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Amrita School of Engineering ... University-Chennai, PESIT-Bengaluru, BMS College of Engineering-Bengaluru, Govt. Polytechnic- Ramanagara, ASE-E «madai and ASE-Bengaluru a ©ended

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Text of Amrita School of Engineering ... University-Chennai, PESIT-Bengaluru, BMS College of...

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    Spiritual Life A blessing is something that comes back to us in response to the way we approach something. -Amma

    Amrita School of Engineering Bengaluru

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    School Highlights

    Two-Day Workshop on ‘Texas Instruments C2000 - Microcontrollers for

    Digital Power and Control Applications’

    Department of Electrical and Electronics

    Engineering of Amrita School of Engineering,

    Bengaluru organized a Two-Day workshop on

    ‘Texas Instruments C2000 Microcontrollers for

    Digital Power and Control Applica ons’ on 13th

    and 14th March, 2012 in associa on with Texas

    Instruments and Cranes So ware. The event was

    coordinated by Ms. Nitya M. and Mr. Illango K.

    Over 50 delegates from St. Peter’s

    University-Chennai, PESIT-Bengaluru, BMS College

    of Engineering-Bengaluru, Govt. Polytechnic-

    Ramanagara, ASE-E madai and ASE-Bengaluru

    a ended the workshop. The workshop

    commenced with a formal inaugura on func on

    with ligh ng of the lamp. The key note address

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    was delivered by Mr. C.P. Ravikumar, Director,

    University Rela ons, Texas Instruments, India.

    The workshop facilitated a deeper

    understanding of C2000 architecture, features and

    development tool for Digital Power and Control

    Applica ons. The resource persons from Cranes

    So ware conducted hands-on-training session for

    the par cipants on C2000 Microcontroller

    development kits.

    The workshop concluded with a

    valedictory func on wherein the speakers were

    felicitated, and cer ficates were given to the

    par cipants. The par cipants found the workshop

    highly resourceful and were apprecia ve of the

    organizing commi ee.

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    School Highlights

    ‘Global Marathon E-Week’ organised by IBM at Amrita

    Engineers’ Week is a coali on of

    professional organiza ons and government

    partners. IBM has been an ac ve supporter of

    Engineers’ Week since 1990, serving as the lead

    corporate sponsor. ‘Global Marathon E-week’ is

    for, by and about Women in Engineering and

    Technology, with an objec ve of enabling

    upcoming women engineers.

    As part of the E-Week, IBM organized a

    session for female students & faculty at Amrita

    School of Engineering, Bengaluru, on 14th March,

    2012. This event was telecast live to Coimbatore

    and Amritapuri campuses using Amrita’s A-VIEW

    facility, and was a ended by over 450 women

    from all the three campuses.

    This event updated the budding engineers

    on the various skills required by IT industry, the

    so ware domain and the service domain. The

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    session by Ms. Lalitha J.S., Senior Manager, IBM

    on ‘IT Career Opportuni es’ turned out to be an

    eye-opener for many. She recommended the

    par cipants to pursue a career rather than a job.

    She also presented a roadmap to be followed for a

    career in IT domains and its business ver cals.

    Yet another highlight of the event was the

    technical session by Ms. Sugandha

    Srikanteshwaran, Program Director with AIM India

    So ware Lab, on ‘Mobile Compu ng’. She spoke

    about the evolu on of mobile compu ng, end-to-

    end enterprise mobile pla orms and various types

    of mobile applica ons. The talk also included a

    demo of a mobile applica on in Traffic and

    Insurance Management developed by IBM.

    The session ended with an interac ve

    quiz, which received ac ve par cipa on from all

    the three campuses, and prizes were distributed

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    School Highlights

    A talk on ‘Fasting and its benefits’ by Mr. Mohan

    Cultural Educa on Department arranged a

    talk on ‘How fas ng, health, and nutri on may be

    modelled by mathema cal pa erns in the light of

    Vedic thinking’ by Mr. Mohan, who is currently

    researching on exo c materials under defence


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    for all correct answers. On this occasion, IBM also

    announced the date for the poster compe on.

