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at Shinshu University Faculty of Textile Science and …00 Prof.Kunihiro Hamada, Dean, Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, Shinshu University Prof. Makoto Shimosaka, Shinshu

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Text of at Shinshu University Faculty of Textile Science and …00 Prof.Kunihiro Hamada, Dean, Faculty of...

  • 20:00

    Prof.Kunihiro Hamada, Dean, Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, Shinshu University

    Prof. Makoto Shimosaka, Shinshu University

    Prof. Toshio Fukuda, Nagoya University

    Prof. Chih-Ming Ho and Prof. Chang-Jin "CJ" Kim, UCLA


    9:00Prof. Chih-Ming Ho, UCLA


    Prof. Chih-Ming Ho, UCLA

    9:30Prof. Kennichi Isobe, Nagoya University

    9:50Prof. Ben Wu, UCLA


    Prof. Goro Obinata, Nagoya University

    10:30Prof. Toshio Fukuda, Nagoya University


    Prof. Fumihito Arai, Nagoya University

    "Opening Address"

    "Micro-Nanomanipulations for Cell Analysis"


    Transportation (Tokyu Inn >> Shinshu University)

    Session 1 Chair:Dr. Tomohiro Kawahara, Nagoya University

    Session 2 Chair:Dr. Carlos Rafael Tercero Villagran, Nagoya University

    "On-chip Robotics for Biomedical Device Innovations"

    at Shinshu University Faculty of Textile Science and Technology

    "Welcome Address"

    "Research at Nagoya University GCOE"

    "Research at UCLA"

    "Feedback System Control (FSC) Technique Based Optimization for Electrochemical BoNTAptasensor"

    "Murine Model of Personalized Cell Therapy by iPS"

    "Biomimetic Bone Regeneration"

    The 5th Nagoya University - UCLA International SymposiumShinshu University - Nagoya University Global COE Joint Symposium in Ueda

    August 26th (Th)

    August 27th (Fri)

    "Research at Shinshu University GCOE"

    Transportation (Ueda Station >> Shinshu University)

    Transportation (Shinshu University >> Tokyu Inn)

    Welcome Party

    Adjourn for the day

    Welcome party and all the sessions will be held on the 7th floor ofResearch Center for Advanced Science and Technology (Campus Map #16)

    "Restoration of Skeletal Muscle Function - Transplantation of Embryonic Ventral Spinal CordCells into Distal Nerve Stump -"

  • 11:25Prof. Chang-Jin "CJ" Kim, UCLA

    11:45Prof. Shunichi Kobayashi, Shinshu University

    12:05Prof. Atsushi Nishikawa, Shinshu University

    12:25Prof. Takashi Kawamura, Shinshu University


    Dr. Masashi Ikeuchi, Nagoya University

    13:55Dr. Tomohiro Kawahara, Nagoya University

    14:10Dr. Carlos Rafael Tercero Villagran, Nagoya University

    14:25Dr. Jalal Uddin, Shinshu University

    14:40Prof. Kousaku Ohkawa, Shinshu University


    Prof. Toshihiro Hirai, Shinshu University

    15:35Prof. Yu Huang, UCLA

    15:55Prof. Wataru Sugimoto, Shinshu University

    16:15Dr. Yusuke Kinoshita, Nagoya University

    16:30Masatoshi Tsuda, Nagoya University


    Chen Tinghsuan, UCLA

    17:15Masaru Takeuchi, Nagoya University

    "Soft Tapered Stencil Mask for Combinatorial Cluster Culture of Stem Cells"

    "Development of Automatic Single Cell Dispenser"

    "Pattern Formation of Vascular Stem Cells"

    Session 4 Chair:Dr. Masashi Ikeuchi, Nagoya University

    Student Session 1 Chair:Masahiro Kojima, Nagoya UniversityBreak


    "Development of Page Turnig Machine with Single Sheet Separation Technique"

    Session 3 Chair:Dr. Masaru Kojima, Nagoya University

    "Radiosynthesis on EWOD Platform for Positron Emission Tomography (PET)"

    "Development of Arterial Stenosis Model to Study Pathologic Wall Mechanics"

    "Human-Robot Interaction in Minimally Invasive Surgery"

    "Construction of Semi-closed Single Cell Analysis System and Its Application"

    "Nanoelectronic Devices from Nanowire Heterostructures"

    "Graphene as an Electrode Material for Supercapacitors"

    "First-principles Study on Active Slip Systems in -Sn"

    "Homogenized Elastic-Viscoplastic Simulation of Plate-Fin Structures Using a Duplex Model"

    "Quantitative Analysis Parameters of Endovascular Surgery Simulation"

    Lunch at Mulberry Hall (Campus Map #15)

    "Bio-nano Composites with Polysaccharide Nanowhiskers"

    "Novel Nanofibers from Cellulose and Chitosan"

    "Dielectric Polymer Actuator forArtificial Muscle- From Soft Polymer Gel to Solid Polymer Film -"

  • 17:30

    Zhao Cheng, Nagoya University


    Wei Kai, Shinshu University


    Li Yuan, Shinshu University


    Prof. Kiyohito Yamasawa, President, Shinshu University



    Leyla Sabet, UCLA

    9:15Takamitsu Ueki, Shinshu University

    9:30Nelson Wyatt, UCLA


    Yosuke Kajihara, Nagoya University

    10:00Yusuke Okada, Shinshu University


    Takahiro Saida, Shinshu University

    10:45Li Yujing, UCLA

    11:00Jeong Il Lee, Nagoya University

    11:15Shoichiro Kamada, Nagoya University

    11:30Zhang Xia, Shinshu University

    "Whitening of UV-irradiated PVA Film and Its Surface Morphology"

