss HelmIck who wrotc

about "thp use of the IndleaUve and s ubJunclive aHer SUPERLATIVES In the novel. ot Alphonse Daudet and Uon Daudet" should have atudlad movie ada for the u.ee of lbe 1m.


Ol~ W A 'rEl't IN 84 YEAH' Though Mrs. Booth lived to be over aile bunul'ell yea rs old, uuring tbe last 84 years of her life she diu not tuke a drink of water. At the time she was but 16 years olu She swallowed a bug while drinking from a spring, and became very ill. Afll.'r that time she ust'd only tea and light beverages for drink· ing pUI'110S~S. Many citizens of her homp town, Hammond, Ind., verify this statement.

TIlE 106 YEAR OLD DUCK-This duck was given to W. H . AII~n of Erie, III., 46 ypars ago by William Booth, whose fomily received il {I'om the Emmons family of Illinois. At the tim e Mr. Booth gllvc the duck to Mr. Allen it harl bl'E'n the property of the Booth anu Emmons fa.lIIily for 60 years. An account of this un· usuully long·lived fowl is conta.iued in the Erie Inoependent pub· lished in Erie, III.


KNOW YOUR UNIVERSITY Old Capito], Center of University, Indebted to

Father Mazzuchelli for Its Beauty

A pOI'lralt In tlw 01<1 Capitol ot'1 fJ('f' or PI'(~H JI1 (l l1t \Valtel' A, J~R$UIJ

'hilt C"olnlllnlulR with n trace or xplr.

Itll'lI IJplIl,;n Ity tht' ~ye of every vlsl· 10". I.' the ohjf'cl ot num~rous qtltll·If'~. An apt :l1lHWpr to quesUol1R of lis OI"llIln 18 Ihat thr building In whl .. " It hangs. lIsctr a masterpiece of Doric a rchlteclure, Is his enduro 11I g'~ lOon lHl'lent.

Va.thp,· Sam uri C'harlf's Mnzzl1f'hefil Is tllt~ stlbJt~ct or tht~ pnfllLinK. n gift 10 10wn ot thr Dom lul rnn 8lsle,'s of fHu"lnnwn . \VI •. HI. to Fathf'r Maz· ZII('hplli I hul 1 own I~ lu(l~btptl roa' II,.. .t ,·ucl",·nl lX'auly or 01<1 Capllo\. 'I'II~ OI·I~lnal ,,1 ,)11. n"c creclileil to 111111. all h()lI~h th~ lIamp of John F'. HIIl; II" U}JJlParR tiM 8u p('I'vls lng at'­t hltpC't,

A "t",lelll ot CIUHRlc n,·chltpclure. lIfll?zlIchplll .ml!1,·oted to America f"om Ilttl\' In 1828. when he was 22 Y~III" 01". He IA tll~ desig ner of nU111-eorOllS churchp.~ In sl?ltte mel1 ls or whnt WfI'l'Q then lh(lo t erl'llOl 'l ps of Iowa an(l Wls~onsln. One or his <'IIlII 'pl,". IVII" In Burlington and th " f'('OI'd !-Ihows th is 0001 In 1""0 II prle:;\ t offering his chllrch tor the URe of Ihe t'>'Tltorl,,1 .ennte In the fall or 1838.

P""l or the c '·NIII. for the general r,lulI o[ lowa ClIy Is u lso g lvpn to lIw Iwl pf:l, lowa u,v(·nll~. pxt!"ndlng t'llst :l1Id w ('osl rt'om Old ("Il)llto., WIlH muu{" 120 fe l widf'. Other mnjor . tre.'t", ""c'h n. ("lIntoll. Wnshlllgtoli. anI' <:'a"ltol . were /:Iven a width of 100 fN't. 1'huR the bulld('t·~ or Iowa C ity l1rovlclell In (ulvu nt'c foJ' th n('ledR 'of the distant rlltllre.

Th e history 0& Iown's Old Capitol I. a recorti of lhe advancement ot tho state Itself. Sac anLl Fox Ind ian. WPI'P RUIl cn.mplng on the banks of the lowa river when thf' ,I te ot Ihe IIlIlhlln!; WOR staked out by terrltorl· al ('ommIRMlont'I's, The very name ot lhe "tat .. was tuken trom a belov· ed name oC these tribes , their descrip­tion oC the countl'Y 's natural beauty.

When the flrst legislative llS8em· lily ot Iowa terrllory conv~ned In Hut·lln/:ton In ttl\, rail of 183 • It 1m· Iflt'dlu.lely lLlJpolnted commls~lonel':'4

10 lornlo Ihe t rrilorl"l seat ot gov· N 'Hlllent In Johnson rounl y. Ry thp "rime nrt tho nssembly dpol'~ed tho.l t he new capito.l should be known a." "Iowa City."

That Hunte YP~t· . on July 4. the vang-wu',1 or setLJpr~ In Johnson ruun ly had nq~('mhlPd In celebratJon or territorial reroe;nlllon rlild had III ' vlted th(111* Incllon nelghbol's O~

guests of honor. At the head oC the "PII mpn's <1f'lpe;atlon waR POlVeshlek. rhlpf of the FOlCOS. The tollowlng quotation of one of his speprhe!\ was Ilikell from the Palimpsest :

"Soon T ~hn ll 1:0 to a. new home "-no you will plant <,01'11 whpre my


Ill·nd . Ipep. Ou r towns. the paths wo have- m"de. a nd the tlowers we love will 80011 be your's. ] ha ve move<l many times and have seen the white man put his teet 111 the tracks ot the Indian and make the earth Into flelda Ol1d gardens. I know thal I must go away nnd you wlll be so glad 'wl,en [ am gone, that you wlll 80011 (o"get tllllt the m at and lodge· fire or tho Indian hav~ been too'· pver free to the st('anger and at all t ime .• h" IInR asked· ror what he hilS rOIl ~ht for. til right to be free."

A fow month A ·Io.ter men with axes a lld ·.hakes went to the [ndllln 's hili and there established the site or the territorial capital and Old Capitol liselr. WOI·klng among the early In· dJIlRS ot thla section ot eastern Iowa . the pries t, Father Mazzuchelfl, play· ed his part In the erection of the bull(lI11g.

It Is Interesting to note that t h ~

Clrst stone for the structure was taken trol11 the site where the presl· dellt·s home now stands, at the head ot Cli nton slreet.

Wh"11 their supply at this ')}olnt proved Inadequate, the pioneer build· erM ~"tabl1shed Old Capitol quo.rry. 10 miles UP the river. 'I.'he builders 1I,"lste,I upon rut stone oC large dl· m(.' I1HionR, using tndtvJdunl slones oC \ n psllmalpd weight Of 8,000 pouncl~. 1'heso hlor ks were rioated down the "Ive,' on ratts. Rome of the records 8u~ge"t that stone tor special uae wo.s brought ov~rlancl rrom Cedar Vulley, on Ihe Cedar river.

'l'ertltorlnl nssemblles, .Ix ses,lons ot {he state legislature. nnd lhree ~nn"lltulionn l conventions were held In Old Capitol. Use WQS being made of It several years before the build· IIIA' ·WU" fully completed tor the


9 a.m.-Air edition ot The Dally Iowan. p"rnUve after s uch.

••• Be I hal. 1\11 It may, mll!lt of this

I hesls wrilln/r IA merely pulthl/r Ict · n"l'lU1~e down on pape~e thIs eolnmn,

' :SO a .m.-Markets. W enther . Mu· .Ic. Dally am lie.

_I mono .

II 'a.m .-Qrgan program. 8 p.m . - Dinner hour program,

WSUI trio. 8 p .m.~Mu!lcal program.

FRIDA Y, JULY 18, 193Q I

OFFICIAL DAILY BULLETIN ." .... ~ The University of Iowa

Bunetln. ond announcements tor the Official ba.IIJ BuDe11n column mU8t be In the Summer Se8.lon orne.. III unlvenlty haU, by 4 p .m., or 11:36 a.m. SaturdaJ Ie appear In the followln, morRin,'. Dally Jowan. Vul. IV, No. 34 July 18, I •• ..

Weekly Calendar ;Frldny, July 18

8:00 a. m. Reglstrullon tor second teo·m. 1 SlltUrdlLY, July 19

8:00 lL. m. Reglslrallon ror secOl)(l t nn .

General Notices Contemporary ThouKht Movemenl.

'VliI be oftered the s.con,1 te'·Il) . No previous courses In philosophy re. qulred. Clvlllzallon and cuHUI·. o[ today. Lectures on current lasu8. in relIgion, mOl'aJs, literature . etc. CrlUcal diSCUSSion of I'ecent books and arll~ cles: Spengler, "The D cline of the We8t"; Max. Weber, "Rise oC Capltallsm ~' Lippman. "A Pretace lo MOI'al"; Durant. "Mnnslons o[ .Philosoph), •• tc." Thl. course takes the place oC philosophy of the nineteenth cenlry.


Librar)' Huurs Library hours July 18·19 w ill be 8:30·12 a.tn. and 1·6 p .m. Hour" tor d.

partmental IIbrarlea will be posted on the cioors. GRACI:; WOR~lgR, nctlng dll'ector of IIbrllJ'l ••.

Ubrary Re:ullng R ooms Library reading 1"00ms In lIalural science building and library annex will

close at 6 p .m. Thursday . July 17 . GRACE 'VORMER, ncUng director or libraries,

Additional Classlcol Courses in Ihe Seconll Summer Temo Courses not hitherto al1nollnced will be oCfered In the second term a. tOI.

lows: ],118a Richardson. Elegiac Poetry, Dolly 2. Mias Henderson, Comedies oC Terrenr~. Dally II.


Biochemistry In Second Tenn This Is the tlrst year that wo,·k Is being offeo·ed In blochemlolry In

the second Bummer t{'l'lll. The courses offered are: IGO S2 Food Analyals. 2~1 S2 Advanced Blocl,emls try (thl8 year the course wlll deal wIth chem·

Istry and metabolism ot proteins and .mlno.nclds). 29J S2 Oraduate resea,·ch.

DR. C. P. BERG, In cha r ••.

Christian End • .a.vor Picnic The Christian Endeavor soc! ty of the Congr gallonal church wlll opon·

80r a picn ic Saturday, July 19. Ev.,·ybody welcome. Cars leave lhe churcb at' 4:45 p.m. Refreshments 26 cents. P. SODERDAHL.

To All Students III the First Tenll of Ihe Summer Session Who Expect to Heglsler tur tho Second Tenn

The second term schedule or COllrSCS nnd othf'r t·eglstrallon mnterlala wUl be ready [or dlstrlbullon Ilt the reglstmr's orrtce Thursday, July 17,1 o 'c lock p,m. We would be glad It you would call at the reglstrar's orrlce ror these a nd 80 plan your second term registration and comp lete the Wllng of the various registration coupons 011 Thursday of Ihls \I'eek; paying )'our tuition feea within the [Inal two days. Friday and Saturday, oC the week. 80 as to be entirely ready for unObstructed a<lmlsslon to you,' several clasaes neIt Monday morning.

In thl8 way we will ho.ve a 80mpwhnt beller opportunlly to r egister the new stud nts. who may deter theh' com In,; untll Sunday or Monday; and the atudellls now on the campus will have the OIJportunlty which this plan presents.

We lrust thalall who can remnln for tho second term will be with us agalD. II. C. DORCAS, registrar.

Methodist l'icnlc Salurday All students Interested are Invited to m~Pt at the center at 6 p .m. Twenl1

tlve cenlS for supper. DORA RANSOM, chairman.

Methodist Student Class Sunday at 9:30 a.m., ProC SSOI' Manry will discuss a phase of rellglou,

educallon. P lease accept our welcome. CHA RLES O. FORT.

League lit the Cenler Epworth league w1l1 be led Sunday III 7 p.m. by Luc1l1e Jollltte, We w1l1

m eet In the center Instend of Uw c hu rch. CHARLES G. FORT.

Recreational Swlrmning There wlll be recreallonal 8wlmmlng al the women's gymnaSi um, Tueallay

and Thul'aday at 7:30 p.m. for facullY women. faculty wives. wives of gradu· ate slulients and udmlnlstratlve "torr. BLIZABETH HALSEY.

l, ul.her Uague The Luther league of the English Lutheran church will hold Its regu·

lar dIscussion meeting July 2Q at 6:30 p .m. Luncheon and socia) hour at .:30 p .m. PROGRAM COMMITTEE,

Stuuent Hnnre The Flre.lde club, student o"ganlzatlon ot the Unitarian church, will

sponsOl· a dance at the church, Salurday. July 19, at 9 pI.m. Admission II cents. Everybody welcome. 'I'he chu "ch Is located three blocks east of the campus on the corne,' or Gilbert slreet and fowa. avenue.

FORES'r LINDER. president.

Recreational Slvimmiug al. Women's Gymnasium There w11l bo recreational swimming at the women's gymnasIum Frida,

rrom 2 to 5:80 p.m. and SUturdny f,·om JO to 12 a.m.

houHlng ot all depnrtments ot the st"te gov~rnment. In the nggregate. the periOd of const "uct/oll covered 16 years. The total cost to the gov· ernm ent or Iowa WOR npPl'oxhnntely $]25.000.

ACter more than three·quarter. of a century of serv ice. some of the Umbers ot Old Capitol began to show the mlU'kM ot time and nntural dis· Integ,·nllon . The thll·ty·,llnth and for· tleth general nssemblles made ap· proprlations rOl' the purpose o[ sub· s tltutlng structural steel for the worn Umbers. A general tlre prootin/:, plan waH cfu'l'led out, but In flO place was the original pla.n changecl by o·e· construction.

Today Old Capitol looks out aC '·OS9 Its centml campus Into vistas reo venllng 50 modern university build· Ings. It sees mo,'e than 8.000 slU, dents annually. Over the old lndlnn coun try Into which it WG.S born, It Rees a unlv ralty city exceecllng 15.· 000 In populnUon. It sees the abund· ullce ot trees and all the natuml InncisC'3pe preserved.

And to this one man , Iho DominI· can priest. Futheo· Mnzzlichelll, It ow~" the Imporlnnce and splendor of Its mainsta y, Old Capitol. the splt'ltual penter of Ihe University oC Iowa.

University Library Has Series of New

Books on Shelves

N~IV books 10 be seen on tho unl· vVI'~lty IIbmry shelves lhls lVe~k

II I'P; BI·OWII, "J-\r.hlevcll1C'nts Of the

lIf1ddle AgeR ; ('a meron. "Tnlklng movies": CUllnon. "fl ah·.": Clemen· re-au , "Oranuel1l' nnd mIR(lI 'Y of vir· 101'1''' ; ('orbett. "n It tnk~s a li s um· m~t·." nlut Corb£l'lt. t"Vnlt:'

Unmon, '''t'homas Holiey Chivers, r .. len" of Poe": Forls, IlRonmlnJe tho 1I 0ck l~" " : 0111 18. "Oold rush da.y. wllh ~flll 'k Twain"; Hu,'tmllnn , U~fngnlr ll'ent Montmorf'I""Y"; H.o' hart, "Pidgin ~nrgo." n'HI Hostetter. U)t's 0. I'[lcketl"

Howa,·d. "Hnlr Gods": nunt: "A\l(l1t ot Amel'1ca": Hunter. "Pa· permo king": 1rwln. "Nonp so p,. llY"; Keifer . "Mhlstr~am": K ellloll , "SI· lOon Kenlon": ){1I·kmlln . "BI'i(\go of l'At.'I;lHlllnenta," n.nd Lyon, "Eclwnrd ('ok •. "

lIIelvllie, "1II emolrs ot Sir JomeB Melville": Roosevelt, "Trailing the • innt ,. Paada' \: RutS', "Unatru.id";


Cooperatives Now Ab]e to Loan 85

Per Cent of Value

WASHINGTON, July 17 (AP) -

Samue l R. McKelVie, who repNaenU wheat on the farm bonrd, sald toda, the rarmer had been enabled to with· hold huge QuanUt1eB ot the 1980 gram crop from the mnrket by the board', llrtlon making It possible tor coopera­tives lo loan their members 86 per cent of the value of their wheat.

The farm board lends money to ct> operatives who ... organizations It ap. pO'oves ana this In turn Is mad& avalf. able to Individual farmers on ,rail delivered.

"Those who say nothing Is bel", done to help the wheat tarmer are 1ft error," he declared. addi ng that tbe cooperatives nre h ighly pleMad wl~ nr.·angement. the farmers' naLlonai grain corporation had made for tbe snle of wheal.

Many ot tbe lonns, he said, are be­Ing mnde In states where the law per­mits t he advance ot money on whe&t In fal-m storage, the result bel", cheape r Btorage tor grain and tbe drunmlng up of burdensome JDarket supplies.

-----PHot of Southern I

Cross Denies FalSe Report to Pape"

RAN'!'A lIfARTA. Cal., July 17 (API -WIng Com. Charles Kln,.rord· Sl1111h , pilot or the'Southern ero ••. to­day denied a Htatement mlUl./by capt .r. P. Sllul that h e would attempt a wpst to east crOSSing ot the AlIantlO In a new monoplane.

CAptain Saul's 8tateme~t waa madf to Sllnta Murla newspapermen and tao C'Ould nllt be renched later for a funD­er explanation.

Klng.rord·Smlllt !!Illd h& hlUl till plans ror another Atlantic tt1ght with saul . .John Stann.nge, radio operator, and M. E. Van Dyk, co·pUot. KlftIJ' tord·Smlth recently erosaed the Atlatl· tic In the Southetl'n Cross. Clylng hOll nctel'\vnrd to visit G. Ailen Haneock, bllcker ot the transpacific fllgbt rJ tho pla.ne In 1928.

Story, "Indtvidutlllly nnd clothe ... "; StuDrt, "ScottiSh tnmlly hlltOry"; 'l'hOnll.lB, "Hea.ven and earth," and Weygw,dt, "Rll1 Hili.... , __ •



Osborne pulled ot hi" pocket Iln( Iler In whJch he t .Amongst the tuct was a small sell.

wllh a complete I he picked It unLl I

.heets of hl8 lett hlg fe<>t, and. wit al Ihl. IIltle refug tromlline to see It relieve Stanhope den of work.

He round Rnlel Ing No Man 's ICOpe with a a.lhough he by upt>earlng member ot t ac\ly where wire were, and laid during th e could tln,1 the trench morlars htg In the Troller. his ereased with out two little 8tl'l fluttered, one on

"!l's Jest ns I tered o "Shee,'

But he checl<ed nod,Ied tOl,va lrd.

"SUII, It 's nil right," he went cause. It you the leg, and

08bome German tralned on whiCh the He aald noth In view of the Ge"Dlllns the raid might poned.

Down In the a"gulng In fll Ihe colonel. the bdgadler I plans," he prise mid do.rk?"

"Yes, I SUlgg,~st1 the present .tand,"

'"-But, surely The colonel

"Lool< hel'e, can, but my Quarters by walt t11llt'S dark

"Why seven '" "TheY've got

range lhe Stanhope

can't have It 1 suppose." leisured but

1.Ise?" \[ was only

'Ylnpathlzed with kePt his temper. " 10 blow that one. blow a dozen In the worrying about 100 lat ....

'Stanhope aald uIt's no good

tl¥ colonel went on~' GO yards, to b,low just right. I 100rla1'8 on the th .. bo:ntbs 30 hoehe'll J>e tiring Oeborne's' II. cool, lnd Ralelgh's Ihe In."

MUon oame !lugout, lind fully In the hope turned him.

IDAY, JULY 18, 193q :::,

BULLETIN ityof Iowa nt. lor the ottlclaJ nan, he Summer SeIIWlon olllet, , or 11:30 a.m. Saturdq .. In,', Dally Jowan.

Jul,. 18, lhe

-----------------~ r

_.J! . ~ · ·\ l "';( 1

nnenf8 , courses In philosophy !'eo .ures on current ISSUe! In ,n of I'Pcent bOoks and arU. ebel', ".RIse ot Capltallim~' slons of PhilosoPhy. etc." nineteenth centry.


nd 1·6 pm. Hours tor 4.

Ing director ot IIbrarle •.

R ling and library annex will

ng dlrectol' of IIb,·arles.

lid Summer TeMII I In the .econd term a. tol.


enn trered In blochemlltry In Lre:

ourse will deal wIth ehtm· I).

:. P. BERO, In ehar,e.

ir gntlonal eh urch will spon· l1e. Ca,'s leave the churcb


ler Session Who Expect crJIl regIstration materIal. wUl hursday. July 17. 10'clock registrar's orrice tor Ih ... omplete the tilling 01 the weel,; paying your tuItion ,lay, of the week. so 88 t. your sevel'al clnsees nelt

PI,ortunlty to regIster the unday 01' Monday; and the 'OI'tunlty whIch thIs plan

term will be with us again. C. DORCAS, registrar.

y e center at 6 p.m. Twenly ~ RANSOM. chairman.


'cuss a phase of rellglou, CHARLES G. FORT.

, Lucille .Jolliffe. We will CHARLES O. 'FORT.

len'" gymnasium. Tueoday Ity wives. wives of gradu· L.IZABE'flI HALSEY.

hurch wIll hold its regu· cheon and social hour at IORAM COMMITTEE.

e UnItarian church, will at 9 pI.m. Admiss Ion Ii

cted three blocks east of )Wa. avenue. 'l' L INDER, president,

[Jymnaslum men's gymnasium Friday


Itives Now e to Loan 85 er Cent of Value

elTON, July 17 (AP) -~cKelvle, whO' representt e farm board, fJald toda1 lad been enabled to with· lG.ntltles Df the 1930 grain le market by the board"

19 It possible for cooper&­n theIr members 86 per ,alue of theIr wheat. boal'd lends money to co­hOse organIzations It ap. his In turn Is made avail. ,Idual farmers on grala

10' say nothIng Is bellll the wheat farmer are In

eelared . addIng tilat the are hIghly plea.sed wttb s the farmers' national atlon had made tor tb. .t. le loans, he saId, are be> states where tIM! law ~ ... ance of money on wbeal ,rage. the result bel", 'age for grain and the

of bu rde nBome llIark.t

Southern Denies FalSe

.eport to Pape ...

<\RIA, Cal., July 17 (API n. Charles KIIII'8tOrd­C the'Southern CroSI. to­~tatement made,by capt lot he would attempt a crossl ng of the Atlantlo loplane. ul's stateme"t wal maoll la newspapermen and be -eached la tel' tor a run .. n. ;mlth saId hI! had lID ther Atlantic flight wltb ::an nage, radio operator. . n l)ryk, co·pllot. XIJIll' ~en t'ty crossed the Atl&ll' t hern CI'OSS, flying hert "lolt O. Allen Hancoc~, e tran.paclflc tllght ., 1928.

