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Haw'" Play Today CIa.h With LIiUler Nine on West Side Dlamond-'J' COIiPon No. 30

See 8tory Pare 3

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Umeuled IOWA - Considerable cloudJn~ loday; tomorrow l'enerallJ> fair In DorUl. cloudy In lOuth. ~bl,..

showers In south; warmer.


. , Town .. Dorms Place 4 Winners in Campus Election~:;o':;~:

- Mble Workers Resume Work Geneva Meet Total of 1,100 Votes Cast In Quiet Contest Candidates for U~ioll Board, Student Board Of Publications Nalucd

The unofficial town-dorm party. composed of liberal arts students unaffiliated with fraternities and sororities. yesterday demonstrated its power in campus politics by electing foul' of a possible six candidates to campus elective or­ganizations.

The winning candidates: Edward Hoal', Al 01 Free·

POrl. Ill .. one-year term on the board of trustee, of Student PubUcl.ttons. Jnc.

lObn Evans, A3 01 Nor t h IntUsb, and Don .. 11I Dodl'e. Ll of Oelweln. two·ye .... tel'llJS on &he board of trustees. New members of Union Board:

Kaspar Quads, Now 3, Learn Ho1V To 'S'wing It'

Raymond Palp and the Kaspar quada

Celebrating their third birthday, I it" from Raymond Paige. orches-I Left to right. the the Kaspar quadruplets of Pas- ., saic. N. J .• get their first music . h-a leadel' and recently appomted I Ferdlnand. Frank, lessons and learn how to "swing musical adviser to the quads. Frances.

children are

Felix and

In Kentucky With Closed Shop NEW YORK. May 11 (AP)-A were closed down last week, add·

final showdown tomorrow in the Ing 120.000 miners to the army of nine-week deadlock ot the Appa- 340.000 idle since the .hutdown in lachian conference over the United Mine Wockcrs' demand for the Appalachian area Apt'll \. a union shop was projected to· A joint announcement by the ni,ht as a federal mediator as- union and the western Kentucky sureq the nation the soft coal coal operators association said crisIs was over. they had agreed on a two - year

Even as Dr. John R. Steetman, contract, recognizin, the union as the mediator, asserted the opera- I the exclUSive bargainInc agent tors teU an agreement may be and granting a closed shop. reached tomorrow facilitating the I The agreement., covering 17 reopening of vil·tually all the coal companies. was the fi.rst ef­mines now closed in 26 states, feeled in the CIO union', eftort the first break in the naUonwide to lain the protection it 8 e e k s shutdown came as 6.000 western against possible incursions by the Kentucky miners went back to progressive miners union (AFL) work alter the operators acceded or other labor orianlzations. UMW to the unlon'S demand for a union President John L . Lewis notified shop. other outlying districts the union

Western Kentucky is one of the was prepared to slin individual oullyini soLt coal areas which contracts.

Barrymore Says Bad Check Charge In St. Louis Was 'All A Mistake'

Newspaper 'Izvestia' Appeals {or Pact Based on Reciprocity

By The Associated Press MOSCOW. May 11 - Indica­

tions that Moscow itself may take the lead in efforts to form a new European security lineup throu¢l a back - to - Geneva movement aroused interest tonight among (orei go observel'S.

One of these indica lion was wOl'd the Soviet government at­tached such importance to the next meeting of the League of Nations council that it requested lts postponement from next Mon· day to May 22 to enable Assist­ant Foreign CommJssar Vladimir P. Potemkln to arrive.

Dls\rust London Others were contained in an

editorial publlshed in Izvestia. ,he government's mouthpiece. ex­»ressing deep distrust of the se· Richard FeddersoQ. AZ of

Iowa City; John Nlchpls, AZ of Vinton; Richard WIU, AZ of SheU Rock; Nona Se fl',.\3 of Mt. Pleasant; Cornie Shraurer. A3 01 Atlantic. and June lIy· 18 Missing' In Grain Elevator

~urJly eHorts centering in Lon· ST. LOUIS, May 11 (AP) - rymOl'e and \ho hotel would reach don.

John Barrymore was chal'ged an understonding, and added that The editol'ial. which observers with a mlsdemeanol' today in lhe holel hlid asked him not to ;aid they were convinced was connection with a check paying I

I&nd, A2 of Traer. Press the charge. The hotel man- .vrltten under the superv sion of his hotel bill here. but announced h S J Ch ' th tte " II agel' decll'ned to cOlnment. Tosep talin himself, rejected as Union Board annually handles F· eM-II- D

~~·~~eac~~~;~:m~~t!~eu~I;~nsa~~n~ Ife; auses I Ions amage n Icago e ma r was a one _ sided the British counter-a mistake and has been amica· The heck MU5hUn said, was c , proposals to the I\.u~s\\\n scheme bIy settled." dated April 30. Ihe day Barry· '01' widening the security front. brary books and book chats. ping I

pong tournaments1 tca di\nces and Assistant ProsecutlOg Attol'Oey more ended the St. Louis run of "The U. S. S. R. held and con-Mauricc Mushlin said a local "My Dear Children." and only tlnues to hold." the newspaper

hobby shows. Club Cabaret and TELLS ALL CJ - G-the Homecoming party are the llcago ram 'GLAMOR MAN' hotel manager had sworn out the loUi' days after he and his youth- laid. " thai it France and Great

warrant a g a i r1 s t Barrymore. Cui wife, Elaine Barrie Barl'y- Britain really want to creale II lwo dances of the organiz!\tion. , • . The board of trustees of Stu- Elalue Fdet; 12 Pages Of DI-S.lf1-c'"Lose Knnsa8 Athlete Takes cbargin, a $434.29 check received more. announced their second barrier a,ainst aggression in Eu-

1r!lm Ule aclor !,lad been returned separation. It culminated in her ' ".. ' " . ..." rope. a unJted Iront ot mutual dent PubUcation~. Inc .• ejects cd· • J h ' F t ~.." itoTs 01 stUdent pUblicationS- The! .. 0- n S au Is Daily Iowan. Hawkeye and Frivol. FI- Elevato

I.t:. ".~., ti · ~ ... t i" _ ... " , ·t ' • di .. ~ todllY J T ~ An- Arres L", ns a pOI~O w,,,,cYW • mar,,_ 4IHIU 1".. ..n...... SUI ,Ol Vvl~~ n -.... ~ ;;-..... . t7 iU Ph'l d 1 h" assfstance ' ~o'uIa be cl'eatcil, pri-Mushlin sal ht was su~- geles. :a~:~r:e~~~~n\~or~ins~.:n~ePrJ~ marilt of the four prinCipal

Yesterday's vote, with a pon of LOS ANGELES, May 11 (AP) ve rs MANHATTAN, Kan .. May 11 (AP)- Nine beauteous co­eds and Elmer "One Man Gang" Hackney contested to­day fo.· the title "Kansas State's Most Glamorous" ~ and Elmer won by a landslide

Britain Agrees With Turkey In Pact for Mutual Assistance

some 1,100 votes, was consider- - John Barrymore as a hus­ably heavier than last year. Or~ band was a trial and a disap­dcrly students filed into the of­fice and conference rooms of the Y. W. C. A. in Iowa Union to cost their ballots. after their eli­

pointment. Elaine Barrie Bar­rymore. his estranged wife. charged today in filing a suit

.ibiUty to vote had been checked tor divorce. with records of the offices of the In a 12-page document pre. dean of men and women.

Here are the final votes for winning candidallls:

Board of Trustees HOac ................ ...................... 755 DOdl'e ............ ....................... . 7" EVins ................................. ... 679

UnJon Board Ftdderson ............ ................ 66.

parcd by Attorney Jerry Gies­ler. Mrs. Barrymore listed many 01 her mate's assertea short­comings. They ranted from "fits of anger and rage" to diparag­ing comments in the presence of others upon hel' acting ability.

Nichols .................................. 655 Still Favors Dick Witt ..................... ..... .. 653

::~:e~···::: : : : ::: : :: : ::: : :::: : :::::::::i~ Tax Revision Byland ..... .. ..... .. ........... .. .... ... 486

3% Million Bushels Of Grain Destroyed In Spectacular Blaze margin.

Hackney. a fc, ·lball. track CHICAGO. May 11 (AP) - A und wrestilng star. recently

series of blasts and roaring Established a new American flames destroyed live huge grain shotput record ot 55 teet., 11 elevators today. wiped out all inches.

Opens Dardanelles To Britil!lh F1eet To Aid Rumania

traces of eight missing men and The contest was conducted B,.. The AlISOclated Press caused damage for in excess of by the Collegian, student news-$3.000.000. paper. LONDON, May 12 (F1riday)-

The fire - most serious in Chi. Prime Minister Chamber aln was cago since the $8,000.000 stock expected in informed quarters to-yards conflagration of May 19, Charged Wl-th day to arinounce tbe conclusion 01 1934 - raced for five hours be- 0 ' a "mutual assistance" pact with fore it was brought under control Turkey. by 400 firemen. Blackmal-l Plot The prime minister thus was

Even then the heat from the expected to follow up yesterday'S charred ruins was so intense that declaration that Great Britain officials could not approach them W "inevitably" would be involved to confirm their fears that eight idow of Pendergast in a war over the tree city of


Japan Would Mediate In Europe

TOKYO, May 11 (AP)-The newspapel' Asahi said today Japan had offered to mediate in the dlspute between Germany and Poland.

The offer was made Wednes· day alter a previous consulta­tion with Italy, Asah! said.

If the newspaper's in1orma­tion was correct it is the first

20 Fishermen Lost at Sea

Secretary Morgentbau Would Modify Taxes That Hurl Business

workers had been trapped and Aid ill Kansas City I Danzii "if an attempt were made killed in elevator "A" of the Ro- to change the situation by torce time in Japan's modern history senbaum Brothers Grain com· Victim, of Scheme in such a way as to threaten

Afloat in Opeu Dories After Two Fishing Boats Sink

WASHINGTON. Moy II (AP) - Secretary Morgenthau nailed l8 x revisi(ln fast to the treas-

pany. Polish independence." Eight.ccn mcn - 13 firemen NEW YORK. May 11 (AP)- The announcement 0 f the

and five workmen - were rushed A man booked as Gerald Klein. Turkish pact, awaited in the t h "ls E'ght t th 21, was arrested late today in a o osp ... a . IDem were house 01 commons, was expected . . dl·t,·o midtown hotel and accused by m senous con n. to be made simultaneously in the

ury's policy mast today against Fire Marshal Michael Corrigan e>gents of the federal bureau ot Turkish parliament tile blasl~ of skeptical reports estimated the loss in property inl'estig!ltion as the leader In a Under the treaty, it was stated. which have blown steadily alone at $3.000,000. Uncalculated blackmall plot against Mrs. Ed-

she has essayed such a role.

Nazis Cortsider Danzig Entirely

T heir Problem BOSTON. May 11 (AP)-Twen- lhrough administration corridors I for the time being was the value Vlard L. SchncideT. widow of a Britain and Turkey would aid ty fishel'men were reported miss· sInce the p'rogram was announced of more than 3,500.000 bushels of I lieutenant of the indicted delno- eaTChhusothBerrltaatlnallwotuimldesb' e free to in!! In open dorie~ In the North in ~cbruary . grain ' that had been stored in the cratJc poUtical boss of Kansas BERLIN. MllY 11 (AP) - The Atlantic tonight after a collision Firmly lind seriouslY, in the structures. City. Tom Pendergast. use tpe Dardanelles Straits for statement of Prime Minister bectween two fdiShhi\l'dvesSetels. id midst of gaicty over his 48th An explosion, believed to have Schneider's body was found in PBalassack,eseaOf"nheerven:tlteeotr win'ator atnh. de Chamberlain that Britain stood

oast guar ea qual' rs sa blrtbday. whJch occurred today. been caused by dust. touched off the Missouri river at Kansas 'City • that meager details received from he lold repo:ters he still favors the blaze in elevator "A" of the recently after he testified pelqte Turkish aasistance would be ready to go to war in defense of (he Lurcher, light vessel off Yar- ulodificatlon of any taxes which Rosenbaum firm in the heart of II grand jury which in"lcted available In the eastern Mediter- Polish independence In Poland's mouth. N. S .• indicated the Bos- "l: wit G Ill'e dete.Tinu business. When one the city's largest granary disttict Pendergast for Income tal( eva- ranesn. dispute h ermany over Dan· Ion fishing schooner Isabelle Par- • Th J 'nJ t Id i ker and the Gloucester-owned I'eporiter asked whether Presi- at 102nd street and the Calumet sion. e pr me mJ 5 er wou n- zig was characterized in responsi. craft Edith C. Rose collided at dent Roosevelt had vrctually tor- river. The roof ot the building, Klein refUsed to give his , ad- dlcat!:. observers said • . that France ble nazi quarte1'8 tonight as "in-

biC:den him to offer the program 146 feet high and covering an dress when he was pooked.. was concluding a Similar pact . down yesterday and sank within teresting but without any eUect an hour and a halt. to congress. he said: area ot a half square block. blew Federal agents said he had 5eparatel~ with Turkey.

"That's ridiculous. We're Uving into the al·r. The shudderln" "witten a letter to Mrs. Schnel- Pr.actical aid thus would be as- on the situation," ThE! crash. the coast guard said. • j te occurred approllimately 100 miles uuder a democracy. thank God: ' store house became a geyser of del' in which he claimed to be lured to RumaOla, who has re- Nazi qual' 1'5, now as before,

miles nOI·theast of Boston. Back again in the holiday Wood, metal, sparks and bricks bllnd and asked for the continu- of her independence. man question.

Mrs. Millie Giacobbe is shown. powers in EUl'ope - Great Brit­t9P. after she attempted to com- aln, France. the U. S. S. R. and mit suicide. Mrs. Giacobbe is Poland - 01', at least. of thl'ee

I held in connection with the death powers - Great Britain, France of hel' husband. Authorities be- and the U. S. S. R." Jieve the poison syndicate may Guarantee te Europe have been responsible JOI' mOl'e These three powers, It sald, than 200 deaths. Below is ' Mrs. "bound by a pact ot mutual ali­Carina Favato who halted her . sistance on the principle of l'e­triaJ by conf~ssing. the poison I ciprocity. should guarantee the slaying of her common-law hus- othel' states of . eastern and een· band her step·son and another tral Europe which are threatened man.' by aggression."

Phi Betas Will Elect Seniors To Fraternity

Members of Phi Beta Kappa. oldest honorary scholastic fra­ternity, will hold their spring eJection Monday in the senate chamber of Old Capitol. Dr. Lonzo Jones. secreta ry, announc­er! YE'sterday.

The Phi Beta Kappa society elects twice a year trom quall­'fied members of the senior class ill liberal arts. Not more than fi ve per cen t of the senitt)'s are elected since the society requires certain high scholastic standing.

The general requirement for clection to Phi Beta Kappa re­quiTes a grade point average of 3.2 on all work undertaken at tbe UniverSity. No student is elected short of senior standing. , The ' conStitution I'equires that at Jeast 60 hours of the 120 hours shall lie e8'~ned on this campus und that the B.A. degree shall be I;on!erred by this university. . All members of Phi Beta Kappa iri the univer ity and living in town should be present at this election.

It charged political leaders of the western powers with under­estimating the consequences of Germany's denunciation ot her 1935 naval pact with Britain and her 1934 non·aggression pact with Poland and tbe decision of Ger­many and Italy to sign a formal military and: political pact.

"Europe is now faced with a single general and military pol­icy." it asserted, "a German-Ital­ian pollcy, whose edge. as the authors of the treaty themselves declare. is directed against Great Britain and France."

Unfairly Treated Izvestia did not say S 0 vie t

Russia felt hersel1 menaced ' by Germany. but did say she feU unfairly treated by Britain and France.

Dealing with Britain's counter­proposals to the Soviet project of "a united tront of mutual assist· ance." the newspaper said:

"Great Bri tain's suggestions avoid the subject of a pact of mut)1al assistance between France. Great Britain and the U. S. S. a, and consider that the Soviet gOv­ernment should come to the im­mediate aid of Great Britain and France should they be involved in hostilities as a result of carryillC out the obU,alions they have ... sumed ill guaranteeing Poland and Rumania.

Avolcla Aid to Sovletl southwest of Cape Sable and 150 Ashtray Present flame. an Illegitimate son of her hUS., ceived a British-French guarantee J'egarded Danzig 1111 a purely Ger-

Nine survivors were reported I {flood. he showed the news men rained down upon employes scur- /:nce of a purp?rted al~wance of I ----------------- - ---picked up trom two dories 311 all employe's birthday gift of an rying for safety. Accompanied by S50 a week which he said he had miles west of Larmouth Cape by a!htray decorated with a bull and muffled booms. ~ke the rumbU,:,g blOen receiving from Schneider. Those WesternerQ Stl-ll Do TheIr- Stuff

"Great Britain says nothing about the aid which the U. S. S . R. should naturally receive on the principle of reciprocity from France and Great Britain ...

the Yarmouth·!>oun!l motorship the legend "Does it contribute to of a volcano. fU'e burst out In ~ Amaclt\a. recovery?" This slogan was elevators "B" and "C." The fiery

The coast guard immediately 01'- ('oined by Morgenthau himsel1 a tongues darted across a 30-foot dered the cutters Cayulla and The- few months ago to describe his wide slip and ignited two ele· Us. docked at Boston, and the Ar- altitude towiJ'!'d any proposals vators ot the Norris Grain com-10. stationed at Provincetown, to t.hat come before him. pany. A quarter mile sector was the scene of the crash. A plane The secretary declined to give transformed quickly into an in­will take off from the Salem alr- details of his tax program which femo. b8lle tomorrow If the men have I:e said would not be made pub- Two fire tugS and a hall dozen not been found, the coast iuard lic unUi he testified before the pieces of powerful apparatus said. Only a Iii~t westerly wind house ways and means committee spewed water upon the blazing Was blowing where the schooners !n about a week. Nor would he skeletons while 50,000 spectators aank. say whether he would set forth watched the battle.

Reports of the accident did not his plans meTely as possibilities contam any details. ('1' as specific recommendations. . No Private TOIII'

Gives Y • •• 811,pari Chairman Douihton (D-NC) of GRAND CANYON. Ariz. (AP) NEW YORK (AP) ~ E a I' I the ways and means committee, - Crown Prince Olav and Crown

Browder, general secretary and who said he consulted the presl- Princess Martha ot Norway joln-1936 presidential candidate of the dent on taxes Tuesday. also told ed American tourists yesterday in communist part)', aald last nI'ht reporters that "the door has not I scenic trips along the Grand Can­hi. party would support President b~n closed" on revislonacy le.- yon's south rim. declining offers Roosevelt for 1\ thir4 term in 19'0. Islation. of privllte tours.

Free Killer Of Imbecile Son

. .. *.. ... Bullets Don't Hinder Old·Timer When It Comes To Rescuing Baby

SIDNEY, Neb., May 11' (AP) --Sheriff W. W. Schulz, veteran

NEW YORK. May 11 (AP)- western Nebraska peace officer, Louis Greenfield. once prosperous braved a hail of bullets today miiliner who killed his imbecile to r~scue 14.-month-old Jimmy s('n Jerome. 16. rather than see Sulcer from the barricaded room h.m sutre.·. was acquitted of a of his crazed father and ended fi:-st degree manslaughter charge an eight-hour reign ot terra.. In tonight by a jury of married men lin Isolated farm house northeast and women. most of them par- d here. I'nts, In Bronx county COllt't. The father, James W. Sulcer.

Greenfield, who SQbblngly tes- defyln, a teB'\' ,a8 attack. shot tifled the boy was a problem lo:nd killed himself after the that even the greatest speciaUst baby's reacue. cl)uldn't solve. chJoroformed him AppearillC this mornin, at the Illst Jan. 12. after 10Ilf delibera_ '1 farm where his estran,ed wife \il)n. was UVirl" SUIc;ef shot alld

wounded his slatea--in-Iaw. Mrs. RIchard Keefe, when she sought t(l drive him away with a s1D1le­tree, the sh,rltf said.

Sulcer. 42. a salesman, iJ'abbed l'.is tiny baby and ned to a 8ec­ond floor bedroom where he commanded the stairs. He threat­ened to kill himself and the child sh<luld officers attempt to reach him.

County officers and state t .ighway patrolmen surrounded ti;e hOUle while Schuh, Keefe Hnd Mrs. Sulcer pleaded from downstairl for the chUd's lite.

Pinallr the .4.-year-ol~ sheriff

Bnd youthful Patrolman Joe Pel· rano .donned gas masks and ('rept up the stairs.

"We poured a couple of vol-leys of gas into the room." the sheriff ·celated. "Then the pa-tro)man and I rushed In. We

couldn·t see Sulcer. I guess he was behind the bed. I grabbed Jimmy and we started down in a hurry and Sulcer began shoot­Ing. r guess he emptied his auto­maUc. about nine shots, at us. Sume of them wf,·.·e mighty close. but we didn·t ~et hit.

"We are told that by defendlnll Poland and Rumania. Great Brit­ain and France would virtually be defend in, the western frontier ot the U. S. S. R. That is not true.

"Where there is no reciprocity," it concluded, "real collaboration cannot be brought about."

Pennsylvania Couple, In Their 70'8, Ask

Marriage LiceD8e

HARRISBURG. Pa.. May 11 (AP) - David Musser, 'l5-year­old tobacconist, and Mary Cnllim. 73, both of Lancaster, Pa.. ap­plied for a marrla,e license today. The application stated neither had been n)arrle(! prev\ous'1.


THE DAILY rOWAN HOt(} Liberally Publlahic1 every morninJ' ~x­

eept Monday by Student PubliCf­tiona In£orporated, at 126 . 130 Iowa aVeI!u~, Iowa City, Iowa.


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The AlIsoclated Press Is exclu-1lvel7 ~\ft1ec1 to use for ~publi­caUOJl ot aU news dispatches cndi~ to l~ or not oth~wise credited In ttI1s paper and also the local news published herein.

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· rELEPHONBS ffJlorial Office __ .... _ ..... _ .... 4192 fiele~ EdItor . __ ._ ........ _ ..... 4193 Ifrr t ... Otrlce .. _ ... _ .... _ ......... 4191

• ' FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1939

Marry On $1,200?

D"URrNG Veisha week at Ames ttlere fS to be a debate in which tll& "univcrs~ty of Iowa will take the affirmative on tbe question "Can college graduates marry and live happily on $1200 a year?"

Well, that depends, and it de­pends 1m so many things. A certain percentage oC seniors to graduate In s6'rriewhat less than a month are un<toubtedly puzzling over the sjlme problem Or one very simj]al', depending on the amount of the contemplated income.

