[Challenge:Future] Fight youth unemployment from the inside

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Text of [Challenge:Future] Fight youth unemployment from the inside

  • 1. C&DConstance MMDelphine VFranceSupbiotechMelissa Arriola FIGHT YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT FROM THE INSIDE
  • 2. 2 Experience Youth unemployment rates 60% The average youth 50% unemployment rate in 40% France is above the 30% average in Europe.25% 20% Average youth 10% unemployment in 0% Europe = 23%
  • 3. 3 ExperienceYouth unemployment in Franceis global : Higher education- Youth without higher 12% education are the most A-level, NVQ-Vocational affected 29% diploma and equivalents 59%- But in 2012 only 16% of Brevet, CEP and without graduates of prestigious diploma school sought employment. In 2013 this proportion almost Youth unemployment in France doubled and affected nearly one in three (28%) by studies
  • 4. 4Discover Companies demand multidisciplinary Companies think employees that youth dont = less employees have enough experience Economic crisis Youth employment unemployment reduced : priority for experiencedHigh peoplecompetitivenessamong foreign EUstudents Solutions proposed by the government : Future employment : reserved for young people with a level of education below bachelor level
  • 5. 5Solutions Block-Release Training Why ? Acquire relevant experience Be efficient immediately at the end of the curriculum How ? Combine theoretical teaching and practical Explain to youth what block-release training really is (from high school), and revaluate the image of this default way
  • 6. 6Solutions A Better Way of Learning languages Why ? Be able to apply to the international market Become competitive with fluent foreigners in multinational companies on French territory How ? Give priority to a total immersion in the target culture Increase the number of language courses as soon as possible Enlarge the spectrum of possible languages
  • 7. 7Solutions Reduce the cost of work Why ? Have a better competitiveness for French companies on the international market Decrease the number of French factories exportation in countries where labor price is less expensive How ? Reduce the rate of exchange Government have to help companies by, for example, decreasing taxes for those who employed youth
  • 8. 8Solutions Create training for employment Why ? Companies want youth to be operational immediately Usually, youth dont know how to put their capacities ahead How ? Create specialized training for the target job Make special courses for youth to learn how to do a good resume and have a good interview
  • 9. 9Solutions Creation of new posts Why ? Because new needs have been created How ? Help youth create their own business by lending them money or giving them personalized advices Help to development Innovation by aiding Development and Research departments
  • 10. 10Planned results : This project is a full time job. We think it will take a year to put it into place. We will need people with specific skills to help us for the realization of this project. Our group will be composed of youth and adults divided in different teams like: o Communication team: promote on social network and media to create a buzz o Ambassador team for each idea of the project to manage their field