" 1(1uallty and clothertt"; -Ulah ramlly hlsto",": ~avell Bnd earth," .mI ~ed HUI .... . --'

, FRIDA Y, JULY 18, 19M 'mE nAILY IOWAN, rmvA err!

e ==

Journey's End Stock Market

Continues to Rise Higher

r New fork Seoc'" i Wheat Prices -(-o-,,-u-le-A-IIfIOC-Ia-ted--Pr-e-ss-) -. Cave In After

Active Buying High Low Close

Air Red . ...... ............. l201 lt7 1201 Am. Can . .................... 131 126a 13l Am. I'. & Lgt ...... . 86~ 86 80

by R. C. Sherrill and Vernon Bartle" R . Exp . Am. Tel. & Tel. .... 221 216 220~ CH1CAOO. July 17 (AP) - Wheat eacilOn ectatiOD8 A d C 60· 40' 41 O~borne pulled his wr:Ung pn.'l out tltem." he said. "All youngsters. naeon II. op. .......... price. caved In during the final

or hi. pocket and scribbled 0. note to Strong, keen chaps." Unfulfilled in Late Auburn Auto ........ .. 141 131 Ian hour t tradl today following aC I,,, In whIch he tried to explaln It all, " Ooodl" approved the colonel. Bethlehem !:lteet ...... 86 841 851 0 ng. • Then. atter a. pause. he conttnued: Industrial Rise Canada Dry .. ........ 68 G6! 67 Itve buying. Renewed hedging pres·

Amongst the turts of dIscolored grlLSs "You know quIte well 1'l! give any. Canadian Pll(llClc ... .l8SQ 187 187 sure started the reaction. swaml)ln;; ",as a small scarlet plm l)ernel, and. thing to ca.ncel the beastly oftalr." NE>W YORK. July 17 (AP)-The C. R. J. & P. " ......... 107 105j\ 107 the buying demand and resulllng In

with a complete luck of thMt" lcnll ly, "l know you would, sh·." stock market rooled 80me 01 the ex. g~~·~~I~'\r.~.~~~s ::::: . 1~~: l~~A 1~~ free unloading ,by longs In the Inte he picked It and placeil It between the " Htllve those "NI lrlla.~" Oil the wh'e pert. today by going stilt higher. Cont. Motors ............ 41 4, 4. trade. The northwest news wa. ex· .heet. or his I tter. Then he got to I UPS<' the men at a ? •

" 1t'8 hard to tell ~'hpy nalu"ally III many Quarters, a general tech· Corn Prod . . ............ 9H 9&1 97~ tl'801ely bullIsh. but the buying de-hI. reet. and. wIth a IlLSt glance back take It as a joke. i'hey Hay the ,·ug. n!cal renctlon. buPd on the advances Dupont de Nem .... .ltO~ 109j 110~ n,and was not broad enough to ab· at this little refuge. he retu"netl to the Dre jUHI whllt they w"nt to .ltOIl' Llll'1ll ErIe Railroad .......... 43. 18 431 Borb the seiling, the movement being fromt line to see If In any way he could the Ivay th"ough lile gop." <,f the la st 10 days. had been expect· Fisk Rubber 72" 72" 7.'

U "" ........ • .. al.parently too heavy at the present roll.,·e Stanhope of some of his bur· ·"I'I,at'. thh "pll'lt, ~lUllhol}e." lIe cd; Inslead, the bulls were able to Oeneml EI ctrlc 71' C9' 71"

o ~. '" ....... • • t'me. PossIbility of raIns tonight den of work. turned quite opLlmlsttcally towa"lls hold the balance of power. staging Oeneral ~10tor8 ...... 451 44a 44~ checked buying ot both wheat and

He round Rn.1elgh UP thero, stutly· Osbo.ne nnll R"lelgh ns they came It l:Lte demonstration In the Indus. Goodyear Rub .... "C8! C6~ &7 Ing No Man's Land through a pel'!· down the steps. "Wt,lt. Osborn~ . ~v. H I 97j 9U corn. helPIng to cause the reaction.

Ith II h I t d trials el'S ley .. ........... " ... " 96 The Vall Dusen·liarrlngton crop ICOP" was g t yexaggerA e care cry thing rcaely'!" he ;L.l<ed.· HIM l 351 35 3'

I h I I tit tI U( son , 0 01'8 ........ ~. r~port says: '''l'he better than aver. a.tlDug le were try Ilg oC'.U lila "Y~s . T think IV~ ' I'C nil I·Nuly. s ir. A(\vance~ In that group. as well Hupp Motor" .. .. " ". 16 15U Jli by appearing to be very bus y. Every 1 make It just 3 qUllrl('" 10. The nwn Df 1.1 nUmerous specialties. were ott· IIUnols Centro I ..... 117 !l61 1/7 al!e prospects for smalt grains for a member of the II1lrJlng pUI'Ly l{flew ex· ore going to KUllld by at three min· "" t to a lurge extellt by the easler Int. Harvester .... " .. 83l 82 831 week ago have dl_appeared and the ac\ly where the gaps In th<\ BrItish utes to." tone or the utilities and Ihe market's Illt. Tel. & 'reI. ." ... .. 47~ 4Gl 4H no'thwest Will do well to harvest an wll'e were, llnd guiding' lnlJes had bllen jI"!'hut's rlgllt. 1'ht' ~molce·bomb~ price Index showed II net gain of leBs J 1 ]\I III 86& 8 ~ average crop, Jleat damage 1s not~ IDIIi dUrllllf the night kO that they d"Oll exactly 011 th~ hOllr. You'lI give than a point. The stronger stocks ;e::::co~n~o: ... ::.::: 39g 3~~ ~:; ably severe In South Dakota. west· could flnel the one hole which the the word to go when the smol,e'~ In the more favored sectlons ' rose one 2 ern Nbrtlt Dakota. and Montana. trench mortars hal! BUI'~eeell'(1 III blow. thIck enough ." to five points. wltl> scatterIng ad. Kresge. S. S. ............ ~~a 283 28~ where. due to lack at rain fall. crops Ing In the German entanglem nts. "'l'hat'~ right. s!t·... vance. of larger extent, but most :\faytug C ...... · .... · ...... " 1 lS~ 13~ have hung In the balance tor some Trotter, hIs usually cOlltented fRce ]\filson. summoned by Sianhope. Of the light and power company ~lIan,1 op . ............. 16~ IG 16 time." ere<Uled with worry, camp to llolnt lll'ought In two cups ot strong cot· shru'es met mild pressure. ~lId. Cont. Pel. "". 26l 241 25 Jarr+ E Bennet and cOmpany OUt two ttttl s!t'lps of red "Ibbon whIch fe~, made f"om liquid In a bottle. Mont. Ward 376 3!\~ 371 !illY: "Whe~t expOl·ters a,'e actlvel~ !Iuttered, one on each sIde of thl. gap. "Were the mon Illtvlng thelt· rum. PrlCM Irrelrular at Opellln, Nash ~Ioto,'s " .......... 39~ 376 ~9. bidding at the Gulf of ~Iexlco with.

"It's jes t as I thought." ho splut· Uncle?" asked Stanhope. P"lceR were again It'regular at the Nat 'l Biscuit .... " ..... 87! 8Cl 870 cut attracting any pressure of of, teredo "8h,,~,· bloomln' IIlll",ler!" "Yes. .Iu"t flS we len. It gives It openIng, and again they were moving Nut'l Cash R. A . .. 58 47b G~ I fc·rlngs . and the basIs today was the

Dut he checked hlmsolf a.s O.bo,·ne It quurtor ot nn hou,' to soak Ill." Iltl!;" •• · by nOOn . The early afternoon Nat'l P. & Lgt. ... .. .. 441 4:1~ 441 best lhat hus p"Halled 00 far this nod(led towards Ilalel!;h. "That'. right." said the colonel. dSlllings saw a period Of uncertain· N. Y. Central ......... 1701 167~ 170t seasOn. Seaboard estimated thM a

"Stili. It·s nil r ight Ir Yolt kpeps HI>- "AI'e tltey cheerCul?" ty In which 80me or the leaders dlp· Nothern Paclrlc ... .. 78a 781 78C good busIness had been work ed III rlghl." he went on ratlter lumely. "be· "Yes. quite." Pad about a polnl. but tile last halt Packard Motol's ..... 15l 15 156 I b

If d t It It I II Pennsylvania 76' 76 Loth hard wlnte"" and man to as. cause. you 0 ge • you If"t n "Woulel you I <e to go up and speak hour brought slrong 8upport to the • 76 Private cables stated that there was the leg. and that mean. Bllghty." to lI,em. sir?" !:ltanhop~ Huggeste,l. pool ravorltes. Including the nmu.e. Phillips Pet ............ 341 33, 341 unfavo"able weather In France. ,,,,,

Osborne plctul'~d to himself nil the "Well. don't YOu Ihlllk theY'd rath· went sha, es. Pul ltnnn .................. 69 68i1 69 b II tI lilt k d German machine gllns that would be ct· be left ulone'/" . Ra(lIo COrp. 416 404 4' e eve lat consumers w a ea·

Such Issue8 a. American Can 1. , 'antage of all setb cks In prlcp trained 011 the One gap through I "I thInk they would appreciate a I ' T I h ""- X' Radio K.·O ............... 35i! 341 341 d hi I I d III I whICh the raiding party must p"ss. word or two." Stanhope assured him . Amer can e ep one. """.tman 0' R I 29" 2 • aroun t s eve an w aecumu ate

l! k J h 8 MIll d Va dl Rem . an( ............. • 81 .290 supplies." )le suld nothIng, but he pruyed that. "All "'ght. 11 you think they WOUld. a. 0 ll ' anv e an na urn R T b B 61 501 • In view of this t1auntlt,.. nl'Qof that Will you come too'l" rDse 3 to 6 net, while Vanadium SheYI' Uo . .. .... ........ 19" 19 ,0. hlcago wheat Cutures tlnlshed un· the GerOl!lll. were ready °a~d waiting, "Yes. I'll come. sIr." and Warner B"others advanced a e Ial "0' I'" .... ........ 26 8 2 1 '215911 changed to 1·8e lower n8 compul'ed

I t Slncl l' I ... .. ...... t fi1 I I I III I I Ihe raid mlghl 1>e cUllceled 01' post· 'I'he colonel IInge"ed a moment. po n or 80. Skell). 011 ................. 3U 31 iI 321 w tl P" ces preva nil' at tle t mr· poned. wondering whal to say. When the Wull street derived a Uttle encOUr' South. Pacilic .... " 1196 119 119 l.lverpool closed today.

Down In the dugout Stanhope was pause began to be awkward. he cleared IIgement tram one or two DPtlmlstlc South. Railway ... " 98l 97 981 argUing In favor of postponement with his th"oat and hell! out hla hand . statements by prominent Industrial Stand. Brands 21t 201 2l the colonel. "Dhln't you "ugg~st to "Well, gooelluck. Osborn~. I'm cer. leade,·s. Moat of the published earn·

b I .- I d C bl Stand. G. & E ....... 941 93 4 936 Ihe ,'gaule,' tha.t we s hould a lter ou r taln you'lI I)ut up a gOat! show." ngs reports compare un avora y I • h k d " ,. • k Itl I II h d t Stand. 011 CuI. ........ 69i 63 63t pans.' e as e. a.nu make a sur' • Than you . sir." w 1 a year ago. w 1 e t e epaI" Stand. Oil N. J .... " 756 731 Hi

prise "alil farther up the line aflcr "And you. Halelglt. just gO In like ment of labor's unemployment fig· Stewal't Warnel' ... 25b 24~ 241 dark?" blazes. Grab hold of the f11'~t Boche ures revealed u. drop of l.S per cent

"Yes. I suggesled that, but he su l(l YDU see amI bundle hIm acro •• he,·e. III June. News trom the oil lndus' Studebaker Corp ..... 34i 34a 346 the pl'esent ar"angements have got to One'lI do. but b"lng mOre It you Bee h 'y continued favorable. 'l'ex8B Corp. .. ......... 63~ 631 6Sl 'land." Itny ha ndy." Broker Loans Advance Union Carbo ....... ... 74~ 72b 731

Active Issues Gain in Stock Market Again

"But, surely he must l'ealtze-?" "RIght. sll'." And the Iwo Hhook Brokers loans advanced ror th~ Union Pacific ..... 2248 221~ 2241 The colonel brol<o In Impallently. hands. tlrst time In six weeks. The gain ot U S. Rubber ............ 24;/ 23g 24l NEW YORK, July 17 (AP)-The

"Look Itere. Stanhope, I've (lone nit t "If you succeed," went on the colo· $40,000,000. followIng the $898.000 .• U. S. Steel ... ...... ....... 1661 1631 1651 listed bond market had another quiet can. but my report's gOI to bo at head· nolo "I'll recommend YOu both for the 000 slll'lnkage rrom June 3 to last Warner Pictures .... . 45* 43Q 45 ses8101l today with the movement In quarters by seven lhls evening. If we M. C. And, remember, a great deal week. was In line with Wall street'8 "'Y. U. Tel. .............. 170 169 16n m""y Instances hal'dly percepllble. wnlttill tt's dark we Shall be too late." may depend on brlngtng tn a Oerman. ~stlmates. WesLlng. Elec ......... 14Gl 143A 145~ 'rradlng was dull and the reluclance

"Why seven?" It may mean the winning of the whole Money continued easy. call loans Woolworth & Co ..... 58! 5H 58! ot Investors to augment thei r buy. "They've got some co nferonce to ar· war. You never know." There was holding aL two per cent while raleB Ing W8B ascrIbed In some qunrte,'s

rnnge the placJng of I·pserves." a notltel' pause. elurlng which Raleigh on short term time accommodations ______________ • to the expectation that firmer moncy Stanhope la ughed blttel'ly. "They round I1lmselt thinking of the Head's were lowered a shade. The weekly • I I'ates are In the oWng although

can't have It laler because of dinner. lalk to the shootlng eIght on the eve 1 Ch:.Ango Grn : .. feeleral rPserve .tatemenl showed a ....,... ..... most bond men feel thn.t easy credIt I suppose." Aftel' all, what coutd ot It. depa,·ture for the public schools leisured but tussy ollt !:~lIt1emen 111 competition at Blsley, "Well. good docrease of ,28.000.000 In the sys· • • conditions wl\l prevail th"oughoul 80me chateau miles behInd the It·cnch. luck lo you both." he ended. as he tem's holdIngs or bills a.nd securities the SUmmer. es reall?", of the agony of mlnll or turned wllh almost undlgnlrled haste and ot $29,000.000 In dIscounts. CHICAGO. July 17 (AP)-The cash '1'h e"e were tew rpce.slons among some poor devil who had to mal'e a towal'ds the steps. A Cew of the pivotal Industrial wheat run was about 360 cars today. the mlh'oud group whIch held fll·m. raid through a gllp In the ba.rbed. "By the WilY." he called over lll~ StOCkH moved very slowly. U. S. a large porUOll being applied on old with substantial ga ins recorded by wIre. upon which, as hO knew, the shoulder, "don't forget to empty your Steel touched a new high on the reo contract.. Bookings to nrrlve to· som~ ot the most active Issues. The Germans had trnlned a dozen machine pockets of papet's and things." eovery but was up only 5·8 on the taled 315,000 bushels; shIpping sales sustaIned . trength of equIty Issue~ guns. waiting till the moment camn "Oh. no." Raleigh wetlt to hIs own clay. General Elletrlc clOsed un· 16.000 bus hels; an(l July contracts on the big board Influenced InCl·eas· to press the bulton? They weren't ,ll1gout to empty hi. belongIng. on to changed and General Motors was otf deUverles 77.000 bushels. Sales were ed tradlll!; In s tock privilege Issues tlghtlng lhe SUnte war, the Infant,·y hi s b d. Osborne stopped E\tanhope an eIghth. Consolidated 00.8 rose lUosUy unchanged with lhe tl'lldlng anl1 closing prices were generatly and these old I)Ortty !;eneral.; It as he was abOut to tollow the colo nel. more than a point coincident with basis unchanged to ie higher. New hlghe,,, parttculo rly In rollrOlLd Is· wasn't lair to expec l mutua.l under' "Don't thInk I'm beIng morbid. or unconfIrmed reports that Its ~ub- York claImed all No, 1 and No. 2 SlleS. lSlandln\:. But the colonol, he kn~w a nything like that." he salilin a voIce .Idlary. New York EdIson, was plan· hard winters tha.t could be obtained Atchison 41's were acUve at a new what It mean t to the Illf nt,·ymon. whIch was a trl(le too casual to be ab· "Ing a hookup with Niagara Hudson on tile gul[ or seaboard was being 1930 hIg h. New York Centl'al 4'. Why hadn·t he made more of a fuss to sol lltcly natural , "but woulil YOU mind for an Interchange of power. plcl,ed up for export. but 110 aCLual gaIned nearly a point to estabtls h a get the .how canceled or postponed? ta.klng these?" He took hIs wa.tch and Foreign exchanges were Irregular. tlgures wero released. year's peak p,·lce. Missouri ra~lflc

"Lois of raids have taken pla.ce the leUe,· he had ju.t wdUen rrom I)' lower. The tradIng basis on spot corll Issues a nd renneylvanla 4rs and 4's along the line today." the colonol went hIs pocket, and pulled a gold sIgnet· /! howed mixed and yellow Dfferlngs wel'o It lghpr . Canadian National 5·s. nn In an allemnt to answer Slo.n· ring from his tlnger. brlllglng steady to ~c better {lreml· St. Paul fi·8. and Southern Railway oope's unspoken questions. "WIth "Sure," said Stanhope, "Until you • --------------. urns and white corn sold ~'ic lower. 6's eased. the laller lOSing 11 poInts. the attnck tomorrow morning. head· co me bll.Ck, old mnn." Chicago Live.wck Sales were steady to ic easIer. Book· nook Islan\1 convertible 41's promed quarters naLul'ally want all the In· "ft·s only just In case. If anythIng Ings to arrive totaled 104.000 busb· to the extent of half a I}olnt uno er ."ronaUon they can get "s early as shoulel happen you mIght send them • 4 els; and sa.les to store were 50,000 heavy accumulu.lIon. possible. That's why they w'oul(ln't along to my wlte." look a t my proposal to walt un til atter "Hlghl!" Stun hope put them to. CHICAGO, July 17 (AP) (U.S.D.A.) bushels . Shipping demand ('a.sed off. Amon): other cOl1vprtlbles. th e 11 dark. And I can't dIsobey orders." g<lther on the table. "You're coml"g - HOO5-1S,OOO. Including 6.000 dl· Arrivals were estimated nt 162 car •. rl~e or the Ame"'can 'felephone 4rs

Stanhope suddenly felt sorry fo,' the back, though. Damn It I what on earth rect; early trading talrly active to Cash oats. seiling on an unchangeo was outstandIng. International Tole· colonel. Arter (lit. whnt hlld ho been Hhould I do wIthout youY" slllppers and amaH killers; 15·25c basis, were sten.dy to 1c hIgher. Es· phone 41's held steady. but . a decent little count,·y squire. "Ooodness knowsl" laughed Os: hIgher; top $9.80; clOsing slow; bIg tlmated receIpts were 42 cars. Vveste, n l~uropean governments with a. smallish but very pleaSant six. borne. packers practically out at market; were firm . Bonds at B"ltlsh domln· teenth century manor house-he cftr. "Must h~ve somebdy to tuck me UP shippers took 6.DOO; esUmated hold. Ion. were '<cUve. CanL,illan 4rs rled photographs of It about with him In bed . Well, I'll see you up In the overs 7,000 . Light light. good & .---------------4 I·.nched a new high fa,' tho ypar beesu"e he was fond. I'3ther tha n sap before you go. Just have a spot choice. 140·160 Ibs., [email protected]; Ught I Chicago Stoe'" I and Austl'llllan 5'. held firm. Several proud. Of it-and (ew l'esponsibllltle9 of rum In that cotree. CheerDl" weight 160·200 lb •.• [email protected]; me. • • bonds of BelgIum wel'e accumU lated. beyond the educating of a son and a "Cheerol" replied Osborne. He dlum weIght. 200.250 Ibs .• $9.10@ 'I'he npw Aust!'!"n 7'8 sold at l premo daughter and the upkeep of a few filled his pipe slowly, and was IIll'ht· 9.&6; heavy weIght. 250·500 Ibs .• $8.40 (Oy the Jbsoclatetl Press) lum abOve the orrel'lng pl'lce of 95. JIl"ms and cottages. At considerable Ing It over the candle when Raleigh @9 20; packIng sow.. medium & High Low Close New offerings expected tomorrow apense he hlld put the education ,·e· returned, good. 275.500 Ibs.. [email protected]; Butler Bros. ......... S& Sa 81 Inolulle $5,150.000 ChIcago south Ip<mslblllty on to the shou lders of "Just time tor one small pipe," he slaughter pig •• good & choIce, 100. ChI. COl'p ....... .. . .... lli lJ~ II! pal'k commissIoners 4 per cent 1m· olherg, whose verdicts he acocpted un. saId. 130 lb •.• [email protected]. Club Alum. .............. 4 31 4 provements bonds. Issues expecteel quesLionably. sInce they were specl· "Good! I'll have a cIgarette. I CATTLE-6.500; calves 2.000; JComwlth. Ed .......... 290 289 290 wlLhln a rpw days to mise more Ih"n ollsls and h. was only a pl,dn lIlun thInk." He groped In his pOCket. and steers steady to 25c higher; mostly Con t. Chi, Ctfs ......... HiD 156 15a $100,000.000 IncludE> $17.000,000 Pa· A. tor the vlllage,·s. a few shillings l'emembered he had lett his case, with Hleady to strong; she stock 26c art, Ort. Lakes Alrc ..... , 41 4~ 42 cWc power and Light 6·s. $(0.000.000 went a long way In repairs, and the hIs other Ilreclous belOngIngs. on hi. vel'Y dull; bulls steady to 25e lower; Hart.Carter .............. Iii 171 171 '('exus Power and I,lght company. rector could do a g"eat deal to mako bed. d $50000000 paclfl Ga and Elee people satisfied with theIr modesl tnte Osborne offered hI. case. "Here velllers 60c lnwer; top ,10.60 paid for Insull UtlL Inv ...... 591 .gil 591 Iln ,. c s '. , r he was InvIted up (rom time to time YOU are. have one ot mine." light & medIum weight steers. Nat'l Stand ............. 32~ all 32* trlc company H·s. to dine al the ManOr, where he app"o. "r say. I'm always smoking yours." Slaughter cattle and vealers: steers. N. & S. Am. Corp ... 158 156 151 --------elated the BUt'gundy and the POl't, 01' "That·s all rIght. What about thl8 goOd /I; choIce. 600·900 Ibs .• $9.25@ I Pines Wlnlft . .. ...... 2fil 254 m Report Shows Rise was presented eve,'y now and then coCCee?" 11.50; 900·1.100 Ibs .• ,[email protected]; I,. Stand. Dl'edglng .... 19 18 19 U f P d with a cut of salmon or a brace Of "Sure." They both sat down at the 100·1 .300 Ibs .• S8.75@1l .00; 1.300·1.· Stelnlte ...................... a 1& H in se 0 repare p/leasanh. And. because he had fell table. 500 Ibs. S8 [email protected]; common &; me· Swift & Co ............... 29 281. 29 Feeds by Farmers It both patrlollc and pleasant to join "Are yoU going to have a drop ot dlum. 600·1.300 lbs .. [email protected]; helt· U. S. Oypsum ........ 441 44 448 the terl'ltorlal., ho was sudden ly rum In It? .. asked OsbOrne. ers. goOd /I; chOice. 660·860 Ibs .• $9 .00 U. /:l. R. & T .......... 2/1 21 21 thru8l In command of nearly R thou· Raleigh hesitated. "Don·t yoU think (ijl11.00; common /I; medium. $6 .25@ zenith Radio ..... ...... 9 9 9 DES MOINES, July 17 (AP)-An

Increase In lhe use of pre~ared teeds ty Iowa. farmers was shown toda~

In the annual report of R. O. Clark. chief ot the agriculture del)artment's dairy and food division.