    The event received great apprecia on from the

    women’s engineering community that benefited

    immensely from the experience. They were

    thrilled by the interac on across the three

    campuses during the en re telecast.

    The event was coordinated locally by

    Dr. Shikha Tripathi, Chair, Dept. of ECE,

    Dr. Amudha J., Dept. of CSE and Amritadhara


    The purpose of the talk was to generate

    awareness among today’s genera on about the

    importance of a nutri onal diet based on

    tradi onal prescrip ons, and benefits of regulated

    fas ng.

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    School Highlights

    ‘Vrushti’ at Amrita

    In the words of the American Composer

    Willam Strayhorn, ‘All music is beau ful’.

    Students learnt the truth behind this statement

    on the 21st of March, 2012 as they were treated to

    a performance by Vrush , a fusion group

    combining western percussion instruments with

    classical Indian instruments. The event was

    conducted in ASE-Bengaluru in associa on with

    the Percussion Arts Centre, Bengaluru.

    M.K. Pranesh played the flute, V. Krishna

    played the mridangam, G. Guruprasanna was on

    the khanjari, while B.S. Arunkumar added a

    western flavor by playing the drums. Pramath

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    Kiran treated the audience to the morching, while

    S. Madhusudhan played the tabla. Jagadeesh

    Kurthok played the pakhawaj. The en re

    performance was co-ordinated and directed by

    Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma, who played the


    The event began with the ensemble

    performing kadhanakuthuhalam - a rarely

    performed Raaga - on both western and Indian

    instruments. The group then played a number of

    other notable pieces of Carna c music, all to the

    enthusias c applause of the audience.

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    School Highlights

    Of note was the ‘Thani Avarthanam’

    wherein all the ar sts performed solos on their

    respec ve instruments. The drum solo in

    par cular was met with wild cheers and applause

    from the students.

    The concert also featured a unique

    performance on the morching and the congo

    drums. The event finally concluded with the same

    Raaga as the opening, the kadhanakuthuhala.

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    The evening concluded on a high note, as

    the troupe was introduced and felicitated by

    Br.Jayakanth Swamy, Head of the Facili es

    Department. The performers extolled the value of

    the Indian arts, and appealed the students not to

    forget their roots.

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    Department of CSE

    Faculty Achievements / Participation / Recognition ⇒ Dr. T.S.B. Sudarshan a ended the Research Retreat at Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri

    Campus on 28th March, 2012 and presented an overview of research ac vi es of Bengaluru


    ⇒ Dr. T.S.B. Sudarshan has been invited to join the program commi ee of ‘Federa on of Interna onal

    Robo-Soccer Associa on [FIRA] World Congress 2012’ to be held in Bristol, UK between 20th and

    25th August, 2012.

    ⇒ Dr. T.S.B. Sudarshan is invited to become the ‘Publica on Chair’ for an Interna onal Conference on

    ‘Informa on Technology in Educa on and E-learning (ITEeL 2012)’ to be held on 17th and 18th

    December 2012, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    ⇒ Dr. T.S.B. Sudarshan will ‘Co-Chair’ the organizing commi ee of Fourth Interna onal Conference on

    ‘Advances in Recent Technologies in Communica ons and Compu ng (ARTCom 2012)’ to be held in

    Bengaluru on 19th and 20th October, 2012.

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    Ms. Chandrika K.R. Na onal Conference on “Cloud Compu ng & Enterprise Networks”

    AMC Engineering College, Bengaluru

    21st - 22nd March, 2012

    AMC Engineering College, Bengaluru

    Dr. Sudarshan T.S.B. Mr. Radhakrishnan G. Mr. Nippun Kumaar A.A.

    “SAP Faculty Day” SAP Labs 16th March, 2012

    SAP Labs, Bengaluru

    Workshops / Seminars / Conferences Attended

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    Department of CSE

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    Students’ Achievements / Participation / Recognition