A few of the pOints that both itebalers and hope1'uls will have to take into cbnsideration may be summed up generally. Miss Fran­Cis :tum, head bf the home eco­nomicS department, after many yeats ot study on budgeting and marriage still adheres to the tru th in the old saying that "When pov­f!rty comes in the door, love .flies Cut the window."

What constitutes poverty fo.· some, might not for others, just as some Couples might very well be 4~re to live on $12OQ a year while 6t~~1! wQuld make a miserable JarJ~ on that. amount. . ' .~l'!On8 thiakin&, of marriage ~t'neeessnrj)y think of whether Wf income would be enough for th~Q1. , to, maintain a satisfactory 8tai\d~ bl living,. Tilat phrase is . '. filom empty sounding when me realizes that many students ft,~ ina way at- co liege which they I!OUlii aot duplicate in their own ~et. Beautiful btick fraterni­~ with rich furnishings, maid IM!J'vlee, little or no worry about money ~xcept "When is Dad going 10. Ml!d (hat cbeck ?" Are people ~ ;to give up the best books _BaMaptmes that they have beeo 1Ii.ed ro, to clamp tiown wheo the ~ they want to be with pro­JIIIIsH 8D' ex:peoditur~ that won't q.laite fit i 0 with the family bUd­get? ~.r facts to bi! collBidered ~ thftt the initial eost of letting "' up is necessarily considerably mQre. than the cost of daily living a!~r the breakfast nook has been «tujW!ed witll tne salt and pepper ~aKer9. l1here was the young ~,le "QUo know, who waoted to move frOin a furnished apartment \e a. ',home until they knew that ~e.ru. t41eY' wanted to buy lor $10 J"~ llyr oost $50. · ThOugh fam\Hes can do wonder­f~lt well b)l budlleting and care­till ' management (and manage­ment often times means more than the, adual ineome) they may not riiilize' all the outlets there wUI ~~for. ~ei.r money. A certain per­'*n,tace lor foo4, rent, clothes, en­tertairlment, tobacco and miscel­Ian., and thal-'s as far as many 10. They (orget !,hat the husband, tIS~iallY' if he is a professional man, wilJ pave pressure put upon hipl to jOin the Chambar of Com­merce, tbe American Medical as­socllaUon, the county medical asso­ciation, or organizations of like nature . Thoulh benefits undoubt­edl:i a$:crue, memberships all cost somethtnll.

C~hH~llrable pressures will be e,1tc!rted in the lInll of social activ­itY. the wife may be asked to join bridae ' clubs, the Woman's club, literarY SOCieties, any of wbleh de­mlmd. mon., for entertaining.

C*tall\1l" this does not mean tb8\ . iaarriall! is impossible, but th4t to make marriage successful .. ..,. incorDf lavel, the partners wiU have to determine what kind f1l a lite tM3r" need, what ~ the tIIMIp important to them, and .... t they 'Ni1l be able to do with­_ j( they CQD'l have all they ... The solutioo to tbe problem ia< aD ia the Individual and what adjustm~ta he can make.

Educated Are You?

NOW that the school year is coming to a close and the seniors are dusting of! tbeir caps and gowns, we might say a word or two about what college has done tOI' us. Not the usual generalities about the higber plane of living which has been laid before us. Such talk is for commencement speakers and others equally far away. There ar~ other things which we can taik about.

You can, for example, Ust the

1 til:

TVW~ WIlli

DilLE MILI.. ••

really meanin,tul peop ~ with =-==========~====::i:::========== whom you've associated durin, WitT! Mil A tbLVMN bF tile last four y~ars. Thdse from SA....... Su.w=I"ANr." ... whom you gleaoed new Ideas or U(;...... ou ..... i<..., ., ..

Once on a time Chere was no b.armaay. 1ll the world. . , To be sure there were as many musi­cal In.trumenta and as many playen &I now ..• But t.here was no haftllfty!

with whose help you developed old ones. There have alway3 been those professors and friends who meant more to you thlih lust the clll"ssroom. Som~ bf us, you kno\t, came

from families w~kh. sheltered . us . At first the effect had not been by the conventiona1i~es of life. noticeable. So long as everyone We may have begun life as lordly had at least one instrument every plutocrats, musty hotJl'geoiBie or player ~as satisfied. . . Althou,h cocky radicals. But sometrtJw even then the violins arid the picco­college injects you with the idea los complained their melodious that it isn't where you staried but tohi!6 were blbtted out by the where you're goin. thai's impor- blares of the English horn and the tant. trombone ...

If your college training hilS taught you what i~ m~ans til live with people, to make the best of what comes your way, tHen it has succeeded in liivln. tti~ term liberal education some meaning. There are, after all, mod~rh pi-(ib­lems which can't be solved within the binding of a urn v~tslty t&xt­book. Sometim!!s, }:Is;eholojtsts call those problems selt adjust­ment.

Aa ttaM 'lIVelli on. however, even t.he hl$"uments cha~ed handk ••• For examllle, tbe oboe player, whOse "dice was very "!IS aJHI very I.iul~ fr.btelled the ..... 1_ pla)er SO much wilen 1M WaNd In 1111 e... that tI.e cIHlneUsl dropped bls in­stnllllen. and I"IJI •••

Before 10Di the oboe- player­along wlih the horns and the truni~ts - had accumulated two,

The Weari".. three and ellen (our instr uments " for himself while the violins,

Of The violas and hute bad none at all ...

G teen I Of course, the noise became THE GRASS is growing greeh- t evell> louder and more confused,

cr all the time ' but the path upon and while the loud-voiced players the greeo is gkHing browner anB accumuldted more and more In­dustier in the sunlight. Of course struments, the . soft-spoken ones we know it isn't supposed to be bad fewer :md fewer ...

there. Neve'rtheless, a straight There were enough instruments !tne is still the sh'o£test distance (or everyone to have one-but no bt'tween two points.

We'd hate to think tliat colle,~ more. . . students are like sheep, but It has been 8 game of follow the jl!lideJ' sO far as thes!! paths across the campus lawns ar~ concetned. Uh­I ortuna tely, the ll!aders h!lve uvoided the conventional side­", a lks.

Now that a brown iine has formed from the Union to Old Capitol, (there are several otb~rS , tOl') something ought td bl! done nbout it.

lt seems to us that as long liS cu~to~ prev3i~ the-re will be a dJrt p.,th on the cnmpus. Once b~fore we suglWsted tbat jUdlcl­::lusly placed sprinklers would dIscourage those wbo avoid slde­wulks.

For a time, the violins and flutes merely tried td shi&ld their ears from the- noise and confusion among the players ...

But one day a player who had recently had his piccolo snatched by a burly drummer who threw it on the ground to let It rust, eall­ed the othets who had been dis­posseSlled to his side. . .

"These things should not be," he tried to shout above the din. "We were liven enough instruments so that each should have the one he is best suited to play.

"Those who have the loudest voices have the biggest inStru­ments, but it was not meant that they should have more than one."

FInally a clarioetist called a n:itillini. aod the dispossessed chose the piccolo player to repre­sent them before the half dozen who were now milking all the noise since they possessed all of the instruments ...

But it was hopeless . . . Tbe pIccolo player could not even be seen. let alone beara. . • Tbe ,1Ie et d_al'ded .ad lIUSttRI vfelt", • flutes and clarinets was . too great.

But the piccolo pla.yer was a rCEourceful chap. . . When the lIigrlt!lt CHeW WMn't Iookinlt", Iu! !.IllltcbetJ l.be plccuJo whleh had OlWe been hls.-anil raa.. . .

At fi~st the oboe player didn't eotice, but when he did, such a howl as went up in all the land. . . . The oboe players formed a National Associa~i.on of Oboe Players to protect themselves, lind made many speeches about "llteH" and "agi tators" and hired ~()me dispossessed players to pl'otecl their inst~'uments for them ...

Fiaally, OM 0' _be braver vlo­lle", .. de • .""eatfoa. _ . It tJt .. onel wbo now hAd the InStru­~Ilts wol1li not rive them back, he su .... ested, why should any 01 tllem by til matcli. them away. . • . S_ aralllj hI! said, a. lew would possess every thin,.

Wby should an.)' one player own his instrument anyway. . . Tns1·.uments are only produced to mr,ke music ... Why should not every playcr play the tune as he was best able? ...

The viollnist called it "har­mony." .. .

Naturally, there were objec­tiuns. . . At first hardly anyone bt'lieved it could be done . .. Not e-veryone could play the same tune, they said ... And anyway it wasn.'t a "pc:.:(ect" scheme; it might NOT work . . .

All 'this, the violinist ~it­ted; but he argued and ,ave speeches and talked and urged the dispossessed to elect repre~

5entatives wbo agreed, and the idea grew ...

By Loren Hickeno,.

ROBERT RIPLEY wUl observe Mother's Uy

by brin&i nr to his "Believe It or No~" PI'QITIm ",er the Columbia nM".rk. •• 8:38 toIIIlcht • motller and lOB who uvea't seen. e~h other tor 30 nars.

One man outlioed Lord's back­ground in detail and explained he was a classmate of Phil's at Yale.

A young chap interrupted and said, "Everything else was pretty good but Phil didn't go to Yale. He went to BowdoIn."

"mtw do YOU kilow?" Ilsked the narrator.

ltellll in the 11NIVDSITY oALBND~are ... lIled In &be oUiee .f &he PJ"~ent" CaplIIl Itelllll for 1M QENl:BAl. }li{O!.u.CES ~ with the camplU ecI1tor of The Dalh ....... may be placed ill the box provided '~ their lie. JI08i1 In &be ulfloea of The Dall~ Iowa... GBNIIA( NO'rICIS mUll' be at The Dally Iowan by 4:3' , .... the day preeedlnl" Ilrat pubUcatlon: notlees ... NOr be accepted by telepbone, .nho~-;-I TYPED ... LEGIBLY WRFrI'EN aDd " a responsible person. VOL. XU, No, 29~ Friday, M.y I!, 191

Uiliversity calendar Frlda,y. May 1! jng, recreation room, Currler hall.

Ripley will also tell hbw a man bad to be shipwrecked five times before he could see hIs mother again. The program also maks the return of Vocalist Linda Lee afler a three-week absence occasioned by Illness.

10:00 a.m.;-12:qb nl; 2:00·~:OO Tuesday, :May 18 ........ Phil Lord," rep' ilell lbe ; :tn. - Concert, Towa Union mu- io:oo a..h.~l!:H m.; z:tU:te

HI SIC room. , • , I youna- man. 8:00 P.m. _ Urtlverstty play: p.Ol.; 6:00-8:08 P.m. - Cotlcert,

EDWARD C. MACE · . . of Tacoma, Wasb., Is the

man who wUl be reurutet with his mother. Mace, woo Is 36 ,ears old, was under thAI Imllressi.n tilat his mOtber Willi dead om Illp"'y dis­covered her,

"Our Town," University theater. low<l Union music room. "WHAT'S MY NAME?" 9:00 p.m. - May Frolic, Iowa 4:15 p.m. - Illustrated lecture

sensationally popular during the Union. ,by Arthur Burkhard: "F<¥m in last year on a three station hook- Saturday, May 13 German and Italian Art," stnale uIi, will become available to a GOVERNOR'S DAY. chamber, Old Ca.pj~~. nbtibn-wide audience for tile first 2:00 P.m. _ Mat i rt e e: "Our 7 :30 p.m. - Camera clu&, an time when it replaces Fred Allen's Town," UniverSity theater. auditorium. "Town HaJJ Tonight" for 1he sum- 2:15 p.m. _ Moving pictures: 7:30 p.m. _ Bridge, University mer beginning July 5. "The University in Technicolor," club. .

GRACIE Macbride audito=jJrtl. Wedpesd'Y' May 1~ · .. will attempt to explain the An. autUedce participation. pro- 800M 'h S D h "" I : p.m. - o. er- on- aug - 10:01 a.m.-12:00 m.; 2:_t:te

world's fair to George and It<IY 'r:am with ,a dlffcrent ty.)le of tel' banquet, Iowa Union C t I U . I Noille, the only man in the world "Quiz," "W\ikt's My Na"",?" en,- , SIill~a?, ~ay 14 p.m.- oncer, .owa Dlon m~ e who knows exactly wHat Peer ableti metnHers bf lhe au,dlen e 10 MOTHElt'S DAY room. TbUrsdaY, May 18 Gynt's suite is, wiH pI3y Jt when wlJi CIS~ ~Ies !tY laenlifyhtr 2:So.4 :3~ P.IIi,.: '1:"-9~Oll P.ln.- 3:00 p.m. _ Kensington _ Tea, • BUrns bnd Allen .gO to the micro- ~eJl-ktloWD »,~rsona~tJe5 6~ ~.Ds CoH<;,~rt, tdW3 Uiuon music room. University club, pHone at 6:3(1 tODlglit ov~r CBS. of va~btls clues. For exiiiIJile;.j~ 3:00 b.ift:-MoU\er'~ Clay tea at 7:sd p.m. _ Iowa Union Board,

-- hie qllesttllRer sta~d llle )lnD- h ' • " f P ld t ·d M G'1 . With Gnele lIS It sjail4-ln On tt. lem as "I staried iilY e.ree. IIi blt\ om,!! v res ert an rs.. - Iowa Uruon. relielvliir elld, milk PaJ;~er wid Bostot). J)ullltc Ubr.ty alUi biilh itlor~ . • ~\ .. j . ' S!'turday, May ~~, rI I, prlle'l~ P.i"1i)lollbir iCI fils ril'l. luHted 10 ;Hi,kitHr fll amateur 8:30 ,.m. - ~~stilnoh.al d pner 7.80 p.m. - Annual Dinner, T • Giaele wui llitrolluce a tir.rld Jjt!w sKoWs." ttie wlnbln~ .ilswer ~dbjd fllr Prof. Ftat1k Luther MoH, Iowa angle clull. • tuJie -Miffed estIeelaily for ber aM be ,,~ Alien," Uriion. ",. Saturday. ~~ !7 tldea I Ain't Ya Comhi' Odt!" anil . Mididay: May, .15. . 6:~5 p.in. - Sunset supper, Unl-Frank ,,,"I Illria' "F;.iJlri fn LOve." Fred Allen, portland HofIa and 10.80 ~.m.-12.bo Ill., 4.Oo.6.od vers.ty club.

r the rest of tnelr Town Hall retihue p.Dl.-Cdncert, Iowa Union music I •

rHE tNTEIlNJlTlONAL wHl retorn to the air In the Iall room. (For IDloi-matfoD rep""ta, · .. Golden Gloves boxing tbur- In their usual Wedhesday night 4:15 1I.1it. - Phi Beta Kappa, datelll beyond this ICbed~ lee

nametit will be described, blow- spot with a. bigger anCl tlettet Senate ch'ambet, Old Capjtol. I reJehatioDIi ~ die .,'elldett1 by-Iilow, over NBC's ReCl rletwbrk "Towo Hall TonIght." It will mark 7::10 )i,m. - Town Coeds D}.eet- office, Old Ca.PlloL) at iO:30 tonight. the beginnin~ of Fred's heW two­

yea~ contr~ct, and the begillning A jileltt!a .American telilti ot Of . the Tdw~ . l-lp~ tlt~n,'s el~k~h

amateili- flslicdfi ~~tis ~H year under tlte Tdwh H<ill banner. swd ,udcilej Wlt1l & fllelteil {e.ril from flve Eutoieah Cdlin.tHes. toiJA "t's PROGRJht

-- I 5:31-10e E. Btbwn; tBs. pm BETA KAPpA I G-"kate !!!inJtll, CB .,

•.. );U"esents John Erskine speak- S-Rddy Valite, NBC-Red. ing on "Get Ready for Expression 7-MaJor Bowes, CBS. through Art" on the current series 7-Good News of 1939, NgC-of tttat honorary organization at Iled. 5 o'clock this afternoon.

ADD SrORIES •.. sevjlral men were standing around the Ganr Buster exhibit at the World's fair, dlscussln .. tbe c.reer of Pbil Lord, crealor ot Gan. Busters.

7 :30-Amerlca's Town Meelln .. , NBC-Blue.

8-Binl' Crosby, NBC-Red. 8-Andre Kostelanetz, CBS. 8:45-VieW)lolnts of Americans,

Mrs. Roosevelt, CBS. .9-MetropaUtan Opera, NBC.

Hollywood Sights and Sounds By BOBBIN COONS

General Notices I

, Oradtiale theSes tide .his date. Office hourfi ,are. ft:om AlI gfadUate s{udents )Yho ex- 10 to 11 a.tn. dally, 307, Schaef·

pee! ttl teceive degrees at tl1~ .Tune fer hall. .,' ~onvocatlbn shoblc;l check In their FRENCH DEPARTMENT theses a t the grllduate office, 116 University h/Ill, not later than 5 Dolphin Picnic p.m., May 22. Theses must be AH Dolpbin pledge$ and 4c/iVt ilnally deposited by 12 noon, ll1embers a re Jnvibid ~ attend


June 3. the a r;Ulual stag Dolphin picnic at DJ.!:AN GEORGE STODDARD the quarries Sunday, M~y 14.

Golf Classes University women's golf clas­

ses on Thursday and Friday will meet In East hall, room Cl.


Pbyslcal Education Exams The written examinations for

advanced degrees in physical edu­cation will be Friday, May 19, ) to 4 p.m. and Saturday, May 20, 9 to 12 a.m. The examinations will

Students will meet at \he field house at I :30 p.m. Transport;. , tion will bl1 furni,shed.

ED QERBER, Presidenl

Chi-i~hall Science ~oclely

-------------.. ---------------- be at Holub house (first house HOLLYWOOD - Francis Abel- got our story already. We could west of women's gymnasium) .

Each student writing the exam~ use you, yes, as a Filipino soldier, must turn in the book list not

Ther~ will be a ~ting of lho Christian Science society at 4 p.m. , Friday, May 12, in Iowa Union's board room. All those interested are invited to attend. T)1is Is the last meeting before the le!!ture, and aU members are especially reo quested to be present. .


la's public will be happy to know 1hat Francis and John Tio, his protege, will not be parted on the screen. Francis Abella is sure his public will be happy-so sure that he warded off the blandishments of movie gold and stood firm on his demand: No Francis, no John.

a sergeant maYb~ .... " later than Friday, May 12, accord­"No," said Francis Abella, "my

public .... " After Hathaway had rehearsed

ing to regulattons set forth in the mimeographed material which is available from either Prof. Mc­Cloy's office or the main of1ice a~ th women's gymnasium.


ZoolorY Seminar The last regular ml.\eting of the

zoology seminal; will be at ~ p.nt Friday. May 12, in room 307 0/ the zoology building. ;EJeanor Ross will discuss "The Develop. rllent of the Salivary Glands of Dtosophila Metanogaster."


We are Sure tbat all Iowa stu­dents will agre!j that 1he cam­pus must be kept beautiful. Ob­sE'fvalion has already proven that he who cuts the campus does not

The subsequent proceedings al-Naturally, some of his listeners On the night of tbe first cOl\- most disrupted production on the

were very shocked ... Especially, cert, ali of the most impO'r tant outdoor set where less important the violinists, who came from very pl&yers in all the world came to matters like the squelching of the nice families and were not given listen. . . It wlls the first har- Mora insurrection (the Philip-

another scene he came back, call­ing Niven and Broderick Craw­ford . He signaled Francis tor a demonstra:tion. "Would you like to work with Mr. Niven, John?" coaxed Francis.

I\lathematlcs Dinner Undergraduate Mathematics club

will hold its ann u a I ban­quet Wednesday, May 17, in the conference room of Iowa Union . All members of the club and their friends are invited. Please place YOUr teservatioos with Miss Smith in tHe m~thematics oUice, physics building. Reservations are 75 cents per plate.

Governor's Ilevlew walk alone.

Not Unt,', to questioniog the nature of things. mony yeL to be heard. . . pines, 1900) were in proll'esll. Di­reetor Henry Hathaway was put-

Alter The One flUttst; even f:6inud at thc An orchestra wa~ born .. : ting soine Arne ric a n troops , laea of 4QetilenbV \fte wisdom -- through their farewell paces for

Election- of one whom she said, "planned I And now, in Orchestraland, the camera when Francis and "A STRAW in the wind" Il that wu." h:JrmollY is the order of the day. Johl\, aerompanied by their agent,

wHich has been blow!n" pretty · -- r H you ~hould Wander i.ri, ybu can arrived. They had reported on ttJe much in the same direction is the geeo. iIowevH. as the vteliliiBU hear the roost beauttful melo- set because the word was out that recent report of an American &labile ... lJli _$ter dver, aM as dies ever imai/ined. . . Hathaway could use a talented poll. &be cUu. and cODlnlon conilnu.ed, 1 __ bird in "The Real Glory."

The Question on the poll was many be/Can to sel: wisdom 10. tbe t And everyone Is livlnr happy As hanci,s later pointed out to this: "If President Roosevelt runs worda of the pIccolo player. .• I ever atter. . • me, "I am Francis-and John Tio for a third term in 1940 against is the bird-an African grey King

$7 ( parrot. We have been together for Thomas Dewey on the republican 14 years." ticket, whom would you prefer? " * • •

Fifty-five per cent 01 the quer- 01 the two John Tio is the pret-ies showed favor (or Mr. Dewey. By CHAiLES P. S'l'twA:M tier, with his powder-blu chassis A Chicago neWspaper points out eeBtraIJ fit. fJoIulllDM and his bright red tail and com-that the trend is away from , ' :3 ' 'W 2 placent, tolerant eyes, but Francis Roosevelt. Two months alo :11 is the nattier. Francis is a Filipino, per cent thought he should run The state department is amused,ts~s the Poles want to be" ac- with ti flair for dress. He and again, but now tb.e vote is 23 even if somewhat worried, by tb.e loommodating, so it suggests what John Tio are in vaudeville .

"Sure," said John. Niven jumped two feet. Crawford called for a double-brandy-q:oick. And how did John like going ou.t with the girls? "Whoopee'" said John. John also obediently demonstrateq how Jimm.Y' Durante says "Hot-cha­cha!" and how Bing Crosb), croons and how John (himself) whistles "In a Little Spanish Town." By this time half the company and crew were gathered around, and Hatbaway1s dlrectQrial eye was lusting for the birp.

"I'll tell you what," S<lid Hath­away, "I'll give you one scene­but you'll have to dress like a real Filipino."

Fl'ancis Abella thought it ov~'r. "Sure!" said John Tio from his

cage. "Sure!" echoed Francis Abella.

per cent. The pebple have Polish newspapers' response to it calls a compromise, which is Hathaway came over and said, Maybe Letter's .


l'h.D. Test In .-rench The examination for certifica­

tion of reading ability in French will be given Thursday, May 18, from 4 to 6 p.m. in room 314, Schaeffer hall.