IIlLnd men In constant danger of theIr It might make us a-a bit muzzy?" 9.00; cows. goort A cholce. 16.00@ lives. and unde,' the ordCl's or Iln he asked. 8.25; common & m edium, 14.76@ overwhelmIng hIerarchy of staU oW· ''I'm just having the cOCCee as It G.OO. low cutter & cutter. $S.76@ cerR who seldom lel him fOl·gel. when 18." 4.76: bulls (Yearlings excluded). good he trIed to stanu up for himself. that "1 thInk I will too" & choice (beef). [email protected]; cutter to he was not really one ot lhem. being "We'lI have the rum o1terward.- :medlum, $5.50@7 00; vealers (milk only a "TerrIer." Stn.l1hOI) •• renllz· to celebrate," suggested OsbOrne. ted). good & choIce. $1l [email protected]; Ing !lllthi. with the quicken el Imng· "That's a much better Idea." Imedlum. [email protected]; cull & corn. InatlorHhat had becomo his d""lng the There was a .Ilence while they Joon, S6.00 @10.00: stocker &; feeder last rew months. fett so .... y fo,· the stirred theIr cortee. Raleigh caught cattle: 8teers, good & choice. 600.1 •. colonel. bllt he cou ld not leave the Osborne's eye, and smiled a IItLle Ilwk· 060 Ibs .• ,[email protected]; common /I; me. eubject. wardly. ,\tum. ,[email protected].

"Why dIdn't tho trench·mortars "How d'you feel?" aaked Osborne. blow adozen holes In dIfferent places," "All right." he asked, "so the Boche wouldn't "I've got a sort ot empty feeling In. know whIch aile we we,'e going to s ide." lJae?" "That's Just what I 've got," Rnl·

It was only beca.use the colonel elgh conressed. IYlJlpathlzed wIth Stanhope that he "Wind upl" kePt his temper. "It took three haul'S "I keep wanting to yawn." to blow that one. How could they "That's It. Wind up. I keep want· blow a dozen In the time? It·s no good Ing to yawn too. It'1I pass off dl· worrying about all that now. It·s rectly we start." too late." RaleIgh took a deep breath. "I

Stanhope eald notblng. wish we could start now." "n's no good getting llepreRsed," Osborne leaned forward to look at

tJ¥ colonel went on. "After all, It's hIs watch on the table, "We've got onb' GO yarde, and the smoke ought eIght mInutes yet." to b,low acr09S nicely. 'fhO wlncl's "Oh. LordI" exclaImed Raleigh. just ~·Ight. I catlea on the tronch· "Lel's just have a last look at the Inortar., on the way up. They' II drop map." IJe drew the map toward. the bombs 30 ya"ds to the 1·lght. The hIm. and the two pored over It In the Boche'lf "" Clrlng Into a blank fog. dim light, "DIrectly the smoke'. thick Osborne's' a cool, level·headecl chap. enough. I'll give the word. You run and Ralelgh's the very man to dosh straIght tOr thIs poInt here ..• " In!' "When I get to the Boohe wire I lie

Mason came hesitatingly Into the down and walt for you." . dugout, and hovered around res poet· "Don't rorget to throw your bombs." fully In the background until tan· RaleIgh patted his bulgIng pocket •. hope turned questioningly towards "No, I've got them here." him, "When I shout 'R!ghto!' In you 1'0

quIckly?" uked Ralel.h. "I reckon. with luck. we 8hall be

back In three minutes." "As quick as that?'· "I think eo. And now let'. torget

all about It ror"-he glanced at hIs watch agaln-"ror six minutes"

"Oh, Lord. J can·t!" "You must." "How topping If we both get the

M. C," "Yel," agreed Osborne. "Your cot·

tee sweet enough Y" "Yea. thanks. It·s Jolly good cof·

fee. I wonder what the Boche are doing over there now?"

"I don·t know, Do yoU like coftee better lhan tea?"

"I do tor breakfast." After a short pause he went on: "Do lhese amoke· bombs make much row when they bursU"

"Not much," aald Osborne. "Per· IlOna 11,.. I like cocoa for breaktast."

"I'm 1101'1',;' la ughed Raleigh. "Why aorry? Why 8houldn't I like

cocoa tor break tastY"

STOCK MARKET AVERAGES (Cpyrt., 1930, Stalld. SIILIl8tic8 Co.)

60 Ind. 20 Ralls. 20 Utll. Yesterdlly ........ 167.8 124.9 226.9 P"evlous day .... 166.8 124.0 2261 Week ago ...... .. 160.7 122.7 2186 ]'[onth ago ........ 168.7 121.8 218.7 Year ago ..... "." 228 .8 156.6 29fi n 2 yr • . ago ..... ". 159.0 118.1 146.8 3 years Ugo

weekly avo ... .123.4 HIgh. 1930 .......... 202.4 Low. 1930 ......... 149.6 High, 1930 .... " .. 252.R Low, 1930 ..... " .. 141.3

119 .1 141.6 116.4 167.8 117.7

113.4 281 3 204.9 358.1 166.6

Supreme Court Will Hear Appeal From

40 Year Sentence

DES MOINES. July 11 (AP)-The appeal of Jacob Manly, 39 yeara old. Reinbeck farmer who was sentenced to 40 years ImPrisonment on a charge of stealing hogs. wlI\ be heard by Ihe Iowa 8upreme court at fl. Sep tember term.

Manly has been In the Ft. Madison prison for two months. He was nc· ou.ed to taking the anlmala tram the yards of L1Dyd Lamb ot LoPorte CIty and to have sold them at Read· Iyn .

His attorneys claimed the evidence ",as Inluf!lclent. In thetr appeal to

Clark saId 1.078 feeds had been reg· Istered with the department In 1925. while 1.970 were listed last year. the Increased approxImating 200 a year.

"Thl. would Indicate," h e adde,l. "that the use ot the prepared toods In Iowa Is a. stable and growing pl'ac· tlce and that many teeder. prefe.r to buy balanced feeds rather than prepare them themselves."

Experimental teedlng In recent yars. Clark said. hllJ! shown that "tor nO"mal development ot the animal ~ertaln vitamins are necessary. Most rations contaIn vItamin 0 whICh ~,

~ ... --~--.


the higher court. James O'Conner, Readlyn hog buy, BIg-ne

er. and Alexander Mutch. Waterloo lpper tll11ng station attendant, have been

ENGAGED TO YOUNG JARDINE Earl Carroll Held for Trial

Gotlieb Bolds Four on Indecent, Obscene

Show Charge

NEW YORK, July 17 (AP)-Earl Carroll , a comedian, and two chorus GirlH In hI . latest "Vanities" we"e held today for trlul on potl~e charges that two "~enes In the muslc,,' s how were hll.lect.'nt and obscene. Six chorus gIrls who hlLd been co·de· fendants o( thoRe hpM at the hear· Ing In magl"ltate's court, were dis· charged.

'1'he Dnly witness to te8t1Cy beforo !lIaglstrate Gotlleb \Vas Acting POlice Captain James Coy. a former clrcu.

, s"pernume"ary who acts 8S theat",· enl crilic for the PQllce depar tment. lie told of one ~ce ne In whICh Palth flacon elancp<!, wIth no coverI ng but two ostrich fcather tuns and anolher 11\ which Jimmy Rn.vo changed some ot the clothing on MIss Kay ar'roll, \.;ho Is not (l relative of the IH'O­cluee r. MlsR CarrOll. Savo and MIss Bacon are the oth r three held wIth

A,sod ated ['ress 1'hotD.

Carroll . . Ball of $500 each was Imm ~tllately

fllrnlshed and thp defendants were freed Ileneling trial. date [or which hnR not yet becn 8cl.

JCalh rine LOlI'man, daughter of A~sis(ant ' ocr('tary of the 'l'l'ca~· ury Seymonr JJOII'mllll, whose cngagement to William .Jardine, Jr., was r cen tly announced. Jllrdine is the son of the former sec I' -tory of agrieu I tUl'C,

Carroil Is no s trarig l' to courts and trials. Sev I'al ycal'S ago \Ie spent foul' <l ays In Tum!)s prJ "on wa iling dIsposition of a. chllrgp of displayIng lewd pIctures o( a tress· es In hIs theater lobby. 'l'h chargo wus IIlsmuuwd. Later he wrts ll'lefl l:1 connection with Ihe "bath tub party" In hIs theater at whIch a chorus girl was ntlpged to have sat undmpe<l In a bathtub of wIne. He was acquitted n.t lImt t"'al. but wllS sent to Atlanta. fo,· pO"jul'Y comm it· t~d before thp grn.nd jury tha t Ques· :Ioned hIm prlo,' to trIal.

Conimunities Plan Airport Construction

DES l\[OTN]O~R. July 17 (AP) -A Irport const"ucllon and Improve· ment plQIls announr~d by Iowa ~ILles and lowns during lh(' l ast w ek in· dicate the pxtent to whIch commun· Itl s are hllstenlng to lLSSure them· selves a part In th~ stnto's I'!lpld areo· nau tic development.

Jl11provcm nts whlrh will amount '0 $13.000 wcre decided upon for the Imporl[tnt Towa City alt'port dtll'lng the week. Co..rroll annollllcflrl th~

date ot Its second nnnual air show ns Aug. 3.

Dedication oC the aIrport at :!\fon· !Jcollo gave th~ nll'·mlnMel amplo O)J)lol'tunity to wltnPRfI stunts P(,l'­

formed by vIsIting" avlntor~ and nl80 marked the completion of a hanga,' nno oU1£'[, a i rport ('qulpmC'nl Ort

which gov~"nl11.nt aJlprovat Is to hu Bougqt. Oth~r out-tanding dev('lopmcn ts

durIng the week Included th" decl. slon of th~ Amel'loan Lt'glon lit (,reR'

generally sUllplled by the ad~ltlon

oC cod IIVN' 011 to lhe reed. YeaRt I. orten al1<lpc1 to C~ed" In ohJc,· to obtai n vlta.mln B,It

Now Playing Enlls Rnl tll'!fay

Bebe Daniels Sings in

"Love Comes Along"

h • '* ... " EMCiLERT f..,. ••. ,...... .',_

'Opens Sunday America's

Boy Friend

.. ~eROGrRS ~ fir ~ 'JAFETYil/'NUMpnK~, ~ IIATH~'CRAWF=''''f~ - JOS[PIUH~U"'"

... ...,CAROL BAAO .... 7Wl..,.. _

ton to establish a permanenL airport all a. Rite yet to be ehosen. Arrange lIlent. [trc going forward tor an a ll' .how 10 Inaugumte the fIeld Bel'V' Ice on July 19 and 20.

nurllngton's city council contmct· ed tor all nll·steel. a ll·wenther hnnsar Oil which wO"k Is to b started next "eek. It Is expeetM that th e hnngar, whl~h wilt lJp 80 lIy 100 feet and will house 1 G planes. will be one oC thl' hll gelit nIH) t ile most modC'rn in tllis pa l·t of the slate. The co uncll also pl'ovided (0" the Il19tnll"tlo l1 of tield lights at the ah·po,·t.

Association Will Hold First Annual Picnic

DUBUQU8, July 17 (AP)-Mem' hers oC the Nortlt~nstern Iowa No· tlonal Pa,'" !l-"sociaLlon wll\ hold theIr

f11 st annual picniC al Bellevue state p .. ll'k tomol't'ow. GOY .John Hammill, nlPI111K'I'!i or thp Iowa cOl1gl'p:-IHionnl dtl.gaUon, tho state board oC Con· sN'vaUon and othet· orrlclals Ita ve b<'.n Invltcd to aU.nd.

'l'he rutsoclation I. comllo;,pd of pel" suns Interest d In having con!:l'es. set aside a.n uP)Jcr Mls.Isslppl rIver uatiooal park.

':: - y y y y + + y y y ••

For 3 Days Merchant Tickets Good Every Day I

As Great A Hit As Hil5

"So This Is London"

Public Ittll'arl~" In ~even Alabuma cities of more thnn J 0.000 popula· tlon contain 200.148 books.


Here is a great show for the children to see -also for you to en· joy, lots of fun. See this dizzy world from the back of a bucking horse wit~ three rookie troopers!


Rex Lease, Roscoe Karns, Slim Summerville, DOL'othy Gulliver and U. S. Cavalry

one of the funniest war comedies filmed in a long time. See the funny side of cav· aIry Ufe.

AI~ ,a peach of a comedy "Ride 'Em Cowboy"

Also a novelty reel "Vbice of Hollywood," the movie stars enter­

tain you

Sunday For 4- Days

The Screen's Greatest ALL-TALKING

A:IJL·TECHNICOLOR Dramatic Spectacle

It Thrills the Eye,

Ear and Heart


".Please. olr," he announced, "lhe wIth your eight men. I 8hall lie on (!ottoo's read)', 'Ot and strong sIr, the Boche parapet, and blow my whla· ame 8S YOU saU\." tie now and then to ShDW you where

Stanhope arranged tor nn orderly I am. Pounce on the flrat Boche YDU to fetch Osborne and RaleIgh, and reo llee, and then we' II come back like Bumed his talk with Lhe cl)lollel. blazes."

"I don't mean that. I mean-I'm IIOrry to keep talking about the raid. It·. 80 dlrtlcult to talk ot anything el", 1 W&l jUlt wonderlnc-wlll the Bache retallata In any Way atter tbe ratd!"

bOund over to the September grand For Information Also Jury In Blll(lk Hawk county on All TalkIng Cometb'.

Jean Hersholt

Eleanor Boardman

Ralph Forbes "W.'VI plc!bd. ,ood ,men ~Q loUcn. "Tbe wbole thI,..,..w·be over Qulta

charreo ot perjury In connection with Call 602·W And Talklllg News

tbelr teatlmony, ...... _ _ .. ·.-----------_/11..-------------· ao lit (lGD&Iu'" TaIIIorrow, .f .....

Lightweight ~Ch~pTakes

.. COunt of 2


1 Bruins Grab WI-\Y, 1 WAs GoING I ~ .3/4-

ont tBlow nILE.::> AN r\ouR. A~ I WAS BACTI.'( fou~~ INCHES FRcM

Ear~y Le~~; Win6to3 1Hi: CIJRB wHeN 'fou TUR!NEl:::>

Sammy, Loses Crown in One finute,

46 econds

8,. f:OW,\RU .J. NEIL • YANKEE fl1',\DIllM. NF.W fOf{K. , July 17 f,\P)-A furlo". chnnk or tbone and mu I In lhe p-r~"n of I~'oung A I Singer 8Wel)l OVe!' Sammy ManMlI tonl~ht and .lIlash .... 1 IllI' vpl· 'ern n chl1mplon of the Ib:htivelghl ,1008" from his title In Ie." lhnn Il round.



~r\I.:5 MA~ CCUl....I::.J-YT REMEMBER..

w!-\A., HE bit:::. --n-\~

NI hllrTE..s AGo-

AN~ ,HIS MAf..:j couLbI-S,

IELL You \.Nf-\A\ HE SA \ t:::. OA..,V­

f1IJoJlfTc AFT~ l-\E :SA1~

l/'STO -[HE ..511<8::T AI AN A>-JGt.E of "'I'HIR'1Y­

SE.\JEJ.-.\ [:)E;GREE-S AI-.}D Tt-\EN-

Cut Br()oklyn's Lead to Two Games i.n


BROOKLYi\", X. Y., July 17 (AP) - In :.I, I ~ inning :-.tl'lIgg-l(' or the base·

. h".11 lIlalls todlt)" lhe Chicago rubs g(1.ln('~ a 6 lo 3 II'Iulll11h over Brook· Iy n's I(':lgue Icurl/oJ:; Rollin s to rut theil' nltu '~in to two ~n.0l =t DB.!!J \~ul1rc , u)1p(\al'ing: 111 till' unacc'u'il· lom('('l I'ole or l'l'lIr'( Jlltdwl', wa~ th\! \-kllnl of (,hic'aHo'~ flJlal three ru, 1 .. lIy. , A flomlng )"oulh who "Quid not ho

II nled hy Ihe cruCt llnll gulk' or tl\r' 135 pOllnd ruler tOI' Ihe 1:1."t four y~"r~, SlnS'er swept 0\ PI' the champion wit h all Ihe .uddel)np," of a boll f.'om (h" calm fOIky o\,erhc-ad, crashed him to

IT- B\J\ 'TI-\E'( C:OLt,ID\.:D I~ ,!-lEI\<' A\rTO""o~lLE..:s A~ -EP'TH l::::>E\lELo~ REt1AR~eLE MEMoRlt:5 foR I;:EIAIL-.

TIlt' ... u,,~ toolc a ll C'·triy UH'(''! I'un '~ar1 ore n ay Plll'lp"', I \\'0 or Uw lal· a~M (·om iu g tn the thlrll wilen Hart· I"Jl'1'j T~xni!l INU;lICI' a ll)J'lJ! lhe I'lght Jnlrl (o ul lI1le gut :I\\ ;. Y 'fol' a lrIJ1)e-. 'IH' lpM t,lal'tr'd lil·nn1(1.,·" Orr \\lIb a

, the floor three tllll"H, nnd lhen !In· Ished hIm with ,'I atunnlng rll;ht h'"111 clout to the Jaw, The rounrl la.ted only one nrinul .. Ilnll 4ft ~econd~.

Odd. FIIvor ' ingrr Singer hlld he~n coneedNI fill' bet·

ter than an ('\en chnJ1~ to h"n t down thl> king whos r~lgn wenL back la ' 1926 atl<l Ii vlclol'Y O"~r lho l'lnl{ WOI'n rocky Kansan , RlnA'llldel·. wel'e gil" Ing o,hlfl a8 the b6lU~ Ht ... ·t''\I. thnl tho tllnned. vlclollS you ng8lel' WOll Id whip ~JaJ\d('1I som~ .. h"re II10nl; th,' 15·round Chllnwlon.hl11 roul('.

flut not one, not oV(,11 Rlngor'. I'ahltl rooters trom l he Hronl. . and l{'aHl or alilhe 25,000 or Ih~ (althf,,1 who glllh· ercd un(tPl' tho wal'lli summe-I' Rky rorol'w Iho 1)1"~llIg Ilellon lhlll WIl" ahead.

Singor, keyed 10 such a 11 I'VOU8 ptteh thol 11t~ tl'vmblf'(t fn his cor nf'r, danced, glOWerNI and all hm 1'"Hh .. tl the r('frrre flPlU·t In ltJ~ nnxlC'ly to gel at tha c hnmplon, tUl'II~d loose an oml\zlll-': dl~ IlI" y or THlllchlng prOWPRK betor .. Mandril ha(1 any tim" to mount his <ler('n8e" 1111,1 prCPlll'e (or the Ilev. n.to.UI1~ nttack.

J)lIInJl~ Mandell I Ie waotcd 110 11mI', c1n'Wf'd, (,,111\<'11

and fhHlly ~ I til(' "hanwlon for th" first ""r\"l vc Iolow or Ihr IIue l, " Idl hook lhat cllnghl Hammy un th" chili and dump"tl him hl10 lhe . Iag In (he cenlel' at Ih" rIng till' n count or two ,

~fHnl1{' 11 I1lU~l h~lV(' 1){'('n hUl't 01'

wus ('onll'lnptuouH or 1ho youngKtN"H "lugging Ilower. tor hr hounced 1'Ighl to hi . (epl Instelld or wttlLlng, Faint. Ing rOl' tl l1oth{'1' OJ)f'nlng, RlnJ{('I' fJl'W at Ihp cl1amJ)lon, blu'lng Ill. t Nh III a .srUt.rtl OH: lit' tOl'l\ In HwlnJ;JlIg buUl

hand" (rom Ih" ,Ide". ~ 1\lnndf'1I 1'1"E' h 'cl lJarkwu !'t1, 0\'('1"­whplm~d by th~ !Jth .. kid', o,,"lnllght. I O~kNI from olle Hide or th(\ ring to tl other. 119 HlnA' I' " \\CIlt hI . (lunch· (1'8 Oil Into Mnuddl 's 11(':'ul. l\hlnd(,\II'x hand" Il'rlt.ilually 8[lnl, 10 hlK 1'1,1 H, hlH mouth rh ()nfH",J, anll h(" ('olh'J)sC'Cl "cro"~ the lower ring l'OPI>M 011 his 0\\,11 stdl' or til(" rlns.

"I'IPR COIIIPloncl, Bloo,1 lIelm",1 (I'flln Ihp chamJllon'.

eyeK ulul mouth It" h(' hung h.lIr out 'II( lhe l'l ng, ~ Ilitltlll "arlmlllre or tho fine'Il,> rondltJtHwd ('Sth ll ulhll't(· who harl cnlrl'('rt til£' hat Uc nit NO Cf)nfldl'nt· ly Je~9 than thfln tWd H'Ilnlllc.'R h,.(ul't". He l1ullt'rl himsrlf rrom thl:' 11('mp(,1J .Irand IIlI Herpl' C Anhlll' IJunoV1l1I hrOllghl hl ~ tu'm ,lown with th(' Rtl'ok(' or Heven :J.I1,1 c llmbcll wear ily 10 hI" re.t.

flut hI' hll,l not d (rn"~ to ofre.' ogntn"t th<- charg ... or /1 vll'ioHs YOlHlg mall g0l10 ('IIIllI)1 t"ly wild at t1<" sight of n rhnmpiollHhlp d tU1J.;llng at the llro or hlH leathe,' mllten,

Sin (,r H\\'('> I.t In wll h n lprl hook th'll sn~ I'pe,l Man" 11'. hC1l11 bnck "C· tWf'('n 111M :dwulclca' tlllet rJOnl'C"d him fOI' the thh d time, thl~ one for rOUl\

"illhl~ Ollt A s IhN'C Wlls nothing ,~rt of tt,/,

champion but Ills cOUl·age. Ill' Rtumh. led to hi" te~t for th I,"t time, hi. bjJCk to lhe ropC8 acro!i..'i ','om whtlre h look WI' HCCOnd knoek down, hi. klll"(>li ItirNttl,v .. agglns a..'i Sfnj.{('1' hul'ied him self III agoln. A len ,,",1

• right ""'nl Mil"'le il 'M body flylnl: Inio , tb~ sanlng r0'fK'6 ;.nd aa the title I ho1(ler bou nr(ld orr YOlIllg AI milled I him full on Ihe chin with a right hand I smoah. I That . hot ended the bnttle once and

fol' 011 Ma nrl<'11 Collil.I)""~ li S If he were comlnl!' apIU·t. lhudrled In the c~nva:f on hiH bftck. a rHl hf'unl nQlh­Ing unlll the eoullt oC el!;ht. ThrJ'e

, he mlld~ his In ~1 bid to Cllny 011, 1'"1 hi!) nluRr'lo!f W(>I'(I f'tll1on fttr.tnrls, his

I lelf~ Pltrt of Mn,"~ olh~I' b-II1/:. lie t m an ~~ to L\\l l:I l half OVCI" 011 his

fac... bill . Iunwcd I)ack and Wit,

"lr-elched .UCf ,,,,<I cold at th~ COUllt


LOT,"Wf10 W(t-1.. BE TI-IE U.S. S(NGl-£5 AcE< IF IN FORM,


.--,.---,----. "I" WlennerS " lIappiest Guy in •

Wm'lcl," ClyS III Get De:;!rees A/tel' Title Bord ~

l '.\ N K g 8 ST.\J)]UM. NEW Ibwkeyc Athletes See \ fllth:, ,luI), 17 (AP)-'rhe Bronx In End of Curcers ilt It" I'n llroly 1 .. 1('d 10 nlov". Into AI SIIlg'('l"H ,)1 C"!ih lng room tlflpl' IIhi ('ou

1J1IC~L of UlI' lh;ht wrhrht f'hnmllioll'

Hhl l' tonight 10 Hln,:;e the wll,"'st AlIll


AR a flltlng clltnax to YP(u·. of "Pl'V'

""pl'l~'1 ('~I~I)J'ntlol\ 1M bOI'ough hn" ILe on 1I ltwkeYI' athl~t !e teams. ilvo scC'n ill l(1I1IlY n. [1.ty. linlvC"I'Klty of lowlL Ie-tlco t' mt'n Y('M'

The l'e"1I1t l ook~" like a small 1'101 with pollticlanA "'OnI young AI'R 11'I'dIlY wound "ll lhell' ., eadomle co.· IIrt~hhol'hocnl al trmpUng 0 kl"'8 lh .. , l'f 'C' I'H in the unlvl"l'sity hy 1'C'C'('lv !n"" UI'\\' ('Ia,unptnu whlh· r('IrHhl ('~ \\-ur· d"CI'Pfll;:l Ilt th~ .July COllvl)('atiun.

