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About us :. Al- abyaar International General Trading and Contracting Company, W.L.L is the stand of the umbrella of Al- abyaar to Import medicine and medical supplies dedicated to bring unique medical product and services to our market hold. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • About us:Al-abyaar International General Trading and Contracting Company, W.L.L is the stand of the umbrella of Al-abyaar to Import medicine and medical supplies dedicated to bring unique medical product and services to our market hold.

    We are a corporation with undeniable achievement when it comes to meeting the demands for an extensive range of top brand drug/pharmaceutical, medical device/non-classified, Food supplement/Food products and cosmetics/cosmoceuticals, herbal medicine and medical equipment.

    We are a compliant distributor, registered company by Chamber of Commerce and authorized to supply private and tender health sectors such as pharmacies, doctors and hospitals throughout Kuwait. All our brands are elated and successful from its country of origin as well as within the countries it is available. Our products will lead us in carrying out our goal in promoting value to life and sharing the fruitful business with our partners.

  • Vision:To be the key choice in providing healthcare services and innovative with high quality and efficacy medicine for Kuwait consumer. To deliver available drugs to all walks of life especially the ones with limited financial capability. To persuade manufacturer and supplier the full potential of Kuwait market inspite of country size and prospective number of end users. Our company ambitions to be the CORE reflection of a good, reliable and formidable distribution company in our territory hereafter within our region. MissionVALUE TO LIFE, MERIT TO BUSINESSOur mission doesnt confine in just bringing the medicine solely for the treatment but to give more welfare and implications to life itself.But we are not disregarding the enormous participation and importance of our supplier upon producing essential medicine. Our company is setting a highest standard of fundamental business return and achieving ways that give satisfaction to our partners and worth of the partnership. Management aims a significant territorial expansion not just limiting within Kuwait but passing over to neighborhood countries within gulf for products which are original and contemporary innovations.

  • Our advantage:

    Top management is not nave when it comes to running the business with a strong medical background

    Composed of dedicated and high qualified sales, medical and marketing team

    Well experience in forming a marketing tactics and strategy for product commercialization

    Profoundly acquaint with the ways and technique of registration procedure as Kuwait is known for its tough and meticulous registration guidelines

    Very reliant staff that is prompt in answering the needs from both supplier and consumer

  • Our History:

    On 25th day of March year 2003 ABYAR Pharmacy was open to public as a competing community pharmacy in Kuwait. Due to the market demands and accomplishment it has brought, expansion was initiated by the person involved in the business, with the aim of upgrading and giving the best medicine for the Kuwait people. With this apprehension, the owner gave birth to the company known- now as AL-ABYAAR INTERNATIONAL GENERAL TRADING AND CONTRACTING COMPANY. This humble company has been established on the 9th day of September year 2003 through the initiative and diligence action of Mr. Ali Alsayegh. The business runs for a start with only KD (Kuwait Dinar) 30,000.00 as the initial capital and with only 2 employees working in. Through time and with Kuwaits fast growing economy, improvement, even just for a couple of years easily achieved.From where it starts, five (5) community pharmacies were made available to the public in different area of the country. For the owners acknowledge the importance of having an outlet for the dissemination of the products. With this said chain of pharmacies, the total turnover or revenue every year exceeding 1.5 million USD.Our total numbers of employees working in the pharmacy division are now in 30 and the office base staff are 30 including Accountant, pharmacy manager, International operation, registration and administrative staff. They are Registered Pharmacist delegated with the responsibilities as health professionals, medical representative, sales representative, sales manager, financial manager, store manager, senior reporters and regular employees.With our marketing tactics and prudent associates, we are able to make annual earnings approximately $3,897,000.00 in year 2010. Our main market is in Kuwait.