Please make application and leave all material in major field to be submitted for the examina· tion with Tacie Knease before Saturday evening, May 13, in room 307, Schaeffer hall. No <lP­plications will be received after

At 10:20 a.m. SatUrday, May 1$, Gov. GeOl'ge A. Wilson of Iowa , will review the Ca~ef rej!t1je.nf 011 ine field West ' of the artnor,Y~, FBI this purpose, unive.rsitY euJhotItie$ have excused miUtllry students frolD. attending all cla'sses in the colleges ot liberal arts, efigJ,n~ef­ing, law, commerce and pb'a(macy between 9:50 a.m. alld' noon on that day.

For the information o(a'u tlIose spectators who qUg!)t Jil(e t? at; tend, arrangements ha-ye ,_ been made for the following stgnl!1S. )( the naHonal flag is flXh'f~ over Old Capitol on MaY 13, th'e ~vtew will take place as scheduled. BUt if there is ill.> frag frying pver Old Capitol at 10 a.m. on that day, ' there will be no review on 11* field, but a'rl a'Lferttate cererlioOy will be held inside the armory, which will consist of presentation

(See BULLETIN Page 7) ..

changed their minds for several Herr HitJe.r 's demand for a Ger- Uris: uI' hellI' you've ,ot a bird." reasons. They oppose a third man corridor ll\rO\iIfh the Polish Let Germany cede East Prussia "Sure," said JOhl\ Tio. Missing But Who' i-, N L term, they want a oban,e in per- co~ritb. to Poland. Hathaway jumped, just a t~ifle, Could Prove '&1 , 11. ew Y orl{er lit argp-son and believe business would r sUPPOSe everyone knows what Thus Poland will be all 00 one Iin~ you could see that he was improve under a new paity'. the Polish corridor is, but, to make side of the corridor and Germany "sold." He asked, "Could he talk By CeorK~ _tuckef t

It is to be pointed out, however, sure: on the other side. Indeed, there'll like that in; our picture-you see, OWENSBORO, Ky. (AP)-The . _ _ that with the presideotial cam- Up-to-date Poland, as granted cease to. be a corridor. we want a bird like that to work Welsh have a wc:rd for it,....,.a 55-paien far in advance the results its. independoem:e under the Ver- Does this suit derman)'?, Well! with Gary Cooper and David letter WQrd-and the Rev. E. N. NEW YORK-The Fair got off.and Katharine Cornell and Tallu· aren't necessarily indicative of 8allleS tr~aty, pJ:olIIlsed to be ex- murderf Niven. Cooper gives him to Niven Hart of Owensboro says he is one to a great start in New York but lah Bankhead $fand around and what would happeD> if these two elusively an inland country, ireat- Maxim tftVlnov'. Pur .. 6 for a present, and-" 6f the few outside of Wales who Broadway felt the strain. Brock cheer while slle made ~ neces" I

men were the caodidates ly to lts economic dlsadvantage. AnotP,er thin{: that perturbs the "But Mr. Hathawa~, " said Fran- can pronounce the word. Pemberton, in a mood tor tossing sary incantations and buml!l _______ . It needed a port on the Baltic. The state department is Russia's parge cis Abella. "you take away my It's- ' off a good ga, or two, was ialking el"\ough prayer papers to the Gods

onl)" way it could get one WlI!I by o~ Soviet Commissar of P'o~ign life!" Llan!airtlwelS)'yngllgogercbwY- about it wrylY noting the falling of the ~aios to" let ~ g~ do"l'l':, Grey aWiilf it a strip of soil t.hroUl'h Relation!r Mall'im Litvinov. Mos- Hathaway jumped again. How mdtobwelltlandysiliogogoch'. off in receipts at theatrical box- pour started. That ou,ht. t~ h~.· Uat'er ~--' Gtrman territory, partitioning off ec1W'S story ill th-at be resi .... ed, COl;De? (Oops! There's 6ne letter miss- Offices 1lI'0und mid-town. He said Thus saying, Mr.Pemj)erton,'\YIIO /"!- 41"" main Germany Irom East Prussia, but nobodY' believes' it>. "We wo}-k together," explained ing somewhere.) maybe the nude girl" shows had used to be a Kansas bn.i be:t0 lie

J. b 1 t 'f M' to b ' L 't . It frie'fldl t& itus Francis. "In vaudeville-we are TIle name means "the white J "J ztter Up us as I eX1CO. were e Clven 1 VlnOV wa y a - together 14 years. M~ public see something to do with it. grew up to become a Br ., THE h . d ' h .~ .. a strip through southern Califor- !lian-ftook-UJ> betwee~Russl«, Brit- Jo' Il.'-', ':L ... y must see' .... A too." church of St. Mary i·n beauii:ful Of ""urse the opening was cal- producer and have' sugh hit,!; oIJhls

. u~a~ mm IS . SOW1 ... ilia, trOlfi aboflt Yuma to Santa am and Fran~, wllkh mad4t him n.. moo u"," hollQw 6t hills" For six pennies, -,. h h". t cliVe sIgns of slippmg. according to a u...,., __ a fo....:t- st-ip -'&"'t l·_ ....... -t ... 4-'orable '0 the""-o- "But it would b" Several weeks' t .l culated to take a lot of' people """ as the currently a t1'8 ,

t dl tch 0 ~ I - .. ~ ........ ...... 'KIU'~ '-J UI!" I........ t" "- Hart says, na ive boys will 1'1"0- away from Bt-oadway, but wf! "Kiss the . Boys Go.odbrt SOlTOIY-recen · news spa : ver: eve - through our midst fw I.lII to~.P cratic powe~s - as far as COtll- work. Great break for the oird," nounce the name for tourists. ne~r thought it would continue. fully folded his gl'eatcqat aI!OUl opment ~f the b.ra,?, say tbe across or 10 around to ,et, say, munlsm con be considered pro- objected Hathaway. It must be the- undraped maids out him and retired to the box.o~1;t psychIatriSts, results In such hu- {rom San Bernardino to San Diego. democrauc. It's felt that his dis- • • • tbere. Maybe we ought to get up a where he had' another look ~ the man phenomena as the ji\terbUIB· Of coo~se this was very aggra- placement is a chanae for the "If I could just be in the scene fi'ee ~O Feet counter attraction for Times receipts. Frankly, we atw81S thoo,ht Ole, vatia, to Gtrmany, but. lleked at ~worse, anyway. In this country with him-a valet, :r servant, but Square. Tbat girl who does the • • • were a result of underdevelop- the time, the Fatherland had to he wouldn't be considered a ,ood just near him," said Francis stolid- ' AroO'nd Is Roeky crove dance, for instance. She' Evcn a cat may look at a ~ ment of Il'ey matter. stand it. . life insurance risk, either. Iy. Mouniains' Biagest hasn't anything on but a flock of and so there was nothihg- wrohl

Now ~ ~r.r wainfs a re- Li~vi:nov bas acq.uaiilt8lll!es in "We can't write you in-we've e doves which flutter and coo with this scene' when 1 C81lle'updI Folks in Enlland, we read, wear adjustment. For one thing he de- Washington incidentally. DENVER (AP)-A tree 19.9 'arQundo ?er. . it , ~n l\ Times ~uarj!, . ~WI1

out 1ll0,OOO,OOO pai.rs of shoes a mands Danzig, at the Baltic end BeSIdes having been here of- trip Jiloln&--<:omil11t back shOrtly. fNt in circumference be1ieved to "':e mIght o(fse~ that b~ hav l.ngo ,station late th~ othel' a(~er~,oon:'L yeal· . Well, they've got lots more ot the hUsh corridor. That propo- ficially, he's been a guest at the That's the last that ever was seen be th It. 'th R k:y a ,11'1 covered WIth homing plg_ 'l'he.'C are several vast wJOde", to kick about. sfUoft mifht pass muster . namlg National PreSs club. A f~w years ot him in this capital. None of M teo ara-:s m

h .e t ~_ I eons and" have one take orr every within the slation ~1;l!r~ c~

~;Kly- ~ a German city. Po- ago he n'\Qde an addTess be'lore the his ftiends ever have been able to' oun am regIOn, a~ JUS """,:'l 10 minutes. theatrical hits are advertised". It begin.s to look as though th,ose land could dtllpen8e with it, the club mernbel's. pt in touch With him or any mem- r:llscov~ed by UnIted States • • • ,in these window~ ate many I"

war clouds hanging over Europe Mor'II !IO lI4Hau11e it hItS· developed It was just after Russia and bers of his famlly in Russia. foresters. .. Somebody spoke up and said no ,Photographs of the actors and' lit-may be nothing more than a lof of Ii new p()rt rigtlt alOl'\tlllld~ If, also Vnele Sam had re-istabJished ~ I've known RUSSian newspaper- How old .the tree may be tit! doubt the &bod weather had some tressesj some of them Ufe:'slze, statesman-like bot air'. at till! corridor's Baltic end-as 1omatio r~lations. He's a aiee chap m~ who were recalled for sup- one <:an ~tlmat~ accurately, the bearing on it t!lO--chilly yet, but There was one fine portratt II!

~ a Po!ilrh mllYi6me outlet as ! personally-short, round and roJy>. poeedly O'\e~ consultationll with !crrest servIce sa.d. there Was plenty of sunshine, and Franchot Tone. A YOllng man illS The good old days in Eu~ope was ~ itself. I poly; also Ver)" sociable. The folk th~lr editGrial superiors. They It is limber pine and is grow- if It would only start raining may- slightly crushed felt ha't wiill ~

when the folks thete feU sorry for 'P1\e ti"ouble » that MoH 1ik~ who met him liked him. . JWYer CM\e back. ing in the Medicine Bow Nat- be th& crowds would come back light topcoat over his arm' was we dumb clucks Uviht in tM wilds wise requires a 1S-mile wide Ger- ..... V ....... ' Fanwea. Seemingly y~ kiss a Russian iol\aJ Forest, 22 miles south of to Brosdwat. lookint' at il He si~ed it up frOIIl 01 danttrous America. .... cotrkilor aeI'OIIIII tbe Polish oor- Washington it; aceustomed to aoodby ijl he goes back to Moscow. Saratoga, WYO. Its h.~i.ht is 48 "Well," suaoested Pemberton, ,head' to foot, smiled, and' _

, ...... fMIA GierIRMl!r propef into' farewell visits by- Russiall eelebtoi- WVlMOV> Is prooounced "Ut- feet. Previously a limber pine in ."maybe we producers could chip 'away. ' Trout fiB\\1n. would- be a lot W P~I~ elW:t • Germ.-an ties. VNI\-oll," with the accent on the the San Isabel National ForeSt of ,In andl bring- that rain-make!' uP ' Comlnl' UPOI\ him l\l(e ~

simpler It tile fish I'espendeil 18, __ Itect win' Ie"" throulh' Poland. Al'IlbassadOl' Tr~anovllk1 was" secoftd ~ll8ble. That :iBn't his ColaMldo, 18.9 feet In circum- from Flol'idh. Then we could take ·te~sted me veri m,uch .' eagerly .. ~e. open .. af the _ ~ PoiaM. ballal. extrenlaly popular. He' t.ft here' real l'I3I;ne. thOueh , It's Finkel- ' ference, was' believed to be the ' he .. out to' Central Park al\d have 'when he tUrned r l"i!cognl!edl1111i son as do the fisherma.... The W'a~sa.w Pless, aevertheJess, Ion wilat was advertised aa a little' stein, largest. Helen Hayes, and Helen Clalte as-Franchot Tobe.



Ko)", It • t'ollt'al"8r l ,

.1\ .... , ,·t Camilli. I Phelplt. ~ taVI.tet to :\toore, rr' Ilurocher !\Iungo, p t\' fl n . p

Currier hill 16

2:t4 ... Corll'ttt,

18 ngton - Te~ •

UnIon Board,

,2~ Dlnll~r. Tri.


.' , -Today

• ------~--~--~:~--~~--~~-----~--~~----------.~------- I Bill's Hittin' 'Em for Giants

-Jvll6e!S IS IJI/I~ UP ",,0 1!",~1\1\0\Is IN 1M F.eLDWG­oefARfMelol"f ~111' HIS ~'N6-AAS seeN II PLfASAM SIlR!'R,Se. 10 ~"Ei~ 611.(, ~.

I..L­JUrlGeS - J1 IS

-1iMlSJ..'f J..II1'1'IN6 J1AS I3EiEW II -r'OtJIC -(0 -(I-Ie. IC:e.II,vlA!&-

lo.jr:.vJ '10RK. oj ANi'S

Dodgers~ Reds Tie for Second Dolph Camilli IClouts Homer For Brooklvn


Dolphins Will Veteran Ted Elect Captain, H I C"1h· ox

'V I bl M ' ur s IS ~ a ua e an With the selection of a captain To 3.,2 Win

fa,' 1940 and the "Most Valuable

D A I L Y lOW AN Cripples Will . i Weaken Iowa Baseball Unit Art Manush Favors Weak Wri t in Final Drill La t Night

\Vith the game slated to begin FRIDAY, MAY 12. 1939 PAGE THREE at 4 o·clock. the University o~ .:....:=:.:.::.:.~=:..:::.-=::..:.-=.:.....-------::..---- ------..------------------------- Iowa baseb Ii nine will take the

R B SIG CHI'S 2 d N field this afternoon against Lu-LO WE , "

n ." ther college in the Iirst of a twa tilt series. The Hawkeycs de~ teated the Luther team 11-4 ear· lier in the season at Decorah.

JEFFERSON IN ~:"RACK L'EAD f~~:.~f~~~~c~w:~;I~~O= j the Hawks have a.nnually mel ijle Decorah nine on their northern trip Into MJnnelOta on the NOI'MI

Jack Eicherlv '" Wins Shot Put

Heave Weight 38 I Feet, 3-4 Inches To ,Capture Frat Tille

The intramural track meet got under way yesterday afternoon with trackmen representing every men's organization on the campus participating.

At the ha l! way mark Lower B. Jeiterson House. Second North. and S igma Chi are leading In their respective sections.

ummarles lOO yard dash - two heats:

Interfra ternity section won by Kent (Delta Chi) and Frank (Sig-

I rna Chi); Carstens (Phi Delta Theta ) and Eicherly (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) second; Robertson (Phi Kappa Psi) third. Time :12.2.

Quadrangle section won by Hin­richs (LB ); Sinn (UA) second; Tolbert (UB) th ird . Time :11. Cooperation Dormitory sec tI 0 n won by Le ttow (Jefferson) ; Mur-

Foxx Defies Visual Handicap • • • • • •

Boston Slugger Hitting Over .400 Despite Fever, Sinus infection

By EARL HlLLIGAN CHICAGO. May 11 (AP) - yeo But through yesterday his

Baseball's "I;omeback kid" of baiting I\verage was .415. thi rd 1938 - belting James Emory highest in both major leaaues. Foxx o~ Boston - is maklni it "Maybe this is the year I can stick despite a 10-yenr-old mis· lick this thing." he said today. ery in his head. "It can't last forever. I 'm going

For a decade the husky Red to struggle out there each after­Sox first baseman has suffered noon and try to ride right over from sinus trouble. but until the it." 1937 season came along the rec- When Jlnuule hit only .%85 in ord books never gave it away. 1937 many tans tllou~M his brll· One of the greatest "power" hit- Uant career had enlled, But last tel'S In basebaU. he was handi- seasoD he hit 50 home rubS. Jed capped by the intc:ction in 1936. the American leal'ue In. runs yet managed to average .338 at drIven In. with 175. and hit a the {'late. homer and a triple at St. Louis

Then his ma.rk tell to .%85 in Sept. 20 to tie the circuit mark 1937. He followed thb la4t sea· tor extra - base. wallopln~ In a son with one of the mOlt remark- slnele Innln~. able form recoverlell In the I Through 1938. his 13th in the • ame·~ history. slu,ctn&' .349 to majors. his lifetime major league win the American Jeape. battln&' batting average was a remark· champlonshJp aDd most valuable able .33a. In three world series. player award - an honor he had while with the Philadelphia Ath­won In 1932 and 1933. letJcs. he averaged .344 with his

For the past two weeks he's stick.

Hawk Netmen In Two Meets

Maroon , Wildcats Bring Strong Unit For Week Enrl Play

home frounds, The Hawks. recently beset bY!

injuries, may present a patchwork Uneup in the Luther contests. Added to the previous hurts. Bob Knapp. reserve infielder who twisted his knee a week a~o. will probably not be able to play.

Co-Capt, Art Manush reported for practice yesterda.y for the flr.t time this week. The cast had been taken off his sprained wrist, but It was stili tl~htly

In their final home matches, wrapped. The Iowa .tar was the Iowa tennis team will mec:t l forced to '~vor his Injured mem­Chicago and Northwestern over bel'. and was COJllIequenUy weak:

. on "IS from the outfield. which th,: cll,rent week end. Meeting makes him a. doubtful starter In Chicago today. at 1 p,m. and too • tilt. No~thwestern to m.o r row. th · a"th:r injured members ot the thrtce d,efeated Iowans wlll co~- Hawkeye squad will doubtless be pete ~Ith the two top rankmg weU enough to enter today's tilL tea~ m the confere{l~e . . , . . Frank Kocur. who missed last

WIth the declared lneJji1blhty Saturday's contest with the Chi­vi ~ob W.oJlen~eber . s~phom(1re cago Maroons. has been practlc­pJaym~ thlrd stOgIe,. Clift .Carle Ing this week, and his sprained has been added to the stOgles ankle should be in good enough. squad. The remainder of the shape for him to get into the lineup will remain Intact. with game. Andy Kantor. out last Bob Sandler at the number one week with a pulled leg muscle, position. 'tdllowed by Capt.. is not expected to br ak into th Clau.de DoutheU. Bill KulP. Dale lineup today . Hatch, Steve Fouchek and CUt! Coach Otto VO&'el was still un-Carle. decided yesterda.y as to whom he

BROOKLYN, May 11 (AP) Dolph CamiUi's fiftn home run of the spring brought the Brooklyn Dodgers a 4-3 victory over Cin­cinnati today. dropping the Reds out of a tie for first in the Na­tional league and into a deadlock with the Dodgers for sec and place.

]\[an" on the 1939 squad to high­ CHICAGO, 'Moy 11 (AP) _ dock (J efferson ) second; R. Scott been playing with a temperature He figured in one of baseball's ot about 100 degrees. The sinus biggest deals in 193:1. being traded infection. returning this spring py the A's to Boston. along with after an att\lck of influenza. has Johnny Marcum, for a reported impaired the vision of his right $150.000 and two players.

The MaToon invaders boast the would start toda.y on the mound. slronge t net team in the confer- bul. he Indicated that It would be ence. Led by Chet Murphy. WH- one of fo ur men-Ken Reid. Har­)jam Murphy and Charles Shos- old 1Iaub, Fred Hohenhor t 01' trom they are as yet undefeated. Ted ,Frese.

Camilli 'S homer in the fifth come aiter Goodie Rosen walked. and overcame a one-run deficit which Ernie Lombardi caused with a circuit clout in the fourth.

Credit for the victory went to Van Mungo. although he had to be reJjeved by Rookie Russ Evans in the eighth. The Reds got six bits off Mungo and one off Evans. The Dodgers collected 10 off Bucky Walters in giving him his third defeat against a similar number of victories.

Three of the Reds' blows made two runs in the first inning as Frank McCormick doubled behind Eadie J oost·s and IvaI Goodman's

light events, the Iowa Dolphin V(te-ra n Ted Lyons hurled Chi­club will travel to the Cedar cago's White Sox to a 3 to 2 Volley quarries Sunday for its annual picnic. Ed Gerber, C3 of st Louis. announced last night.

The new captain will replace

vlt tory over the Boston Red Sox today and brought about the first deCeat of the season (01' Rookie

Ray Walters. leade-r of this year's 'Woodrow Rich. 16 years his jun­teem who will graduate in June. lor.

The Most Valuable Man. pick- Lyons. 38 years old and in his eel on the basis of his accom- 17th season with the White Sox. pllshments during the past sea- allowed five hits. After Ted Wil­sun will receive the Schroeder Iiams' single following two bases Achievement trophy at the All ()n balls gave Boslon a run in University Men's dinner May 27. I the first inning. only two runners

The club wfu hold inltiatlon of reached fi rst base of( the veteran ,,'robates on Dolphin Hill. knuckle ball e.' until Jimmy Foxx

All probates and actives will slammed out his fifth homer of meet at the fieldhouse at 1:30 the season in the ninth. Foxx p.m. Sunday and transportation played the enU',e game despite a to the picnic grounds will be !ut'- s(.vere sinus attack. nished. The Sox. meantime. collected

only rour hits off Rich and Denny

Chicago Cubs

(Whetstone) third. Time : 10.9. Hillcrest section won by Ross

(2N); Stonley (3N) . econd; Vin­nall (2E) third . Time :10.5.

60 yard high hurdles : Interfra­tern ity section : won by Ries (Sig­ma Chi) ; J ordan (Delta Upis lon) second: Grawe (Delta Chi) third, Time :08,8.

Quadrangle section won by Bone (LA) ; Tolbert (UB) second ; Born (LB third . Time :08.1. Co­operative Oormiiory section won by Stuntz (Jefferson); Noah (Jef­ferson) second; Crist (Gables) thi rd . Time :09.3.

Hillcrest sec lion won by Vinall, Time :09 .8.

HIgh jump: Inter!roter!1ity sec­tion IVon by Stephens (Delta Upsi­Ion); Howe and Arnold (Sigma Chi) tied for second. Heighth 5 feet. 6 inches.

Quadrangle section won by Born (LB); Hook (LC) second; Fishman (UA) and Wcndstrom (LB) tied for third . Eeighth 5 feet. 4 inches.

H. J. Rohert Elected President Of Iowa City Bowling League

Phi Kappa Sigma Team, Individual

eh 1 "W"' Priz s Awarded At es ey In Ins 2nd Annual Banquet

In yesterday's intramural sott­J:all contests Sigmll Chi took :10 8· 6 beatinll at the hands of PhI Kappa Sigma. whIch ellminated them from the present a ll-univer-rity softball tournament.

Chesley House defeated Mans In the oUte-.: battle 6-a in an e){tn~

H. J , Roberts wqs eiected presi­dent of the City Bowlina league l<Jst night ilt it$ second annual banquet held in the SPllnish room of the D and L Grill . George Bauer was re-elected secretary and treasurer.

It is an exceUently balanced Luther has had an in-and.out team, proof of which may be season to date, but has the power fQund in the results of therr past to make the afternoon intel'est­matches. While defeating Michi- ing for the Hawks. In the iame gan Bnd Wisconsin. the team played between the two nines the [aiJed to drop one match and won latter part oC April. the Hawk· Loth enwuniers 1)-0. eyes were 10tced to come hom

Iowa. in view 01 past perfol'm- behind to wIn . The Norsemen at ances and current ability, seems one lime had held a 4-0 lcad. hardly the probable victO'; . The but eventually succumbed to the tcam, a,lthough defeat d in every superior power of the Iowa te~m. ctart this season has played tair- The Hawks will attempt to Im­Jy well at i(lter~als. But even a t prove their already impre$slve their peak the Iowans look far record which now stands at 13 t()() weak' to of tel' the Maroon wins and three losses. inclu.ding nets leI's serious competition. their two conference deteats.