I'll'" 0 \ ' t· hf~ lHII'lR tu1tl nclJ;hhc,I':'! J' ~tf'I'~, \\ ('~tl'Ut ull·("onferf'llc(' iac.

Giants Repel Car{Imals 'by Heavy Hittitig

Make Fo~tr.tb Place Sa{f i,n ,~ P;\rude


NEW YORK, July 17 IAP)-Thl·cnt. oned wllh 'I (lroJ) J"to loul'th plal'c , thf' Glallts "Os!' lI.nel ~ll1otc the St.

I .... Ollls J)ilrhlllg today fOl' Lr, hHfJ afl{]

a 1 ~ In 9 victor)' 10 make their PII" I. lion safe fOI' awhile.

! I'h" Coralnal" 3100 did Home heavy l\1llIl1/\" gplllng 20 blpWM oCf rOllI' N~w yO) k l'lilc h{"l'ff , hl1l they'v£'l'c not HfJ errectlve. HI. Louis hnr ly ml""e'l cquit11ng tho Niltioni\.l h" guo "('coni fo.' having men I ft on bas~s. 'they hnrl 17 "UlHl('I'S slrnndf'd.

Clnl'pncc t-lltchell, who Htal'led fo,' the Glant$, gol ('l'cdlt rOl' the vlclo,'y aVel' hlK [o"mer m llteH although llev. lng, Fltzslmmon. nnd £Innlly IIUI)1 II weI''' cttlled upon Co.· duly, RT LOUIS- AB. R. 11, PO. A.t1~ Douthit. ef .............. 6 1 2 (j 0 U ,\dams. lb ................ G 2 3 0 0 0 Blades, rf .............. 3 0 I ~ 0 0 Walkins, rf ...... ... 2 1 1 0 0 Fr'Jsch , 2b .............. 4 1 2 1 Hafey , If ... ' .............. 4 2 3 2 0 Gclbel't, 58 1\ 0 2 r. 1 H(Jtloml~y. II) ........ 3 0 0 II 1 Or.alll, III .. 3 1 2 2 0 0 \\'lImn, c 6 1 3 1 0 John eo n, P 2 0 0 2 (l

"('"collie'" 1 0 0 0 0 0 LlndSry. p .. 0 0 0 0 0 0 "" 1,'I"l1('r 1 0 1 0 0 0 G,·abowekl. Il ....... 0 0 0 0 0 "·Hlgh ... I 0 0 0 0

1'0Inl~ . .41 0 20 2~ 14

" Boltcd COl' John"on In olxlh. "nlllted fOI' LlndR~y In sevenlh. ···Hull(·d Co .. 0 .... bow8kl III nllllh ,

NI':'" YORK- AB. R. n. po. A, ~: . CI'ltz, 21) ................. Ii 1 2 4 2 0 I_~" e h, Ir ............... 4 1 I 0 0 11 AII~n, ct ............ 0 1 0 0 0 0 Lln""ll'om. 3b .. 4 2 2 1 0 Terry, 1b .......... 3 2 1 11 1 1

tt, .. r .. 2 1 0 0 1 O'l""''''~II, c .. ~......... 1 4 0 1 JackMon, S" .... 2 3 9 1 Hopl1 g() I', e(·le 2 2 0 0 lI1I1rh~lI. Il ....... 3 2 0 I 0 lIe,,'ng, p ..... ........ 1 0 1 1 3 1 Jrl t". lmmon H. ro ..... 0 0 0 0 0 0 I lubbell, I) . 0 0 0 0 0 0

"1'1" " I toM you ~o," I'I~ ,,,"1 )'('t". ulld menllone,1 (IS (lIl " J 'm :-;0 hJlPIl~ I ("w't hpllr'\'(' II'H TottllS ........... ... .. , 31 ]~ 15 27 17 6

II'UI"" :-:iugrl' bCCl'n"(I, "I hit .l lnl '" hIJ·AIIlf'ri(,fln bllHnl in U)2S. lUld Dl'n ..

READY FOR THE TROPHY CASE Grant Upsets Dope Bucket

I ., I I

,1 u.~t llnotbel' trophy f01' his all'eady bulgill~ case, Bohb~' J olJes wHh one more to add to his gt'OUP jJl Iti~ .tI..tlunta. Ga., IlOnIr, 'PhI' nlltional or n makes l~ major titlCb [or Bobby lI'ith tbe .\mCl'iClll1 HlUatl'lll' cine in ::;eptcmbct'.

y ~n'ks 'Whip Browns 16·7

St, Loui Tumbles to J lmior Loop


ST, LOUIS, JUly 17 (AP) - The

Solons Lose to Cleveland

Hudlin Bests Jones as Morgan Hits


CI.gI'l1l.AND. 0 " July 17 (A1')-

New YOI·k Yunkccl:I l:t nl the BrownH \\'lll1!i lJudlin ant1 tho vetN'un Sum

Into tho AmeriCun league celln .. ~o· .'o;,e" ~t(l!l'Cd " ~hl\I'p pllchlng d~cl duy by llulHling them theil' sevenLh

s ll'alght defcat. lU lo 1. 'file do·

feltl Mopped SI. Louis 'sevcn points behlnd lile Boston Red Sox. '

The Ytlukces 1)latl" 21 hits urr Corrmlln, Hl aehold..-, and 1lol*hqu.

Inll"" a~ lhe ('I \ ~1,""1 Jndlun" de· rl':ll':,l \\'"shll1 ;;toll ,I '0 a In lhe I hl.·d f,;,Utl t' of Ilwir sr l'ies .

Four Sections of Natio~ Represented in


J<ANSAS I'rY, July 17 (AP) -

l,'uut' HccLlol1s of thl' nalion wm be

preHcntcd tomorrow In ~hc srml ·

UIIUIs ti lnglcs or the lwc nt..,y·fl l's l u.n· nual nalioliHI rlay COlJl't.."t tenni s lOIlI'·

namcnl b()Cami(\ a 100 pound GCOI'· g l£lll woult! not he bealen.

\...;\Ie tod(lY wllh a IJrolJllI ;:' ~III' be' ,L.innill'; to I'ccC'Cle in tho w est, B,·y· ant UI'ant, JI'., AtJu,nh" On., ;-;lun· lieu the I:allcl'.v by elhnll)aUng In . Imlght sets. Ih~ Hcoded number 1 phQ'C'I' :lnd na tionally ranked nurn­brl' 5, I':rcde"ic M rCUI', Hal'l'lsbtll'g, Pa.

Whell Grant look Ih" (lI'st HOl g·6, tile gallery was mildly "11I·11I·IKed. When he won th e Heeo lHl 63, it be· I;iln to wondel'. And Lhe rl ll1S 8tayen. III cheer the lilli e fellow a. he .com·

1'1 tcd his eonque"t G-3 a nd t088Cd fllr~(~t to the (OUI' wlnd~.

O l'nnt Pnil'rd ' Vit h 'r.'xun 'fomol'row Omnt I. pall'ed with th e

20·yeul'·old Texas :S(,11fS(llion, I~I'LIC(' lidrneH, oC Au.tln , who, tod:t.y el hm· nated WrllY BI'OWII, St. Loul" vet·

i emn. In stralshl "et~, 9-7, 6-0, 6·4. 'rh~ other seml·flnal. mal"h hrlng"

together the west and east. 11'. 1". (Junia,,) Coen. Kansa. City. Il lld 11~ '·

he l'l L. Bowmun, New York cilY. ("oell ('Ifmlna.tt'd another' :\.JlHRO\ll·i Vtl.r If'Y a ntran I, l1nl'l'Is COl:f:eshl1l1, D es ~,olne", 6·8, 1·6, 8·1. 6·3. and Bow· IlI i lll c1it;pot:led of u nea.l' nelghbol', J, (;Ilu(,l't LJall , Orange, ~. J" 3·6, 6-2, 6·3. 0-1.

l'OC Il (\rmes ~"'rulJI H~hind Coen II'IlII~d Coggeshall tho rh'st

l \\ a Hol. 11I1d the Des MOine. eOll r., I:I&n was leading rOUt' glllne" to (lno III th e thh'd scI, when he llIlP,>ront1y eased up. ven deuced the thh'd mlltch. finally pullcd II oul 8·~ and aCtor lhe intermlsslun h eld lhc uppel' hhnil.

Pr<-.sed the full limit of flv~ Hets hy ll.e unseed 1\ tcam of Bruce Bal'no. IIlld ,I. D. Adoue of Texue, J"I"deric ~I('rcu,' .. nd J. OlllJcrt Hall. defe nd· Ing natIonal cllt)' coun. doubles ci,amrrlons. 1I'lutnnhed Its darl,ne"" fen toduy on the twcnty·nl·~t Qnnuul lOUrIHU)l(mL 'rhe 8COl'Cl'J w e r e l·G, G·". G·2, l-G. G·4.

flrll hm',lrl' than J cv('r shu!gf'd filly nh, ];:. MY(' r~, tQr thl'C'C Yl',U'S (l lfol " ~('OI'C by 'nhJn~8: nllr lJ"'rOlf' In lilY IJff'. JI e SUI'f' la tPI' winner as a gU\ll'd nnd a I'cgu)al' Sl. LO~113 . .... ... OO~ O},2,

n Y " I New lOI'k ............ 00a 2.1 "II" gal t, gu . o n lasL yrllr'~ grid t m, He lh'

j04- n tic I', Includlnl: home runs by L"ry 03'-12 and Rlec. Lary also Illade a double

Th e h"n:('HI kick of III~ RamC WaH

J '~dm(' J\WI';:,un who dl'ove In tl1l'('>f' of Ill(' fOlll.' rtllH~. th,. I WD [lrat In the

opt-IIIB;; inning \\'11 h hil:l ticvcntecnth ho:n" .. or the HeltHOII Ju s t ufter Por· tel' i1'ld r)Ollhlroci.

Trw hox score:

\VI'ay 13"owlI ancl HIt .... ls Coggc· . hltll d efeatcd John Barr fInd James QuiCK, DaJl ius, Tex., combination, 6·3. G·3, G-l. In anolh I' doubles matCh .

-Reds Win Di;'~y Tilt 8InI:0I', In Ule mld"1 or lh~ CO li ' rll'ln", "nlfl til'll he w""I~,1 now 10 1Il0~t promln nt of th~ group In re' n "Io I ,Ir ... klp K"I Re"l:, 0111 " 1,10 of e'nt ye(lr~, Bolh received lhe bllche· hlmoe\[ the for mo.t clmllOn!!er for lor of arts deg"ce, 111l" 13fH)oLlnd crOWll, to srUlp one Clul D. VoltmeJ', who ehul'ed the 111111 for (III lh~ qur.Llo" of SUI"'('I11 ' Big T en 175 Ilollnd wreMlIln~ tlLle ""\', 'rh~ match probably will be III 1925 8nd won" InaJor "I" In fOol·

. Iu;::~tl ~~r~ In S"pt~mber. ball In InS, and Elvin n , Handy, Il

~fnlldrll, he,ulillg . ,,.,,Ight home La tJ'aek wolght lI1,n In 1923 Ilnd 1024, I ~r'! ItrOl '4 l , ilL, waR fi t III ~t'o~~y whon were awardeu dpgl'ces or master or hI> ::hllJ1bl"" out ot hhs dressln!; "rls. loom. fir coulflll't Sf'("m to und I'· ~L'h ~ othfl' J;'l'uduatlng athlete wu~

. 1,,",1 "'11'""01111 nn" "'tlnkly sOolit ,Joseph A . Jlratz, a mlno.· "I" win· " \Yh'tt" to mo~t (IU(>1·)"8. llf> indlc-u . tpnnls: In!'ll t:i)ll'ing, who rc· cd thn' he would roo derl,le nboul reo the d.gl'l'~ of bach lor Ot '1'1,,,, frnlll Ihe l'lnl: fOI' 80mellme, In ~Ieetrlclll onglnct" ·i ng.

Jle I ~ sLlII onl y 26 ye(ll'S old.

Summary-Itun" bat led In , Gelbel'l, Llnd~h·om. T("I'I'Y ' 3, Crllz, Leach, Jackson 2, Hoettger, F'..t!:tch 2, 0'11"81'­rell, Walkln$ 2, OrB'lW ; t"'o ba.,e hIts, Ltndsl1'oMl, Hafoy, Ilo ltgo,'; hom~

runs. Terry, Walkins; sacl'lflces, Lenc h, Ott. 'r I"'y, J aokson; dou"l p'{I)'~. f:o"'l·l~ch. Gelb{\1'l ancl Bottomley:

and drove In (Iv run~ whlJ~ nice'" WMHI - AI3, n.ll. PO.A ,E, rOtll' bllS'l:el' came wllh f~1J hnRes in )[yrl', ~IJ ...... _ ......... j 0 1 3 I 0 Ihe nllllh Inlling. Plpgrag sl.,'l.rted IUt,1 ,re .. " ...... 2 0 0 0 U 1 Co,' the Ytlllks but retired In lho fltth Cmnl": SB .......... ..... 0 0 3 1 when the Browns ijcol'ed (Iyo I'uns tu I r,m·I". If ......... ...... 0 OIl 0 lalce the lead tor the only Umc. Rhlrc", 11> ............... 1 8 3 0

McE\'oy flllished and got cre(\lt '1'0" 1. (,I ....... .... 1 0 I 2 0 0 (0" hI. flrsl American lellgue vIc· 11l1l ~l':e, 3b ............ 3 2 0 1 3 ° [o,'y, 5p "c~r, " ............. 4 0 2 ~ 2 °

Summary; JOll es, Jl ................. 3 0 1 2 0 0 NEW YORK- AB. R . Il. PO.A.E. Judge. " .. ¥' • 0 0 0 0 0 Combs. I t .............. .. ·1 .. 3 0 0 _____ _ Lary. 8S ........ ......... .. 2 1 1 0 Total.i....... ..33 3 7 2~ 1G 2 Cooke, I'f .................. G 0 2 0 0 -nllllt'rl for ,Iones In Olh. Llizzerl. 2b 6 1 '1 2 2 0 CI I':V I':- AB. n. ll. PO.A.K Gohrlg, Ib .............. 6 1 1 U 0 U ,lal11le"on, If ........ 4 I 1 ° 0 0 Hlce. cf ................... 5 1 2 U 0 1'01"("'. I'l ............... 4 2 0 0 0

F .... Olll Phillie8 Afi.cr Piling ttl> 14·0 Lead

PJlU,J\OEI_PRIA, July 17 (.\P)­'1'1' 0 Cincinnati Heds "c(ealed lho l'hl1ll,'" luday, 14 lo 0, ill (1, dl.zy " ill g rc~ 1. '!'I,cr H"M pllett up a 14 to Q ICII<l btl I lh~ r'''lIl1~" gal busy In L111' eIghth ;'lIll kllo~l<cd l1ixey oft lilt! 1llOtllld, !;col'llIg eIght rUBS. Th e» afldC't1 allo h{"I' ('OUlltCL' fn tho nlll"l.

O'\)oul and Klelll lc.pl UJl lholt' !"ITirh' Illtlirl g' Hln'ult, Ih() [01'10('1"

\ ,' llh tllI'(\" hitu find tiLe lalter with: roul'. u'Dolil allll ~Ieusol hit hO'II C" Dickey, c ............ 1 2 n 0 0 :>Iorgnn. Ih ........ I 13 2 0

Gh3pman . 3b 6 3 1 4 0 Uprl:t11Il , 2" .......... 0 0 .. 5 0 I'UIIS.

home I'un In Ihc rlflh, 'I'eachol! wa. Il'hrcl\ (1'0111 tll!" Inf)lIIHl In 1 ~lf' c1ghfh flcl' F'lnn'fi hmnl'l', II ('rm~H_l '::' tript ..

IIHI l:res"le,"s . In l:lo h,ld lIelt the ':01'(',

Bus h I1l1d1<'d fille rdlef h,,", al· lowing ollly 1111'1..' hil N 111 the l a.'\t [. :!·3 inning-IS. Vance ::t)}Jll,aI'Pri In thp dnll" ,'rllovln.; Dud le)'. (tntl (lill well until tilt' thirlcctlth. \\'Ilh 0110 out. lilnh' :,cl·a.l(·ltcd it si nglf!, 8110'1I8h'B Unc drlvc tllI'ough I he hox caromM oCt ~l'(,O Il(l ha:,c for a hit tlne) ~lIylcr

hounr('~ 0 IIl1 e "rive 0[( I Lrodrlcl, '. ); Io\'t, ru,' ,I tllll'd hll w"lch brought 111 th e (h:l'idifl g nlll , Stf?phen6011 III tel" tl'll' [OUl'tll I:d n~h' which hrought Eng-Il~h llild Cuylel' horne.

'1'11" box: ~corc: CIl 1(;.\(;0- A A. 11. II. PO.A.E. I :Ialr, ~b ji'int::'lio;:h, 3h Cny lrl', 1' 1'

',lI:-.on . c(

Htepl1flnSOll, Ie (Jl'imm, lit .... .. II,l rtrwll, l' ... .

IJf'Ck, Htoi lJ ~nlhro l o , • .. .... , F'arrell , HH ..... • ..

'f,~:u·hout. l> ...... ... " l'uHh. p .............. ..

G 3 4 0 • 0

(; I I 0 0 0 11300

o I 3 1 0 I 1 16 2 0 o 7 0 0 o I 5 0 o 0 0 {J 0 () I o 1

2 ~ 2

'1'01,,1. _ Ill 133922 0 'H,\l1Pd (or Beck In 101h.

nnOOl'LYN- A.B. !t. 11 . PO.A.E. 1"" ('llo"lrk, c( 6 0 I 0 ~"In n, :!b .................. .6 1 2 6 II rrmn II, .. r ........ " 1 2 a 1 r;'·~H "lel·. J b ........ 3 0 1 6 \Va,"wl', ................ 0 0 0 0 JJend"lck, 11.1 .......... 0 0 G 1

WI'I>;ht. "" .............. " 0 6 ~ 0 110011(', Ir 2 0 0 MoOl.... If ................ 0 0 0 0 nllbe .. l, 31) .............. G 0 2 0 0 [,01'07., c.... ...... [i 0 0 9 0 0 Plwlll", J1 .......... _ .. ~ I I I 0 0 Flvwel'", • .. ........... I 0 0 0 0 ~

\)Ullle~', ·1' .• 0 0 0 0 0 VtJIlCC'. P U o 0

... .4~ 3 12 30 13 · I 'h tl( (I fOI' I 'hf'I}lH J II 7lh. ·"'Han tOl' Br{'~~lr'l' in ~1I 1. ~co .. c by Inning,;

I 'hlt'''<;o ..... 100 200 000 000 a -6 r.'·llokIYII ..... .. OOU 0 I 0 O~O 000 0-1 ~lIJ1lmf\ry-Rhn" Ilaltcll In, Eng·

Jj~h, Juu'lnett 2, Ph('IJ)!;, l?J nn , Bl'c!I' ~ilcJ', .(;uylC' r , Stcphcn!'lon ~: two hft.'~

hHs, GlIi)t"rl, );(J011f', 1"l'cdl' r i('k; three b"." hit", Ulah', II al'l 11 e ll , liermo,,; hom!' l'un~. PhrJps, J"Jnn..; double plays, Finn to \""l'il{hl to B I'('~If>r, Hell<'I'iel, Iry W l'lgh( 10 ll ondrlck; le!t on ha.e" ChJcallo G, 1;l'ookll'n 8;

hf .~ Oil htlll~, off 'rp;l"hont, Dud· 11'Y, Vance; :;t I'LI('h: O\lt, b v PhC'ln:s ~.

Teachoul 2. BuSh 2. Du;lIol', Vance ~~ 111l~ . off I-"h C' lp!j li In 7 il1n lng~, DlIllJpy 1 In 1 (none out III IIllIth), \ rLlIlC(' 0 in 5 innlnt;M. Tl'u r boul ! in 7 1·3 innin~s, BU;slJ 3 ill ;; ;.! .. a innlngc;: \l'ln"ln~ pitchrt:. Bu,h; losing pilch· (,", VILli ('C.

Umplro" Mage,'kurth, Xlem Md Slt\l'k.

'1';010 or !t~e-~:41. , t·) ,.


When w, •

5 'o'elock : ot len.

"'gUM", Rally To tbe 2;',000 Ilf th~ CoJthful who

, rallied EtCer the Mlaco.I . of the win

JllIIlllrcll ·Millj')II ·OoIiRr 'Fly W'\AII(NGTO~, (AI') - Wllrnlus

I h. t th~ Hes~lll.n rl1 I. Iletlve 1""1111)' almost every yeal', the department o( aRrl uHurl' recall~ thf\t Il hM COSI th counlr&' M much us $] 00.000,000 Ii' lo.ses lo gralll In a bingle yea".

WESTERN U l;.\ OUE D r l1\'el' 10; no" Moine. 4 (night


Jackson Ilnd Tel'l'y; ,!lIckson nnd 'l' ltz; leCl on I\".e6, Nuw York 8; St.

Louis 11; base on ball", off MitChell 2. Johnson 3, Llud"ey, H evlng 3, Orab· olvskl. [o'ltZlllmrnonsl .true k out by Mitchell 2, JTevln!;r 2; hits off Johnson 1) In 5: IAllch!ey ° In 1; On,bow8kl 4 In ~; Mitchell J4 In 6 1·3; \-I cvlng 5 In 3 1.3; FItz..hYlInOIlH, 1 III 0 (fAced tlvo hltlsmen) oft ltubl)~11 0 III 1·3; hll by pilcher, by Gl'aoowskl (O'Farrell); win . nlng pitcher JllIlcbelr; lOsing pitcher John.on.

.• SeQI'{' bv IUlllus-s: U. H . J t~ . P{pgl'a8, p .............. 2 0 0 0 U 0 Avrrlli. ef .............. 0 1 U 0 0 C'lnrullla l i ...... 011061 200-14 17 I I McEvoY, P ....... , .... 4 2 0 0 0 0 ,J. Spwell, :lb .......... 0 0 0 5 0 11'hJlIV"'lllhln . 000 000 081- 0 17 3

• ter n.nd spring to talce on e more • chf\tlc", Ihe ha ttie \Vlls eminently .111· , l~fuclOl·y.

Violently I h y ch~ered I he ne w title holtle,·, (1, . Ieek, colorCul kid who ~tlll

• shades the voting >\I;e anll ha. less Ih an lhree yeal·. or profe. lomLi eJ(' pe"'cn~e, for bringing the Utle Benny L eonard IMt llCld for New York back 10 1 h(' lIlel ro»01I8,

Thl>re w"r Homo b008 mlnl'(le<1 In the o<'ullon , ror the faithful, what WIth Iho c pld mle or rouls nnd other

, lhlngs, a rc becoming chronically sus· • pleloll •.