  • We are very selective and meticulous when it comes to choosing a partner. Advantages are carefully weighed as when it comes to certifications, achievements, specialization and expertise and product portfolio. We are proud to say that we are partners of:

    Aegis Pharma, CyprusDensmore Laboratoire Pharmaceutique, FranceGalian Pharma, FranceLisa-pharm Laboratoires, FranceLaboratoires Doliage, FrancePharma development, FranceHorus Pharma, FranceMolteni Farmaceutici, ItalyAescalapius and Magis, ItalyDompe Corporate, ItalyGeymonat S.p.a, ItalyO.F.F Srl., ItalySo. Se. Pharm Srl., ItalyNTC srl., Italy AgainLifeItalia, ItalyHelp S.A, GreeceNovocat Farma, SpainGrupo Technimede, PortugalLaboratorio Edol, PortugalHyal Intertrade (Neofillia), SwitzerlandMoss Vision Inc., UK

  • Olecule Skin Bionics, UKMedicom company, UKRecosmo, CanadaFidia Pharmaceutici, S.p.a, USAAlcis Health Inc., USAFziomed Inc., USAIceland Health, FLGrupo Impresarial Labiofam, Cuba Zenta Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., IndiaBiotech Vision Care, IndiaJubilant Lifesciences Ltd., IndiaMarck Biosciences, IndiaAlkem Limited, IndiaCipla Limited, India

    IPCA Laboratories Limited, India Ultratech India Ltd., IndiaKylsan Laboratories Limited, IndiaTorrent Pharmaceuticals, IndiaBarun Global Marketing, KoreaShin Poong Pharm Co. Ltd., KoreaMaxigen Biotech Inc., TaiwanChengdu Kangquan Health Products, ChinaChengdu ZhengYuanTang Products Co., Ltd., China

  • Divisions:

  • Pharma Section is accountable for the registration of the selected products with our local regulatory legislations. It composed of competent dedicated staff with medical background as registered pharmacist handling all the procedure. Keeping a timely up-to-date follow-up on the under registered products, memorandums and new regulations.

    Wholesale section responsible for the marketing, sales and distribution of the products registered exclusively under the company. Organized through selective and well profound medical personnel as representative who is roaming around Kuwait to visit pharmacies, doctors, physicians, clinic, polyclinic or stores in where possible market is present. Take charge of planning the marketing strategy, forming tools, advertisements, brochures and best technique practice for promotion purposes.

    Retail Section Company operates 5 retail pharmacies in areas where numbers of possible customers are high and with demands. Gives more attention and promotion to the products owns by the company. Give a high share, improvement and push of the products.

  • Business Development appointed to strengthening the ties with the existing clients while cultivating the new ones. Assess the current assets of the company as relating to maintenance and expansion of the companys business whether wholesale or retail.

    Warehousing and Logistic obligated to do the ordering and importation of the products especially the ones that reached to its critical level to avoid out of stock. Follow the first in, first out policy. Maintain an optimum temperature to make sure that products are stored according to its proper condition and avoid spoilage. Accounting Section handles all transactions with monetary involves, received order invoices and receipts.


  • -Kuwait is divided into 9 governorates that have a total of 420 private pharmacies, 60 private hospitals, 140 government hospitals including polyclinics and clinics, 80 showrooms. Based on statistics it can capitulate for $ 200,000,000 of sales for whole scope of all products. Its been a decade that Al-abyaar made it to the top in Kuwait healthcare distribution business and with this success we are not restraining for a single territory, we are starting to pass over to other neighboring markets: -Gulf countries (Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirate, Saudi Arabia) according to the list all these countries have 346 government and 126 private hospitals, hundreds of pharmacies and number of sectors in which there is an existing potential. -Yemen, Jordan and Lebanon upon initial estimation it possess a total 166 government hospitals, 254 private hospitals, 48 medical societies, 1637 health clinics and 2874 pharmacies/drugstores.

    Management will do its best effort to cover all these areas within a length of time but in order to see the flow, products must be built and established its name within kuwait. There are several advantages to acquire if the product is registered in Kuwait, it can be used as a reference for the other countries local registration. There will be a lesser documentation and easier procedure. The next plan is to ENTER CENTRAL GCC MARKET.


  • COMPANY PLANSHOW TO REACH AND ACHIEVE THE CONSUMER DEMAND is the mind set goal for planning in order for the new product to be accepted and be readily salable in Kuwait market.

    With this question we could derived our strategy and tactics upon launching the products that is unfamiliar to consumers cognition.

    First strategy: before deciding to contact a company, we are profoundly studying the market and know the products to be succeeded and could beat the existing competitors. Rest assured that when we choose your company this means you have list of products that could complete OUR LINE OF PRODUCTS suitable for Private and Tender and at the same time an