˘ ˇ˘ (South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Mauritius ... South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Mauritius, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, ... fish, canned fish products ... Largest importers of fresh fruit vegetables in South

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    (South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Mauritius, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia Malawi

    and Zimbabwe)

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    Country: South Africa Luanda International Fair (FILDA) Dates: 20-25 July 2010 Venue: Luanda, Angola Sectors: General Tel: +244-917-402 440 Email: filda@fil-angola.co.ao Web: www.filda-angola.com/ Country: Angola International Fair for Investment and Consumer Goods (FACIM Y MAPUTO) Dates: 30-08-2010 to 05-09-2010 Venue: Maputo, Mozambique Sector: General Tel: +258-1-427 151 Email: sogex@sogex.com Web: www.sogex.com Country: Mozambique Food Exhibition Mauritius (FEM) Dates: 3 6 June 2010 Venue: Freeport Zone, Mer Rouge, Mauritius Sectors: Food Tel: +230-4-664 848 Email: info@adzeevents.com Web: www.adzeevents.com Country: Mauritius


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    FVC INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD Contact: Mr. Jaco van Tubbergh Tel: +27-21-505 5960 Fax: +27-21-534 1879 Email: jaco@fnv.co.za Web: www.fnv.co.za Product: Largest importers of fresh fruit & vegetables in South Africa (Also some other speciality food

    products) SIL FARMING Y TA WIGWAM Contact: Mr. Steve Silberman Tel: +27-11-805 5693 / 4 Fax: +27-11-805 5692 Email: steve@silfarming.co.za Product: Importer / wholesaler / distributor of fresh vegetables LUGDUNUM EXPORT Tel: +27-11-792 0065 Fax: +27-11-793 2445 Email: claudette@pixie.co.za Web: www.lugdunum.co.za Product: Importers of fresh fruit GOLDEN HARVEST (PTY) LTD Tel: +27-11- 613 8618 Fax: +27-11- 613 2132 Email: ghfp@mweb.co.za Web: www.goldenharvest.co.za Product: Importers of fresh fruit & vegetables KARIBA FRUIT DISTRIBUTORS Tel: +27-11-613 8127 Fax: +27-11-613 8127 Email: karibafruitveg@mailbox.co.za

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    Web: www.karibafruitdistributors.co.za Product: Distributors of fruit & vegetables CANNED FRUIT & VEGETABLES & FOOD: INTERCAN SOUTH AFRICA Tel: +27-21-465 0766 Fax: +27-21-465 0767 Email: intercan@intercansa.com Web: www.intercansa.com Product: Importers of Canned Fruit PATLEYS Contact: Mr. Masley Notrica Tel: +27-11-226 8800 Fax: +27-11-837 0614 Email: patleysjhb@patleys.co.za Web: www.patleys.co.za Product: Largest importer of canned fruit and vegetables in South Africa (Also some other speciality food

    products) M & L DISTRIBUTORS Tel: +27-21-552 5190 Fax: +27-21-552 3609 Email: m&l@distributors.co.za Web: www.distributors.co.za Product: Importers and distributors of various kinds of food products TASTE OF ASIA Contact: Mr. Stephen Nessworthy Tel: +27-21-706 7690 Fax: +27-21-706 7689 Email: tasteofasia@mweb.co.za Web: www.tasteofasia.co.za Product: Importers of Asian food products DING HO ASIAN FOOD IMPORTERS

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    Contact: Mr. Frank Manley Tel: +27-21-555 2426 Fax: +27-21-555 2427 Email: dingho@iafrica.com Product: Importers of Asian food products SEAFOOD:

    OCEANA GROUP Contact: Mike Copeland Tel: +27 21 410 1400 Fax: +27 21 415 8601 Email: info@oceana.co.za Email: mikec@oceana.co.za Web: www.oceana.co.za Product: Importers of shrimp, prawns, crab, mussels, clams, soles, squid steaks, Ilex squid, Wash squid,

    Baracuta, Whitebait, Horse mackerel, Mackerel, Hake, Monkfish, Kingklip, Herring, Dried Codfish, Salmon and Fishmeal. Oceana imports frozen product and full container loads.

    BRECO (PTY) LTD Tel: +27-21-551 8700 Fax: +27-21-551 8668 Email: procurement@breco.co.za Web: www.breco.co.za Product: Breco imports a wide variety of fish from all over the world. Its current range of imports includes:

    mussels, Baracuta, Sole, whole prawns (pink, black tiger and fresh water), prawn tails (crumbed, butterfly crumbed, blanched, raw), baby octopus, grouper, Marinara Mix, shrimp, clam meat, crab sticks, Ilex and Wash squid (precut steaks and tubes), scallops, herring, whitebait, salmon, hake, monk fish and oilfish such as butter fish, marlin, sail fish and sword fish.

    IRVIN & JOHNSON (Pty) LTD Contact: Mr. Johan Mostert Tel: +27-21-402 9222 Fax: +27-21-402 9226 Web: johanm@ij.co.za Web: www.ij.co.za

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    Product: Irvin & Johnson is one of the principal primary producers of fish and fish products in South Africa. It imports fish and crustaceans from various sources to supplement its local catch. The bulk of its import activity is focused on prawns, squid, salmon and herring as well as ready to eat seafood products.

