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Kalitek, Software Analysis & Measurement

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  • 1. KALTEK software analysis & measurement

2. agenda aboutintroductioneciencyagilityproductivitynext stepskalitekq&a 3. about what we do assess complex, multi-tier applications to identify vulnerabilitiesproductivity measurementrapid portfolio analysis outsourcing managementquality improvementbenchmarkingkaliteksecurity 4. about CAST Achieve insightDeliver excellenceWorld leader in software analysis and measurementAutomated approach to capture quality and size of applicationsFact-based transparency into application developmentIntegral part of software delivery and maintenancekalitek 5. Introductionkalitek 6. software development Largely manual activity Software has not been applied to software itself Reusable materials available but custom development is dominant Intellectual diculty; no human mind can keep track of complex transactionskalitek 7. software development Error free coding is impossible Testing is dicult, % 100 coverage is impossible Defect prevention is a must Certied reusable materials are needed kalitek 8. efficiency why %40 of projects are behind schedule? unpredictable delivery datesrework Major cost driverslong time spent on testingpost-release maintenancehigh quality applications shorten testing schedules and reduce rework. with low quality large software projects, %50 of the eort is devoted to nding and repairing bugs and performing rework.kalitek 9. efficiency Defect & Cost by SDLC Stage Capers Jones, 1996application quality check shall be done before functional testing in order to avoid high xing costs. source code analysis shall be applied during code development.kalitek 10. productivity why important? - Software development is expensive - Lagging software development productivity can have a signicant impact on the organizations ability to compete and survive - There has to be a process that ensures quality software can be produced consistently and efficientlykalitek 11. quality driven development Either in-house or outsourced, Quality of any software deliverable: should be predictable before project starts should be measurable: while projects are underway BUT ALSO after deployment / during maintenancekalitek 12. quality driven development What are the goals? Reduce Cost Develop more valuable products for lower costAssess Supplier CapabilityBenchmark ApplicationsSupport Estimation Process Provide consolidated history datakalitekEarly Defect CorrectionIdentify production bottlenecks 13. solutionskalitek 14. application quality dashboard 5123 4enterprise-grade software quality analysis and measurement dashboardkalitek 15. application quality dashboard provides information about;technical sizing QI_quality index (calculated based on ISO 9126) portfolio history critical violations detailed QI for robustness, performance, security kalitek 16. vendor management 1 vendor delivery assessmentprocurement service&app. proposal clientvendor request for health assessment NDAsource codeNDAkalitekhealth report & certication- visibility into the technical state (stability, performance, security) of critical systems - specied metrics and guidelines to evaluate vendor performance - transparent eort estimation to de-risk the sourcing negotiationkalitek 17. vendor management 2 control vendor performanceSDLC source code, v1,v2..vn clientvendor request for health assessmentsource code eort&cost estimation, action listskalitek- shifting resources oshore introduces high risk in structure quality and productivity - baseline productivity of outsourcing programs is a mandatory rst step of any strategic sourcing shift/transition - performance based contract managementkalitek 18. sample vendor output v1man/daychange %v2eort estimationcost estimationkalitek 19. developer talent management team Ateam B team B is more productive because they deliver same project with lower cost??app.size 1.000.000 developer count 20 USD 80.000 cost per FTE delivered in 200 man/daysapp.size 1.000.000 developer count 20 USD 40.000 cost per FTE delivered in 200 man/dayshowever, using CAST ndings! 2 critical violations per FTE total of 40 critical violations USD 200 per x cost for 40 xes=8.000 USDteam A is more productive because they deliver same project with lower bug x costkalitek25 critical violations per FTE total of 500 critical violations USD 100 per x cost for 500 xes=50.000 USD 20. productivity how to calculate productivity using CASTLoCTotal number of lines of code / function points addedObject ComplexityNumber of H/VH Complex objects/ components added/ updatedDefect InjectionNumber of added critical violations per version deliveredkalitekRelease Productivity (RP)Volume of code developed / Eort spent on the releaseQA Productivity RP x f(Technical Debt) 21. questions and answers sessionQ&A kalitek 22. our contact details Adress barbaros Mh. deluxia Palace ren Sokak no:5 | 454, ataehir,istanbulWebsite www.kali-tek.comEmail info@kali-tek.com Phone +90 216 510 57 27kalitek 23. Addendum- CAST Dashboardskalitek 24. 5123 4kalitek 25. View for PROJECT DIRECTORView for CIO or VP APP. DEVELOPMENTView for OUTSOURCING MANAGERView for ARCHITECT or PROJECT MANAGERkalitek 26. kalitek 27. kalitek 28. kalitek