Arknnl!.'lS hlld 214 homicides lall ~cllr-Ihc same numbel' as In 1028.

Po",lgn lrade or harl ston, S. (or Ihe flt'SL hnlr .of 1030 ex e d~d that of lhr sume \>erlod IRst yeal' 1,,:.0 , 1,000,000.

-------~------------~---------S inger Has Sl uff tOlnel'~ who seWed In the ball yard to·

I Singer 1)I'lngs to the 13;; 1'01111(1 nll:hl. I thron spced, II. hus ky punch, boxing .'1ItndrlJ's slruggle lo m a ke the • shllily and youlh thlll seems de~Llne<l welghl brought him to tbe Bl'ales at , to I' ul~ for a long L1mt'. HI. re~'Orri 13,( 1·2 PoundR. Singer. a naturlll I was nothing- 10 COml»lr wllh Ihat t)t lightweight ~Ith no IlOlln(lage prob·

Mandoll, tho ch"m l,lon. who CI'ushed lem". SC!llled 133 1·2. Jimmy MeLarnln. the Celt. ,vlth a The l<lte~1 lightweight s'ns"Uon b('auliCIII rll.pl(1.)' of boxIng ablllly III " 'Olll Sollth AI1lN'lca, .Iusto Suarez Qf thr 11010 ground" here. two ye \'s ago. Bueno,. Alre~ , punrhed out It 10 round ,SInce t hen Mandell dereRted 'I'ony victory Over Ihe veteran button·hole '<;ru'ZO')(" '1 In a tlLle teRt, but lo~l two workel' of Brooklyn. ,Joe Glick, In th ovel'we,lght maLohe~ to M.cLarnln and Heml rlnal ('onttst, rought atter tha took solid belltlng8 In bolh. main go. Sual''''', 'I ha,'d lwo·flsted

_ Singer hn, been carefully nursl'd to jlunehe,'. flool'ed Gliok ror (1, eounl of the helghls. B e foughl Canzoneyl :t nln(' In th .. second l'(lUnd an,l knooked draw. but was knocked out b)' 11 fea· thp "eteran 10 his knees In the t<'n th. tl1I'rwelghl. InSl1nclo Fernandez In The Argentine had a ll lhe bette r of tI"."e round", though he later detellt· lhe mIlling but lacked lhe exJ)erlence cd tile 1~llIplno. II .. losl a deCision to to put 'IWtly his lough OPI)onent. Suo

dOd ChOCOlate and negleCled to light Ilr"z weh;hed 138 aOd Glick 138 1-2. ,Jackie KldllCl'g [01' thl' right lo",eet MldgeL Wolgast of I1hllll<lellJhht, Man~e ll. recognIzed 111 New York and Pennoyl·

lUau." May Hellrc van ia as Ihe f1ywelgbt champion, =' The knockout flllIKu'en U,v wrotE' thp ~\\"1rll'lPd t)ve1" "El'nit:' PPtPI'R or ('hi· ' nnlll 11,,1' 10 Ihr I'('('ord of Mnndl' lI'a C"~n, \\'hl) hnd n rnll,· pound llI1vl1n· ,cnrl>er. n~rO\'" lhls mnlch he Illrll· l"l:e nt 116 1·2, nnll won nn 1'11!ht rAte.1 he woullL retl)'" I( S inger beat rouo(].d I.810n In the prelimInary b 111m before Ihe .200,000 W(lt'L1) ot eus· !Ol'~ \h~ mllin e\'~llt,

Okh.hOl1ltl Clly I; Sl. Joseph 3 nh;ht ~ilm(",.

\\,1chlta. tJ: i'nlwlw. 1. PU~I)lo III Omaha. l'o~tl)Oncd.

NEVER OUT Grov~ Cleveland AJexandr,l', "Uld Aleck," for years a big league pitching hero, takes his first workDut with' the Da1las, Tex" ~eflm of the Texas Leilgue. He lVas recently released from the majors,

Umplres-Scoll, Pflrman and Qulg. Icy. •

Tirne or game--2:42.

----------~'-rl~----- . Big Six Averages . 1

, (Ry the ,\ ssocia.(.etl l'fIl8~)

J There wa~ a nOW UI)WU rd trend in Ihe nVllntgCS ulong the Big Stx front 1 p terday "" Ihe boys w nt out and eolleclotl a good sbed bunc h of ba_e hits. Tho Philadelphian Ipader. showed the wo)r, F l'a nk O'Doul get· Ung three hila In four timCII at bat nnd Chuck K lein milking four out or tlve. 'l'h y galne<l tour and six nolnls resllectlvely. AI Simmon. "eg· I. te"ed It Clve foot gain to take thlrd \>Iace In th e Big Sh.: lI\Vay from Babe He.man "6 he mtide three h1l8 In tour limes up, The Babe lost a point , jo\otllng two hlu. In ~Ix tdes. ijam Hlce'k slump continued and he drollp d out oC Ihe BII< Six plct"re. l'<'lng I'elllaccd by Lou Gehrig, whose Pne hltdn five at bat was e nough to ,put him 1il....econd pilloo On the , A merlean league balling list. Bllbe. RUl h agai n was Idle bul a 8eml·or· flclal I'evlslon of the figures, gIving him an exIrA hi t. added a few 1l01nt~ 10 his average.

l:itandlngs: • G, AB. ,R. H. ('ct.

O' IJoul, Phlllks .... 7[; 291 '&9 121 .ta7' KI In , P hillie ..... 78 325 82 131 .40,3 ,'l lllmon", A'~ ........ 7,1 '.!9 1 8.3 11 4 , 3[12 lI ~rmnn, HOj,lnR RO n!s 79 127 .38T. n ehr l)::, Yo nkc~" Rr. ~ l !l 77 '12 1 < ~7!l

- - - - - - M.yrtll, c ............ 3 0 ° 4 0 0 13alle rles-RI"ey, Campbell alltl Totllis ........ ........ 40 1 G 21 27 7 0 r:OI0111an, "" ........... BOO 0 "ul,eru!'t"; Benge. Smylhe :'''1<~

ST. LOU1S- A B. n. fl . PO.A.I!;, Hutilln, IJ ............... a 0 0 2 3 0 Jt£,)lsa. ~'lcNeely, Ib ............ 1 III 1 7 1 0 _ ____ _

Balc, 3b .................... 2 0 0 2 0 1 To: als .. ... ~6 oJ M ~7 1 DO , NOI'th al'oJlna obtlllnC(\ $20 .000 Q'RQurkc, 3h· lb ... 5 1 1 3 3 0 !-ic'o,'" hy Innh,gH: (l'om the .ale oC rlshlng ' licensell to GOSIlIl. IC .................. 3 1 0 3 1 0 \\'" s hln:;loll ............. 010 002 000- 3 Hon.resldents during Lhe 1929.30 Kress, 89 ............... _. 5 1 3 'I 1 CI~velnnd .................. 200 002 00'-4

Fel'I'ell, e ....... _ ....... 5 1 2 3 1 0 ,'umm:lr)'-I1""~ bllllcd In . Mor. , _s: ... :n~. :;~:;;::~:~:~;;;;;;~~ Schulto. cf ... -...... .. a:'. 0 U ~illl 3, t ltJ l1(,~, BIIlt'hr, SpPl1ccr; two i '1\1 ell 11 0. '2 b ................ .. 1 3 ~ 1 ha"~ hl: s, ('ol·ter ~, ShiN'''; home ru n , Bndgl'o, .. r .......... . _ ... 4 II II 0 . .uUI'~"nl :<lal~Il ' hUlIe, Blue,e; sac.'I· Cotfm o.n, p .............. 2 0' 0 0 0 rlr~ , 1[0 Itl "p ; 1I00ubl~ ,llllY.. 'hll'rH 10 • HlISIQ" ....... - ........... 0 0 0 0 " "1'0,' 111 Iv .1011"', Hudlill t o ltod""I' BlaQ!,pldel', II ........ IOU t II II In .\IIJl'll'lut, IJlup/:,o to 8hl"08 10 ·'Blue ........ ............. 1 0 0 0 0 0 ,;.,,':1""1', illyrl' 10 ("onl" 10 Sbll'Os; Hol.houser, p ........ 0 ° 0 0 ° 0 ·,·CI nil 1)11""", 1 leve'l1.n'(l 1, Was h In!:·

Total~ .................. 38 7 11 27 IS "Ha n (or McNeely In 5th.

··.Balted rOI' 'Blae holdcl' In 8th. Score' 'by Innlng8;

New 'ork ................ 110 01 t 40:;- 1G St. Lo uie .................. 001 050 010- 7

tf)n G: 1)i1 ~(, 011 hulJ~ , orr Hudlfn :; ~1

, I n llr~; :illlH'I~ Olll, by .Hutllin 4, ,I nil ('lI; hll hy Illteh",', " hy Jones 1~ l organ): los ln!" pllchcl', Jones.

UJflI1II'('+.:-Ormshy, Ou tht'lc and .'!I(If'hI'OInfl.

TllI1e of gllme-1:37. "1 "t..., ,p •

To~~r(Tow July 19



AVn:(XOlts i.

., ,lot ~ ".

Frost Bitten

, . are unusu~1 these

are the

value,s you. wi)] find

in hot weather .'

clothes at

,'\'1 I

CIDthi~g CO. ,I

122 East Collogf: .. , ..

. ,

.' tbat's when mid·

afternoon fatigue \

demantis attention. I , .. "

A cool refreshing


over ,

and ch(lt

the ' topics M


the day at


... '


I:ulh, Yankecs .... 79 212 11! UD .864'--________________________ ..:'.:. ____________ ri~ ... ""'!I--.............. iII'! ....... ~ ...


, .FtUDAY, .

S~4c •

Caddy Enter Over

. Davenport Pulls!

I ,Qn3



JohnnY Lasche. .Ide caddy, wle,

m~lcl>~d club" gQtrdom's bllJJ 01

l acu laJ" fout' and

Ibe vH~ran A I tumwa.

The nlodel'n v

the glallt killer,

f4 In the gl'~a tes tourpRPlent In I ·who had stal'tel oaseG with golf t Johnny had s lell

JohnIlY!f.i ll"Crvf os lbe: vetet'nn A In his bag In a. f1

deteat. He yie ld' m~"t all lhe I W"r clh bul thell l)ul1 to hal"e the lUs t hnv lng lal,en (1,

twenty·se \le-nth. Pili' Otlt ..... .4

Losehe out ....... .4 Barllett alit .... 4

Par. If! , ...... 5 ~Rsche In ..... 6 Bartlett In ... G •

De/llist E , Johnny's' dllz~JI

tlonn I thotrg l( It fulll' be lermed Quarter finals. A scores of bolt bal ton of Dav npo,

1111l.y. go lC only w 01 d,llies af·. nol ed In the mos t n an Co of I he <lay II Vl\vra .. f Ce,la,' J Ihe lhlrty·seventll

'rw'O clown wh lunch nl noon . J ~otrgedl~ a gn I"s ' dl.play~ or pltc hln came, rrolll I he "I "a's rlul)s. 11e ~ I

11 .. t\\enty·nrst III

the I Wollt)'·secoll<l dcmcf',

VR.VI'R '!i perre[ proaches and pultl lI,II'al ll on th e l\' till'plched hla lea( winning th l'pe of t

nven u.t I II \VR! lhore. a

that D.,. Bm'lon eSl garne he eV~ I'

I<olng to lloe I e I­Iy at I\. 'rho bull I 111m sUII In '/: I ohlppod n maghle I Iho holo. rle Jlut I Inlo hi" "hots on R'HI Ihlrly·nfll, t, home tel' a ll ('\r~n.

A .1I<:'l1t mlsr ut mntC'h thcrr. ()V(,l

hi . " l)prouel1, he fl In lookln;:r tiP ali bali a'HI lost his , splto" five, onc ov

A Hrt'l!rrhlng (11'1 8E'\'Cllth rollow~d

Ihal put 111m 011 t rrom Ihe pin f,'orn hennllful Cl!rlln!; I li~LV6 Rartol1 the I

Nordsl rOIl1 8 Llo!,d Nord"I"om

llOl't, had a s lrnJln ~lrKec. Drs Mol n and trans·Mlsslsslp p ..... ltle sIn ,·t left hi Iho nlnlh hul. he l' finish th~ m nrnhlR

;\lcKee sQua "eel t fir st hole In I he III Ished ono til' at 'h,

It was not tlllU

thaI LloYd again II he had to shooL fOil way to win , two til

, Bob McCl'lu·.\', ~ champion. had the

the da y In dlsj10s ln Jack BalMm, hi s I

from De~ MolneH, .1 MeCrlll',,'

Boh helrl 1\ .Ix I,

time but faced lOll • artel'noon , 81" suc, l greens, on fotll' or , IIIlnk ~O·(ootel'", leCI

the WO I'/30 as t hC'y \\ ' al nine. lIP cut the on the t wentY'1l11l1 nexl. Th_ mateh ell on lhe thlrly·flrst.

The flne r'noon cm i McCrary out .. 5 4 5

Balham olll .. .4 4 4

~~cCra l 'y In .... 5 5 4 Batham III ....... 4 5

n •• lon olll ..... 3 5 4 VAv ra olll .. ' 4 5 fi

-Barton III .... I) 5 'I Vavra In ....... 4 5 ·1

Barl~n Qut ..... 3 VRvr'd out ....... 4

NOI'dsl l'om Ollt U 5 Mcl~ec oul .... 1 5 5

NOl'(lslrollt 111 5 4 4

lfrKor in ... " .. 5 6 .,

La. cho lIleets M, .' semi flnJll~ tornol'l" fltroOl Il loY8 Batton,

i\)IERJOi\ N J\S~ Mllwnuk~ 11; Kan Tole(10 10; 1.oul8vlll HI. Palll 0; ~1 I nl\." Columl>uM IC; \"din

Walll IJUlli , Indian n '(oUnd . 115 fcel 'und o!,! CHy, Cui,

----t" T\\,~l1t~'. fi\'f' TIrol' rro

(Irs AtA wom(m, (lfilh

f tornl~ ~utomobllo n .. ~.


lwo ~l lI lIe& . On211 In LlII' una(;t'u f p ll(:h" ,', walt lhlo!

r"I,'""""',, Jlllal threo ru,

1I 1 'ln~ U,e rI~ht g-fll ~1\\,Hy rOl' u. t rJ p~~.

'~ronld .... " urt wHh a t lio firth. Teaohout "a., the 11101l11l1 In Ihe eighth hOIllOl', lIormnp'. 1I·lpl.

olnl(le h,," tied the

fl n f' J'('llrf ha ll , oJ. lIu£' hit Ii i ll t h~ 19.Bl 5 Vllllce appe.'ll'rri In thp

Pu~loy . an,1 ,Ud well tli. \l'lth 0110 out,

singl£', Eu .... lIsh'. the "ox CtlrOOIM

fOL' a h it and Cuyler IId\'e orc I lr ll" ,'Icl<'.

lilt whll' h bl'oUght T' un . ~teph Il80n

slnJ;'it' whleh allll Cuylc,' home.



A I:. R. II. I'O.A.E. 6 3 4 0 I; 4 0 Ii 0 0 r. 0 0 I; II 5 I


o o U 0 o 1 o I

3 t 16 2 7 0 I 5 o o 1 I

IU 6 13 ao 22 0 Ueck III 10th.

AU. It . I r. PO.A.E. 6 0 1 0

... jj

I; 1 3 3 0 1 6 o 0 0 0

o 0 Ii I o 6 3

.. 2 0 o 0 0 G 0 2

o 0

o 0 o o

I I 0 o 0 0 0 o 0 0 Q

o () 0 0

HUllS I" llleri III, Eng· l 2, Ph('lJ>~ . 11'111 11 , BI'cs, St(\Ph(>lI~fHI ~: two bas'!! BOfH1 Cl-, 1·""Prll,\l'Ipk: thrE."B

, ] 1"L'tnett , 110"m!Ll1; I'holp", 1"lnn: double

tolA'l'Iqh( 10 Bl'o>l5l,r, Wright to Ilonrl~lck :

, Chloago U. 1:l'ooklYIl !: , orr 1·oa o houl. Dud·

k oul. h.v P helllM 5. Bush 2. Dudloy. Vance Phrlpti Ii in 7 i nn ingI!'. 1 (tl0 11 f' nlll In IIlnth). illll in::;M, Trorhout D In BU~h 3 i n ri ~·3 Inlllng,;;

. Rush; losing pitch·

h, Klem llnd


' 8 when mid·

fatigue ,


I "

refreshing \ . I

a eh{it

' topics Of

,~, ', 1\11 .... - ~I

I '

, FiIDA Y, JULY 18, 1930 I


.S~~QqJboY~JJ_e_a_t--=---s ~_-=----:......::~._C_h_am_p...:.--.:.io_n~~_St_a_te_G~o_lf~~-=---_U_pset Caddy Wins; Enters Finals '6ver Bartiett.

Sp4?rt Sllorts

TILLIE THE ! OILER-Mac Gives _a_B_ih_·nGg,R~e~~o~r=it~====r.~~;Alliuwr.~1 ( O ,,",e \N I L.L. MUVV

A.S :::'00"-1 A 'S ,

C O"":I<! ,\-IE M AN '3 H EAD

W I'n-\ "S AND

Russ Westover

' Davenport D e n ti s t

Pulls Out Win '. I Qll 37 Hole .

I By \Vlf.AJJ!K C. P I!1I'ER SON SJJNNy s rpE CpUNTRY CLUB, WXTE'R ~ O- Qul t. una'sumln g Jehn ny Ulsc lle , ltl yen ,' old Sunn y.


side ca~dy, wlclllln g 'L se t of uli , "Iqfcped club., today s pl'Ung Into gQlrdOm'S halt or rnme wtlh " spec· tae ular four and t hree Vlc l o'!-y over the vetol'a n Ar t Bal'lIeU of ot·

tum wCl . The morlel'll veL."lon of J ac k a nd

lhe g iant killer , young J ohnny turn· rd In Ihp gl'~atest upset 01 the s ta te tournA ment In lI'ounclng the ln a n ~vho had s tnl'led til ling his ahow Calif. with golf li'Q phlcs even before Jphnn y had slept In hiS c rad le.

Johnny:£; JlOl' VPS r e tntdll ed stpe l e~

BIl the vete l'n n A lt IL'led e ve l'y la'lcl< In his I)"g In 11 (u t lie ~rfort 10 avel·t deCcat. H e yield ed only ' for " mo· mr llt Oil lh r l WP l1ty- nln th and thh'U· eth but theu pulled hl m"elf together to hRh'e t he IMt t h ree a Od wlp a ftel' hav ing ta"ep 11 . Ix up lead at the t Wf>nty-sev(> nth .

Par out .... .4 1 4 3 5 4 4 4 3- 35 LaS('he out ....... 4 5 5 2 5 4 5 5 4- 39 BarUett out .. .4 5 3 5 4 5 5 5-41

Par In .. .. ..... 5 4 4 A 4 It"sche In ...... 6 5 4 4 5 4 BarOett In ... 6 I 3 4 5 4

Venlist Extracls Win Johnny'.' da.zillng victory, sensa·

tionnl thoLI <;,11 It "'os, can not tru l h· full)' bo lermed tho maieh or the quart@L' f in a ls. A n othel' vel C' ['u n of scores of ",ole batll e~. Dr, Pa ul Bal'· ton 01 Davenp.ort , a den tis t who "laYb G'olf ollly when hlH pI·o(es. lon · 81 c1 l1t1~s flre not tou l'J'est;;l ng, l UI'n ­ed In the most m a rve lou. 1)('11'01'''1 ' t ne. of Ihe day In de(eatln g' Johnny VAvra oC CedaL' Haptd s, olle UI) on Iho t hlrl y·"~venth hole,

'rw'Q dow n w ll PI1 they wellt l b lunch at noon , 0 1". Bn.rlon CQtl g'h t dogged I), agalnsl !llmost L1Il Cllnn ), dl"I1I"Y8 o( 1>ltchlllS' and pu ttl n!; thaI camel (rom the titt"f'ls hlarte~ or Va· nl'ij cltlhs. lJ ~ snuarea ma l.ltr.!;J on th. t\\'enty·(kst ami wo nt 01,,) up on thl} twcnty·se ond w hen he sank a dC.11CP,

V"V I'!l'" pCL'(eolly played a l>' pronches a nd p utt lol eveJled th e coun t ~nln 0 11 lh e t\v(,Bty·xevC' llth . l it" stl'Nched his lent! to three up hY wlonlng tllI'0e of Ihe Iwxt flv" holes.

nven u.t II mHO Tee It WA' tll,'ro, at th thl l' t y·thl rrl.

that Dr, Bllrton unoO l'kM t he fin · est ~ame he evol' ijhot. T llre down ~olnl: to IhC' If'£' h(' Wh llCkcc1 b rave· ly at It. The halJ hit a 11m b lW ei left him stilt In . I"HI way, But Ill' chipped l\ mas hie Into the cu p to win the h ol(', 11 f' )lut f'vrl'yt h i ng- h ~ h atl Into hi!; Rhots on lht~ t ll ll't~' .fOlh·t h

and t1lll'ly·fll th "uti went to t he hOllie tro all rveLl.

A RU!:hl ml'rtlo co~t Yavra the mat r-h th('rr. OV"I' I1w !!I'cr n wit h his approach, he rlld a duhho l's 11'lck In looking 111' liS ho smlleked hi" bait and los1 hi. chance to wIn de· splto a flvo. one ovrl' ntH' Illj" Bar ton .

A s(' I-rrchl ng drlvf' 011 t he th ll't y· 8(lv{'n th Coli 0\\'("41 h y a n HJ)proaf'h Ihal put him on tho c.rp~t 30 fret from the pin from ",hN'C h~ Slink It brnut lful curlin,:: putt (or a bll'~le

gave Ba rton t ht:" m ut ch. Norrlst rOin Reat~ I cKc~

Llol'd Nonlstl'O lll , a lso of Daven· port, hart " . 1 mil,,,· dU1l1 with Roh Mc J{~c. Oes Moln cs, rOl'mcl' s ta te and tra n".MI"Hlss! !' I)1 ch[Ln'lplon , a n . f ralic Kt' ''t INt hi'" three down a l Ih{' nI nth hul II(" play('d pu r golf to f lnlr:;h t he m(Jrn lnR 1:-1 on" u f).

)..!cKee sfluared Ow Illatch on the flr sl hole In t hc nncr noon "nil fh" Ished one up at t he t wen ty·srventh .

It was not un til tho t hl r t y·nrs t Ihlll Lloyd o.;" ln took the Irnd a nd he had 10 shoot fOllrs t he rest o( th e Wll.lr to win . two u p .

Bob McCrll l'l', t rall s·MlssI.s lppl l" champIon. hnd th e rasl •• t m nloh of

the <lay In dISj)o, IJl g of t he ve te ra n ' Jack Ba th • .tn . hIs follow town sma n from De,., MoIIl CS, ~ I x fi nd five.

1\leCrnry Wins Rob hol(l Il s ix 111' [rarl Ilt lunch

time but (".cod tOIl [;h I':oln;:: In t he t afternoon. Six Sll (,(,f'~R l v~ one nutt ~ green", on fO Ul' or which Bl\th nm

sank 20·footer8. le (t th e vete ra n none the \\'01'80 9S Ih ey went Into the fln ·

' al nine. lIe cut th~ lead to five up On the twent y·nlnth but los t thp nexl, '1'1,. match nded with a ha lf On the tlllrty· fl rst.