    Transportation (Tokyu Inn >> Shinshu University)

    Banquette @ Tokyu-Inn

    Adjourn for the day


    Student Session 2 Chair:Daisuke Yajima, Nagoya University

    "Incubated Protein Reduction and Digestion on an EWOD Digital Microfluidic Chip for MALDI-MS"

    "Dynamic Observation of Nanometer-thick Liquid Films with High-resolution Ellipsometric Microscope"

    "Release of Macromolecular Model Drugs from Biodegradable Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)Emulsion Electrospun Fibrous Mats"

    "Optimization of Lipid Production by B.braunii"

    "Building of an ATP Production System Using Photosynthetic Proteins"

    "Welcome Address"

    August 28th (Sat)

    Transportation (Shinshu University >> Tokyu Inn)

    "Establishment of Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells from Aged Bone Marrow (BM) - DerivedMyeloid Cells"

    "Fabrication of Regenerated Silk Fibroin Nanofibrous Composite Scaffolds and Their Applicationin Tissue Engineering"

    "Biomimetic Morphology-control of Pt Nanocatalyst"

    "Microfabricated 3D Flexible Tactile Sensor for Robotic Applications"

    "Mechanism Design Method for Micro Manipulators"

    "Control Strategy for Walking Assist Suit Using Neural Oscillators"

    "Role of Oxide Nanosheets in Electrocatalyst of Polymer Membrane Fuel Cells"

    Student Session 3 Chair:Ryosuke Tane, Nagoya University

  • 11:45Prof. Toshio Fukuda, Nagoya University




    1Chunxia Gao, Shinshu University

    2Xuxu BAO, Shinshu University

    3I Putu Sudiarta, Shinshu University

    4Jian Zhou, Shinshu University

    5Ju-Young Park, Shinshu University

    6Dr. Masaru Kojima, Nagoya University

    7Masahiro Kojima, Nagoya University

    8Ryosuke Tane, Nagoya University

    9Daisuke Yajima, Nagoya University

    10Dr. Chikara Nagai, Nagoya University

    11Dr. Yosuke Tsukiyama, Nagoya University

    "Closing Remarks"

    Symposium Adjourns

    For Poster PresentersYour posters must be in place by 20:00 on August 26th (Thu.). Please take your posters down until 13:00 onAugust 28th (Sat.). Otherwise the posters will be removed by the secretariat.

    "The Preparation and Characterization of Hierarchical Borosilicate Glass Nanofibers"

    "Carboxymethyl Chitosan/ Hydroxyapatite Composite Nonwoven as Bone Regeneration Scaffold"

    "Study on Cell Wall Lytic Enzyme SLT70 Family in Bacillus Subtilis"

    "Numerical Simulation for brain aneurysm"

    "Electrospraying Biodegradable Nano-Meshed Microcapsules and Developing a Cell Culture Scaffold"

    "Development of Optimized Two-Segment Type Hydraulic Active Catheter"

    "The Brush-like Friction Materials - Carbon Fiber and Carbon Nanotube Brushes"

    Campus Tour (Campus Map #16 & 26)

    Poster Sessionduring Break & Lunch Time, August 26 - 28th

    "Effects of a Polymer on the Aggregation behavior of Acid Dyes in Inkjet Ink for Textiles"

    "Reconstitution of Biological Clock into Microdoroplet"


    "Electrical Stimulations of Tactile Sensory Feedback for Dexterous Handling with Artificial Hands"

    "Construction of Conductive Polymer Channels"

    Lunch at Mulberry Hall (Campus Map #15)

  • FunctionalMachineryMechanicsBuilding





















    ArcheryPlace StudentRoom

    ResearchCenterforAdvancedScienceandTechnology7F InvitedLectures,OralPresentation,

    PosterPresentation,WelcomeParty2F CampusTour;BeyondFibers



    Campus Map

  • Access GuideBus 1.At JR/Shinano Rail Way Ueda Station, take Joden Bus. "East Course".

    Get off at Aeon Ueda Shopping Center Mae. Walk for 5 mins to campus. 2.At JR/Shinano Rail Way Ueda Station, take Chikuma Bus for Kakeyu Onsen, Komoro Eki or Maruko. Get off at Shoei Mae. Walk for 5 minutes to campus. 3.At JR/Shinano Rail Way Ueda Station, take JR Bus Kanto for Nagakubo/Iridaimon. Get off at Aeon Ueda Shopping Center mae. Walk for 5 minutes to campus.



    Access Map

    20 mins walk from Ueda station.


  • Ueda Tokyu InnUeda Tokyu Inn44--2424--1, 1, TenjinTenjin, Ueda, Ueda--shishi, Nagano; 386, Nagano; 386--00250025

    Tel (81) 268Tel (81) 268--2424--0109 0109

    Fax (81) 268Fax (81) 268--2424--01140114

    AccessAccessIn front of JR Ueda Station (In front of JR Ueda Station (OnsenOnsen Exit)Exit)Nearest interchange: 10 minutes from Ueda Nearest interchange: 10 minutes from Ueda SugadairaSugadaira exit on the exit on the JoshinetsuJoshinetsu ExpresswayExpressway

    Sightseeing InformationSightseeing InformationUeda Castle (10 minutes by walk)Ueda Castle (10 minutes by walk)BesshoBessho OnsenOnsen Spa (25 minutes by train)Spa (25 minutes by train)Visit Historical sites in Visit Historical sites in SiodaSioda--DairaDaira Plan (by train, bus, or sightseeing bus)Plan (by train, bus, or sightseeing bus)

    Convenience stores nearbyConvenience stores nearbyLawson (3 minutes by walk)Lawson (3 minutes by walk)Circle K (8 minutes by walk)Circle K (8 minutes by walk)


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