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11th grade asessment benchmarks notes final

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  • 1.FCAT Benchmark
    The student knows that a change from one phase of matter to another involves a gain or loss of energy.
    Phase changes
    Heat of fusion
    Gizmos: Calorimetry Lab Phase Changes
    the sate of matter of a substance is determined by the motion of its particles and the strength of the attraction between the particlesSolidLiquidGas
    Particles move more quickly when they have more kinetic energy.
    not all the particles in a sample of matter have the same amount of energy
    temperature is the average kinetic energy of asubstance
    thermal energy is the total kinetic and potential energy of all the particles in a sample of matter
    heat is the transfer of thermal energy from a warmer object to a cooler object is
    when a substance is heated it gains thermal energy and the particles move faster
    matter changes from one state to another when thermal energy is gained or lost
    heat of fusion is the amount of energy required to change 1kg of a substance from a solid to a liquid (melting point)
    increasing energy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>