The ILfle rnoon cards: lIcCrary out .. 5 4 5 3 4 4 4 4 3- 36 Batham out .. 4 4 4 4 4 3 5 4 4- 36

McCra ry In .... 5 4 ~ Bnlhnm 111 5 5 4

BHtOIl OUI Vavra out

Barton III Vavra In

3 5 4 .4 &

Bartoh Qut ...... 3 Vav ra out _ ... .4

6 4 4 6 4-37 3 ~ 4 4 6 3- 30

I G 4 4 3 5-39 3 4 5 5 4 6- 30

Nordell'oOl a li i Ii 6 3 Ii 4 4 5 6- 41 Mrl~ee out ... ,I 6 3 r. 4 5 414- 39

NOl'dstronl In 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4- 37 - 78

~[r1(ce III ........ 5 5 'I 5 I 4 4 4 ' 5- 40 - 79

; L1 gc hc m cts McCrary 111 thll &eml (Imll . t omol'mw and CNoI·d· st rom piny" .I3a l'lon,

M IERICi\ N AS!ol()('[i\TION Mllwauk~e 11: Kan~a. City 8. Toledo 10; T,oulsV III~ ' 6. St. Pa ulO : Mlnn NLpolls 2. Columl)u s 10; 1nd18nl\t101l. G.

WalnilUm , IndIan money . hilS been 'found 115 feot 'u1ldel'g l'o und ILt Yublt Clly, Cal.

, T",en t l'·lil·~ (lN' oMt or COr til'll"

ora Aro womOIl. eal lmnteR t ho Cnll· tor n l~ autom obllo nsSoc!tlUOII .

by "Baldy" --,,~~!!!!~

so' ev n. t he ex:pc l"ts CRn t~ wronF it seems. 'T h is column predic ted yes,

tf'J'd~h' , 01' rathel' hazal'd~d a gU~~:I' tl llLt Ir t he Ma ndell·Sl liser title go elll1ed In IL k nockou l It wou ld ,,~ lit

t ie Al ,,~o bi t t he d ust. All of whic h ~ooa to Pl'o,;~ ju~t ab,olu tely n.othlnl;' . -'excep t that we were wrong.

• • • lIut In (he life or t~n "eXI)et't"

Ilt lft is ol'tlinllry. Ami !Ur1hel" '/IIore, we hU\'e 110 a libi.

• • • A!ld while s peaking of upsets. how

Ilhoul the Jij ·yeal' ·old caddy who !iave Ihe old dope bucket a kick In t he "Iu ts . a nd left AI·t Bartlett, the de· t" ld lng cha m p, ou t In t he cold at 1\ uteL'loo?

Maci"s Drag Chicago Sox

Over Rocks · . . No! W~ WOII' I Pun

• • • Bpt th r kid surely did s lloot some

"Ice golf to be In t he,·e. '\'hether 01'

Hot h e ca n COmE' t hrou gh to(,lay nl;u lns t Bob . 1eCral·Y Is "!lothel' mat· tel', bu t we woul<Jn't mInd Il lilt I 1,1 Unll 100", srro n 0)1 the YOUII!:Sler .

• • • Whlrh reminds "., or Ihe old

Sit "', "yuuth ,nusl l1e sCI·ved." • ••

Abo ut th l" Brook ly n ball c illb. No on e h ns :rr t beoen ahlPi to .U] VH II ('e

tt sll.lIsC:,etor), reaOO n fOr thell' belllg \11) thol'e el<eept thnt t hey Il l' win· 1I1ffg b,\l1 games. Of courRe the Cllh~ l" lOCkod th cm of( yestol'day and "d· vttnced to with in two garncH of till' (r, l', )J ut who ellll tell ahout that'! W e have felt a ll yoal' Ihat there al'e lIhOul · Cou;' tr'ams 111 l he Nallon,,1 l cug u(l betle r lhan the Hol)i ns, a n(l oU r JJttle PI'.cdlCtlo ll I" that th6y do 1I0 t C!J1ls h on toil,

• • • li t rO llrso tlic ro ;8 Ihe " Id j 1';\.

Ilit/Oll "boil I Ih e lea m ill f l r~t plnL'e 0" J uh' 4 Iyinlling out, but It's .due Ipr il 100[> I hi s yetll'.

• • • 'rh. n t hrt·c ll l' ~he jn~l' neds

,,,h o IHtVc a sUN'lu l grud~(' with tho Cubs, Not so long ago they "tapjl~1l t he Bruin s down CO l' rour "t"'LI",ht, which dld n 't hel l) lhe Windy City ('hance'S any. ~Tul'ii to show how Ught t he National lellgue I'llee Is t h l" yMr, .Tu ly 4 , when Ihe Robi ns took tl ndl81H1 tcd hold of CIL'st place, t he H eds \vel'e 13 and II h:>.lt "alnc hchlnd the l endc1's, a nd today they nee 12. So the Red l~g6 h a ,'" played LL little vetteI' hall i n t he taRt two wccl{s than the " 1I» t here" t cam li.

• • • A lld there has n ' t heen a Ch 'lIIgll

III po. ition In 1110 sllllior loop 101' OI·Ct· two weel(s.

Primo Slaps Wright From

Omaha Ring OMA n A, Ncb" July 17 (Al ') -

P ..tmo Cnrn el'a, glnnt Halla n neavy.

weight, strl"ln!: wIth every ou nce or p ow eJ' In his 2fi3 Ilou nd8, lom gnr knocked o ut B~ar('"t W I·lg h t. Om,,· ha Negro. In the fourth rou n!! or theh' sch ed uled ten rou m1 bo ut.

E a l'ly In ~ho fourtIl r ou na. (.;al · n e ra con~ octed "~uarely with " straIght righ t to t bo hend t hat se n t Lh e Negro flgh ttl' I,urtlins ou t a t the 1'1 nil'. So te rril Ic waR the 1m· pac t oC the blolV, that Wright s na pped t he mlddl strand of L1,e rOPe ~ Jean as he wen t dow n ana out.

H e In nded I n the spec ta tors ' la p8 " nd was g{vcn le n seconds to gel back In th e ring before the counL Btal'ted. Once In the rIng . W I' I!;'h t took a n a dditiona l nine a nti Lnen gRlned his feet .

Cal'nera plunged In a nd anOLtle l poweL'lul rig ht, s U'alght from till

ehoulHel', l)lIt W L'lght down COl' the fin a.l count,

Ti'\ flrat ulld Second rOUnds wero even , bllt pal'ncra S'aln ~d speetl III the thll'd a nd hegall Sllooting I'Ign ts th a t weakened Wright and p" el}al'ell Ih e way Cor t he kn ockou t blow.

Cam era weig hed 263, a nd Wrlg h C 218,

Signs With Giants

Athlelics Strengthen .A:mercicall Loop


CH I ACO. July 11 (IIP)- P l1 l1 adp l· phll ... had a. lead of three a nd one· Iw lf f,'\.1n1eS over t he W/ashl'1'l t oll cluh to(lay "Ctel' defea ll ng .. Ghlefl",u, I:! to 8, and (;lo I'cl nd took \\l u"h · IlIgton 'R Jlu m bcr,

A I T hom, l" .IH I'(ed off Coo' th e Hux """ pitched \\e ll u ll tl l the .Ixth w hen l he A'. n!rlled h im fOL' th ree I·U n ~. Again In the sevenl h tll ~:V HcoL'ed PVf' IllUl' f' Innl' I(<,J's and Thon lUli was re llovell 1).1' W" Ish.

Mahaffey was the fll·.t Phll.del· phla pltdle l' bU l he only SUt l'cd t wO Innlnga g iving wuy ' to nOll1n',el who cunlln ued art unt il the ninth whell 01'01'0 was "ushed Into hH lt a W nlle Hex m il )' which had ull 'e'td), produced five I'Ull!!.

l:l 1l1l1n)al'Y: l ' II/l.J\'I' ItI /\ - AB. n . lI . PQ .A .I~, Bi.hol). 2b "." ... ",,' 1 I 0 ~ 7 I)

) laas. <it ... """ .... """".a 1 1 1 Q 0 Cochmne, c ." ............ .4 3 2 3 0 0 l:llmmons. If .. . "".. I 3 a 1 1 0 Poxx, lb ...... " ....... " .. 1 1 2 13 0 0 ~1It1el·. 1'( ." ",... .•. 5 2 2 1 0 0 O~ ' IIOS, alJ ................... .4 0 2 0 I;oley. ~""._ ........ " ..... 6 0 0 4 4 ~ .\Iaha(!ey. ]) ... " ....... 1 0 0 0 0 0 I ~ommel. I} ..... " ......... 3 1 2 0 3 0 tlt ave, " ............. 0 0 0 0 0 ~

'rotals ........ " .......... 36 12 14 27 17 0 CUJCACO- A D. R . 11 . PO,A.E. \\atwo4d, 1b ........... .4 1 1 J 2 0 0 ~Ju Ileuvy • • s ....... ".5 2 3 1 4 0 I :rl·nold~. I'r ................ 5 I 4 ti 0 Jolley. If .... ................ 5 I 0 0 CIssell. 2b .. " ........... 5 0 0 1 1 0 Bamos. cf ............ ..... 5 1 2 6 0 0 I ~ynn. 31) .. " ..• ,,-, .... .4 0 0 1 2 0 ('L'Ouer, C ........... ".-... 3 1 1 4 1 0 T ho",a". p ................ 2 0 1 0 1 0 1I' ''18h , P ............... _".1 0 0 0 0 0 • }.!letzler .. " ........ " .... 1 1 1 0 0 0

Total" ................... .40 8 15 27 ~ 0 -BuLled fo r ·Wa l. h jn nin t h. HeOl'c by In ning.:

Philadelphia ....... " ...... 300 003 501-12 l'hklll;o ....................... 110 001 005- g

SUlI1ma) y - R ull '3 bat ted In, Slm· IlIone 3, l'--ox 4. Reynolds 2, Crouse. ~lIl1cl' 2, Dyke. 2. H uas, J olley 2: lwo buso hit. Mul~'U\'y, Bat'lles, :R oy, nolds. Dykes, R ommel. Cochrane 2, I"oxx. MilleI'; th ree base hll. Slm· mOll8, I [aas. MilicI'; home ru n8 , ~o\· tey; suel' lflce •• Hllas 2. l:l lmmons, I"oxx; (louble ,o loys Holey to F oxx.: Hllln to W'a twood ; leCt on ba~e8, I'h llad,t ll)h la 3, ChIcago 7; base o n halls, oCf T homns 2. Romm el 2; RU'UOI< ou l, hy 'l'homas 4, Romm el 2; h its 01 C Th omas 11 In 6 2·3, ;\1!1.haffe.v 6 III 2. W a lsh 3 In 2 1·3. Rom m el 9 lil 6 1·3. Gl'ove 0 In 2·3: winn Ing I)lte ll ' Cl' Hommel: losi ng pitcher Th om a •. U Ill"l re"-~l cGowan . Owe ns a:l)tI

Mor la l·ty. T lme-1:30.

Nil T JO NAL LEAGUE W . L. P el.

Bl'ooklYn ................... .4 9 32 . 6Q5 Cllie/lI;;o ...................... 49 a6 .576

'ow 'lOI'k ................. .44 n .5$7 ~a, L Ut!l 3 ....... " ... ' .... 41 39 ,513 1;0,,1011 ..................... 39 43 .41 6 l' ill"IJlII·(.;'11 ........ .. ....... 39 44 .170 l' hl d n ll aU " ................ 37 4<1 .4 57 I 'hlllldei llhl:L .............. 28 50 . ~ 59

Yesterday's Result s ('h le,,;:o G: Brooklyn 3. N('w Ym'k 12: S l. L.ouls 9. Pi ttsburg h R; Bo"toll 2. (;III cllllla li 11 ; ,Phllorl plphla 9.

( ;alUcs Tut1ay i' ltt"bul'g h a t Bos ton. Chicogo at Br ooltl ),n , St. 1>ouls I\t New YOI'I" CilJci lin a ti ILt Phllade lrlhl fl.

Mmm Ci\N LE.\ (iliE \IV. t •.

I' h lla<1r IJlhln. .............. 60 20

Johnlly Adullls, 20 yC IlI'~ olLl . who WII~ spoLll't1 by uig league ReO!1 t" I w1,ile nitJ)liinA' fot' th .. (fll il'c l'sif,v or Rir hm onrl ninr, hfl R Rignrc! n ront l'nct with tho ew York Giants.

\ \ ' flMh Jng t oll .. " .......... u;) 31 ~ f(,\\ , \rOl'l{ ................ 61 35 ('lrvolfL lI41 ........... ........ .'14 4a P rl r olt "' ......... " ....... .41 49 Chh'/H;O ..... " .............. 32 5 ~ I ~o 11011 ........................ 32 53 I'll . I.oul" . . .... , ...... 32 Go

\ "tlld "I'dn" 'N Ue." ult~ l' III I-o ,I" II)hlll 12; C'hirngo ~, (' h ' v 4·1n Ilt l ' 4: ·\\·oHhl n.ttLon :t . n H"i toll I !! ; n (\h 'olt ~.

No\\" YOI'I, 10; at. l ... ollis I .

. C: "II) C~ 'I'o,lllf l ' hlluol " ljlhlll lit Chlen!:'o. ~l'W YO l'l{ a t Sl. Lo ul~. J II I" loll !Lt De tro it, 1I'""hln;::lon a t Clevola nd .

~I nl'n Ihon ~R, OOO fn l'm lin}," n nrt ~I r l" In 'I'Nln oRReo 01'0 r nl'oli r d In 1· 11 c l u b~. -


UN()ISPUT ABLE CHAMPIONS BQstOl1 Red Sox Get Slllgging Bug; Bounce

Delroit Tiger8 by 12·2

Or.;T HOI T , July 17 (AP)-ThL'e~

Tlelr"jl plle hol'" f(lll <1 to stOll the " 'I1~g'JlI '~ or lllfli n"tI S,x toll i-1Y lll1l1

1 :0::'(111 won 1:! to 2. ~\'e llll1g LiJC' :- ( •.

rll'·'. IYrhh Ir I tll~ ~lox altacl, with

t111'("O r;! II.lc,'l , n (touLle u"l'd n hO I1l<..'

rim. 110":'1' ('I 1,t;r'l1hnr I)ii l'h f"d filiI'

hall (Ul' Hostou and llro\'C' In tll l 'PI"

1'1111,'1. 1:!10)' Jlo r;-.;e lt :-.lnrtf'fl fot' Ilr· Il'oll lUlll \\, ,] 3 charged wH 11 t l\(] tie · relit.

:-;.'ore by tJln lng ~: n , J I. ] ~~.

BII~" o" 100 3 12 200-12 lH I)

J)~ I rolt .. OUI 000 100- ~ 8 I D • .tttel'Je:.;-Llsenl'l(u'" Hnd ])PI'I 'Y;

l[OJl,·n tt. Jlllrrlnr;, Su1l11'nll "r141 Hn y· \Vot'lh .

Millberry Reviews Iowa Plan of Dental

HYbriene Wednesday

Twilight Comes Too Fast for Leaguers ;

Game Called at 3·3 Dr. Guy S. ~ll ilberry. dea n of th e Dnl''' nes, hulte<l a thl'oo to t h" E~

co ll p,.;e of den llRt l'Y a t th UIJ IVCL" ti e In Ih. T wilight league last nigh t. sl tl' or allfol'lIiu, ",us In I owa Ity nfieL' Iowa SU llp ly a lld " "glc l'l th ea· Wednosda.\'. DO'. ;'I1111bel'I'y WU. In. ter hnd batll ed for six In ning •. vostt,::utlng Ih. 1I'0l'k of 0 1' . Chu l' lo, l awn SUlmly ~ot (OUL' runs In. b u t T .. il l'alll, ""<""Ial<' I>l'ofc,"or ot IH 'C" 1I1C Inst was eallrd foul a nd no vf'ntivp d ntlsll'Yt and Prof. J uHan ('Qu n led when n "Su p plier" ~ot C'xclt·

r d and I'~ n on the Vlayllig lIel (1. lJ. Boyd. of t he pcll iall'irs depa l·t· Stu tzman , caugh t by Hnl!. pitch ed 1I,.nt, In Its l'elaUo n to IhE> l>reven· tlon of (io llt n l cade". ~. good game (OL' hln ilrst ,tlm~ out.

Dt', Mlllbe1'l'Y a lso rf"VIE'WNI fI-'~ I h e F;n g t rl b~l ltery was Crt'ny (\1'IU Towa Illan o( dental h ygleno as pre-- ' Glueslng. sell ted by tho de ntal unit of the unl. ] .rl'Nlty bUI'ru u of matel'nlty a nd In · M I ~;: I S[rrl " ALLE~ LE:\ Cn l: fant hy t; I ~_ne_. _____ ._ I - - 1 Cedat· n ""lds 6: Dubuque 4.

MOI'e U,an 97,000,000 jlound s of DUl'll nctoll 7: lI1.ol1l1o !i . t.'1·('llmrl'Y l) tlUpt· has be")) JllRUU(t\C ' DavCJlPQrt f;: lt t"oJcu lc O.

t Ul'rd I n Nl'lIl'IIsku lhls yeRI'. Ho.ck LilalH,l 5: ' \'nlerJoo O.

l'hamlJion of the lu rf !I ud champion jockr,Y, Ua ll aut Pox with ]!;oJ'1 ~a n dl' up, aftpl' t" (' it' "idOl',Y <It AI·]ingtoJ1. 'I' he Ji'ux ~tll t lfl$ second of hig h t'st all· ti mC' mOtley wit)f1cJ's ulIlonf( l'fjC'( h OI'Nt's ,

Classified Ad vettisin.g Call 290

Allison Meets De Stephani in

Tennis Finals PAR II-:, July 17 (AI')-WlllmPI' AI ·


International League Will

'Go it Alone'

f!'O;" " FoNT A f' A H 1.' M 1.;: N 'I' H trO ll HI~N'J'-

11'01 1 fUI'nl"hr'd; ,dsO) light hou.e· kf'Ppins rOOIllH. l·l"a:wnlltJl('. ..PhoJl(' " I ii

1,'tlHN j HIJIo:n J\ I'.U:·I·· m~nts, Vo~,; blllJrilllg ~OL'II~r Clln·

ten l\nd W nahinJ:lo'l stropt". Ph ono 1"~~ 11 0 1 WN'n 9 1t.1ll. nll,1 6 ".01,

nt · fo' I·'J\ LO, N. , '" ,' uly 17 (AP) - J''O ft HI':N'I' Njl'I':Ly )'·UHN1S II . lhmn, t-I(' II. ~'tlonJll young Arn c- l'il'an "l'ht· Jnt(lol'natlona l ICll4' UC wlll "go

(\OI1' IUO['('I' o[ ]lenri COI'het tit \VIm· it aluno" l'allIN' llla ll Rul)IIlIt to tho Nt lno/IOI'n lll)ul'fn'C'I'lt!i fOI' ~um'

tn (' l' 0'· rot' Y<-'I1·. PhO!1~ 43-13 ·\V,

biNlon. will OI}POHr Georl;Io de Ste(· ani or Ita ly at 2:30 p.lIl. LOIl101'l'OW

il. lhl:' opening mnt£'h of the' iI\t.CI'ZOll l; P I.vI8 fU ll ~~rnl (ll1nl anr\ at ij 1I.m, (;COI'l;r I.ott \\'111 m.~t the !Lallan n('e. HarOIl Il un11J(,I't de :\lol'urgo. The J)nlrin!;s. d£'tc l'minNl lotln',)' by (haw­In;.; ti)r name, out of a hfll, will bc I' vel'sed (or th~ concludIng slng l~ .. llIatche!i on '1 unday.

The Ooubles I'1'OI':I',"n w". left in ab~yanc~ a.nd t hr tea"'s to r~j)"""ent lInly lA nd America in Ililrl JlIi1l8(' of the compet1LIOI\ On Satol'day wi ll not be nsmed until tOlllor low.

Italy '" reluctunce to desl!:nlltr It. tlOllIlJt·:; 1·{lJ) .. €'~enhlliV'('~ Wtl li n'lIahly "cpol' tcd to be due to a feeling It might UO lc.t lo play Baron d MOl" !lUI'gO In ~lllgle onl.\'. Thu Hallan" have litlle hope of wlnnln.; the dou· ble. 111/1 t('\\ Ilnd 1>lI8C their plalls for c:Jl.tul'ing the :;t"rics nttr('ly on thl' pu."lbnH), ur de '\101'1l1l1'J;'0 's winning LWO 8ll\gles lIlatchr. ahd de Stefunl

unlvt"l'l-i.lll dl'aft uJlhn;tturn !'jC'J')t to it

by the mnJOl' ICHfiuCS, ils lOembcl's

.1 el'irlorl at " sprd,,1 n>t'rllng hO"e to·

I,'ott HI~N'I' OL' ,,/IIUI" nJ::ilwd o.lp:u·lmcnl. Clll!01f\ ill. l'hnnr


da)'. Dy Il un(\IIhnou. voto. tile c lub 10'0)0 jU':NT· " ':\\'O "I'A RTl\I8NTH tJ\\ n('l'u of the ]ca,::-uc ndoptr<l a r~so· Cor ~ctontl t~tm - lWO h locks ('II Hl llttion \\ hich slaled that " u,dl"~ til(' of pn10Jt orne·c. j)1'l'),t:'1':i. &20 ]o! . [ nH-\jol' ]Nl. ~ UCa l'!l1ow tl~ 11101'(' limn \\r"",hinJ;ton . they have in Uu'tr commullication, ---------------­lhe Tnl~l·nrulonlll Icague wlil go It 1'"Oj{ n~~.'''l')I(lllJ~l!l\ 1'·UItNlSII · u lone." ('(l HJJ:ll'llllf'ntH ro~' l:5(,cQn~1 ~mc~·

~rh~ I ntt'l'nn.Uonll.l membcJ's brand. Irl' 01' !' r~ l' f\1'0l1llfl HPItHOJwhlC' . Iowu pd the Ul timatum Rcn t to 1h(l.m u l i' Il I'nH \II'l' Co., !!2a H, n UI)Ullllt' .

trw day. fogo lIM II dll'eet vlohillon or nn agreemen t dl'aw l1 til) In J!1 21 h y Wi\N1'W ) ' I'll RI';N'j'

John A. Hcydler, pl'c.ldent of Ihe DE: H I nAB L 8 1" LI R NHl III ~1I Nullonal I cagu~ , a nd Ban Johnson. head oC the American league a t thal tllTil'. TII"t "gre~mcnt. the), said. ~untalnCd a claUse which Ill'ovlde(\ lhllt It ".hnll r~maln In rOl'Cc as l4In~ ax tho [Jon, Kene"aw J\l. Lan· dl . contlnucs to hold the o[(\eo of com mi$stqncl'.

~"f.tl'tn1rnt or 1I0uso w ant (,d tor CJum mC'r monU,~ hy young (OU I}le. No ('hllur~lI . \l'oulrl rOil " Iller HO I'Or\ t.v or rrllte l·lIl1y. "'l'lto l eO care of nail.}' J 0\\0'" n.

. \)1 I t.;.~\ lNt: JUt.,\'" ~1I OR 21 ",on Couldrl·. l'QI.. III sedall. J lave

I'QO!1l tUl' 011(' or two. :-:hnl'c (·x·

Want Ad Rates

One or tWJ daYB, 10e per lin? a day.

Th ree lo fiv e dl'Ys. 10 per IIn& a day.