Rookie Wins DETROIT (AP) - Rookie Joe

Haynes' seven-hit pitching and a three-run r ally in the ninth In· ning gave the Washiniton Sena­tors a 4-2 victory over the De, troit Tigers yesterday and an even split in the two-game I·ies.

If Manush is available for to· day's tilt. the Hawks will start with their rei\llar outfield of Bill Vogt, Jim George and Manush.

Station WSUl will ca,rty i he rame on the radio for those un­able to attend the ,arne In per­SOI\. 'the broadcast will belin at 4:30.

singles. D Boston However. Brooklyn evened the own

Galehouse, who pitched the eighth inning. Two of them. sin­gles by Rip Radcliff and Luke Appling, came in the first inning and with a hit batsman and Larry Rosenthal 's long sacrifice toul

Cooperative Dormitory section won by Lettow (Jefferson); Lan­caster (Gables) second; Young

two (Chesley) third. Heighth 5 feet.

count in the last of the inning. I A hit, a walk and a hit batsman filled the bases with Ernie Koy scoring on an infield out and Pete Coscarart racing home on Cookie Lailagetto's double.

I helped score two runs. BOSTON. May 11 (AP) - The Gee Walker's double and

Boston Bees gave a weird exhibi- infield outs aCQOunted far tion o( base running and untimely third run in the eighth.

inning. Chesley capitalized on singles by Ted RuWn and Milt Lewers to win the ball game in

Accompanying the election of officers was the awarding of trQ­phie to the winning teams in the Wednesday night league. First place wenl to the Means Brolheril team. The First Capital National bank team took second with the Re-Ly-On hatebery and Lucky Barbers taking thu"<i and fourth plaee. respectively,

the Hilcresi section won by Moon the last half of the eighth inning.

hHting today while bowing to the Todats contest was the only Chicago Cubs. 6-2. ('ne of a short two-game series

(lINCIXN/\TI AH It .. 0 A t; . They collected 13 hits, includ- between the two clubs. yester-Wdrl,.r, :11 , ... .. ... . . U 1 I 0 109 three doubles. from Van~e day's game being postponed. JOOOl, 2b ••... . . , ••.. :1 ~ u u Page. the Cubs' 33-year old rooine Rich's setback was his first in fr~.~':'~~/I \I; ".'.: '.'.:::~ ~ 8 ~. ~ righ t h~der. b~t were h~ld score- three starts. It was Lyons' sec-Lo",b .. dl , C ..... , .. ... a 1 :1 0 0 less until the eighth. lOrung. The ond triumph.

;~::~~~~j=~ ... :<: : ::: J ~ ~ i ~ f4u~if~~~, S!~!~~d :~~h~u~~:/f~ Gl"an-t-s-W-a-I"'I~o-p-Ilorg.r, It . ... ....... • 0 1 0 0 the ninth when Bi U Herman clear- " l're... 80 ............ ;1 1 ~ I 0° I the loaded sacks with a triple. WOll r lt, p ..•••• T •••• 2 II 0 .. .. P" 4 1 "Senr. elf" .. , ......... I . 0 " 0 0 0 The most glaring of the many lrates, to

TOID I. .. .. .. .. . . a;; -;; '1 ;;- ;-:; -;; oppo~tunities wasted by the Bees ' - Ron to. Lom ba,.d ' In 8t h came in the fifth whe n Eddie Mil-

" - Bolto" 10. W a lt "'. fI, Qth leI' singled and held up at third NEW YORK. May 11 (AP)-1I1100KLVS ,\ II K .. (t A ~; base when Elbie Fletcber I'3pped F our hit pitching by Lefty Cli!! Kay. If . . ...... .. . ,... . 0 a vicious dt'ive down the tirst base Melton and a four run cluster in ( ..... ar.... 2h .. ...... 3 0 line and was run down trying to the first inning gave the New Rcosen • • r ........ . , ... 2 ., .. :: I stretch it into a triple. York Giants a 4 to I victory· over .mlll!. Ih ...... . . ... :: ". ____________ ~ the PI·ttsbU'.' gh Pirates today and PhelpIJ. (" •.• • •. , • • ••• • I .,

f.a ..... llO. ;11, . ....... , 0 1 CIIIOAOO AB R 11 0 A E ended the Terrymen's one-day IJlt. oore, rt ... .. . ' .. .. .. 4 II I II \I Herman. 2b •. . •...... & 0 stay in the National league cel-urocher. 8~ •• ,., •••.. lil t I 0 ltungo. Jl ...... .. ..... ..! tI Il I lIA.Ck . ;:lb ............. Ii 0 lar.

0 ~ I 4 0 I 0 Z

£\'8n", II .... .. ....... 1 ~ II n II II Oalan, I r ............. 3 t. . Hartnell. 0 ••••• • •••• • 0 The Gian ts lost no Ime gomg

Total ... ..... : .. ~ I 1 10 "7 10 1 0Ie.oon. rt .. ........ . ~ to work on Joe Bowman, getting

1 2 0 0 0 2 3 0 0 • I

!roI('vrp b,v 1IIII Imrll l4elbf>l' . ct . . . .. . . ... . . .. 0 1 0 Clnr'nnOll ............. 200 100 000 -3 O. RUB.ell, Ib .. .... .. 3 0 all their ru ns on four hits and a Brooklyn .. ............ t lJO 020 60'- 1 BOrle ll. • • ............ . ~ walk right at the litart. Tlie

I 12 2 2 G • Run s h(J Lt Pfl I n-~I("Corml ck 2. Lo,'ll . Page, u • • • ,., .• ••• .•• :1 2 0 3

hardl. ('nmll" 2. Ph Ol po, I~Vu8e t lo. - - - - - - game then. too late. settled into Two bale h't_ M('Curmkk, .'oo.t. Lol,·,,· Total • .. . ... . ... 37 0 14 27 10 0 II pitching duel with the Pitts-

• R'.lto. l)uroc h e r , l'JH'lp8, "!lrol' iJaHC' hll - Myer.. /Inn,. rlln" - '~om"ar,, 1. BOSTON AB II. H 0 A E bU';gh right hander scattering Ca mill ,. Sacr" "'e..-(loO<lman. Wa'.o.· • . \\'.roller. _' b •. •. .. •.. 4 I ~ 4 0 three hits over the next six in-nOlH'n, DoubJf' pla YB-C'08c:"U ·'Art to 1..11 · rOcher; Wn' ••• ·• t" ll yer. to .\le ur· Cooney, of .. ..... ..... 3 0 0 0 0 nings berore being removed for a rnlck. J .... fl on h •• e.-C'ncl nn ,,' '. . WeBt. cf .. .. .. .. .. ... 1 0 0 0 0 plnch hitter in the eighth. The BrOOklyn 8, J38 8PA on ba lli-v!l ,\lUllgO Garma. 3h •• • .• • , .. ... . 0 3 2 ) I . "'a't ... 3. Slruek oUl-l y .\'un~o II ... ett, rt .. ..... ... 4 0 I a 0 Giants got one more saiety all 4, Walt ers 2. Evan! J. H It_II Cr . fungo 0301ullj0 1l8. It .. ..• ....• 4 0 2 ) ) 1 Mace Brown. e In 7 1 .. 3; off Evo n. 1 i ll ) 2.' .M l ller, 8", . , .. . ....... ~ 0 1 : 5·0 I~nlnlfl . "Il by vllcher- l.y IVAI lOr. ""etcher, 110 .. .... ... . I 2 1 ~ ! 0 Melton. usually a Pirate neme-(CAmilli) . Winning ))lt oh .r- \fUll ~O. Mool. c . . .. •. •• . ..••. • 0 I : 0 0 ' n trouble except

CYclones Lose Arain AMES. l a . (Al')-Kansas uni­

versity sluggers outhit Iowa State yesterday to take the H'rs t of a tWo-game baseba ll series 7 to 5. The Cyclones It'ied a rally in the final inning. but it fell short when Catcher J ohnny Thompson and Capt. Othmar Puden flied out after one rtin had been scar­td on two singles.

Tribe Wins CLEVELAND (AP) - Al Mil­

nar. southpaw product of Cleve­land's sandlots. hurled the In· dians to a 7-0 shutout over the Philadelphia Athletics yesterday to hang up his second victory of

·"u rner. p ........ . ... 3 0 ' 1 0 3 0 s.s. neve,- was I "Hodgin ........ .•.. . ~ ~ ~ ~ -.:' ~ in the eighth inning wben Pitts-

Totalo .. .. . .. . .. 36 2 13 27 I Z burgh scored its only run on one "-BAlIe,1 for Turnor In 9th hit. After an 'error and a single

8Mre loy Innlo .. o put two men on bases. Melton ChlcallO . .............. OO l 0'0 013-6 llooton ................ 000 000 011- 1 walked John Rizzo to fill the

Run!'! ballM In- H flck , H ermR." 3. S h t f'" I narlnett, Page, Ourmo, Ma.1. Two sacks and Gus u r 0 urce n bOle hlt_Hnrlnetl , l'alle. 0. Ru .. c.1. the tally. I,..letcher W(l.I·l'Iller, \,\t .... l. Tb re ... bOlf' hlte--t{nt't nett. Herman. SocrJtloell- .-------Pa.... O. Hu ... ll . Doubl. "IAY8-lfer· Back on Top m&n to Burtell to O. Rune-It (2) ; S (AP)-5' th l'lelobcr lO MIller 10 Flelnher; 1I111er ST. LOUI IX runs e to WRr.lIer to Flptch.r. Lon on h •• e. New York Yankees collected in --ChICHgO 6. Boston 7. DUllea on ba lls • . d t - none. Slruck OUl- 1» ' Puge 2, Tur· the first two lnmngs prove 00 ner 2. big a handicap for the St. Louis

the season and sweep the two­game series for the Tr ibe. A triple by Ken Keltner was the dynamite behi\ld a four-run sixth innina outburst which broke up a pitchinll duel with Bob Joyce.

Browns yesterday and the cham­pions captured a hitting circus. 10·8. to move back into first place in the Amedcan league. Each team made 15 hits wilh the Yan­kees usina two pitchers and the Browns live.

(3E). Heighth 5 Ieet. I -Pole vault: Interfraternity seC- T k T.....

tion won by Stephens (De14 Up- . rae .I. earn Additional awards went to the Bell Telephone team (or high total in 1\ single gaIDe. and to the Lucky , B~rl:/ers team for thll high ~ore for three lawes. Fred BleiCus \\Ion

silon); Hintz (Beta Theia Pi) and Arnold (Sigma Chi) tied for sec- At' W. · ond. Heighth 10 leet. ISCOnSln

Quadrangle section won by Smith (UC). Overholt (LB), and Haynes (UA) tied for first. Heighth 9 feet 6 inches.

Coooerative Dormitory section won by Erdhal (Manse). Hiller (Folsom). Berryhill (Jefferson). and McMurray (Chesley) tied for first. Heighth 9 feet.

Hillcrest section won by RQss (2N) and Noble (2E) tied :for first. Heighth 9 feet 6 inches.

Shot put: Interfraternity section won by Eicherly (S i g m a Alpha Epsilon); Allen (SillTla Alpha Ep­silon) second; Howe (Sipla ChI) third. Distance 38 feet 3·4 inches.

Quadrangle section won py Hook (LC); l'oulos (Ue) second; Hal! (LB) third. Distance 30 feet 5 1-2 inches. Cooperative Dormi­tory section won by Rollins (Ga­bles); Trigg (Gables) second; Knott (Chesley) third. Distance 31 feet 7 1-2 inches.

Hillcrest section won by Seston (2N); Blake (aN) second. Distance 27 feet 9 1-2 incbes.

Wendler Picks Frosh Squad

the individual scoring title for one If you don' t succeed at first- game with a scol'e of 248. Vodeh-

trY. try again, nal was the h\lh individual for Thats' the motto of Il>wa's cin.- three games with II total of 622.

Remainder of officers elected dermen as they leave today lor were Jess MoNitt. tlrst vlce- I Madison whe~ tomarrow they president; Bill Kanal\. second vice­will underta~e to win their first president ; f . H. Beck. third vice­dual track meet from the WiscQn- pre~ident ; Haro,d Donnelly. fourth sin Badgers, Archives show that vice-presidenl. and Marty Shoupe. the Hawkeyes have never bes~d fifth vice-president. the Badge-rs in an (lutdqor dual Shoupe was named to handle the meet. Iowa has topped wiscon-Ileague play next _son. Ol;iening sin and Northwestern in a tri- date tor next :fall's play willl>e b~­angl,Jlar meet. however. tween Sept. 7 and Sept. 15. Rul'ls

But after tomorrow's meet the and regulations will be announced Hawkeyes may have to keep on at a later date. trying. The well balanced Wls- ______ _ consin team seems to have too much strength for the game Hawkeyes. and pre-meet dope picks the Bada;er club to com~ off victorious once again .

The meet. however. will be close with the Hawkeyes prob­"ble winners in six 0'1' seven 01 the 15 events. Iowa figures to place first in the 100. 220. 440. mile relay. discus and sbot put.

The Iowa starters include Wlg­~ins. C. Teufel. P. Teufel in ttJe 100-and 220-y$rd dallhes ; BilUg. Graves. Koobau in the 440; BUUg G·raves. Kosbau in the 88Q ;

Joe's Still A 'Bum' to Tonv .,

PITTSBURGH. May 11 (AP)~ "Two Ton" Tony Galento waddled his 235 pounds into Pittsburgh to­night and announced "You are now lookin, at the next heavy­weiaht champion ot the world."

Coacn Artbur WenQler an - Erickson. Elliott in the mile and nounced tile current freshman ten· two-mile; Collinge. McCollister in

It was nothillg new to hear "Two Ton" consider Champion Joe Louis a "bum" but crowds followed him from the time of his arrival \lntH h~ went to bed to hear Tony say the word hitnself.

nis squad yesterday afternoon. J-Jgh huF\ilesi F. Teutel. Wilson. . 'BIUy COnn hvOr'et1 U the co letl'on o' .. preliml McCoJJjster - low hurdles '. Rob-

pon mp L ., - NEW YORK (AP)-The third nary round - robin tounleY, the ("rbi, Parrish-pole vault; Wilson, squad of 35 hIlS been cut to 18 Fa'rrlsh _ high jump; Finazzo, rnd rubber bout stage of the nip

d I f lB · th team Murp"y, P. Teufel-breed J'ump; and tuck -ring ser!,. between an p ay or numera ]n e ., Billy Conn and Soil" Krieger tournament will start Monday. Leuz. Harknefll-s.hot Pllt; lIark- .-

First round Pllirings are: Nor- ness. Leuz. Roberts-dlscus; and will !)II re~he4 wniCht when the man Sandler vs. Leo Sweeny. Finazzo, Murphy. Alexander ~alr tangle over the 12-round Earl Crain VS. Stanley Krantz. javelin, route ira MadiAon Sqll~e Garden, GarrY Margo]Js vs. liarry I;~ts, .. he 22-yeor.-old Pittsburaher was Robert Jensen vs. Charles Irwin •• i----~.-.-------...... a 5 to be'! fa~1 Ilte i.n tb.e rt~~ther Earnest Gerson VB. Earnest Zie· BQX SI"ORES 1 brilik tti", 8i ni&hl no Y(~ -

lasko. Blase Z\lelke VI. Robert I '-' stao<Sina that \1& has not sht?wn Cohen. LOUis WUfl VB. &b Jo- ON PAGE 6 .1 80 well \n tralnln, as in l10IIle hann. Dick Mestayer vs. Jess Upp. •• ____ . ________ .- p~evious fightJ.



Bremer's Spring Clearance SPECIAL

Sport Shirt & Slack Ensemble Values to $4.00

TrenaeDdous &eleeUon of smart styled sport $lll.t'w a.Dd slack epsembles-new patterns and color_for toda.y aDd Saturday o"y.





Bremer's Spring Clearance SPECIAL


A larce IJ'OUP of men's sport shoes-la. whUel -crel_~own an. whites-rOOll nnn of abea-ror today and Saiurday only.

$4.45 BREMER'S



University Women Will Wear Gay Dresses to May Frolic Betty Holt Selects A Navy Blue Princess

Topped by White Basque Jacket, Red, White Accessories


A profusion of guy dotted .shirtmuker marle with a pepper­swiss, paper taffeta, light chif- mint, red and white striped top. fons lind old fashioned prints of Perky purt sleeves and a Peter Grandmother's day will be worn Pan collar add a little-girl tou('h tonight as university women of femininity. The full, flaring squire thee.' "dates" to the an- skirl Is of red nnd white polka nual May Frolic, which will take dots and mnkhir.g buttons run place from 9 to 12 o'clock in the '<lP the front of the f','ock to meet main. lounge of Iowa Union. a saucy bow of POlka dots. Her

Swinging along to the "stop nccessories will be in white. and go" rhythms of Fral)k Dailey Marion Whinery, A4 oJ' Iowa and his orchestra will be Betty City, will be dancing in a white Holt, A4 of Worcester, Mass., net frock topped by a brief em­and Staten Brcwnlng of Chicago. broidered bole','o jacket. The A navy blue dotted swiss frock, bud ice is titted with a low V­fashioned on princess lines with neckline and the skirt Is wide a full skirt and topped off by and full. Her, accessories wJll be II prim white pique basque jacket white and her jewelry, pearls. has beeu selected by Miss Holt. Miss Whinery's date for the eve­Her accessories will be red and ning is Charles Donohoe, E4 of white. Iowa City.

Gowned in a chartruese chif- Wearin~ a white silk marqui-fan with a full skijrt, dainty sette with carnival multi-stripes shirred top, tiny cap sleeves and running diagonally across the a soft V-neckline, Marjorie Mo- frock will be Ha'rriet Ludens, C4 burg, P4 of Geneseo, Ill ., will of Morrison, Ill. The shirtmaker take as her date to the frolic top has a row of buttons ex­Glen De Mots, C3 of Sioux City. lending down the front to meet Accessories will be in silver. a bouffant skirt. Accessories will

Ba'cbara MueH!!I" A4 of Dav- be silver. Miss Ludens' auest will enport, will be dancIng with Bill be James Coddington, M4 of Goenne, Ml of Davenport, in a Humboldt. light blue taffeta frock with a ' Phyllis Wassam, A4 of Iowa nipped-in gathered waist and an City, will be wearin, a ,ay off the shoulder, be-ruffled neck- shepherd check of black and line. Frilling around the bottom white taffeta frock fashioned with of the full skirt is another wide puff sleeves, and square neckline ruffle. Miss Mueller will wear edged In white ruffling, tight wine accessories with her cos- b!ldice and very full waltz shl~t. tume. Her accessories will be Ted. Mis!

Perriwinkle blue marquisette Wassam will be escorting Hugh fashioncd with a high waist and Kl'lso, G of Iowa City. lace panels in the cront and back Chaperons for the evening will of a whirling ~kirt will be worn be Dean of Women Adelaide L. by Jane Hart, A4 of Mason City, Burge, Prof, and Mrs. Fred M. as she dances 'round the floor Pownall, Prof. and Mrs. H. L. with Al Sorensen, U of Ames. Dean, Dr. and Mrs. ' J. I. Routh Tiny puff sleeves and a low V- and Prot. and Mrs. W. W. Wirtz. neckline are accented by pink General chairman for the event velvet accessories matching a i~ Marjorie Mobur" P4 of Gerl­tailored pink velvet belt. eseo, III., and assisting her are

Arthur Golz, C4 of Greenfield, the members of Mortar Board, will be the gue!>t of Barbara annual hostesses to all university Liilick, A3 of IOwa City, who students and their pa'rents for the will bc wearing n cotton pique May Frolic.

Party Honors Bride-To-Bc Betty Lou Voigt Gives Shower For Helen Rohrbacher

Legion To Have Potluck Supper Meeting Monday

Winners of the local American Legion poppy poster contest will be announced at a potluck supper meeting of the Legion auxiliary Monday at 6:15 p.m. in the Legion rooms of the community building. The winners will be guests of the


r Chance for A Little Kihitzing • • • • • •

HOUSE TO Students Can Suggest Wl.at TJlCy'd Like

HOUSE To See at New York Fair

The student body of the Uni- ~the preferences expressed by the verslty of Iowa will have a ('ollege groups will differ some-

Alpha XI Delta. chance to determine the daily what from the conservative and Wanda Byrnes, A4 of Durant. round of life which will be conventional ideas of ordinary

spent yesterday in Davenport. scheduled for Edith Leahy, who folks is foregone. The tempo of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Walker of was chOsen as the Iowa girl to the replies, nevertheless, will

Davenport are visiting their act as an official hostess at the serve as a guide lor the program. daughter, ClIrre, A2, today. New York wodd's fah' this sum- Generally speaking, the ques-

Elaine Pagel, G of Egan, S. D., mer. tionnaiTe calls for replies to spe-will spend the week end at Questionnaires are bein, cir- cific questions on "which would Ames. culated on the campus Ulls week you rather do," and in reeard to

DeEtte Marstellar, A4 of West which will seek to get a concen- original proposals related to ac­Liberty, will spend the week end hUS upon the subject of New York tivities. at her home. and world's fair conduct for a Miss Leahy, with nine other

Mothers will be guests at a visiting coed. "Big Ten" college gi'rls, will brenkfast Sunday. Spring !lowers It Is expected that fully '1,000 spend one month this summer and double blue and gold will kibitzers will (ive their vie w S IlS a hostess at the time observa­ca'rry oul thp, color scheme. Julia on what one should see, where tory buildini/. Among her duties Haring, A2 of Caman~he, is one should go, what one would will be that of greeting tellow servLOg as general ~halrman. like best of all to do, and the like. students to the fai\' and also visi-

Among the guests will be Mrs. The results will be boiled down tors from the home state. ·C. r. Denzler of Marengo, Mrs. and made the basis of the dally Besiyes this duty thue are to L. A. Colfln of Farmington, Mrs. schedule for the "Big Ten" coed be receptions, radio broadcasts, L. E. Wilson of Washington, la., group which will carey on as rarticlpation in formalities and Mrs. C. M. Guenther of Dav- hostesses at a watch company presentations to distinguished vis­en port, .Mrs. Scott McMahon of observatory on the fall' grounds. ilol's and .New York people. DU'c­w~st Llberly, Mrs. Charles Mc- The questions contained in the ing the period of employment Miss MIllan of Traer, Mrs. Edward I inquil'Y sheet cover the normal Leahy will be under salary and Mullen of Dav~nport, Mrs,. P. M. r l'xpectations in relation to a !ill expenses will be paid for by MOP.rner of Dubuqul', Mrs. G. month of New York life. That the watch company. N. Patten of Springville and Mrs. W. C. Haring of CUnton.

Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Carpen- Football Staff tel' and their drlllghtel', Gale, Willi

1 ____________________ _

TODAY be the week end guests of Bar- Will C' h bara Carpenter, A2 of Beresford, aperon S. D. With

Currier Hall Dan Sickler, a student at

pl'!.ke University in Des MOines, will be a guest of Lorraine Hill, A2 of Ogden, this week end.

Delta Gamma Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Maple~

thorpe of Toledo, visited their daughter, Mildred, A4, Wednes~

day evening. Mr. and Mrs. John Norris ot

Marshalltown visited the chap­ter house Wednesday evening.

Kappa Kappa Ganuna Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority

entertained the Iowa City alum­nae of Kappa Ka.r;Pa Gamma yes­terday afternoon n t an informal tea. Mrs. ' Sara Rhodes, hO!lse­mother, presided at the tea table.

Barba-ra Kent, Al ot Iowa City, was chairman of the party, and Margaret Kuttler, A2 of Dav_ enport, and Ann Winslow, A2 of Cedar Rapids, 'i'cceivcd with her. Spring fiowcrs decorated the chapter house.

Pale Hands . . Follow Fashion Cycle

In F emillini'ty


Newman Club To Hold ,FirSt Spring Party Saturd'ay Eve.

From 4 until 4:15 this alter­Newman club's first spring noon the department of speech

party will be tomorrow in the will dramatize "The Life or Emma. . Louie." Mrs. Louie is director

Si.lver Shado~ at Iowa Umon, lof the Jenny Edmundson hospital WIth the Umversity of Iowa's In Council Bluffs. The 15-lIIIn­football coaching staff as chap- ute prorram ' Is part of the cele­erones. bratlon by the Iowa Hospital a580-

Johnny Ruby and his orches- elation. t1'8 will play for the semi·formal

.party, to which all . members of the Catholic . organization have been invited.

BiJl Seiler and Dick Bowlin will describe the Iowa-Luther baseball gamc beginning at ~ :30 this after­noon, direct Irom the diamond. On the chapel'on list are Dr.

and Mrs. Eddie Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. James Harris and Mr. From 9 until 9:30 this evenln, and Mrs. Frank Caddeo. . HUlh HarPer and Jim Dower will

Members of the committee in broaelcast 'half an hour of the mu­charge are Pau1 Kersten, A3 of sic of Frank Dalley anel his "stop­Ft. Dodge; Mary .condon, A4 of and-I'o" rhythm. Dalley Is play­Cedar Rapids; Ricllard McMabon, In&, for the May FroDc, anet the A2 of Ft. Dodge; ~usseU Jones, broadcast wiD come from the A2 of Williamsburg; HUgh Mc- main 10ulIl'e of Illwa Union. CofLrey, Al of Dubuque, and Rob· ert Funk, E4 of Edgewood.

~ershing Rifl~ Names Leaders

Today's Pronam 8- Moming chapcl. 8:15-Madrigal singers or New

York. 8:30-Dally Iowan of the Air. 8:4()......-Morning melodies. 8;50-Service reports. 9- The Greek drama. 9:50 - Program calendar and

Betty Lou Voigt, 127 E. Fair­ch ild street, entertained last eve­ning at a "red and white" shower honoring Helen Rohrbacher, a bride-elect of June 12.

auxiliary at the meeting. Robert Johnson, A3 oJ' Iowa Immediate business Will be dis- Hands are now going the way City, was elected captain of the

weather report. 10-Homemakers rorum. 10:30-The book shelf. Guests were Jeanne Gilchrist,

Marion Lybbert, Catherine Mc­Knight, Jane Gotch, Margaret Chittenden, Mary Eleanor John­ston, Mary Louise Horrabin, Dor­othy Riecke, Florence Rohrbacher, Mrs. Vette Kell, Mrs. W. M. Rohr­bacher. Mrs. Gerald Maresh and Helen Ha,dy, a guest from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Miss Rohrbacher, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Rohrbacher, will become the bride of the Rev. Vincent L. Odom of Miami, Fla., at a ceremony next month in Iowa City.

Alumnae of Stephens Will Have Luncheon

Members of the Stephens Col­lege Alumnae club will meet for luncheon at 12 o'clock this noon

I on the sun porch of Iowa Union. • Election of officers for the com­

ing year is scheduled for the busi-• ness session which will follow the t luncheon.

cussed at the business session of the rest of lhe ultra-feminine Iowa company of Pershing RHles, which will follow the program. I cycle at the moment and from it was announced last night. James Mrs. Rex Day, chairman of the being brisk brown must now be H. Short, A2 01 Sioux City, was poster project, is in charge of the pale, pink Upped and look dec- chosen senior first Heutenant j and program. orative instead of useful. Glenn H. McKean, A2 of New-

Study Club Units To Have Dinner

Even granting one can beat the ton, senior second lieutenabt. boy friend at tennis and break 90 Alex Pavlushik, A2 of Sioux on the fairways the hands must City was elected junior second never give one away. All of lie,;,tenant and. Howard Butf:er­which sums up to the fact that stem, A1 of FIShkill, N. Y., fIrst one's hands must have very spe- sergeant. cial care to give them that fragile Jo~ns~n wa~ also elected the feminine look which is aU the b4;st Juruor offIcer of the unit and

. WIll be decorated by Gov. George vogue thIS season. Wilson at the Governor's day

If they are brown from sun ceremonies here Saturday. and outdoor sports, then first of all bleach them out with a good lotion. Here is a simple and ef- Offl'cers Named

b~ served at 6:15 p.m. in the fective routine to follow and dining room of the Jefferson ho- which should bring quick results. ~t W d M t'

The Rev. Edward Neuzil of the St. Wenceslaus church will be guest speaker at the annual joint dinner meeting and proaram of the Catholic Study club units in Iowa City May 25. Dinner will

tel.. Members. ot the clubs and At night before retiring first 4 e. ee lng theIr guests WIll be present. wash the hands with a good pure Of MEG

P.E.O. To Meet With Mrs. Voigt

soap, letting them remain in the • • roup soapy water for a few minutes.' Immediately after drying push Mrs. Homer Cherrington will the cuticle back with an orange ~UCCeed Mrs. Han'Y Seger as a~t­wood stick. Next apply a grease- m.1l chairman of the ge':leral Ladles less bleach lotion to the backs, ~d of the Methodist c~ureh, lettinll it remain on while one 1t was announced at a meeting of does other bedtime chores. Just the group Wednesday at tJ:!e

. . church. Mrs. Seger has served m before eet!-ing mto bed remove that capacity for 10 years.

11 - Negro melody singers of New York.

11 :15-Club calendar. 1~:30-Musical miniatures. 11:40-Iowans .in the news. 1l:50-Farm flashes. 12 noon-Rhythm rambles. 12:30-Campus news. 12:35-Service reports. 1-Illustrated musical chats. 2-Campus activities. 2:05-The world bookman. 2:10-Modern music. 3-Forensic forum. 3:30-Concert hall selections. 4 - Iowa Hospital association

program. 4:15-Dl'ake university program. 4:30 - Baseball, Iowa-Luthel'

coilege. 5:50-DaUy Iowan of 'he Air. 6-Dinner hour progfam. 7-Children's hour. 7:30-Evcning musicale. 7:45-History in review. 8-Los Anlleles colored chorus. 8:15-Parade of events. 8:30-Album of artists. B:45-Dally Iowan of the Air. 9-May II·olic.

FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1939 ...

Music Club Of Fourth Grade To Meet Sat.

Five Visiting S. U. I.~Alumnus Speakers Will M·a' S

T lk f Y tl arrle uo. a 0 on I, I . , . '

Each of the (jve visHing speak- n Mu catme ers a t the conference on child de-

Howard Orr.en Wed To Lelia Glatstein In

Jitit Parks Morton To Entertain Group Aud Friends at 2 :30

velopment and parent education at the University of Iowa next month will talk on some phase of the generul theme, "Youth in the Wol'ld Today." Afternopn <teremlOuy

They will lecture on such sub­Jim Pal'ks Morton, 445 Garden jects as youth looks for recrea­

street will be host to the mem- lion, pl'oblem communities, help-, I ing Iowa youth find jobs, and bel'S of the 4th grade music club problems of marriage. Dales are of the university primary school June 20 to 22. • tomorrow at 2:30 p.rn. Parents, The speakers as listed by Dean friends and teachers will be guests. George D. Stoddard, are Howard

The program includes: Bell associate director 01 the "Solfeggietto" .......................... Bach Am~rican You t h Commission

Thomas Burney, plano . Washington D. C.' Miss CharlotU: "To A Wild Rose" .... MacDowell Carr direct~r 01 Hull House Chi-

Nancy Voigt, piano cago; Edward Herbert, director of "Santa bucia" ................................ Iowa state employment service '

Sonny Dean, piano Dr. Caroline Zachry, Progressiv~ "Humore5que" .................... Dvorak Education association New York

Dorothy Barnes, violin . and Dr. Jay Nash, N~w York unl~ "The May Song" .............. Schn-l.Itt versity education department. "The German Sickle" .... Schmitt

Marjorie Jean Porter and W A A W·II Cynthia McEvoy, piano ••• I

"Unisette" ............................... Buch Georgc Eversole, piano I II Off·

"Dance Lightly" John M. Williams nsta . Icers Patricia Ricketts, piimo

"The I,.ittle Old Garden" .. lIewitt Billy Roth, cornet

"The March of the Gnomes" .... ........................................ Thompson

Cynthia McEvoy "Minuet in G" ............. Beethoven

Jim Parks Morton, piano "Petite Gavette" ................ Alettei

Jane Wylie, piano "The Slumber Song" ............ Bach

Gerrl Cannon, piano "The Hunting Song" .. ................. .

Marjorie Jean Porter, piano "Largo" ................................ Handel "Sonata in F Major" .......... Mozart

Mitchell Andrews, piano "GOing Marketing" ................... .

............... from the musical play Jane Wylie, piano

"Musette" ............................... . Bach Louise Lindquist

P. T. A.'s Will Install Officers Parochial Schools PJan 'oint Session Thursday Afternoon


To Have Breakfast III Honor of Heaels On Sund'ay Morning

---_. The Women's Athletic associa­

tion will hold its annual breakfast for installation of new officers and heads of activity clubs Sunday morning, il was announccd yest!!r­day.

Mary Jane Huber, Al of Cedal' Rapids, wiil h~ad Basketball club; Carol Dunger, A2 of , Aurora, Ill. , will direct :Badminton club acti­vities.

Kathl'Yn Hepperie, A2 of Rock­well City, is the new head of Out­ing club ; Neva Littlejohn, A3 of Sioux City, will head Orchesis, model'll dance organization.

Other heads of sports fOl' next year' irtclude Mildred ' Anderson, A2 o( Las Vegas, N. ~., l:Iockey club, and rern Newcomer, A2 of Iowa City, SealS club.

Helen PO\llson, A3 oJ' IOW,l Falls, has been selected for head of the intramurals . comJTlittee . lJeads of .Archcry and Handcl'aIl clubs are' to be elected this week.

Give Roscs Installa tion of of[icel's or bolh

St. Mary's and St. Patrick's Par­ent-Teachers associalion wili be conducted at a jOinl session or both groups Thul'sday at _2:30 p.m. i Mortar Board Plans in St. Palrick's school. Mrs. Bruce Mahan from the St. Mary'S P .T.A. will serve as. installing officer.


A 'Short bljsil),ess s.ej!sion ~l .rrw.- In . keeping with its traditions, sical program and several talks MoHar Board wili present a rose are also planned for the program to every mothei' who registel'9 at which is to be in charge of the Iowa Union for the university's executive committee IOf the two observance of Mother's' Day to­organizations. day, tomorrow and Sunday.

The new S1. Patrick's omeers Mortal' Boa'rd membe,'S will dis­who will be installed <Ire Mrs. L. hibute the rose. early Sunduy C. Fitzpatrick, president; Mrs. morning. Wallel' K~lIy, vice-president; Mrs. Last yeai' aPPI'oximately 30 J. R. Haml.lton, secretary, and Mrs. dozen ·toses were delivered to L. H. Billick, t,reasu.rer. · . I mothers all over Iowa City. So-

The St. Mary S offic~rs are MIS. lorities, fraternities and dormi­R. H. Justen,. preSld.ent;. Mrs. I tories are invited by MQ', tar Brucc Mahan, vIce-preSIdent, Mrs. Boad to conu'ibute to lhe rose J. F. ClIek, treasurer, and Mrs. f d h' h k 1 fl Frank Schneberger secretary. un w IC ma es tlese owers

, possible. ------- The committee which will hav.,

Mrs. Paul Ruth chal'ge of the rose delivery this

To Be Hostess :rear includes Ha'L'l'ict Ludens, All of Morrison, Ill. , J ane Norman,

A, TOl'rname,-.t A4 of Keokuk, and Phyllis Was­"., ., sam, A4 of Iowa City. This com-

Mrs. Paul Ruth will serve a~ hostess at the Ladies' day tour­nament of the Womens' associa­lion of the Iowa Cily Country club today at the club. Play will begin at 9 o'clock and honors will be given for thc lowest n;lmber of putts on nine holes.

Luncheon .will be served at noon at th clubhouse, and the afternoon will be spent in play­ing bridge.

rrJttee urges all students to have their mothers register at Iowa Union sometime this aftC'rnoon 01' tl,morrow.

Legion ' A.uxiliary To Entertain at Party

or local interest is the wedding of Lelia ,q atstein, daughter of Mr. and M,l'S~ OErie Glatstein of MUscatine, and. . ,l:Iowa'rd Orren, son QI Mr. an~ M~s. Henry Orren of Muscatirte, which was solemn­ized Sunday afternoon. Rabbi Z. Hurewitz peP{ormed the maT­riage ritual, assisted by Rabbi D. Polish of C!,)dar r ~apids.

The bridal . party and guests en-tered an imJ7l'ovised archway of fruit blossoms. From seven chan­deliers hun~ trip white wedqing rings, u'immed ;""ith lilies or the valleY and white lace anli satin bows. Suspended ParaJlel bars bc;.·e white lace, wedding bell~ ot various sizes and seven lighted crYstal 'cunoeJabra with ferns and palms wel'c p1bcel'l at eiUler slda oC the 1'0011) .:

The couple weI'!! mm-ricd undef u canopy made 'of white quilted satin trimmed with silver. Sup­j:orting the canPI?Y were Leo L~l\man , Alex B, Katz, Leo Skol­nik and Dr. Pet~11 Latman. '

The bridal ):\ai'ty was Jed by L;shers Lincohl Rose of Chicago, Louis Siegel and Dr. Carl Grund, both of Des MOines , and Herbert Rosenbel'g ;0 ' Maquoketa. Yale Meycrseh of CO).lnci] Biuirs sel'v. ed as the .best mlln.

The bridesmaids were Shirlee Glatstein, sister of the bride, who VJorc marion biue ch iflon; Doro­thY Glatstein~ anothe'!' sister, gowned in dusty pink chiffon; Roslyn B~k~]', .-dressed. in yel­low chi ffon,. al'),~ . Muriel Schul­nlan of Cbicagq, ()()usin of the bride, who was gowned in aqua­marine . chl'£tbn. Complell"ng their cnsembl~s .. . lW£\j;e > matching .,per. \,I 1_es, parnsols trimmed ' with ~a tin bows and wrist cor~geR were of .sweel j>.cas. '

. Miriam Glatstein, sisler of 'the bride, was maid of honor. She -was d ressed in cha·:treuse tdm­mcd in lilat'· ,mel wore a picture hlit. Her tn'l!\! bouquet of lilies of the valley .m<llchcd the bridcs­maids' parasols.

'rhe briq,e" W!lS attired in a v, hite net gown, fashioned with leg of mutton ' sleeves and a long train ' and' trimmed with insets- of white satin . on the full skirt. .A fu II length net veil bordered with Chantilly la.ce \,/<).S held in place with a chapeau of lilies of the v:· !Lcy. She c'lrr.ied a whfte PI aye\' l'ook cOl':ercd with lilies of the vn Ucy unci · extcnding from the book wC:e yvhite satin rib­bons with the flowers.

The flower girls were Gloria lind Kay Krigs lcn~' cousins of the bride, and Paula Cohen, who ,,~ere gowned ' in glue and yellow, wa lked on J eith·r- side ot little F',ancene GlatsleiJl, sister of the bride, who WOI'e a white satin dress of princeS:! s tyle with lace ruffle. She pushed a deoorated vcndor's cart ~ fUJed with rose petals which we're s trewn by th ree girls.

A dinncr da~ce honoring Mr. a nd Mrs. Orre n \.Ook place alter the ee"'emon,\" 'at- 'the Hotel Mus­catine with ' 300. guests sharing the courtesy. ' , .

Both Mr ... ano,1V(l's. OlTen were g;'adualed {rom Muscatine high school. The '1Y,' ide attended the University of l'California and the University 0[· SouU,crn. Cali(or-nia. .

Col. und Mrs. Ralph W. Dusen­bury of Ft. Omaha, Neb., art guests In the home of Col. and M,·s. George F. N. Dailey, 223 S. Johnson street.

Mrs. Edwin E. Voigt, 214 E. Jef­fell/lon street, will entertain mem­bers of chapter HI of the P. E. O. sisterhood in her home this after­noon at 2:30.

AsSisting Mrs. Voigt as llostess will be Mrs. Ilion T. Jones.

the bleachmg lotion and r~b. In Other officets for the coming thoroughly . a g~ nour~shmg year are Mrs. G. H. Swails, first cream, mampulatlng ijte fIngers vice-president; Mrs. C h a r I e s to make them supple and press- Beckman second vice-president· ing the tips of the fingers to /Mrs. Cloyde Shellady, ~ecretary; make them pointed. Mrs. Gora Smith, corresponding

Ml·S. Robel't Schell will servc ilS hostess fol' the public card party at which members of the American Legion auxiliary will t'ntcctuin this aItcrnoon at 2:15 itl the Legion rooms of the com­munity buijding.

Mr. Onen .. (tended the Mus­('0 tine iunior coilege and was g(aduated. from the univetBity, where he was aHiliated with the Phi EpSilon Pi fraternity . . He is now associ, ted with his fathp.r in lhe Muscatine OverdIi com-

Strong Stull puny. "

ConversatiQll Greatest W ea~n We Possess in Making People Like Us

FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. (AP)- After a silC weeks wedding trip i Officers raiding an illicit whisky throughout the wesl which will

ay g~by, mean It and don't lean ; still reported they found two cans include a vi~it 10 the Gblden These Dainty Tidbits Add Zest To Meals for Jaded Appetite~

Tasty little rolls like peanut .m lightly floured board and roll-ups and cheese squares add knead a half minute. Roll out

• much to meal time I enjoyment. one-fourth inch thick. Spread Somehow, a hot bread with plenty with filling made by mixing to­of butter does wonders at perk- gether the finely chopped Petllluts, ing up an otherwise ordinary six tablespoons sugar and one egg

, menu. Although these rolls are white. Roll jelly roll fashion and • unusually appealing, they do not cut into one-Inch lengths. Put : require a great deal of prepara- each sli~e cut side down in ~as-

tion or great variety of ingredi- ed muffin cup. Bake In l1)oderate­ents. Either kind can be pre- ly hot oven (425 degrees F.) 15

' pared in a lew minutes before minutes. Serve hot. Yleld: about serving since both are made from 18 small rolls. a plain biscuit foundation made Cheele Squares

• different with an extra ingredient. 2 cups sifted flour . Peanut Roll-V.,. 3 tablespoons baking polo\:der

2 cups sifted flour 1 teaspoon salt 3 teaspoons baking powder 1-4 cup shortening I teaspoon salt 1-2 cup grated nippy cheae 1 tablespoon sugar 2-3 cup milk . 4 tablespoons shortening Sift flour, bakina powder a1Jd 2 elf'S salt together. Cut or rub In shor1-1-2 cup milk ening. Add cheese, mhdll' it Iq 1-2 cup finely chopped peanuts with a fork. Add milk to form a 6 tablespoons sugar soft dough. Turn out QI' lljbtl7 Sift together flow:, baking pow- floured board. Knead ijghtly for

der, salt and sugar. Cut in 30 seconds. Roll out about one­shortening. Beat on~ whole eli fourth inch thick. Cut ~ three-­and one ell yolk, reservinl one inch squares ~d press diagon,l white for peanut filling. Add milk corners firmly together. ~~ o~ to beaten eas and add all to dry UIliI'eUed bakiI1l sheet in mOfler­lngtedients. Stir onl7 enoulb to atel7 hot oven (425 de",_ 1'.) make doUjh hold to,ether. TU1'I\ for 12 to 15 minutes,

Be sure to keep on hand a secretary; Emma 'Stover, treasurer, bottle of aood non-areasy soft- and Mrs. Marvin Ega e n b erg, eninl lotion and rub this on the housekeeper. hands after washing. Yearly reports were also made

R. Neff Invites by the retlrirtg oUicel,'S at this meeting.

Public To Visit Good Women I)rive1'8 , Univ. Ho~pital Rewarded With ~rChids

. HONOLULU, T. H. (AP) -Robert E. Neff, administrator of When a Honolulu tralClc officer

the unixe{sity hospitals, extends motions a woman driver to the an invitation to the public to at- curb, she doesn't know whether tend the University hospital "open he'll hand her a ticket or pin an house" from 2 to 4 o'clock this orchid on her. afternoon. National Hospital Day The orchids for careful driving is the occasion for visltors to par- are the Idea of Police Chief W. A. ti<;ipa~e in conducted tours. Gabrielson, who pays for them out

Mrs. Willona Valiantyne, direct- of his own pocket. or of housekeepinl at the Univer-sity hospital, is In charge of the hOiIesaes who will guide the Surfboards Used .

Now \;hat you''(e brightened your appearance for spring why not do a' little housecleaning in the mind realms? "Conv'1rsation," say& Lofen CarrOll, "is th~ great-est weapon we POSSC)l!B in Qf1' skir­mish with' the world." You can be a well turn~ ou~ fashion plate; and suddenly lose all your charm the minute you open your mouth. Our ultimate success in liIe de­pends a great deal upon our rela­tions with other people and these relatiOns depend upon our wealth of conversation.

To doctor up your conversation is no dillicult leat and a few changes can trl\nsform a dull, un­interesting talker into an intelli­gent, If not brilliapt one.

guests. .

