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A - Z Viri

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Important words in my life°

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  • When I was younger I wanted to be an


    Because when I was 6 years old, my sister

    took me to some recordings to get an

    extra in a soap opera. But then my mom

    doesnt wanted to go and said -You better


  • My Best Friends are a very important part in

    my life because with they we have done

    things very nice and they always are with

    me through thick and thin.

  • I love buy clothes and shoes. And I like to

    combine them.

    Sometimes it relax me

  • My eyes are a part of me that I really love,

    but dont really like to wear glasses.

  • My favourite food are Enchiladas Verdes,

    because I like hot food.

    I dont like sea food.

    My favourite dessert is the Frapp

    because I love the ice and the coffe.

    And every time I can, I drink it.

  • It is the career that now studying, but I

    dont like much and want to transfer to

    the University an Food Engineering.

  • This is an activity that I enjoy to do, but

    sometimes scold me because I laugh a


    And even some people had told that they

    identify me by my laugh.

  • My family is a very important part for me

    because I know they always will support

    me as they have done so far, while

    attempting to give me the best. And so, I

    love them

  • This is my favorite color, because I think it is

    very colorful and I like that, also some

    people identify me for this color.

  • These are my two favorite music genres.

    And I like because sometimes their songs

    say many things I feel.

  • This is my favorite fruit because I like the

    taste. Especially when it is with chocolate

    Although as 2 times I've been sick and I

    have eaten strawberries, I intoxicated.

    But that doesnt matter to me and after I

    recovered, I still eating.

  • This is my favorite movie genre because I

    like being on hold and that scared me

    the movies.

    Although lately, I havent seen any that

    really scared me.

  • One of the values most important to me is the sincerity because this is how I like

    being with people, and they are with


    Because I think so people can have better


  • This is my favorite time of year, because

    I've always preferred the cold and

    because I like the worn clothes this

    season as sweaters, coats, boots, etc.

  • I like going to the zoo because I like being

    in contact with animals and learn more

    about them; although they were rather

    in their habitat.