Six dayS or lon ger, 5c pDr line a. day.

Ml li lmum cha rgo. 30e. GOUll t (jvo words to t he IIn&.

Each word In the nllvcr1l8ement must be co un lpd. 'rhe prefl.l eft " F o r Sale," °For Rcnt/' "lJ08t." a nel s imilar one8 a t th e beginning oC u.ds nr" to be counted In th o lotal numher oC word a In t he ad The number and leller In Ii blind a d a.re to bo counted 118 one wont

• Clas~ifled dlspls l, 50c per Inch . (Ine Inch buslnoss carda. per mOnlh, $5.00.

ClaJlslCI Cd adverU81ng In hI 8 p.m " will be pubUshod l h& lollow· ln~ m OJ'11111g ,

,·'Oil RI~NT-HUOM , '

k"OR Rr:NT- J\C' PRO VED !lOO M, .m· ~ I rh'. Phn ilA 2!JJ ~I ,

1,'OTt nl~N'I' A P P I ~OVED HOOM ; I u( J:l rl K. 1480·,r.


1< 0 Il T - T II n E F. l'lIgMlS'l'RY bobl l~i. l<Oilllk, UIII! IOOfor· \ror n ote·

book at ..tly p,Ll'k , \VIII rtllriel' please "hOM 36~7·J .

LOST- TEX'l' 1I00K)oI ,\ N IJ N01'I\ honk . (:nil 162". H ~WII I·'1.


JI' 0 UN D-RU .vl·;R RUWS A Jl. f rlliO piece or j!l:t""~~ III Ital. Own·

er may ohtalll by ci\lJtn (; a t ~ow ... n ~~ lind ,>nY' Il~ rO:.;"...;,;II,;;d:... ____ _

LO::l1'- A T',\lrt 0 1" (: 1,,\ )oIS I';8 1:-; hl:lCk CUSIl from Whe~IoeI<K . D bB

Moln~". ph onA 4209,

LOi';T- \\' I Il'fIo: (IOLU HULOVA l ;vtJ,,~ wr' J~t watt"h on or neil l' J ut·

frrMol1 !-Ctt'('f'l. n~wa ~'!. :rhOlll) 940.

W AN'r Il:II

W"Nl'lm-W ,\ 8J( IN 0 I:l ANI) Ironlllgo. cutled for alld d IIvel'&·1.

Phull ' 197,1,

WA NT r:n - PH M .f l·JGAL Irl,. Phl)ne 100.

Nun s·

WAN 'I' E: U - CJ1: L, I>AR UfO llI Nr ;, gl'arllllj;, t~alll woel<. c hal'le. OrIK'

.rll, SI', P hollo 61 5.

WAN'I'gp '1'0 nuy - RM.'l.LLES1'

IVANl'ED-ST UDENT L,\ UNnl1Y. Calt (01' ""d d.llv~I·. f'ho"e fl26·J.

\l' J\NT .,;n <.l I n t. RUO~\ 1\A 't I>~ one,

Undel' thllt al;recment. flve leagues - th,c J ntrl'l1l1 l lonal . A mN'JeIlJl U~SQ' {'~a tlon, Pacific ('OEUit. rrh ,'rc I nnd ' Voatern- w l'e to be all ow~11 to OJ) "ru lo und~ I' a mortlflrd agrrrmont

11<'11""'. Phone John Canulng, 2~ IIJ· \~'.

I"OH I~ I'::-IT IN N I':W B OMB, ON t. for two 1'0001 apartllleni fo'· sec· (101110 10 an,l "no "'n,l:'le I'bo m with ond "u mmel' "es.lon. " ' rlto 0,. call

Tw;liglh Loop Votcs F lOn SI\I.E " I 'IvUI~ hnth, Call J3G~ , 1,1\vfln otrkr.

to Hold MCJnbcrship which p rovided that only players hav·

E' h T 0 I '1m; had [)I'cl'lo u~ mnjQI' league ",t,. le OR SALE-LA fl.(18 S8V8N

roo m hou se; t hJ"(o block~ {"om to 19 t ealns n f I>cl'if'ne~ could be d l'ufted by the CPIll»US; Ide' ll IO('l,tion f.,r lal'ge 3t~·

den t f£tnl il y 01' a n YOI1". wl~hl(l'S' room· PI'S, VhOM 969 · W,

major lengues. , \I II meotJnl!' of the T wlllKl lt lerlGve --------

mO''lls las t n Igh t, Jt was decided to lim it the leasue mem hel'shll) to eIght leam •.

f:;cbed ulcs for the \I'cek ending J u ly 2~ wcre dqwn up, and pta ns were mad 10 complele th e ~ch edule at the np:t nlcetl nl;.

l!\rxt Ivec ll'. sc hed Ule 1s ns fo llows: J\ l ondll~'~n"clne'~ va. f)1c111'~ lJ '8 aL

Iowa fie ld, T ueMny-Dqll'cy'a V8. Brem er '. a t

l ow!!. fI Id .

Braves Lo e, 6-2, to Bues as French

Pitches Good Ball

BOST ON, .t uly 17 (A P) A s ix to t wo vic tory ovm' t he Boslon Braves

POI' SAL':; OR ·rRAnf: · 'rro:l\! room hOll se a nd fo Ul' Jots III Des

MOlpC3 for salo or will tl'ude for Iowa City ])I'Ollerll'. Bearlll~ [['ull l l' ~('s, sltl'ubbcl'y un{l fl(,l\V~ l's 111 lbundan~~. HOU Se s t r lclly modern. \ \ ' 0l'drrCui home. Writ e G. J, M. ';H'P Un lly l owan,

today gave L any Frcn~h, P lrale lef t J"OIt H \ l"F; H8T> OIWII ' f~ ·1·YPI~· ha ndel'. h Is [ Ifth "tmlgh t wi n of the write l'. $10. Ph ol1(' 32 1. IV . season . Com ol·oHk y nnd 1'1'uynol' hacked F I'onch \\'It h henvy hitting, I,'on ::lALE- RE,\ tlON.A BL M. Dr~· ,"Ihough George . 181('1' of the .Irable modern home. vcrI' I'oason·

l~!lOM S 1'"On It F:N'r - 12S N , VA~ I ~lIl'{'n. Pholle 1856.

nOOMS FOR RFlN 'J'- SlO S INCl L E: $7 {'oublC'. (01· \J wet! k s. C lo5e i n,

t 7 W. Bloom. Phon e 3273 ,

[0 OR HEN'I'- LAHGE COO L R00 11 for \\'On1('U Atudenls, 2: 0 N. CUn·

ton, "hon 135 1.


I,'O R H.EN'r APP I WV I~ O n OOl\l , rtlll~t, In bllll ~nlow. 701 Mell'o"o;

~1I1'1I~1'. ('If)~e t o u n iversi t y h mwttu l. Phone I1K3·J . \VN]n('sday-Stnto E~ ml>loyceg VS,

.b:nglen t ll oa ter at Iowa Cl cld. \Vedne"day - I owa Suppl y v •.

Brnve8 ~h3rcd the h lttillg jlO nor. ~"Ie t~rms to I'c"ponslble I>a\·ty. ['OR RBNT-LAR ,E MODEn N rol' t he <lay. Photl ~ 2J0 6. '

Ame"lean Legion a t CIlY lJurk. Thu,·sda l'-Brem el"S \'8. Racine's a t

I owa f ie ld. l~rlday-DalVcy'8 VM. Slnte Bm·

ploye • Ilt fOll'a fJ e ld . lCr ldaY-Am or l a n Lr!\lon vs. E n·

slert t heateL' a t City purk .

(,,.'UI SIC'(' pltlg' OJ' lig ht house k eep · The BostonIa ns h ad 16 m e n left r'O H RA LV,- SI 2 '.AW N MOW F. H ' ''J: ,'oom. Close III. Call 2069.J .

on b"seB. Cor $5 . Elec t r ic fa n $-1. Prac t! c.flil y . Srol'o IJy Inn ln!:s: ""W. l'hOilP 1798. P Iltsburj!h ....... 001 ~01 011- 6 13 2 .=-_-::-:~~-==~======:-:: RQBtoO .. " .•. QOO Oil COo-2 13 0 I" R SA LJ:;- 'l'W D ST UDENT COT S

BIlttel'lcl/l: j,"I'etleh und ]J.lm "' ey; Brand t , Cantwell , a n(t Spohrer .

Will) multl·~H8.(>~, $6 each. Dn o dO li ' hi') (Irr ll cqt . wll hOllt Til"ttl'cs", $3. LJI'r~sc l ' $1. 1300 llr38e8, lam ps. tahlos, hall·s. P)}OI) O 17P8.

'n :A ' IlEHS (I 75)-F 0 H Jl] 0 II s chool an,1 grar1es w~/ltcd a t once,

':ON T INJo: NT AL 'j']o; A' III'; RS ' .\ n t:: l\!CY, 31 6 H I'oo l(~ AL'cade Bldg" ~nlt 1.11 kp CII)', Uta I'.

~--------------------~-W AN "l' E D-H 0 O;'lf E n 1:1 AN1 )

bOfll'do l's, A II)ha Della P I hOU8ft •

P hO ll u 34:!4.

Up to $300

LC)ans I"oa,ns IlI 'H,I e 10 iu¥h 'uctors nlld

teachers In a dignified , con f iden· tilll, a llli t)('cI/um, ical /na nneo·. The ollly &llCurlty we need I. ~' Our s iC'· na tllre.

'J' ll e I'C: a l'c no em oo l'l'amdll g In" v ~:;: tb;atlon . no endors~r9 rC'qulJ'ed. no ,1 clay. LOA NS M.,\DE SAME DAY.

WE CANCEL E V8RY LOAN In case or deati, 01' ccrla lll Injuries a.t no additiona l 'cosL

W e .Are H ere to Serve You Every Day

9:00 to 5:30: Sa t . 9:00 Lo I :00 and 6:00 to 9:00 p.m .

First Industrial Lerders 110 S. L inn a t. Iowa CIty

Phone 741 .

IN F ADDERLDND WITH DER MOX ----------~~----------~

Ou il..1'e.C!rnt trip 10' RI' t'lin lSr hml':ln~ W01'P 1111 AmHi~ At1 hni nml ~ ll Amrl·irn n mlldr qmil (' 11 h(' Rho\\'rrl th(' (jrl'mnn prop} r li n Apl('l'i ron . mArie righl (' r. Hr "'(wrs 11 jl1llnlr grcrt inO' to hIS fQJlqWCl'. 11110n. alighti ng from IlU airp lanc, .

DIREC1'ORY 'AIla ()I..-tl MJ&'hell, JUl.

DI._ or Wom.n

'U" lobuoa Co1lat)t Banll m_ ..

Boan • &0 , P.ID.

nit. O. II . LJMOSE'fll 1'h~ Ul)lv~l'II lt1

CIUROPRACTOR An 10w16 Grad. Olllcc-~ill Opposlto Tllo

I'a hner Gra ci . Res.-1053

.Jeffer son lIotel


TYPEWRITER 8~1al ~ ..

1o ~tudcnt.


7~5 8. Vu n UQUEI ST. Rkling 1101'808 F or , Ucn~ At Anf 'l'hue.


HOU, 8}1 OP SERVICE .,. , I

The Let~~r Shop "ImenmtPb .... T,pln, Tb ....

Rpll'rlli~hlp ' 1'rirp~ -

Fbunbln Pens ",. R ....... and Seu All .. "hi - 't." 11,




School Board Takes Measures to Enlarge Iowa City District Addition May Make Lathrop School Reality

Weeber and Beckman to Meet With West Lucas Committee

Th~ two year old dream or the IOWa ('Ill' ""hool board 10 pla~e a new I It nwnlary .~hool bullaJlIg at the ex· I

ta·, III '10 WHit Itll of 'B<'nton iltr\, .. t took

on UI<'. mbl Inc" 01 real :Ir ,a.·t nlghl, wh(ln lh~ IH'f' . ' ~I\t boa:'ll lQok Rtl' rH l~l

wh.ll'n thp IHwnllurl it: oC thll fnj lr~ l)f'n .

tl f" tJt .... ,lu)ul dhilrlN. Thl. exten.lon IH Iml ' rat"'e, It

Iowa City I~ to round UI) ~nough chll· dr_II to alten,l th proposed $60,000 8choo!.

Two dlr('('to ..... \VIII "'/'<'ber and Chnl'l n""kman, wrr appolnled by lI erm.n Hmlth. Ilre.hlpnt or th~

OO:lTd, 10 form a committee thn.t will mppt Moruluy with n Klmllar cOmm Il. t e from Ihe \VPHt LlIca. Achool bOllrd to ronllulutt' planK (or Inrtutllng n pnrt Of W"Mt I.uc~" In Ole In(l~pendent ~U'hool 'If.lh'kl nr 10wl1 rill'. It WGtI thp o"llIlon ot a lllh m~n present Ihllt Ow e><tpru4ion Mhoulfl In('tullp n s h'lp ur W_HI 1.111'"," west of the cHy limits pxt~n.1I111: on~·hlllt mil. to the we~t nnll UIW mil .. IonV'.

IJadl 10 th .. . 'old Thp honnl UlfW rNlomlll~ndpll that

10 thlH h(l a(I.1 II u portion of We.t Lllca.q. IH ll~rp8 In Rlzp, which I. sH· ual",1 UI presenl JUMt W~AI ot Ih cl~y IJllrk . ThlH 1"01,,1.(\ pOI'l\on IVlI" Ipft oul Nomehow. wlwn n tOI m('I' board .,len,INI the lown City IlI,trlct 10 Ihe north.

Hlnc" Ih. Antlre nwmberRhlp or the 'VP'it [.UI"':lH ,,('hoot hO:l.rd \V31 not

111'N,,,nt, T"mnk r, on, 11I·p.ltI~nl, dlel not "ll llollll hlK commltt.p, The olh· .1' We.t 1.L1cas tlll'pclol's pr.spnt were Oporgf' RtrwPI1!Ct. nnd Cheu'lpH OauR.

Th.lwo committees will report th Ir pxtenHlon Illun. at 0 "p ... ·lll m.~t1ng of tlw lown Clly directors n~xt Thura· eluy,

A (>onIo(PI'vIUlvf" (oflUmnte- mClIh,l by V.rno MIIIN', nwmbpr of Iho nu,Hence, on~ 1 M." Hh,ypnH, IHlt tlw numhfl l' ot children who might possIbly neeel the 0"'1001 In til(' IwlghbOl'huoo ot 40, Tlw rl,lIdlen In Ill. 141 Bcrp ~reIl W"Ht Of th.. IlUl'l, will all.",,\ the 1,lncoln 8~hool.

A ~k. Lowpr I "'l'Y No rhaogp. wel'e mad . In Ihe 1930

butlg('l whl h coli. for $209,426 to ttlh:!' ('are or ('~lImtlt('d (lXIl ndllurf"K (0" t1Jl1 romlnK YPllr. or thtH runount $IG,220 I. ,'ulsed from !IOurcea other thnn lo.ullon, while $2 47,000 mUNt bo mlMI',l hy levy.

Whll. 110 obJe"tlon~ 10 Ihls "um w~re ralsetl. Dlr lor S, '1', Morrison 1Il'l!"pd til(' lJourd to nrrn II&,(' ror II low. pr lax millage ror the coming ye r,

lip WI,S Infontled by S'1I1t. lver A. OI"II"llh"t 011 Ihe bonl'cl cou ld do was eHtlmule Its lump expendltur .. s, and that tllp 1H'('PMf&tll'Y tax l("v)' was deter. ml",',1 hy l'UUl1ty A u<lIIOI' \\' 111 . L. J(nll .lk wllh th~ boao',l's flt;'ur"s ~. l):I~IM .

"Ill ihnt .vent, Hec If YOU can't llrJHIP I r, Kanak Jnto lowpl'lng til(' Ipvy by 01H' mill," Hugge8letl Mr. Mor. rlsoll, whell he waH told Ihnt th 011' proxhll"'" I(lxuule valuation of propel" ty In Iowa Cit)' was $3,000,000.

OllRtud Will Try RUI1Pl'h.ten,lellt OpRtnd MJd h e

would Iry, "Try fOl' Iwo mIll8," urg~c1 :\'11', Mol"

1'1. Oil, !,!uI)el'lntendent 11SIO ,1 931d he mlJfht.

Th e tox levy for 9('hool expenell· tures 10sL year MIS a IIttl un(ler 80 mills,

On the r"commendatlon or Bll~r' Jnlelldent pstotl, 1Jelen ];;IIZ11be lh Jo'o~ ht WUH hll-ed by Ihe board to teoch mlltltematl c8 In the Ren lor hIgh schOOl nl'.t y"OI' al 0 ." hu·y of $I,HO. 'rhe 81l 1)('I'lntf' l lIl('nt wns R.ulhnt'tzpd to pur· cltose a number o( new t@XL book. (or ,,"nlol' high amI I'lpmenlary Bubjrcls,

'I'h. bOll I'd nuthorlz.d the buildings and llrounds committee 10 n<1,'er ll7.e fOr bills a nd let 0 contract tor I'Ilwlr· Ing the senior high schoo\,

.Flllu n~e8 Sel· On hon(\ at the preaent time, thll

board has about $28.000 Cor u,... In bulhllng Ihe prOI)08e,1 Henry Vllhrop school , While o.PPI·oxlmately $20,000 (01' thIs purposc hos been Included In th e budget. so l\1a.t Clnances are p"etly well set rOI' Immedlote construction ,

The Items of th 1930 budget are 3S tollow.: PI'opo&e<1 expendlturu tor

i Coralville New. ! Assembly of • liM!. DIna White enlertalned Ihe Second Grade chlldr~ll Oil llnille alreet. Coral· d S h I ville. with II. nuu.,.hmallow roa.~ En s c 00 Tu ;;day evening In honor ot Ihe .I/;hlh blrlhday oC her lIOn Ardell. .The gu~!Sts w(lrpJ~ne nnd Russell uavl.. Shlrle),. Jean HIli. Slalla, ~·rancis. and Arlhur Lee. [.averne. :",ro),. .nd Alvin Wenman. Mary 11"I"n. C<'OI·ge. nnd Joe Nortman. Ilorolh),. George. and Leo While. 1I1l1 Bill), Conklin o( Iowa City.

Elementary School University Closes;

Teachers Go


"Our Trip to Tama," nn a.8emb!)' Ivan and ~lrs. Rose att"nded Ihe I put on by Ihe second grade . marked

naf pxcur,doll liven by station the end ot the Bummer session of ..... ,. at 1.1 uscallne Tue8<lay eve, Ihe unlvel'8Hy e lementary school yes­

terday morning, Today the six luchers who have

been In charge will leave on Irlps or I" Thoo Burh(l~ and daull'ht~I' ot theIr own, Evelyn Peteroon, Ihlrd

' ollllld al'e vlslllllg al Ihe ho",e of jiCrade Ins truclor, will leave today for ,;.... r.urhan's dHIOI·. :\11'8. O. F, 0 week's visit In Detroit, Mlch" Conklin. whi Ch she w III spend the

111'1 n Krlz and I;; .thpl' And Wilma eowpr-~ vl:qltpd n frtpnd, An(lll. ~Lll ·

ler, in Iowa City \\' £>tlnesd3)'.

JaSl1 r nnd Mrs, Wenman an(l Camlly of 'l'lfflll SI,ent 'l'lIe8<lay at th~ home or H em')' nnd Mrs. " 'cn· mnn.

B. H, Rnrey who operales a gar· oge In orulvll\c was Injured thl8 noon when hE" was knocked to the ]lllvement by nn approaching CllT,

:\\rs. Jome. R, ~Icl..au ll'hlln of Coralville he igh I. who was operat ed 01' Saturday morn ing for appendl· dUs 01 l\I ~rcy hO"llltol Is gellin g along nicely,

Ship Captain Charged With

Recklessness WARIlINOTON, July 17 (AP) -

Fpdel'al hl.I'. II!(allon Into the ma ' I'!ne dlgnBtel' or June 10 In Masso· chu8s.tts buy culminated today JIl orr1l'lu l chul'ges against the .tea m· "hlp or a 8hlll captaIn Involved and I'ecommendallon s ror changes In nov, I~ allon rules designed to prevent a I cU I' l'ence or the dllnger.

III the a~rlcJent considered th ",ellm~r Fall'fnx collided with till tB"kel' I'lnthls alld 49 IIv~s wel'e loot when the lanker's gasoline cargo <'tllIshl fire.

IIrook. Ren.... Blame ('apt. A rch Ie 1 I. Brooks. master ot

the J,'uh'fax, a cooslwise liner operot· Inl: between Bultlmol'e nnd B08tOIl, h·,.e the hrunl of the blame placed I,), govel'nment tnAp c tors who con­allcted the Inquiry, and will have ttl dprpnd himself before an ortlclal I (JIll'll, li e> MIS charged with reck, I .... navlll'otlon, violation of one 01 illP pilot rul 8, L1nskIllCulne8l, and np~lIg"nce.

D. N. 1I00ver. In"pector'generDI or tltP tdPOmbofit hlspP<'tlon Rervlce, in Iransmlttlng notice or the action to R. r tary Lamont, recomme nded also that 0. ~ol\fer n~e of Rhlpownero be call1'd to I·pmark more derlnltely pUM.lng lones for shipping In coast· W~Ke Wo.tCI'H .

Plan Anchorlnf In Foe lie suggested further thn.t a con '

fere nee oC owners and opPrators or lankers be called "wllh 0 vIew to working out a plan by which there may be an una rstandlng Ihllt these \'e8sel8 shall a nchor In time 01 COg in waters where they will be no dan' ge l' or colliolon with passenge r ship."."

Ther .. was no violation Of legal rules In the tra nsportation or gaso· line by the Pln thls through the dense fng which clouded Mas8ach UBettd hay on the date or the aCCident, the Inspec to r general concluded, but tn ere was "a. question as to th 1lI0ra l right to do this thing" whIch .hould be take n uP In consideration or possible change. In navIgating practice.

The 11'101 boa.rd wfll assemble prob, ably at Boston,

Police Keep Close Watch on Foster,

But Neglect Wife

rt"fil of the summer at h eor home tn C nton H rbor, Mlch,

Bla ine Dickinson, sixth grade In· .Iructor. plans 10 spend the rest o( the Hummer at her hom e In :\1U8('3· tine, The rourth grade tea cher , Hazel Prehm, will spend some week. al her home In Engle o rove. Next yea r .he will aS8ume a n Instructor· Bhlp In the teacher's college at New Britton, onn.

Two Teaeh~", Leavp Two other elemelltary teachers,

who have accepted position. at other !'Chool s for next year are Elizabe th Hebel, tlrRl ~m"e, anti RUlh :'.1 os· ~rlp, tlrth grade, Miss liebel, who lett yeBterdoy for St. Cloud. Minn .. where Ihe and :'.llss Moscrlp will s llend the rest or the ~u",mel', wtll to.ke a posllion as crltlc le3ch er In the St. Cloud system. MIBS MOIcrlp w ill be supervisor ot -11 teacher's school at St. loud,

Emma WatkIns, Clrst grade teach· PT, will remaIn In 10wa City at her home In Manville heights. which she has nBmed "Justamere Hul." There she will tlnlsh revising one of her books, "Correct English tor Youn8 People" In order to have It ready for the market by September,

Large AJ tenda nee The "tudenta who took part In

the assembly yeslerday were May Luelle! ForI, Wilma J ean Wlleon, Bobby Dysinger, Patty Bates, Russell RosB, EloIse Lapp, Sylvia Dah l, lI elen Beye, Betty J ean Beer, and Susan Showers,

During Ihe 8ummer 182 students were regl.tered In Ihe elementary school. ForlY'Beven atlended the Junior high Bchool. which also closed ~esterday, The 63 sludenls regl8. lered In Ihe high school have sUIl three weeks or work ahead of Ihem.