First of all get over the cornmon "dead-fish" lis~nlnl. Good listen­ing doesp't meap. merely closing your mou~h and lettlna the other

For Ufesaving person talk. You have ~ live a

Mr,. M. E. Nellon To Entertain Club

Mrs. M. E. Nelson, 10 Highland !kive, will entertain members of the Iowa City Woman's BIble class this af~r~oon at 2:30. Invitations to the devotional period are ex­tended to all those who are inter­ested in the elallS.

positive reaction by ey!!lng the SANTA CRUZ, Cal. (AP)-The speaker and absorbing wbat he

surf board, heretofore used for says. Analyzing wallpaper is as pleasure and the thrill of riding rude a. breaking into nis conver-In on the surf, may aerve a more aation. · . useful purpose. Demonstrations If you like to amuse th~ aroup have been given officials showing with a story choose one wisel7. Its value In reacue work. The Don't select novel-length ones boards, ran,ln( from five to 10 with · too much detail 8n«$ repetl­feet lOlli, were, towed out into the tion. Milke your tales sUIt the water ahd eully supported one or person and steer cleilr of ar,ulni two penona. . and .. re'aatn. When you d~lde to

toward the nearest chair. 10f lye suspended in the boiler of Gate Exposition in San Francisco, As for the boring talker, ask the plant to give the moonshine they will be at home in Musca-

him a host of questions. Break in product a "bead." tme about mia':Jime. sharll1Y with witty remarks and ==:====' ==:='.::;:================ try to lead him down byways 01 his own narrative. Tell stories yourself, and If all else fails, Cre­ate outside diversions even if yoU have to drag out Juniors' new kiddie car.

And for the conversational­wallflower, her timidity can be­come an asset it she knows how much and just when to use it, Too often the pendulum swings too far . the other way.

Women are as brilliant conver­sationalists as men. Among the best contemporary speakers are such names as Mary Garden, Sophie Tucker, Edith Wharton, Gertrude Stein, Yvonne Printemps, Emma Eames and Ganna Walska.

The Important thing is to realize that being handsome and well­groomed isn't enough to make your&elf a success in our world of today. Besides beina decorative you have to show your intelligence through your command of the EnaUsh languaae In your every­day conversations. There is no better way to establish and im­press your personality upon others than by your conversation. It's the keynote to your. success, so I . why not live It 8 litUe brushina Starting Sunday at the Iowa 'I'h .. Rtr .... -Fred up? ' ..~ '. " W.lth W1nts." · Sun .. Mon., Tues., Wed.

· , • •

• •

, . ~ ,

· , " .

· , , . , . I ,

I • '. , .

, . · \ j 1

j •

• •

• I

· , ...

· .

I •

FR -

T« In A On In: To

Fa sity' impo

1939 ---iUS

, • • I

• ,

• •

, . · , • t

• •

• •

• • , . • •

I • ,.

I •

· , .. , ~ I

I •

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• •

• •

I •

, ,

J •


Faculty To Attend FreshlMn Will Play Faculty,

Hey! Where's The Pool University High Speaker SUI Debaters To Take Part In Veisba Day IlDportant Meeting Grads Today

~ A freshman women's softball tt-am will play a faculty-gradu­ate team at 4 :10 this afternoon, it was announced yesterday. To Participate

In Conference At Burlingto~ Outstanding Persons In Social Wellare To Act as Leaders

Faculty members of the Univer­sity of Iowa will play roles in two important conferences to be held in Burlington Ilext week under the auspices o( the Iowa Associa­tion for Social ' Welfare.

Prof. Agnes McCreery and Eliza­beth Mills, both of the division or Social administra tion, arranged the program of the health section meeting.

Dr. Wilbur Miller of the psycho­pathic hospital wlll talk on "Men­tal lIealth" at which Dr. Milford Ba,rl\es of the hygiene and preven­tive medicine department will preside.

On Friday afternoon, Dr . . E. C. Plass will preside at a meeting

Kathryn Stanley, A4 of Oska­Iwsa, will lierve as plate um­r:re tor the tiTst four innings, with Leonore Morgan umpiring Ihe last three innings.

Hel(!n Edgar, A4 of Cedar Rapids, will be base umpire fO'(

four innings, wit h Dorothy Ahern, A4 of Iowa City, oUi­ci .. ting to the end.

Bernice Peterson, A4 o( Boone, will be official scorer for the

on "Maternal and Child Health," game. with Dr. Sara Dietrick of the ;-::==::::========-,


Take Affirmative On Potent Question A Part of Celebration

Elaine Pagel, G of Egan, S. D .. and Merle Miller, A4 of MarshaU­town, will debate today against Iowa State college as a highlight of the college's nnual Veisha day, all-campus celebration.

They will debate the question, "Resolved, that a college graduate earning $1,200 a year and in love should get married," against Al­vina Iverson and John Keller of Ames. The Iowa team will debate Ihe affirmative.

Prof. Grace B. Feriuson of the division of social administration is chairman of the program com­mittee of an institute which meets in the Bul'1ington holel next Wednesday and Thursday.

United States Children's bureau as the chief speaker. On Saturday morning, .Or. J. O. Boyd of the Pediatrics department will talk on "What is School Health?" with Prot. ' Roland Rooks discussing

Please Pass The Bird.s

ROLLIE WILLIAMS The deba ters will go to Ames

today willh Prof. and Mrs. A. CI'aig Baird. They will b guests of honor at noon tomol'row at the Iowa Slate college Union.

"1iealth Education." Sioux City Boys The headliner for the Saturday

noon meeting is Dr. Martha Ellot" Eat Sparr~ws To assistant chief o( the United J N F d I

States Children's bureau, whose I II novate ew a I

subject is "Our Nation's Health ." - I Or .. Al·thur W. Erskine M. ~.. SIOUX CITY, May Il (AP) -preSIdent of the Iowa Slate Medl- t Out here in the middlewest. where cal society for 1938-1939, will pre- bit'ds are mOl'e plentiful than side. goldfish, there Is B new "swallow­

The speal{c), on "Social Weltarc ing" fad.


• • • • • • • • • • Williams Will Addres U-Hi Athletic Dinner

ranged by LaUl'a McAdarru:, head of home economics at University high ~choot. Girls in home eco­nomics classes will serve the ath­letes and their gucsts, Carson I slated.

Outstanding persons in the so­cial welfare field who are to act as leaders include Mariette Ste­venson, assistal).t director, Ameri­can . Public Welfare assoclatiol), whose subject is "Public Welfare Practice;" Prof. Bel·tha Reynolds of Washington university, St. Louis, who leads a discussion on "Professional Development 01 Welfare Workers," and Prof. Eth­el Verry of the school of social service administration, University of Chicago, whose group will study aspects of "Social Work with Children."

in low8 Today" win be Pro!. Earl Today, two Sioux City high E. Klein, assistant in the soelal school students, Harold Rosen­administration division. In the krans and Charles Trimbol'n, swal­child welfare section, Dr. Andrew lowed a baby sparrow apiece. Woods of tbe psychopathic hosplt- It happened this way:

Nick Connell , El of St. Louis, "dives" anyway by doing acro­Jnemh , . of the university's caties in the Quadrangle coU':t. freshman swimming team, likes Here he's caught in the oel or 10 swim, and dlving is his spec- doing Q back !lip, the resultant iDlty. A resident of the QUlld- rhotograph offering a pretty fair I angle, Connell believes in Plen-I example of the form Connell dis­Iy of practice in his art, and if ~Iays over the University of low:. thcrc's no water "round he lIeldhouse pool.

Short Talks, Movie, To Feature Annunl High School Affair

Veterans Sponsor I I Carnival Next Week I . An outdoor show including

eight major rides and shows as well as 30 (un booths will be fea- I

tUI'ed on the Lucas show grounds I starting Mond8Y by the Veterans of Foreign Wal's, qnd the Sons of Union Veterans Drum iJnd Bugle I The second conference mecting

in whjeh Iowa faculty members will participate is that of the Iowa Association for Social Welfare, from next Thursday until Satur­day.

Professor Ferguson, assisted by

al will speak on "Education for Janitors removed a nest o( baby Mentally and Physically Handi- sparrows from above a bell and capped Children ;" Dean George gave the birds 10 a biology instruc­Stoddard, dil'ectol' and research tor. professor in the child welfare de- "H'mm, birds," the youths ob-l>al'tment, speaks on "Child Wel- served. "How. come?" tpre Research Activitles and Ex- "We're starting a new fad," In­tension Work in Child Welfare," structor C. E. Burnett, jokingly re­<lnd Prof. Harold M. Skeels and piled. "Youve heard of people Professor McCreery will discuss swallowing goldfish, haven't yOU?" l'Public and Private Institutions The Instructor went about his for ChUdren." classroom duties and, after ex-

-------Choose Students for Air Corp

• • • • • • Examining Board Accepts University Men

For Further Training

Thirty - two Univ rsity high school athletes will be honored to­night at the annual ath lct s' ban­quet at which Rollie Williams, head basketball coach at the uni­versity, will be guest speaker.

The dinner, which is scheduled for 6:30, was planned and ar­I'anged by Duane Carson, senior at

---------------!.------------- changing dares, the boys gulped . . . Universily high school.

Opportunity to enler Ihe air awarded comnllSSlOns thIS year, I Short lalks will be given by

Orchestra . W ill Play A,t Cainpu~ Festival

The univcrsity symphoilY or­chestra, dil'ected by Pro!. Phi~p G. Clapp, will participatc in the Luther college music festival at Decorah next Sunday.

,Playing selections from Waltner and Brahms, ' the Qrchestra will give a concert in the C. K. Pre~s auditorium at 8 p.m. In the af­ternoon they will play the "An­da~te" irom Beethoven's fh's! symphony, and the string section will play Bacb's "Air for the G 6I.ring."

The orchestra will also fUl'hlsh Ir.e accompaniment fa,' the pcr­losmance by the Luther college thol'al union of olle of Gounod's masses, and for a concerto fo~' cboe by Pergolesi which will be

performed by a LUtllel' c?l1ejte siudent.

CONCERT PROGRAM Prelude to Act I, "Lohengrin"

.............. ............... ............ . Wagner Prelude to Act 111, "Loben-

grin" ...... ..................... .. . Wagner Introduction to l'\.ct JII, "Dance

of the A\>p'rentices," and Enu'ance of the 'Mastel'-Sing­ei:s from "Die Meister-Singer von Nurnberg" ........ .. ., ... ..... ... ,... .... .. .. .. ......... ...... Wagnel'

INTERMISSIONN Symphony No.3, in F major,

opus 90 ............................ Brahms Allegro con b.rio Andante Poco allegret.to Allegro

Academic Festival Overture, opus 80 ........................ B'xahms

down the sparrows. The boys, who performed the

swallowing act in fl'ont of a class of more than 30, were told by 1,,­stl'uctor Burnett the undrawn birds would digest easily.

TonIght they said they had no ill cffects,

COI'PS or the Uniled Statcs army the lieutenant reported . The in- Prof. H. K. Newburn, director of is being offered to University of cl'ease. is due to the raising of the UniverSity high school; 11. W. Iowa men students lhis week by army's total of planes to 6,000, he Vaughn, assistant principal; Paul a board of three air C01'PS oCiicers explained . , Brechler, instructor in physical who nre examining students here The air corps gives commissio~s education; Prof. J . M. Kistler, head this week. Two men, James only to IVl!duates from an all' of phYSical education at University Eighmey, A3 ot Clear Lake, and corpS school. high school, and Prof. M. F. Car-Frcd Muhl , A2 of Ft. Dodge, were TO be ~ligi?le to take the physi- penter, hcod or Lhe English de-accepted yesterday. cal exam/nation for the alt· corps, partment.

R Maj. Robert T. C)'onau, pI'csi- students must hove complcted two Feature of lhe nUair will be Vets eunion dent or the board of examiners, years of college WOl'k or take an the showing of a talldng picture on i Capt. Eciward J . Kendricks, flight examinatio[l for Hie defi ciency, be the evolution of basketball. The I

Old CI T M surgeon and t'xnminlng medical from 20 to 26 years old and singlc. movi was secur d from a proCes-est USS 0 eel officer, and LieuL J. E. Smart of The . board is ex~mining Hppli- siol1<11 ba:ketbaIJ team in Chlca- I

the ail' <;orps, comprise the board I cant;s to 1'00111: 1~4 III the med.lcal go, according to Carson. I of examiners who arrived Wed- labora~ory bUlldmg. An appolOl- Next year's alhletic captains

.---------.---- nesday in Iowa City in a B18 ment IS not nece~sary to take thc who will be introduced during the Judge Dick and Judge Ben will DouglaS bomber. examination. evening will be Charles Means, I

meet for their 65til class reunion I Students who successfully pass basketball; Owen Morgan, foot-at the Univel'sity of Iowa June I the me(iical eXBJ1l.iI1Btion an? are SUI History Student ball, a nd Donald Welt, cross I 3 'bl th last of th'e 64 ' acc pted by the au' corps Will be country. I

as POSSI y , e sent to one ot the 16 schools in N d P' . 'p 1 or Retiring caplalns who will give 1 men who receIved law degrees the Unlted States (or primary ame rinCI a talks at the banquet are Robert \ back in 1874. training. The primary schools Dubuque Academy Berry, track; Edward Burns, bas.

There may be two other survi- were established recently and the ketbaJl; Ernest Krogh, (ootball,

Alumni Day

VOl'S but if so ~ick Haney of first class will begin in July. The Rev. Norbert C. Barrett, and Donald Welt, cross countl·Y· AileI' a threc-month training at now lakin~ graduate work in his· The banquet's menu

Huron, S. D., and Benjamin S. the primary school, the students tory at the State University of J3utler o( Omaha, Neb., don't know are sent to Randolph field in Tel(- Iowa, has. been appointed princi-it, (or no addresses are on IIle. as for basic training in aircraft. pal of Loras academy, Dubuque.

So the two veterans, each in the During the training period the He succeeds the very Rev. mid-eighties, will have their re- students are furni shed with uni- Michael J. Martin, who was pro­union together. They probably I forms comparable to those at the moted to the presidency of Loras

Speaks at Fontanelle will constitute the oldest univer- army school at West Point, board eonege last month.

Senat9r. Tells How They Get Jobs in Senate

Prof. Bruce E. Mahan, director SitYd

claSS to ralliyU on alumni d~y I anc\ t~OO~ a~d a ts~ary tOf ~;5 a of the extension division, gave a an a~ such w receiv~ S~tClal moFn , Reu dena I n

h f~ladr Stha] '. Wallpaper In ancient timl's WIlS

. t dd 1 -t . ht recogmtion from the umversl y . rom an 0 p Ie, e all' used in China to decorate tombs. commencemen a ~ess as rug corps students are sent to Kelly Its use soon spread to dwellings at the Fontanelle high schop1. Publiaber Dies field whel'e the mCl,'!t modern of for the living.

NEW YORK (AP) - Herbert aircraft equipment is used for fur- ============= Leavel lor Conference Porter, 49, publisher of the At- ther training. Students l1y planes Lee W. Cochrane, head of the lanla Georgian, died yesterday at of the same type that are used in

visual instruction department, left Doctors' hosptial. He had been in tactical squadrons of the air corps M~\Iy A Malter yesterday [01' a two-day con ler- the hospital a week and had un- stations.

Of Advertising Says Solon From Wyoming

ence of a midwest forum on visual I dergone an operatlon for an in- . Graduation 1rom Kelly field .en­teaching at Chicago. testinal ailment. titles the student to an appomt­

ment as a second lieutenant and his sa lal'y is raised to $200 a

A A K· ,. k R IE' month. At this time he is eligible WASHINGTON, May 11 (AP) •• a "'IS e, esearc I nglneer, to be sent to tactical squadrons in

--Delivering 8 littlc lecture on Gives Data on Fluid Flow in Pipes ;~a~niled states, Hawaii 01' Pan-how to sell tooth paste or win Three years' service as a sec-;lection to the United States sen- ond li eutenant makes the student <'fe, Senator O'Mahoney (D-Wyo), Improved mllthods of present-, mathematically, taking in.to ac- ellgible for promotion to the unk chairman of the monopoly com- ing data on fluid flow in pipes count all of the known v8nables," of first lieutenant and an increase

haVe been devised by A. A: Kal- Dean Dawson said. of $75 a moqth in salary. Lodg-mittee, asserted today that thc lnske, research engineer of the The dean and Kalinske h a v e ing is provideq by the army. secret of success lies in adver- University of Iowa's institute of been associated in new studies on For men who are interested in 1.1 sing. . lhyqraullc research. improvement of plumbing fixtures remainin, in the army, provision

"L'k d' t 'b to· , 1 tooth-\ De~n F. M. Dawson of the en- by which water supply In pUblic is made for commissions. Last I e IS n U rs 0 gineerlng college reported yester- buildings has been made sale from year 600 men were given commls-

\:aste," he told a toothpaste man- day that the results of Kallnske's pollution. sions and an additional 300 wlll be ufacturer-witness at a session of I :-"ork are ~,re.s~nted i~ the .cur;,ent =======;=::::;;::::================= U:e committee, "we incumbents Issue of CiVil EnglOeermg, a

monthly publication 01 the Amer­try to create a demand for our ican SOciety of Civil Engineers. services and the successful can- "F'onnerly this data was pre­d:dale is the one who creates ~he sented 'in a more 01' less arbitrary most demand, ' way,. Mr. Kalinske has shown

oiThat is hugely a mailer of how it easily may be correlated alive),tising."

O'Mahoney, ~ho Is directing a study of consumer problems, dls­ugreed with Witness Jerome W. Ephraim, a New York toothpaste · manufacturer, that expenditure (If large sums lor advertising by manufactll,'etS or popular bl'llllds constituteQ a "monopoly."


FOR "U Shirley Temple useQ your MOT HER'S DAY

toothpaste," the senator chuckled, "would you refrain lrom adver-tiEing that fact?" ,

"Oh no," rejoined the witn41S8. ''ThE'ce would be oolhlng 1m" moral about advertising that Shirley Temple used my tqoth- ' Pdste-if people didn't mind pay­Ing 10 cents more a tube."

''They wouldn't," ejaculated O'Mahoney. "People are like that nnd there's nO use trylni to clo anything ab10ut il."

The exchange followed II com­plaint by the New Yorker that although his prOduct conrormed to American Dental association standards he was unable to reach Cf\nsumers becatille of a "B~ne



We emboss personal names 011 appropriate gltts select­ed here at 110 extra cost.

YOIU' cboice of Gold, SUver. Copper and colors.

RIES W&U" of. advertialnl, wliieh, ,he IOWA BOOK STORE 6jlld, "laid more e~phalis lJpon felt appeal than quall~,"






25- FUN BOOTHS -25 . . 4- 50· Foot Light Towers with 7 300-W. Lamps- 4

500 - Feet from the main entrance to the rear of Midway-500-ft.

350-Feet from one side of the Midway to the other side-350-ft.


"Tbe manqement reNrves the rlrM to remove from the If'OtIDIIs any peraoDi maklllJ themaelvea- olljec&lonable."


enjoy a Summer Semester

.of SI~HT-SEEING "tj lor.iQ~S . IiERDlADY

II'. • y •• r of cott.,. kno"t.dg. to brow .. /I, p ...... through the p.g .. nt p •••• ·of picllt,.sque G.rmen']t Join the lhou,,"d, 0' tr ••• I.foll young people "ho, summ.rlimes, m .. IUf. out the IItejdl!. lind d."th of G.rm.ny's •• Ieid_pic C.llnltYlide • , . by baa • •• by hi ••.•• by f.ltbott .

StirrIng .ports .. ign .... rywher •. Join In, Wh.c. out body kinks in , lI,htning .. t of tenni., Ri •• 1 p.r on smooth, fOfest·bound.d links. Of _, -di ... d •• p, joyousty, I.to the IIn,lin, mirror." w.t... of cool ... cluil.dl ..... _

Duel Is the "In. ... lth of d.ytlm. 'I thrllll .. c.rHr, Stop ov.,. st.y .t • m ....... prlc.d hot.l, or I ... plnli •• ly et OM of the 2,000 co .... niently .itu· ... d Youth Hos .. II th., .r. "hol.,om. .nd he.lthful .nd .potI.ss.cI .. n. E •• • oi .. s, .it I.ilur.i., "ith fello" Itud.nts. •• joy throlly Io.,fosts, sh ... fri.ndli. Mil, ,.iety, good cheer,

ThIs lumm.r, 6ermeny il your .. mi­ner I. tr .... I, h .. I'h Ind good tim •• 1 A ... """10 d.y the .. costs no mora th·~ the ... r'g' Iho".t hom. I

60°'....,.... .. ..,. ..... 40°/ 10 ." ........... _... It Co_It ,,"vr T,..", At ... , Dnd writ. /0, !too"., "CII


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WANUS&WS • ABIt llOAE Check Artist Father Ligutti i n

:-.... cf

,,, .. ::::::::.::.: ~ ~ ~ ~ g G t 6 M th Gives Talk To Trulo. - ... , ........ 1 I I ! 10 00 res on BOX SCORES

" '\· rl«ht ~ rf ...•......• L 1 ! 11 Rotary CI'll') til)· ..... Ib ............. 5 ~ 1 I • Q

plln ... a-JOIo. Rosenlhal. Two baH W.IAJ. If ............. 5 0 0 ! 0 0 IRed J -I * * * E hll-Wal_er. Hom~ run-Pou. 8,olon "' ..... 11. Ib .......... 5 I I 7 0 I n apl al Se\·.?ral Uni\'ersity of Iowa stu-

--------- - ---- h .. o&-JrRbor. Rb.onlhal. !<1l .. 11I •• o- Sarly. 0 ............ 6 0 I 8 0 0 . Speaking on "The Possible So-Mil.. rr ............ 5 0 ! ! 0 0 Root'lI'h .. l. Lyon.. lA?t< on b. " - lIa)·np. p 1 0 I 0 0 0 dents will be awarded schola


O.n.onbeln. !b .......• f 0 0 6 0 Ho.ton '. (,hi ..... 6. B ..... on b~lIo- . " ........ .:..- - - - - - lutions to Social Problems," the r-ofr Hloh :1. l.you8!. Rlruck oUI-by Toiftlo .. T ...... 1 • 1% 27 'I I Rt. Rev. I. G. Ll'gutti addressed ' shiP~ by the Iowa City Peace

John on, If ..•. -.. ..... 0 1. 0 RI('h ~. nAI$hnu,.~ 1. L)'ona t. HIU- n ~ l SI B .1 Bruek.r. c ............ L • U 0 0 orr Hid, 1 I" 7; orr O.I.hou"" I III I DKTIIOIT ," l it II 0 A E ep ef evera a U the Rotary club at noon yester- council for attendance at the Grin-s. ehAPQlan. d .•••• _. 0 I 0 0 Inn InK. 1111 hy Plleh .. - by RIC" ~~. k WI oJ L' , d ' th J He J tel Fllt.n. Ib ........... .• . 0 0 I 0 (W.lkPrI " .... M bnll-ppocoek. Lo •. l.l<.-COBk~ . or ......... 1 0 I • 0 ~ l..~~C S 11 e lVln g oy In e e rson 10. nell Institute of International Re-

~~!~~m!.h .... ::::::.:::! g J ~ ! g In~I':::}(I~~:::"~:~!;~~ •. lIuI>1I ... 1 Romm r l ~~~I<~,."ii,"::::: : ·:~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 00 At Iowa City Hot,.1 Fathel' Ligutli , who is the/lations to be held at Grinnell col-.Ioyce. p ............. ! 0 0 0 ~ 0 nn,l Moriany. C,.enhorg. III .......... 0 I U , founder of Ule . Grange~', Iowa, lege June 15-24 it has been an-'lifty ................. 1 0 0 0 0 0 '1'11"1'-1 :~, York. c .............. :1 11 0 0 0 0 resettlement proJect, outlined the' , 1)1'0,," , ~ •.•.•.•••••• , •• 0 0 0 0 0 0 .. ~~cllllttt,.d HIIt'n'l li ll~ •• OO. tll .. "lol :tb ~ 11 1 I :1 0 R bE ' nounced '.Lo,lIelRnl ........... 0 0 0 0 0 0 1'0'. rr .... :::::::::::, I 0 ! 0 0 0 ett . HIrsch of Le Mars, advancement made by the settle- .' .