    SEA HARVEST CORPORATION LTD Contact: Kevin Davel, General Manager: Seafood Services Tel: +27-21-546491 Fax: +27-21-419 4317 Email: kevind@seaharvest.co.za Email: info@seaharvest.co.za Website: www.seaharvest.co.za Product: Sea Harvest is one of the largest importers of fish in South Africa. Sea Harvest is a primary

    producer of fish and import species and products that compliment and supplement its local supplies. Its principal customers are the large wholesalers. The range of products that it imports includes: squid (steaks and tubes), crab sticks, shrimp, prawns (pink, fresh water and black tiger), mussels, Baracuta, Portuguese sardine, oysters, hake and kingklip.

    HOXIES SEAFOOD Contact: Mr. Abdool Alli Tel: +27-12-327 3311 / 319 0100 Fax: +27-12-327 3299 / 327 3303 Email: abdool@hoxiesfoods.co.za Web: www.hoxiesfoods.co.za Product: Hoxies is one of the biggest wholesalers in the Gauteng region. It generally obtains its

    requirements from the primary producers and the large importers. Hoxies imports high value products directly. Currently it is importing squid and prawns.


    PIONEER FOODS (PTY) LTD Contact: Ms. Jonita Cuff Title: Tel: +27-22-482 7272 Fax: +27-22-487 2815 Email: jcuff@pioneerfoods.co.za

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    Web: www.saskograin.co.za Web: www.pioneerfoods.co.za Products: Manufacturers wheaten flour and flour products, maize meal, maize rice, samp, bread, buns and

    rolls, pasta, crumbs and coatings, confectionary, packed rice, breakfast cereals, breakfast bars, glac fruit, glazed cherries, cake mixes, peel and fruit pulp, chocolate covered glazed fruit, bottled fruit and jam, beetroot and bean salad, frozen foods, eggs, broilers, animal feed, dog food, packaging material, sun dried products, dried fruit confectionary, ready -to eat salads, nuts, condiments, vinegar and marketer of bottled wines, Importers of rice under Spekko Brand.

    UMGENI PRODUCTS (PTY) LTD Contact: Mr. Seelan Nair Title: Managing Director Tel: +27-32-947 2261 Fax: +27-32-947 2281 Email: seelannair@umgeni.com Website: www.umgeni.com Address: P.O. Box 1615, Ballito 4420, South Africa Product: Importer of rice, peas and pea related products, such as yellow split peas, green split peas, whole

    peas, kidney beans, small white beans, jugo beans and carioca beans, sugar beans. OLAM S.A. (PTY) LTD Contact: Mr. Parag Chaurey Title: Business Manager Tel: +27-31-312 1566 Fax: +27-31-303 8540 Email: parag@olam.co.za Website: www.olamonline.com Address: P.O. Box 52008, Berea Centre 4001, South Africa Products: Importers of Rice NATIONAL RICE (PTY) LTD Contact: Mr. Evert Abendanon Title: Managing Director Tel: +27-31-274 2000 Fax: +27-31-205 1742

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    Email: evert@natrice.co.za Website: N/a Address: P.O. Box 59032, Umbilo 4075, South Africa Products: Importers of Rice PHOENIX COMMODITIES S.A. (PTY) LTD Contact: Mr. Larry Soobramoney Title: Director Tel: +27-33-386 1505 Fax: +27-33-386 1509 Email: larry@phoenixcomsa.co.za Website: N/a Address: P.O. Box 8775, Pietermaritzburg 3200, South Africa Products: Importers of Rice YAT KEE SEAFOODS & TRADING Tel: +27-11-615 3911 Fax: +27-11-616 8567 Contact: Mr. Michael Chan (Director) Email: michael.yatkee@hotmail.com Web: N/a Product: All foodstuffs (Asian Supermarket) Country: South Africa PICK & PAY Tel: +27-11-856 7808 Fax: +27-11-856 8808 Contact: Mr. Peter Arnold Email: parnold@pnp.co.za Web: www.pnp.co.za Product: All food items (Supermarket Chain) Country: South Africa SHOPRITE & CHECKERS Tel: +27-21-980 4581 Fax: +27-21-980 4274

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    Contact: Mr. Cobus Crafford (Procurement Executive) Email: jcrafford@shoprite.co.za Web: www.shoprite.co.za Product: All food items (Supermarket Chain) Country: South Africa SPAR GROUP Tel: +27-31-719 1900 Fax: +27-31-719 1991 Contact: Mr. Roelf Venter (Group Marketing Director) Email: roelf.venter@spar.co.za Web: www.spar.co.za Product: All food items (Supermarket Chain) Country: South Africa NOSSO SUPER - Gesto de Supermercados Tel: +244-222-677 401 Fax: +244-222-699 821 Email: dcordovil@nossosuper.com Web: N/a Product: All food items (Supermarket Chain) Country: Angola JOTA FOODS LDA. Tel: +244-222-445 013 Fax: +244-222-440 610 Email: jotafoods@ebonet.net Web: N/a Product: Importer of foodstuff Country: Angola CHUE WING & CO., LTD. Tel: +230-242 1134 Fax: +230-240 8333 Email: abcfood@intnet.mu Web: www.abcfoods.mu

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    Product: Importer of foodstuff Country: Mauritius CIE DES MAGASINS POPULAIRES LTEE (MONOPRIX) Tel: +230-676 1863 Fax: +230-676 3143 Email: monoprix@harelmallac.com Web: N/a Product: Importer of foodstuff Country: Mauritius SUPERMARES Tel: +258-1-451 142 Fax: +258-1-451 168 Email: supermares@tropical-web.com Web: N/a Product: All types of foodstuff Supermarket Country: Mozambique DELTA CORPORATION Tel: +258-1-310 932 Fax: +258-1-311 868 Email: deltat@teledata.mz Web: N/a Product: All types of foodstuff Country: Mozambique


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