Scene Ends With Funeral

Flight West CRDAR' CITY. utah, July 17 (AP)

- Allo I'd a giant trl 'motored plane, piloted by men wllh whom he had f,own th e Lo. Angeles·Sl\ll Lake all' moll tor two yearo, the body or MaurIce Graham wa. ' to bo taken we_t tonight on Its 1000t tught,

Wl'II.pped In the rlag he /lad serve<! In the army air service In France, the pilot 's body was brought late to· day (rom Ihe spot In the Knnarra lTIountalllA nbout 17 miles BOuth o( he re hy direct route, whel'o dealh overtook him six month. ago Arter his pla ne had crashed In a bllzzara ,

The body of the rlyer was round yesterday by Maj. Richard McUon· o ld, tlylng companion ot Uraham dur ing the wnr, ancl rive Other m en , McDonald brought thl' news tl re la8t night, a nd early this morntng accompanied by Sheriff T, J . J..elgh, reLurned to the spot wl1el'o the bOOy lay, guarded by four m n,

The trll? by air to the aviator'. home In Los Angeles will! to start between 9 and 10 o'clock tonight aCt· er dllPOllllon ot legn.1 formalities.

1930 Are $2JJ,635 tor the general fund; ALnUQUERQUE, N. M I'X" July $57.890 Cor the building (uod, Balance 17 (AP)- F I'3n k FOSler, gangst@r, In· on hand J une 30 was $58,8 12 In tb~ ,lJrtell for the murder of Alfred genera l fund, $37, 481) In t he school "Jllke" Un gl@, Chicago newspaper house rund. Amount n""esanry to bol"PI,orler, was not a llowed to leave raised by taxalfon tor t he general llo r lroln during the stop here I hl~ rund will be $210,000; ror the school afle rnoon ell route to Chlcogo r!'Om hous<>, $37,000. 1.0. Allgele. In cu s tody ot IWO de·

t I .. ~tlves,

The Cuneral flight I. the Clnal scene In the tragedy which opened where Graham, battling 0. r~lng blizzard In Ihe Kanarra. mounlalns, cra.hed on Jan. 11, Atter month s of rutile search, his plone, badly wrecked, wos (ound 22 miles 80uth· ea_t o( here three weeks ago. Hun· dreds ot persons IICo ured the under· brush covered country tor sOlne tmce of the flyer since d iscovery or hi. plane,

Dealh was belle,'ed to have been caUSed by expo.ure during Ihe In· tense cold which lasted ror three days atter the entsh. Fully clothed hi . body WIUI tound a long 0. creeK 81lt miles trom his plane,

Tomash, Tomash '2,000 Promissory

Note Suit Filed

Joe T omo.ah filed suit on a promls· BOry note lor $2,000 Il!aln.t Charles P , TOn1ash and Anne E . Tomosh, hus' band and wife, In the ottlce or W , .J , Barrow, cOUnly clerk. yeste rdllY, Th case 18 tiled for lhe Seplember t erm of court ,

In the petition . T omash says that Mr, and Mr8, TomllS!h delivered the nole to him Feb, 8, 1926. It waH dated Feb. 28, 1926, and the defend· anls promised to pay $2.000 and In· tcr£'!'it at 6 pe r cent per a.n um , pay· able annually, .t the FarmprB Sav· Ings bank, Oxford, 12 month. aller date, according to the petilion.

T omash says that nothing has be .. n paid on the not e except Interest UP to l\!'arch 1, 1930, and aSks for $2 ,· 000 and the Interest s ince It waa lut paid ,


D1~S MOlNF.S (A P) - Ru ..... 11 O . Kurlson, hel(1 on first degree murder charg-f18 In I"unnectlon wlLh the slay· Ing Of Palrolman H&I'ry Ogilv ie, WlUI

Loulld over to the Polk county g rand jury alter he waived pre limInary hearing. He 18 held without bond.

MI" , Fos ter. who has boarded Ihe .nmo " 'a III , despite the secrecy of the ,letecllves. slrolled out on lhe platform durlllg the stop, but out­s ide of chuckling ov"r putllng one over 0 11 the detectives, had nothing to say, She occupies n. berlh In Ihe tJame cur, only one removed trom tha t or her h uaband.

Judge Zager Fines for Speeding Go Up

The premium on . peedlng went UP yt'sterday when Judge C. L , Zager fin ed Frank Hortsock $8 fLnd C08ta,

For running his car when It was not :n proper condition, Robert C . EIU. was [lned $1 and coste and the judge Inllmoted thal colleglale Fords Ihould tuke warning,

Carl Bock was fined ,1 and co.ts lor Inadequale beadUghts, and F. W. McChesney rlned the .... me tor parking with lett wheel to the curb.


e rick B. Shaffer' ot Mason City 11'11\ r emain In command ot comp&l1y F, Iowa national cuard, pending Inve.· ligation of the order of MaJ. George Crawford relieving him of command. The new order wu I .. ued by Adjut, ant General W. H. Ba.IJa~.


General W , II , Bailey a nnounced lhe tollowlng promotlon8 In the Iown na· Llonal guard: j'lnt Lleut, F . C, Tan· (Iy, Oskaloosa, to captain of cavalry ; sccond Lieutenants Charles B. Rob· e rts and Ralph D. Hoar, Oskaloosa, to tlrst lIeutenanla; I!'tr.t Sergeant A. E , Maddy. Oskaloosa, and Mastel' Sergeant John M, HaHelt, Council Blurf., 10 first lie utenant.,


Fre.h MiI.i"ippi

River Cat/ilh



R. G. Clark Says Fruits and Vegetables

Require Containers

Endurance Craze Includes. • Committee of ' I Forget Half," Says I t Tree Sitters, Bicyclists, l Haggerty 0/ Student l Funds Or~ers

See-Sawers, Swingers m~l.~::~·r Jt~~; !!u(::!.) ;el:v~:' AdjourDment DE :\!OlNES, July 17 (AP)-Un· I.s~ truits and ,'egelables are sold In lowa In a United States standard c"ntalners, Ihey must be sold by welxht, R. G. Inrk. chle( ot the ag­riculture dellarlment's dairy and (cod dJvlslon, wnrn~ today.

The producls cannot be mensured In a standard container and then sold III a paper sack which do". not com· ply wllh the law, he said, The con· taJner, howe ver", need not be dellvered with the product. .

Illrk repol'le<l that oC 75,000 w~IShl8 alld scales I"sted by the (Ie· Jlnrtment. lesR than 2 per cent wet' Cllund out of llne. The showing fO .. wogon sco les was not 80 goo(l, he ~ul<l, 11 pt'r cent being found Irreg· ular. Ile urged ownerR and Inspec· lo rs to Imy more attention to Ihese lIf1avy srnleR.

or pumps anO merum .... s tested, 6.46 pN cent w re found to be Inaccurate. "Orou i/ing together th" counter, plotfonn, Dnd crellrn tpsi H('aleH," hp SHiel, "the overage percentage of jn· ''''curacy I. only ono·thlrd oC one II"r Nnt. or on In every 289 . which ~ I )I>nk~ wpll fOr thnt c lnss or welgh-10:11'."

Attorneys for Eaton Contest

Grace Says Bethlehem Never Paid Over

8 Per Cent

YOUNOTOWN, " Jul y 17 (AP)-

Rlrug~lIn~ throu~hout the day to get 11110 evld~lIce a reputed Il..'llal'Y bonus or $1,000,000 Cor F.ug~ne G, G"acp, ])I'e.ldont of Bdhl,'lwnl Steel corpo,

CH1CAGO, ,rilly 17 (AP)-Alrplane HUr\ly upon volunleer witnesses and enilurance flights seem to hnve l'e' the public faith, ,'Ived a p...,ulIuI' crn?" [or tlolng 0<1.1 Nick Qelty, 14 year. old, o[ Nlagra things continual!)' fOI' pl'otracled P rl· Falls, N. Y" unfortunately chose a otis, nt'lghbor'R I,'ee to do his s llllng In and

\I u,(>(1 to be fully grown persons the neighbor started removal proceed· who "mnralhon" danced ancl sat al· Ings nfter Nick had been up a lmost 70 most Indefinitely on rtnglloles, Now hour •. Nick WllS! saved (rom a forced children In val'Iou8 paTl~ of LI'Il' cou n' landing by men who out a 11mb t rom try, as evidenced bj' I'ew" tll'I,atches another Iree, held II up tor him to Loday find fOI' a we~k or "0 Ila k, have climb onto, a nd carrIed him trlum · gone In fOr a blzan'e vtll'il'd ot .tuntA- IlllOnlly to 0. new arboreal perch , h'ee sitting, bicycle riding, porch Aller See. Saw Record swtng and even see·sawlng. Tn Chicago Ihe chlld l'en are even

Nono or the slunt .. reporte(l, how· more v rsatlle, Not only are t here ever, have amounted to anything In hlcycle rldel's amI lree sillers, bul the wa)' of limp. Many h(lve I;een two little 1111'18 mounled a see·saw I'obbed or whatever slgnlrlcance they and tectp,'ed away for 8eVen hours be· may have hnd, it uny, by bt-Ing haltetJ fore pOlice InlE'll'fE'I'ed. Chicago has merely at Ihe casual command o( per· I had one crack up In the tree 81t1ln~ fOI'm ers' parents. Some st.unters hnve I business, a platCol'm having collapsetl been Injured. unde.' two sets or brothers, pout"lng

A Balllmore boy, ·WllIle Wentworth, ' one complpte set ond Mit the other "rlagllole l!Ilt" (or 48 days In his set unharmed but cI'estCallen to the backyard last .ummer, but lillie was ground. heard or It oulslde his home town un· In F't. " 'Ol'th, T t'lox" Oscar }'OX til today when he was Quoterl as pooh. crMhed today from hIs tree perch poohlng ceo-lai n publlclst'd tl'ep s ilting becau"" he rell (1sloep and then tell reats In lhe west, which were stili out, lI e broke two I'lbs. measur cl by hour.. Joseph Donnelly oC Stamrorcl, Conn,.

FoUOW8 Hunter Flight to prevent n sim ilar aCcident, had The current epidemiC ot patient for· hlmsel( hantlc1.l!red to somebody'.

Wude, as til(' dl 1I0nary defln~8 en· tree tOOny so he cou ld not tall, but durance. seems to date back 10 the Ilollce unhantlcuCfed him and ruled conclusion of Ihe John and Kenneth Ihat Ir he mURt sit In trees the trees lIunler nJrplane tlIght he..,', Tho should bo In hi. own yard. There varlou. stunts C1om'lsh upon the pub· OJ'en't a ny lI'ees In Joe'. yard, IIc lly the)' get, 01' neighborhood allen. One of the tew ndu lts lert In Ihe en· tion they can attract, SInCe there Is durance racket bealc1eH lhe avIOlo .'. nothing offIcial about lhe operation Is "Shlp \VI'eck" Kelly, who has been ot th e performn nce", the quesllon, If sitti ng on flagpo les In general tor a ny, Of wheth I' Johnny stayed up all years and one In A llantlc City In pill'· nIght In hi. t ree, mU Rt depend neces·. tlcular tor the past 26 doys.

Committees Decide Tentative New Wage

Scale to Replace Old

1930 Car Purchases Now at 9,226 Mark

I uliOIl, ollol'npYR fOI' the Cyrus S . NEW YORK, July 17 (Ar) - ' I'ne \;nlon IlIlere"18, cOllte.tlng the mer::;, New York World says It uncter"tanos er oC the Youllgstown Sheel and su b·commlttees of lh United Mlno Tube company wIth Bethlehem, wero Workers or AmerlC<l. an,l the anthra· a~ l e to learn only that mce reo ,' Ite Ol>c' rator. hllve reached a tenta. c~lve8 0. regular Hnlary or $12,000 an· tlve nOW wage Ncale to 8U])01'8eae tn ..

nually, II1u8 a bOll us now unkuowlI one expiri ng August BL

The total number or cars purctlasecl In 19!\O I. nOW 9,226, accordJng to Allen RIlI'lck, s upe,'lntendenl o( the John· son co unty nulomoblle department.

rpI1l'ee new ca.rs were bought yes· terdny. J acob J , Seemuth, 825 Wal· nut stre t, purchused a Chevrolet coach; Rollert Hemsted, 451 ::I . ClarK street, a. Dodge fordoor; and H, R. Pulman, 48 Muscatine avenue, a ~'ord tuolor, 10 himself. Although a stlltenwnt was ISAuen

age college student Corgets hnl{ whM he learned. Dean Melvin A , Hagger­ty or the college of educn lion nt the University or Mlnnesola told 150 college executives here today,

Dean Haggel'ty descrllJ<>d a series ot lests showed progressive tOl'get. (ulness amounting 10 rlrty Per celll atter six months. b e said,

French Department Seeks De Villanuera

for Losses of Bank

PAR IS, July 17 (AP)-The I"rench

deparlment of Justice tOday an· nouncfd It wos se£l'klng .LraUrUlno

Carlo de Villanueva, 0. high OlflCl1ll of th. Paris bmnch of the !'IatlOllal CUy bank of New York, In con nee· tlon wllh los.~(,H ('st1mal£l'd at It/,uu,,,. 000 C,-aIlCR (about '4~O,OOU ) StllterNI by V{'oezuelan customers or 1..11 ~

ha nk. V illan ueva, son of 0 rormrr Vene·

zuelan charge d 'aHnlres ana UlilU

recently a commercial allacl'e OL tne legation, Is ",'pol'ted to have neen missing Rlnce Ju ly 7. JJurmg nl" severa l year's connection with the ba.nk, of (I c ia Is saltl, he had nt'ton highly este me<! and trusteo. "mc" Januarl' he had been one or lnoso authori zed to 81gn documents on U~· ha l[ or the bank.

'fhe bank a .. erl8 lIs accounts nre In order, but a. .Mme. Gomcz 1 ue-8cl'lbcu us 11 Venezuelan CitiZen, lOIS aCtel'noon riled a. legCtI COIl1»Ia,tnt

against Villamwva. Its details were not made public by the palace Ot Justice.

Young ~lIner UroWJlS

MADRID, July 17 (Al') - Jonn Tomich, 16, young Madrid mine worker, was drowned In the ve. Molnea river west or here today, His body WtlS r ecovered I n a r~w

minutes but attempts at resusclln.· tlon fallec!.

R. R. Veale hClJ! bren sheriff of Con· tra Costa county, Cal" for 36 years.

ClllCAOO, July 17 (A,P)-lndefln llo adjournment of the Invesllgatlon Inlo Hulh Hanna McCormick's senalorlal campaign was ordered by the senate funds commIttee tonight, pending Ih. appearance of Mrs, Mabel R einecke, member oC the Cook county eleetlon commfs~don, whom Sen. Gerald P. Nye deBcrlbed today as the "key wit· ness" In tho Inquiry.

Mrs, Reinecke, who al.o was a .up. porte ,' oC Mrs, McCormlc k'H republl, can candidacy, Is away on a vncatlon and Senator Nye, chairman or Ih. com mittee, ordered hpr subpoenaed, 'rhe senatol' Indicated the reee .. would be [01' at least a m onth, 81net hp had other official matters to til, tenu to nexl week, ano! beginn ing Ih. first wppk In August ho s .. tld he would open the Inquiry Inlo lhe Penn8Y~ vanln. s~natorlal primary campaign e"pendltllr~8.

Gpol'ge " '. Reinecke, husband of Mrs. Reinecke, who formerly W 08 In, ternnl l'('Yll nUe ro1leC'tor, \Vas 1Jsted 811 the contl'lbuto l' of $2.500 to Mrs, Mc, Corm ick's pamllnlgn, Mrs. Reinecke was IdrntlCled by wItnesses aR lh' recipient of a $2,500 donation to Ih. oampnlg n mocle by Col. R, R. Me. COl'm lck, brother·ln·law of the sena· tOl'Inl nominee.

Senalol' Nye said Mrs. Reinecke's name "l1otteLl the 1'('portH of lhe sen· ate's Investigators" nnd ordered that she ue subpoenaed at once,

Committee \Continues Drafting of Proposed

Tax Revisions LaW8

DRS MOINES, J1.Ily 17 (AP) -DraCtlng oC propolled lax revl810ns 1n.\Vs was contJnued today by the legIs lative tax committee In a .eo· slon with the bonrd or assessment and r(>vlew nnd a, conference with Gov, John Hammil l,

With the committee's r eport In· complete, It became apparent that a sprcla l session of the legislature to consider lox I'ovlslon probably will not be called this fall. The work remainIng bolore such n. ses.lon could be he ld would leave In8um. clent time to make arrangements,

Orace was called to the stand .hort· 0 t the cloll(l or toaay's cOlllcrenccs Iy aCter the openln~ of common pleM BarIng " no (\ finite conclusIon wus court today as a "hostile" witness for arrJved at," rumors of a tcnlal\v~ the plalntlff8. Until late this aft· agreement began 10 circulate Imn, e, ernoon he sat with folded hands whll~ "lately arteI'WUI~1. It I. unel rstooa, counsel argued the 1)l'opl'lety of dIs· the \\'ol'ld says, tnat In tne lI~w cUBsl ng his 8II.lal'Y and bonus that agreement, which will run unUl he eal ned and that concealment ot ApI'\] 1, 1930, the \lresent wilge 8cale lhe Ilmount {rom stockholders oC the .Iands for the time being alla tnat Youngslown rOm llany before they thel'e Is 80mI' BOrt of clause covermg ratified th~ nWI's~r 00 AIJrIl 8 this the l'eadJustment ot wages trom year year con8t1luted froud. to yeal',

,Judge u.q(nJlls Objection The agreement 0.180 Is said to pro· ,ludge David O • • renldnA, presidIng vldo lor 0. modl(led check·olt syal~'"

tn t.hp t I'btl. RUHtlllned n (lefense ob- I:fOVCL'JUUg lhe COlloCtJon of UJUOIl I jeclloll when I.llther Day or (,I~V~'I dues by eml)loy"rs.

Hart Schaffner land, of IllalnUrf's counse l, asked Grace what ~olnry 9rl'lI ngement he O'Brille, Jack on Will had with Bethlehem on the day thp Youngstown "lockhold~I'" met. Attempt to Regain

Th e rOllrt hpld thr stopkholderA we,'e not entitled to know obout the Endurance Record Bo lary prior to the date when the rr,erger would h"ve b en efrecllve, ~o that any Q lI£-f.!tiOIlR aN to O,'o.CP'K 1929 prOfits as pre.ldent or Bethle­I" m wel'e ruled out entlr.ly,

l"fflt eMulne n,tsls of 8onu81'8 The Eaton attorneys then made an

rrfort to delerm I np thr haRls ot Belh· lehem bonuaM and learned they were Aet by Cllarles M, Schwab, chair­man or the board, and thllt untler the hy·law. lhey coulll not exc •• cl 8 per cent or the con80llda ted net eorn· In~s arter ,Ieductlng all rlxed chugeB and lin amount ('(Iual to the annmll dl\' ldf'lId~ upon 1)I'(.'r(,l'!'NI sloek~ out· sta nding, htlt h.rore dedurlng depl'e' clo llon. Ora~e l eslltlcd Rethlehem haR not

always paId 8 per cent and never more Ihan that,

GrUpp Answ.,',. nrlefly Questioned about his own bonu.

a rrangeme nt since April 30, when th e merger would have been eCfecll"e It the presenl Injunction suit had not been IlIed, Omce was only able 10 om,wer:

"The {netor IIserl to (le Lt='rmlne my bonus 1M one and onEhhaU per cent,"

"One and one·hal( pel' cent or whut? " asked D ay,

"I don't know," nnswprpd o race. Later h. promised to find out how

much his IlOnus hO S bpen for the pasL tllree months. He t.stlfled 14 or 15 executives Hhared Beth lehem bonus,

Many Gel 1I1nrril'ti

Wit h lhe Issullnce oC a ma rriaJfe 11· cense to Daniel Paul Mnltes. 23 year. old, oC Iowa CIty, and ],fary A. Bor ... line . 23 year. 01<1. oC Oxtorcl, J 33 II · eenses have been registered o.t the cou rthouse for 1980.

S'l', LOUIS, July 17 (AP)--Forest O'BI' lne and Dale Jack"on, WhO .. ~. cently lost their refueling endurance (light record to the lIunter Drothers a t Chicago, announcM today they would tuke off Crom Lambert·St, Louis field Monday at daybreak or shol'Uy thereanel' In an attempt to regaIn the record,

'fhelr plane, Identical to the St. Louis Robin with which th ey os· tabllshed theIr record last year, BUll I. In the .hop being overhaulea out flyers tod"y 8111"ed contracts with Will n. PJcken. Il.~ manogel', Ten'. have been erecLed on the lIeld tor bl'oac1cfisUng equipment , ne wspaper men, nnd others Intcrcstea,

Engineer Says Byrd Will Return to Pole

I DES ~roTNES, July 17 (AY')--,I'nat

Command r Hlchal'd E. lIyNl nilS on ly begun the exploration h e will do In the vast South Polul' aren was the prcdlctlon ex Ill' ssed by l!JnsllI" 'fom Muh'oy. chler engineer O[ tne Byrd exp dlUon, today. Mulroy Is visiting rrlends here,

The engi neer said the next trIp would be even Dette" prep3red In ... n I the one just conclud d. Olant lour' motol'ed planes cal'l'ylng dogs ana sleds and ample eq ulpm nt In caBe o! (orced landlllgs will emlOie tL 1

more thorougb expl,oratlon or tne territory. i

FIve Harvard sludentR, Rpe nd l n~ the summer In Alaska, hope to scale .\It . t"alrwenther,

In the matter of

cleaning, remember

we take care of your

Entire Wardrobe

from hat to shoes.

17 PHONE 292

·T. Dell

Kelley ''The Reliable Oleaaer"

1%4 S. Gilbert.

& Marx famous


Cool Summer Suits

Extra Trousers $5


COASTS' 10-12 So. Clinton


but aome or the Ille end ot the rar ahead,

Senate leaders ~Ion and replied lhe senate In ator Watson, or HeRn leader, said opportunIty don 't want that I. Just


NevRda, ca.rr·led two hours with tbe treaty terms. lbe Btalements .1 committee by posIng the ]lact,

Oddle wa.. rol Copeland,

Benator Joh treaty abolished Hahed with Japlln Cereneeh.

The CallCOI'alan Ihe stalement thlH all81s were not the America n .American

John80n .. vaUon-one to State8 to bulhl limit In crul$rs Inch gunS or six regard to the by the treaty,

Sawdey Com) Jailed at H Await '3,~

HAMPTON, July roan and woman con Ian Sawdey. alleged ' runner. On his rlltal I 10 keep a delivery &1 undercover dry agel today on liquor chan arrival or bonds,

Ceell VI nton, 26 yel Vern Ranker, know DorIs Wheeler, 26 y, preliminary hearIng loday and were bot grand Jury.

Vinton '. bond WRI $1,500 each on cha l glng and Illega l tr8.~ \lanker Wl18 char sed leggl ng and held on *

Sawdey WoH .hOt guard and John C: COunly undercov .. ' they l'evealed their Id chasing liquor Crom ner '" jury eX:0l1ot'j

ground. th.1 Ihey .h, In performance oC th