- _ _ _ _ _ Croueher. ." ....•.... 3 0 I ! 2 2 sought by Iowa City and Cedar ment during the last three years. I Thl.s yl'ar IS the J!hLh time that ,_i:~~I~ ·Io~· j~;.~'p!9In 0 71~ ~. II :-; . : IV "Ollll 'I\'olkor ............. 1 " 0 0 .0 0 Rapids police for passing bad I dd'u to " the Lllstttute has been held in _________ "_R-=.:II..:..II~O..:..A:...F. Trout. p ............. 3 0 I " 0 0 n a I on presentmg hiS Grinnell. A numbe r po' e t

"-Bal;ed r_o_r_Dt_ "_"_ln 91h RI.,.n~I", p .... " .... 11 0 0 " 0 0 ~hecl(s. was arrested yesterday af- opinions on the inefficiency of k '11 dd r 0 I' mtn n (,U~" F.I .'SI) .0\8 It II 0 A F. ~~':::.It\h·· ......... ::: : ; I ~ ~ "Cull.obln' ........ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ tel'lloon in Cedar Rapids. American marketing and farming ~pe~. el'su w'lD: I:CSS those at-

'rOtnlo ........ _.33 ! 727 10 % Complaints concerning Hirsch methods Father Liguttl' pOI'nted enEdtng d'f.'B - 1JYrlnstitute. '-l)n.Nt ror (',·ou<h.r In 9' h b t . Tu d I' uar enes, ormel' foreign "-B""~~; ~~." ~~~i:'K~o 91h egan o. arrive. es ay at t le out that the Granger settlement minister Gnd later president of

W •• l>ln •• on ........... 000 0110 013-< local police station after. several had not only grown from 50 to Czechoslovakia, will deliver an ad-IMlrolt ................. 000 011 000--: small c?ecks he had g"lven to the 600 persons now cultivating dre.s, "The Struggle for Dem-

RUl1S btlltf'd In-CI'ourhflr, HJggln., Io),va C t h ts b d Fl",ly. lI,yer. II'nll{l pll. Two ~n.e h(18 I Y merc an ounce the original 200 acres of Granger ocracy" Grinnell is favored as - IIlnln8. Oree.b.rA. W ... ".II. !l:Rrly. back." land, but that production had in· one of the few American commu-~':I~"I" I;~"-;;~"'~~:.~\J:'~~~n~~on\\'~ ~: He had given his addres~ to creased from $3,000 to $13,000 niUt's where President Benes will I)e,rott 7. II" •• on lml l.-orr Hayne. local merchants as 230 N. Clinton worth today. ~peak this summer.

WNlthf"rly. ct ........ 6 Ii !I 0 0 1J "nrh!h, d •••••• .• 6 ! n II t1tHlI I()'. c ........... 5 O! 1 0 DI{'I{..{'y. (. .. • ..... I ••• Z :I )II "

Trc-k)', lb ., ....•.. S 1 t 1 00

K ellpr, If ....••..•.•. 40] 100 Campbell. rr ...... .... . !! 0 H ... th. It ............ 1 0 I 0 0 Selkh'k. Ir .......... 1 I • 0 ~ R Chapman. Ir ..... I ! I n 0 0 Oordon. ~b ........... . 0 I 0 0 Keltnor. 211 ........... & , , I Z 00 I Dahillren. II> .......... 4 0 I 0 Rhllllnl<. :b ..........• 0 0 • ~ Urlmes, 8" ...•...•.... ~ I 1 .... I P~Rrllon, p •.••..••.•• 11 lO a Mllnllr. Il ........... .:.:...:...: ~ ~ ~ .lfUI'I,hy. I' ... . : ....... 1 /I , 0 0

8, '1i'I'OUI 3. HlrU('k out-by H aynPIii 6, t t b t . .. b ' ""(111 ........... 4010 I. ~7 I 0 'I'rou, 6. HltN- orr ""oul U In 8 %-3: ~ l'ee , u an InvesttgatlOn y NOrman Thomas author and di-

of, I!>la.noll" nono In 1· 11 InnlnK. P • •• ed pQlice revealed that he was regis- M · rector of the Leagu' e fOI' Industrial

'rotA1" .......... 35 7]3 27 1:J 1 ~ore lJy Innings

pl1l1~lle l ph In .. " ...... 000 000 000-0 elpVfLlantl •......•. . ... 000 004 !1'-7

RUn e bntl~d Itl-"Kflltner a. OrlnlPe. Wf'(\thf'rly. H. hopman. 'No.ky, Two base lilt- D. ChApman. Tl1rt~ balW hit -K~ltnf'r . Stolen h&se-Keltnf'r. Sile .. rl(lC't"--TrOlky, Double pla)'&-Euen to Nl!I ..... "ome to EU.pn: Shilling to Orlm,,,, to Tro"k)'; Grime. to Shilling Lo T rosky. tA'tt on bllaes-PhlJadelphla 10. Cleve­hlnd 11. l]a.fl8 on balla--orr Joyce 3. Uean 3, \lUnar 8. Struck out-by Dean I, ~lI lnar t IIlta-ofr Joyce 9 In 6: tlrf D(l&n 4 In 2 Innlngl. 1"o8In .. pllrhf'r - JO)l('(\,

~'l'. LOU IS A ll K tr 0 .\ ~; bnll- York. 1.o.lng "III'hpr-'rl'Ou( t ed til I H· ----------- lImp'"., - Grl .. ,· •. Quinn foll,l )1 ., er a a oca hotel. otorcyc e It Democracy, and T . Z. Koo, out-Thoml,."n. rr . ....... 3 ~ , 1 I 0 (lo;;~'.:-I:OJ. Afte!' passing checks for $25 standing Chinese speaker who lec-fl onK. or .............. 3 , I Q 0 Alten""nOl'-'.~91 lind $50 in Cedar Rapids yester- A I' tured at the university and who is McQuinn. Ib .......... 6 0 ~ 2 0 tlay a):tel'noon, Hirsch was arrest- t nter section now secretary of the World's B~~li. I~b .::::: :::::::: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rJTT~G1' .\11 R II 0 A F. ed two hours after his description Student Christian federation ar Sullivan. c ............ 5 0 J " 0 q n.lI .• r .............. 3 0 I • 0 0 WaS broadcast by the Iowa City BAt bel other notables listed as members B .. ·.r~lno. 2b ........ 5 0 1 G t 10 , P. Wilner. rr ......... 1 0 0 pollce radio station KAWP. V u omo 1 e of the institute's faculty. lI eerner ............. 3 0 I ! 0 I I Kr.... "' ............ toe tOO I Rlno. It •••••.•.••••• ! 0 0 I 0 0 Hirsch received a six months 01 I R. H. Markham is coming direct-Pvle .. ~ A' (' 0 0 Vaughan. "' ......... 1 0 I 2 3 0 I f B d t H f Vltn Attn. p .......... 1 0 0 0 ? 0 I~ D f t' b k , • v .............. "V 0 I Ruhr. Ib ............. ~ I 0 J sentence yesterday afternoon at' y rom u apes, ungary or 'Almalln .............. I 0 0 0 n n Brubal{Pr 2b ........ . • 0 4: ~ Cedar Rapids after being tried on e ec Ive fa es on a· motor- the institute. He has lived for 26 Troll .. ·. J) •••••••••••• 1 0 0 0 0 0

0 ~.:~~~y. ~ ! h .. :::: ::::: :~ 0 ~ I 0 the $25 check charge. c.ycle owned .by the Dime De· y al'S in Bulgaria, Austria and

AD RHO .0\ E "!lpln,lol ............. 1 0 0 & 0 0 Ii ltd H d -::-~ __________ ~ ____ COl •. I) ...... . ........ 0 0 0 0 0 0 Bowon.n. p ....... .. .. 2 0 0 2 0 very were IS e as the CDuse ungOL'Y, an is now the cones-HORTON

~~~~:r~: i~ ...... /::: ! ~ ~ ! ~ ~ KIII,b.rlln. p ....... ~~~~~ n :;~~"nw~~~~··: ::::::::: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~I of an accident at 10 :20 p.m . yes: pondent for the Christian Science l··oxx. Ib ............. ~ ! I 8 I 0 'I'ot"lo ........... 0 8 1627 II I M. arown. J) ......... 0 0 0 ~ 0 To Hold Exant terday between the mo.torcycle Monitor fol' southeastern Europe. ~~nllnlln .••........ . ... 3 0 0 I ~ 0 ' -Rattl''' tor Vlln ALlA. In «h ' .. Mul'ller ........... ~ ~ _ ~ 0 ~ oJ and a car drIven by MerVin Dun- The topic for his discussion will be

I 'Ull ". ,,( •.• " ..•.. " 0 1 0 0 0 .. BaUC'f1 for l'roUt"r In 8th F p h t C ' t L d BUt '1'ltbOr ~b ............. 1 0 I 0 I 1 >lo"rp " l' Inn ln~ 'rolalo .......... 31 , 4 21 I ( I ( or lace As s ee a apl 0 an ur ng on lhuor,.. 211 .....••..... 3 0 0 2 • 0 New York ...... . ..... 240 300 601-H') .::-;i: ~,t P~ol~o~rl)l~f~'·~/lln :~ Hlit streets. !"'"'rol·k. ( ..... .. ...... :' If 0 ~ lOSt. [.oul .............. 012 001 220- R M t b M Accordl'ng to the repol·t made rtlth ,., ! 0 1 0 • 1 It III I 01 k '''-BIlUNI tor H"own In 9lh t • .., .•••• ,..... • unH til tfo( n- .. "'Y 2, Rolr<l . J{p! .. __ _ __ 0 or oa an t l' th I '1>llIlIny ............... 1 0 0 0 9 0 "'r '. >lull"·"n 3. )fI·Qulnn l. Dahlgren. :-; ~l \\, " Olt" 1\l11C "0 1\ t; 0 pO ICe, e motorcyc e, driven Onlehou..,. p .......... 0 0 0 0 0 0I1'en,'"o". Hoal<. Cordon S.lklrk. 1'wo by Don Colbert, failed to stop for

- - - - _ - bIH~P hIUI-CrOME'tti. CUrt. Gonion 1101lg. 1'0(,,1 ........... al 2 6 U II 2 r.roUuh,n. Dickey. Sullh'lln. Three baB. tIYOl!. 3h ............ 4 ~ United S tates civil service ex- the stop sign at the intersection

·-8'"10,1 for IlIch In 8Lh hlt-Kcll or. S.olen ba ..... -(Jordon. Sac- . ur~'.. •• . ... ..... .. :1 . and was struck by the car. ==:-::--::-__________ ... rlfl~l;lpA.r80 n . Doublt' playtt-Penrl'lon Dann1ng. c ....•.... •.. 4 0 amlners announce an open com-(, IIJCM'JO AU R J[ 0 i\ .1'1 10 ('rooettl 10 Dahlgrp" (2): Berardino g~~ur~t il· ······ ·· ··· ··~ I ~ petitive examination for the po· Colbert reported that he was -----. Lo lIorrner to MoQulnn. I,olt on booeo .,.. . ....... " ·ti f b bruised on the arm and the leg ll"llelllt. 111 .......... l I I 0 -:-If)V York 1:1. Ilt. l.ouls . 1l"""8 on Moore. II ............ 4 0 0 SI on 0 motor oat operators d th t'w"n. :til ...... , .... .. 1 ij 3 0 bnll.--otr Pe!lrROn 2. llurphy ' . Pyle 2. ~~;~~~~rp. , o~' 1 ........ ~ 0 2 ~ (pushboat), $1,440 to $1,800 a an e motorcycle was damaged Wnlkor. Ir ............ :, 2 I 0 0 V"n Alta a. 'rrotler 2. Col. 1. R .... u<k ,e,... ") ........ 0 ye ·th r ti t b f'1 d $300 by a fire Which broke out Applin ... K8 ............ .. 0 2 1 n out- hy P('nrRon 0 MUfI>hy !) Vnn AUfi Ma llon. I) ....... , ..... 2 0 0 0 aI', W l app l ea ~ns 0 e

t 1 e

Il"Jmll. Zit ............. 3 0 0 • ~ 3. ni ta. ocr peo.~Ron 12 In" G (IInlngo: I -I - -8 ;-7 -: - before May 22, 1939. after the accident. Il014f'llthR I r ~ 0 0 • 0 rl 'I I • I • rl P I 'l'ol n M • ~ •••••• • : 0 ~ - " t F'l'emen e II d t t· . • r ... ....... ,,0 "url"Y' n .. : 0 y p a I" nono ~I'O'~ 10., 100n ln,. Applicants must be able to op- I w re ca e 0 ex tn-]''-.HIl'l,. d .......... 3 If 0 Q 0 (non< Ollt In flroL); orl Van AW' 7 In PlttRI I 000 000 010 I guish the fire which was caused "r, •• It . 0 .............. I 0 0 I 0 1: (lrt 'I','oller :I In 4: orr ('ole I In }UrI".... .... .... - erate a pushboat of less than 65 INon.. p ............ 2 0 0 0 0 !·3: orc Klmhp.-II" I In 1·3 Inning. Ne~Yun~llI'~n':I;';I" i~'':':'' i)~~?'ln~~O ll~~':-;:;;~ feet in length, to make ordinary by the igniting of the gasoline

- - - - - - Hit hy pltrhpl'-lIy Yon .... ltn CRel1<"·1<). n hi h d t {th 'I'olnl. . ... .. . ... 27 a • 27 9 0 WI"nlng "Itt'hor _ I'eltroon. 1.0-ln- Moore. eI1)Il,·.e. Sullr. Two bnol' hll. adjustments and repairs to the w c pout'e ou 0 e punc-I " " -Hullr. Oil. Sa,,'·lrtce ....... M.llon. Bo- t d ta k th h' fte ·'· IN G10RIOLIS ncHcNICO~QI Soor" hy In" "K_ .. 1I"hp'·_PyIA. IOU" (, . Dnuhl,. play_Ron u ,." to JU"gos: motor, and to perform duties on ul'e n on e mac me, a r

Tloelon ................ 100 on~ 001-21 Umt}lre.-llu •. Cfl.el Itnll Kall.. Vl\Ugll .. n '0 Tlrlll)(lke" to /luhr. l..eft btl' h M' .. . the accident. I wi'" SA B U (,hlc",,"o ............... 200 000 0.'"-:1 "lmc-2:38. I V oa s p ymg t e lSSISSlppi river RAY·MOND MA"S"Y

RUnA baUf'Cl In-Foxx. \VllIl anu,. Ap- Otfl('lal Ilaid a.tlenc1ance-2,61S, ~t~~8.R~I~~fl':-or~rk130~1l1~~tt~1:U~~~1l0~ from the mouth of the Wjsconsin ;.; . ;) to:


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$2 - $2,25 129 SO, DUBUQUE ST.

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if you want to get the pick of this season's crop of Arrow beauties. Be the first on the campus to wear what everyone else will be wearing six months hence. New patterns, new colors, in Arrow shirts, ties, underwear, handkerchiefs, and sportswear. auge assortments of crisp fresh Arrow merchandise just waiting to be ensnared ... get yours now.

1/ ;/ hlls"/ .. Arrow IIIbtl, ;1 ;S'" Arrow.

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Store lor Me"

106 S. Clinton


:5 6. Slruok o ut-~lelton 2. HlI!-or! river to Clarksville, Mo. Cycling }arns Traffic ~,.:., Afld (j cos) ()~ 3,po.o Bowma n 7 In 7: ntr M. Rrown 1 In 1 Inning. Losing "llchPr-Bowmnn Qualifications include at least BUENOS AIRES (AP) _ Forty NOTE

Probable Pitchers .-------------. NEW YORK, May II (AP)

Probable pitchers in the major leagues tomorrow (won -lost rec-ords in parenthesis):

~atlonal: St. LOllis at Cincinnati : Bow­

man ( 1-1) vs. Derringer (3-0). P hiladelphia at New York:

Butchel' (2-3) vs. Schumacher (0-'3) .

Brooklyn at Bostpn: Hamlin (3-1) vs. Posedel (2-1) .

(Others not scheduled.) American:

Cleveland at Chicago: Allen (0--0) vs. Rigney (2-1).

Detroit at St. Louis : Benton (0-2) vs. Kramer (2-0) .

(Others not schedu led.)

It.801 NOW

SHOWING! 26 Untl~

C 5:30 P ,M. EVERY DAY


&N 0'$ I".LIVAN Hentl f.8NPA Ralph BELLAMY "'" Bllter • StuItJ Rldp, • HIllY I"

A sflry ~ lII;ght haY,' happen.d I to YOU, Ad~ emotlonel experience"



a year of paid experience operat- years behind metropOlitan centers Ra.ymond Massey lng motor boats, six months of of the United States, Buenos Aires now a B"oadway which must have been on push- is having a bicycle problem. Gen- Sensation boats maneuvering barges from eral Sabalain, chief of the capital In "ABE LINCOLN place to place. police, reported to the minister of IN ILLINOIS"

Applicants must be between 18 the interior that growing popu- Companion Feature #'1. and 50 years old. Place of em· larity of cycling in Buenos Aires "Pira.tes of the Skies" ployment is at the United States is causing a "traffic situation of with Rochelle Hudson department at large, Rock Island serious proportions." & Kent Taylor Engineer district, with headquar- Furious Action-Death tel's at Rock Island, III. A garnet donated by Frank C. Dl'fylng Air Thriller

Gonzaga university forensic stu­dents are broadcasting a weekly rou(ldtable program of undergrad­uate opinion.

Hooper, an alumnus, has been put on displ ay at Columbia university as one of the largest rocks of its kind ever found. It measures more than 20 inches in diameter.

Extra Added Stranger Than Fiction


WOMEN~ MEN ... Starts TODAY!




wUltout BAR S ................ - Starts TODAY


ADDED lilTS "SEEING POT " - l\-Iuslcal

"PORKY" Cartoon

* * * " What Will Germany Do Next?" Ley ton Richards, minister of

Carr's Lane Congregational church, Birmingham, England, is ano ther speaker. Thi s Will be the fifth time that he has come from Eng­land especially foJ' the institute.

Two people well acquainted with European attitudes arc F. Wilhelm Sollmann, twice minister of the interior of Germany in the Stresemann cabinets and editor for 22 years of the "Rheinische Zeitung and member of the Ger­man Reichstag for eight years. and Mrs. Laura Puffer MOI'gan who has I'esided for the last six years in Genevu, Switzerland, liS repre­sentative of the National Count'il far Prevention of War and thl' Na­tional Pe::oce conference.

In vi w of the outstanding chm'­acter of this year's institut , the members of the Iowa City Peace council wish to select outstanding students, either graduate or un­dergraduate, men 01' women, foJ' the awards.

Two scholarships or $25 each, which will cover room, meals and tuition for the 10 days, will be made. There are several other awards of smaller amounts.

Students wishing to attend the


21c ~~30 1'01).\ ,

'l'llrll :O;ul.

* * * institut mu.st write n letter of ap-plication by May 15, addressed to Howard R . Bowen, president of the Iowa City Peace council. T wo Iowa CHians, either town 01' un i­versity, should be mentioned as ref l·ences.

All men and women i n teres ted in international relations are in­vited. Teachers, ministers, l ead ­ers in womcn's and ciVIC organiza­tions and students have for med a hll'ge percentage of the enrollmen t in the past.






AMECHE • YOUNG, FONDA Chlrl .. Coburn' Gene Lookhlrt Spring Byinglon . S. lI y Bll n. Polly Ann Young· Georgiln. Youn, A Cosmopoliran Production

TODAYl Direct from its

World Premiere tit Omaha!




- the GJorious Picture Millions Everywhere

Await With Excitement !


31 c to 5:30 P. M.

.' • a ",(JI1.~nd a \yoman~ < flghtin,g '$ide ;.b~ ~.a. · : for IO'veand 91~t~1 :

..... ~


Th und er ing­Advenlure

Sweeping Spectacle

Tow'rlng Romance



• . ~ N

• \'f lid at It

• !ld II·

!hI • .m.

T, (

set tio I~ sU' uri

1 fol pri col ~Ol pa. til!

I ha' Sal to

by ant

f} .. • • 19 .. ...

N • II( .... '. ~ ~

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Tarantula' Bite Can eEl Old Trunk In The Attic Only Minor Bad Effects Yields Historic Paper SAN JOSE, Cal. (AP)-Just to PITTSFORD, N. Y. (AP)-From

settle once nnd lOr all the ques- an old trunk io rua attic, Frank W. lion of whether a tarantula's bite Pugsley, 68, lifelong t'esident of is deadly, Dr. Karl Hazeltine lel this-village, believes he has taken suc!'l a wound on hia finger go a valuable lreasure-a copy of the un·attended. Declaration of Independence bear-

He described his sensations as ing genuine signatures of the 56 follows: The bite felt like a needle continental congress members. prick. In 10 minutes his hand felt Hl.s great - great - grandfather, cold and tingled. For the next five James Smith, was one of the sign­~ours his hand perspired, but all ers of the declaration. Pugsley be­pain soon ceased. Alter 48 hours lieves his ancestor made a copy the ringer seemed normal. and persuaded fellow-members to

It's the third time Dr. Hazeltine sign it as a keepsillte. Pugsley will b,ad been bitlen by a tarantula. He eo to Washington soon to check saYS the bite can be compared besl the value of his discovery. to the sting of a bee.

Bulletin- Argentines Money Mad? BUENOS AIRES (AP) - TIie

(Continued from page 2) easy way of life no longer exists in the Argentine, the Rev. Victor

by the governor of certain medals Wynburne, Anglican chaplain, told and awards to members of the ca- his congr~\ion In a farewell se.J;­det regiment. mon, but "fierce business competi-

However, regardless of the weo- tion i~ c,owding out the mOt (her, all members or tbe cadet spirituql ele.rvenfB." He said Bri regiment will report to the armory ish and North American residen in uniform for roll call at 9:45 a.m. as well a1' native Argentines were on that day. "too busy chasing the dollar to

COL. GEORGE F. N. DAIT..EY come to ctlUrch!'


WANTED - STUDENT 1.,AUN-/ PLUMBING, HE A TIN G. AUl dry. Shirts lOco 'Free deHVery., Conditioning. Oial 5870. [owa

Dial 2246. City '?lumblng.


FOR RENT - FIVE ROOM FUR- heating. Larew Co, 227 E nished apartment. Electric re- Washington. PhOne 9681.

frigeration, first C1oor, $35.00. Dinl 630) . SHOE REP AIRING


FOR RENT - FOUR ROOM i£lJI:udB' aire, hot water, pnvate bath, au- .' _ ••• '"mi,"'" .,"Im'"t F"gid_ '~ AT tom~tic heat, .insulatio.n, garage. .. ~~.. NOV~NY'S Available June 1-year OJ' sum- · VT

mel' .only. Adults . Dinl 5888 OJ' I r 214 S. Clinton St. evemngs 5939.

FOR RENT - DOWNSTAIRS 2 room furnished apartment, elec­

tric refrigerator. Dial 3083 or 5380.

FOR RENT - THREE IN ON,E unfurnished apartment. Ideal

for one person. Electric refriger­ator. Dial 4935.




Dial 9353


Long distance and g e n era] Hauling, Furniture M 0 v i n g, Crating and Storage.



1938 Master Chevrolet 4 door sedan e <l .u f II P e d with heater and radio

1938 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Coach

1937 Master Chevrolet Coach

1936 Chevrolet coupe

1935 Ford two door I

1935 Ford coupe

1936 Dodge coupe, ve,y clean

1938 Plymouth 4 door touring Deluxe

t~311 Plymouth 2 door touring

1934 Plymouth 2 door

Several more medium priced cars.

See tllese barralns at

GARTNER MotoR t o.

uSlm CAR PARk . . Corne~ of CoUeee and Clinton


~==D=r=A=L::9=69=6==~~~R~e~a~d~tAe Want Ads

- Daily Cross Word PW$:de . . 1 Z 3 4 5 ~ b "7 e q 10 ~ ..... " '. . II

~ 12 . - ~ ~ .. I, '3 ~ /4 15

~ 16

~ ~ 11 18 0, ~ n ... ~

,q 20 21 0 0. 22 ~3 'Z4 ... ~ 1ft - ~

~ 2S ~ " " -- -. I- ~ r -. 26 C%< ~ 21 1:?8

- - . - - 1-- • ... - - . .

~ ~ 2q 30 . 3' ~ ~ ~." .... ~ .. : --~ - M

32 33 34 E« 35 ~ ~6 ~7 --- - _ .... • r'

38 3'1 ~ 1-/0 41 .... -. ,,- - ... ~ -, ..... ,~

4Z . ~ 4~

f _

. ~ . . ........., I~ . ~ .. - 6.< - ~,., . 1<--.- . .!.-

!!> -12 . ACROSS

~-i\ nion~h 2l1-Mental &-Rolls of IlnpresslOh

clotb 27-Bo)('8 8c~QqI 11-1rrlt.at~ In En,llUtc1 l2-011 tobt 2!l- Give In, 13-ltquip 32-Weaken 14-Cf.fUng 3~-Klhd of

vehlcl~ warn l&-NeekJllece 36-Be,.-:h ,_ 9~ , t~8tbertl 38-Pllttorth IT-Snort metlll effort

bolt ' l S-Stlll) . 4!1-A fleck . 22':"'HoJtleieS8 42-r~e eaftH

chili;! 43-U..,. lito-J~onUngent dls!llJ ~_ti

DOWN i-Blher Ii- Allio 2-Gretk letter iO-A c~d(~'~ 3-Waste piece ~S-Vlrullcatea

bf cloth l7- Reflpld >.._-, t-Becau.e lS-Fabric, IIoIeG

a-~n Of tQric.o.~ Jacob ana ltil'"

~Ruln ZO-AMeX

l:lt<>lm reo 21=-Utie~ Z t~ed In 2lf-:lrTIfl'let lit~l/ c/Jrve 24'-: ... npa'le8~ ('t'et\l\\a) ,t.li.lesman

H-In.sei't , 38- Pouchllke U-R\ver III object

At tica 37-Plece out ~O=-A Particle 39-Rallroad 31-Dep.,ted (abbr.) s,rl!tW1nr tool 41-A chloeie 54-BY weight

~wer 10 ~ .. ,-; fUu'

Co\>,,(,~ t . 19l9. K. ... hi"" .. S,ooIiciti, /'" .J


I SAlD~DoNh50 OUT11-\E~"-­ETTA HAS A DAr~, lHfO'I'i2S IN !HI:



~~~~ BOTTLE AT "'THE 57 SibRE?


A12. OUlre; A F=w NE:W CA"5~OF" FLU INTOWN/

. . .... '. ~ -,I


.... _---,.~) ROO)l , ~

-YOU'RE '\=INIS\-\EO, fo/\Y EYE. \- ' MP.s .PUFFLE. Sf:..YS TO GET


AROUND 1I\L,E, p.. POODLE. SI-I.t>..IA.ING 0 1=1= A BAT\-\ ~ -""'---n-lEN WWEN YOU GET DONE,SI-4E: Wt>.NTS ,\-\' Bp..SE.MENT CU::.t>..NED UP ~

i!A6E ' EVEN



YE,W, 6~BE .....--t..ND WI.\\\ .. ~ , i r-t\ RES,ING BETWEEN ,506S, I'LL GET t.. S\-\OVEL A.N' SEE 11= Mt>.'YBE T\-\ER~S OIL ON

il-l' PROPE RiY ! '-"-- ....... -- BEf:ORE I W\.IIP-UNTO THIS WORIA.,GLt..MOROUG , \-\OW t..8QUT SOtl\E LUNC\-\ '?~-1 COULD Et>.T T~' SY-IN OFF

.t>.. B.t>..NJO ~

Mil Oa

J'I B. S .

~~J" Ne .,. '''1 I) "

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! i 1 '1 1

~P~A~GE~E~IG~HT~~==~==================~==~~==:~=====T=HE==D~ML==~roWAN,IOWACfiY FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1939

To C I b t I Dog That Bit Boy Housing Projects Planned Under FHA Rules e e ra e In Leg Held For ; \ Leo H. Yeries J ow .

80th Field Artillery Of Regular Army Lawyers

Anniversary . 10.Day Observation Must Await Clarifying Action by Congress

f C Billy Bogs, an Iowa City boy, * * * * * * * * * Leo H. Yeries, son of Mr. ll1d

O ourt was bitten by a yellow dog, po- Legislative controversy which ('n lin amendment inserted into A. B,'andt, ~tate director of the Mrs. Barney Yeries, roule No. ~ lice l'epol·ted yestel·day. He was hos arisen in Washington over the house bill by Representative' FHA stated, "should be an Sccel- I Iowa City, was accepted (or serv. taken to Dr. George Mal'esh (or \ treatment of a leg wound. the method of valuating large Cochran (D-Mo.) which pro- crating influence to building and ice in the regular ar my at ees.

The dog was taken to Univer- ~cale housing developments u.nder "ides that value of the land in will remove any hesitancy whicn 1 Ral?ids and forwarded to .n Dt,

To Mark Site Of 1st M~eting 100 Years Ago

Ttvo Pass Air Corps Exam sity hospital laboratories for a Section 207 of the Nahonal I~rge scale developments shall be I has developed previously because MOInes, Sergt. August Mi!ler, iii _. . Housmg Act has brought an ordC', appraised as of the submiSSion of I t· IS uncer alnty. There IS now 't' t ti cd 110

day observation pel'l'od . . . ·f th' t . . I charge of Ihe Cedar napuls ft.

from the general counsel of the 1:1 application rather than at ple~ty of authority and funds Ctr~~ mg s a on, announc 1ft

S C · I e avaIlable under all titles ot the et ay . tate ontlnues red~n11 housing administration cI.mpletion of the project. The N t' I H i A t I Yel'ies, who attended school in

Testimony In di<approving the issuance of any semIte bill, which is satisfactory fa tl,ona tOJu~t ng c 0 resutmhe I Iowa City, enlisted 'May 9 for lilt

- ' t h d' I I' t . UY leI' ac VI y as soon as e . Id t ' ll r U ·t ts f ' "t e a mm ~ l'aUon, res l'lcts 'tt ts th b'lI 80th lie al' I ery. ur ler comml men (;: msur- mortgag2S insured under this sec- Cl>~rru ee ac upon ese I S I _ _ ____ _

ancc of these projects. it was I ' f Ihe A tnt I to 80 whIch have already been p::lssed A canary's heart beats 1,001 I~? 0 t f hC °ti ont Yd I by the legislative bodies of Ihis I times a minute; an elephanfl

Group Wi1l Reenact Scenes From City's First Coort Session

i Churchill Case learned yesterday. r.~1 cen 0 tees ma eva. ue 0 ntr . I about 26 times. As a result, approximately (l[ the property afte: completton =c~u=~y===========================

~25,OOO ,OOO worth of projects of the proposed improvements, Hwoughout the nation which have but al£\:l to an amount not ex-

F. F. Hoskins Will been processed through the archi- ceE-ding the estimated cost of' Return to Stand tectural, land planning and con- physical improvements exclusive

struclion divisions of the FHA, of public utilities, streets, organ-Marki ng the 100th anniversary At 9 a.m. Today and which were ready to pro- ization expenses, etc.

o( the first session of court in ceed with construction in a, der Thus, it appears that the long J ohnson county, a three-part all- F . F. Hoskins, Lone Tree, ma n- to catch the fall rental season ilwaited "go" signal to local day celebration has been planned agel' of the Farmers Exchange I have been indeunitely held i~ bUilders, lending institutions and

company of Lone T ree, will rc-I nbeyance. FHA officials estimate home buye:s who have been tomorrow by members of the 1 b ( turn to the witness stand in dis. that more than 25,000 skilled me- r.olding back recent y ecnuse 0

Johnson county ba( association. chanics would hovc rec~ived em- uncertainty and delay will be Two of the progra ms will be open I b'id court at !l o'clock this morn- llloyment as a result of the'e further postponed unless Ihe con-to the puhlic. ing to give further tcstimony in rrojects which at best will now r ~rcnce committee can quiclcly

On tile si tc of the Am erican I thc case agui nst Gordon Chur- h .. ve to be ~ tarted nt a 1;1(:'1' dale. lron out. the difficulty wilh re-Fur Trading company's cabin in ,chi ll , Lone Trec. Hoskins is the Though L th house lind scnat~ p IJ'd to appraisal o( the these

. • th·\ r II I t to b have passed legislation ext~nding h.: ge scale pl'Ojeds. Whl'ch the rlrst court meeting was I ~ou r WI ness 0 lC sa e e II I d

I "rlain activities of the fflA and PJ'ovisions of the b s, passe Jleld the bar assoCI'all'on will -rect summoned. I f b b 'h h d . e te of .. cI .. ::ifying others, slight d f er- Y o. ouse an s na , Judge Harold D. Evans said I I I b 'Id a marker and a plaque deslgnat- J that heal'ings would probably enccs forc~d the bills into a con- most intercs to oca UI ers, ing thc location. I continue tomorrow. The defen- ftrence committee which is ex- It nding institutions, prospectivo I

From 2 to 3 p.m. tomorrow a dant i n the case is charged by peeted to reach early agrecmenl home Owners andh

. hretahl cstatc I 01 the major portion of the pro- men, an:i upon w IC ere arc

committee from the local lawyers' the county attorncy of having 110 s~rious diff:::ences, arc as fol - I taken corn and soybeans "exceed. /;ram.

group will be at the cabin site ing the value of $20" fro m the Thcy diCk,· sharply, however, lows: th h· I-Increase in the amount of to in!orm visitors about e IS' Farmers Exchange company o(

liability lhe FHA· IllllY havc out-tory of the event. The location Lonc Tree. S .... nllarrl O'll CO. ua ~landing at anyone lime from

is foul' miles south of I owa City Rober·t CCl'lly, Sam Hcrri ng and $3.000,000,000 to $4,000,000,000. . PI t V II t Ii It Harry Stock, all of Lone Tree, Has Gold'ell Jubilee 2- Extcnslon oJ tile 25 year I I, easan a ey owns r p. preceded Hoskins to the stand, moy be reached by drivi ng south testifying before a court room full Sl'.ccial Caillpaigo :lm9rti~lltion period on new con-en the road which r uns a lonl the of people and 11 jUl·ors. Attol'- "'-..,,___ slruction. east side of the Iowa river. neys agreed to continue hearings Celebrating its golden jubilee 3-Extension for two yell'I'S oC

The second portion oC the an- in t he case i n the abscnce of one with a special advertisi ng and ;Iuthority to insure mortgages on ni"Hsary celebrat ion will be held I juror, George F. Memler, who rnerchandising cam p II i II n, the existing structures. at the old log cabins in the City was excused because of sickness Standard Oil company will fe3- 4-Extension for two years of , l-Ilrk. In the IUl'jle double cabin, in the family. A jUry of four tU l'e its Iowa City dealers and TItle I which Fi'ovides (or Insur- . Ii repUca of the trading company's women and eight men were im- their products in The Daily ance of moctemizllUon and im-or;ginal cabin, the ba l' assocla- paneled Wednesday. Iowan, officials announced. p:'ovement loans with the addi-tior. members will give a I·cpro- The case enters its third day The Daily Iowan will be among tlon of an insurance premium to auction of the events of the tirst this morning, Attorneys A. C. Ca· 1,700 daily and weekly newspa- he absorbed by the lending in-court day in Iowa City. hill and Arthur O. Lell repre- pers to carry the advcrtising stitution.

TODA Y ---Saturday LUTH ER v s . IOWA

New Diamond West of Fjeld House

TODAY, May 12th SATURDAY, May 13th

4 :05 O'Clock 2:30 P. M, ADM1SSION-Yearbook Coupon No. 30 for Friday's

Game - Coupon No. 31 for aturday's Game

General Adm ission 40e; Children 250 Thc court scene will include senting the defendant. I campaign fo\' 23,000 Standard Oil "EarlY action by the con(el'ence

t h e impanell ing of the f irst grand dealers in 13 middlewest states. commi tee on these bills," Osca,' !~~~~w~~~an i~~ ~Yb~~~~~ t~B. =============~~~~==~~=~~~=~======================~~= ment by the grand jury, the bind- ning at the high school gym and iI," over or the pcrson indicted a movie, stage and vaudeville lJy thc grand jury, the sweat'ing show will be staged in the band ill of th' (iI'st attorncy in J ohn- room. In addition to this show :lon county and other COUl·t pro· a fortune teller of repute will bc C UUJ'e which took place on that i on hand for individual readings. dny. Accomoqations for the \>ub- I At 5:30 a circus supper will be lie to view the court sccne will served in the cafeteria and booths bl' provided. on the grounds will be scrving

The final program of thc com- 'dUJ'ing the entire circlls. 1' lemOr;]tive event will be at 6:30 A three - man examining boar,d I the air corps are shown in the Fun for each member' of lhe j:J.m. in the main dining room of h;om the United States army all' lower picture as they examined family will be found in the the Jl'!ferson hotel where the corps is conducting an exam ina· the cockpit of the B18 Douglas games of ski ll, AI.rican dod.gers, members of thc bar associa tion tion for university men this bomber which the board of ex- archery, crystal gazmg and dances will enlertain their wives at a I week for admittance into the I aminers flew to Iowa City. Fred by a gypsy girl. canauet. A[ter the di nner a pro- , army air service. In th:! upper Muhl. A2 o( Fl. Dodge. wears the From 7 to 8 o'clock the finals "IfUrn will be presented. pil'ture Capt. Eclward J. Ke~- headphones at the left while J'lm in the Iowa City marble tourna-

Attorney O. A. Byingt.on Is the dricks, flight surgeon and exam- l Eighmey, A3 of Clear Lake, looks men!. will be played off in the c:mil'man of the bar association ining medical officer, is shown on. Thc air corps examiners are gym. rommittee which has planned the I testing the eyesight of one of giving the tests in J'oom 144 in Addition;]1 entcI·tainment will ~ejebration. His committee exam- the many students who applied the medical laboratory building. be found in a merry-go-round, a ined cou-t records and historical for the physical examination. The To be eligible a student must 40.(00t ferris wheel which swings documen t. to obtain information I first tWQ Iowa students to be ac- have completed two yeFs of col· the passengers above the roof of concerning the fil'st court dllY in cepted this year for trai~ng in lege work. 1he school and an auto ri de lor Johnson county. Members of the the kiddies. bar association will portray all FI 4 B d W·II P d = = ============ of the characters In the programs. oats~ an s lara e Sea Scouts To Build Sailboat

Today as City High School Opens Red and White Circus



Plan To Compete In Lake Okoboji Sailing Contest

Show Proceeds Will Send Musicians To i)finlleapoJis Contest

Members o( the local SCII Scout A parade with foul' bands, troop wlll begin building their floats, pets and decorated bicycles f irst sailboat. 1;omorrow for u~ will march from Iowa Ci ty high on the Iowa r Iver and Lake Mac-

music contcsts in MinncapQlis next week, wi ll begin when ihe I parade returns to the school grounds. I

The floa t.s and decora ted bi cy­cles in the parade wlll be j udged I by a committee who will view the parade from a grandstand which wi ll be erected on Wash­ington street between Clinton and Dubuque st.reets.

Billy Ray and his orchestra will

SPECIAL PRICES Authorized Agency For


RIES JOW A BOOK STORE bride and for entry In the 8all- school grounds through the dow~­

boat race~ at Lake Okoboji tbis town streets at 5 ~'clock 11lls summer W. W. Maple announced altcrn.oon as the op 11IJ1g nole .o[ yesterd~y. I the high school's Red and White

The boa t will be 10 teet long circus on thc school grounds thiS ======::;==============;:;:==;:= Imd lour fee t wide With a 14- evening.. , . I foot mast. Thc cost 01 the boat The CIl'CUS, w~ l ch Is bemg held I will be $25 and three or four will I under the . ausplct;s. of thc h~gh On be built during the summer, Ma- school musIc aux~l,.ary to ral~c pie said. A second boat will be ~oney for the muslc!ans who. Wi ll

started soon after the completion ' compete in the natIOnal regIOnal of the fit'st one. I

The boat is to be styled after the Rainbow lleet. of ship~ at Ihe Toledo, Ohio, council. It will be UBed at the regional re&atta, a regatta lor several mldwest 6li1~S, including Iowa, 1'{ebl'lIBka, Min· nesota, Colorado and Montana.

Atty. Neiman To Give Talk To Analyze Iowa's Business ConditJoo,s At Hotel Luncl,eon

Attorney Don E. Neiman of Des Moines wlll be the ,U es t speaker at the chamber of com­merce luncheon May 22 In the Jetlerson hotel. He win preaent an analysis of busineu conditions in Iowa.

Attor ney Neiman is the IIj!Cre­tary and mana,er of the Central Iowa Unit of tJte National As8octa· tion of Credit Men. He has been with the unit for 20 years.

Durin, his extellllve experi­ence wlth Iowa buainuI men, Nelman bandIed the Uquldation of insolvency ca&eI for ... oda­tlon members and operated bual-I n.,. ·ift&bllshmenta In the inter· .. Of predJtort.



RATES $2.5()



On the Gold Coast - One UJOIlk Welt or Michll'an Blvd. -tn View 01 the Lake. Convenient to Loop

- Unrestricted Parkin". WILLIAM S. MITCHELL. M ... 8," 900 RUSH STREET


Governor's 1 Day···KODAK


Whether you take movjes or

still pictures, Governor's Day

offers a host of opportunities

for your Kodak. The ray uni.

forms, the Highlanders, the

troops in review are just a

lew of the things you'U want

a permanent record of.

Let us show YOU how , 'mple

It II to &all e "ooci ... "..... or

beautiful movies In color.

Henry Louis, The Rexall " Kodak Store

124 East College Street {


or as "SWHt" ••

,r's A SNA'! • • •


Oil ,\\t 1\\' Of t~E\\'( la"SIIi.

"CQNE-ING" ,s that casua\ past-time that ~iv es you a pick-up any time of the day or night .• , "a tasty, tempting "ob of refreshing ice cream teamed up with a delectable SAFE-T Cone. Your "b\ues" win melt away wi.th each mouthful and you'U be in the IW'''' Qi the new~t ampus .Cfue.

as YH"Ir __ $., .. r Co .. , . . ,r's FUNI

YOlo. cmt ~ .. \ \h" d,,\kiou~ 111.;;­

ar, m\l'or. a." d h oney 11. .. ,,,,, \<lund only .n S""FE.'t CoM •. 'they' .. , , .. lIy "\\· "m<iOtica" 0 " every

... Simply take a snllpllnot, poeed or eandicl, 01 on. or more of your friends, "CONE-ING" on the campUl. Send a print to your IChOPt paper, care of the advertis-ing manager. The judi" will do the rllt. Enter todt.y and let this easy money come your way, I

RULES OF 'IE COITEST If' "Cone·incJ" photos IftUI. ~taplly Slf •• \.!.}' T Cone. ,.net be ~ 011 ,100sy

",ints. p,int IIIfM .nd tdcfr.- cll~rIy 011 bid of photos. . All photOi bicolM thl pt~ of the IIi noi. 8Iki", Corp. .iIcI will II9t be ,.t,,",". AH rl,lIItrly en,oIICI stticI,nts of this sGhool.,. eli,ible. PhotOi will lit iudfICI for cltrity .IId nov.lty. Mutt be postIM,u.. or d .. Iiv.reeI to your IChooi p.,., before midnight 2 neb front ~.y.


a partlcuh other 8 Wriiers letters, I of unlvl at ItUdJo tuezt In

"cult lI\et\t wi CIIjIp, 'rhompso !lichter, Prof. H SWlIher, Prof. HI

Dram! '!'ItIer It 1(a~!e, ; ~' IMor1 "of. A. William ~", He Seilfred Pelton J

Onlh art Cha 16tUson !ft"1 S Piancla Prell I.e