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Charterhouse Results January 20 2012

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CHARTERHOUSEAuctioneers & Valuers

Auction held at The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset Friday 20th January at 10.00A buyers premium of 19.5% (plus VAT) is payable on the final bid price of each lot.

Lots valued at less than 20 do not have an estimate printed

Delivery can be arranged with the officePostage can be arranged. A minimum charge of 18 per parcel plus postage applies Lots marked with a * incur VAT on the hammer price CHARTERHOUSE The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset DT9 3BS Telephone 01935 812277 Facsimile 01935 389387

Order of SaleLots 1 119 Ceramics & Glass Starting at 10.00am Lots 120 - 269 Beswick & Royal Doulton Starting at approx. 10.35am Lots 270 - 453 Collectors Items & Miscellanea Starting at approx. 11.20am Lots 454 - 644 Action Man Starting at approx. 12.25pm There will be now be a 15 minute break before

Lots 649 - 759 Pictures, Prints & Books Not starting before 2.00pm Lots 760 onwards Furniture & Rugs Starting at approx. 2.30pm1 2 3 A late 19th century pottery meat plate, 48 cm wide, three cottages and other items (a.f.) (qty) Ten various Delft tiles, decorated boats, mythical beasts and other sea creatures, 12.5 cm square (10) Sold for 170 A Parian bust, of Clytie, after the antique, the socle base stamped C Delpech Redt Art Union of London (a.f.) 33 cm wide, and a Parian figure, of a nude female with flowing hair, 28.5 cm high (2) Sold for 100 A pair of Satsuma baluster vases, decorated figures in a landscape, 22 cm high (2) Sold for 90 A pair of late 19th century Continental porcelain candlesticks, with figural columns, 26 cm high (a.f.) (2) Sold for 90 A pair of opalescent glass vases, 24.5 cm high (2) A Chinese plate, decorated in the Imari palette, three others similar, three other plates and a Satsuma bowl (8) A Thoune charger, decorated with flowers, 40 cm diameter Sold for 20 A The Wee Tots Tea set, cased A late 19th century Staffordshire toby jug and cover, 20 cm high A Chinese bowl, decorated a bird and foliage, 21 cm diameter A Cantonese export plate, decorated figures, birds and insects, 25 cm diameter, another similar, and another decorated in underglaze blue (3) Sold for 60 Three Continental porcelain clowns A Toby Wood character jug, a floral encrusted comport, and other ceramics and items (a.f.) (5) A studio pottery owl jug, 30 cm high A Staffordshire pottery flatback group, 25 cm high, and a similar posy vase (2) A Winstanley pottery cat, 31 cm high, two others similar, and a Noritake part coffee set (qty) Sold for 100 A Continental porcelain group, of figures taking tea, and others similar (5) A W H Goss parian bust, W H Goss, a model of The Old Court House, Christchurch, Goss and other crested items, related volumes and a display cabinet (qty) Sold for 190 A large pair of Chinese blue and white ginger jars and covers, 29 cm high (2) Sold for 200 A pair of Continental pottery candlesticks, applied figures, 22 cm high, a fairing, Returning at 1 o' clock in the Morning, a pair of pottery dogs, and a telephone box money box (6) A pair of Sadler pottery dogs, 32 cm high A Royal Doulton Slaters Patent stoneware jardiniere, 2642, (chipped) 23.5 cm wide

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A 19th century Rockingham part tea service, with a grey seaweed pattern and gilt decoration, pattern no. 1464 (some damage) Sold for 50 A Satsuma vase, of baluster form, decorated figures, 30 cm high, a Kutani bottle vase, a cloisonn vase, two Chinese porcelain bowls and a Japanese bell (6) A Chinese pottery funerary farmyard, with pig and piglets, 22 cm wide, and two others similar, probably Han dynasty (a.f.) (3) Sold for 100 An Arcadian China crested ware cenotaph, a Carlton China nurse with a Dudley crest, an Arcadian China crested ware forage cap, a Carlton China tent, and other similar items (a.f.) (box) Sold for 220 A Chinese earthenware neolithic jar, with two handles and painted decoration, 32.5 cm high See illustration Sold for 360 A Chinese pottery cocoon jar, with painted brown, red and grey decoration, 12.5 cm high See illustration Sold for 150 A Chinese pottery neolithic jar, with black, red and yellow painted decoration, 20 cm high See illustration Sold for 100 A Chinese pottery pillow, in the form of a cat with painted decoration, 25 cm wide Sold for 45 A Chinese pottery neolithic jar, with two handles and painted geometric decoration, 16.5 cm high See illustration Sold for 180 A Continental porcelain figure, of a seated boy, 12.5 cm high, and other similar ceramics (6) A Persian stoneware vase, a Devon pottery slip ware jug, a lustre tile, and a carved wood boat shaped mug (4) Sold for 150 A Sydney Turtin earthenware bowl, 24 cm diameter A Honiton pottery commemorative charger, for the 800th anniversary of the murder of Thomas A Becket Archbishop of Canterbury, 36.5 cm diameter, and two others similar (one restored) (3) A Royal Doulton brown Countess pattern part dinner service (qty) See illustration Sold for 90 A Ridgways child's four person tea service, decorated with scenes from Charles Dickens Old Curiosity Shop, boxed Sold for 30 A Russian Lomonosov figure of a giraffe, two tigers, another similar, and a Goebel black poodle, CH620 (5) Sold for 40 A set of four Chinese bowls, of octagonal form, decorated in underglaze blue, 22 cm wide (a.f.) (4) Sold for 90 A Sylvac Terrier, 1380, a Melba Ware character jug, two Staffordshire bone china figures, a Royal Worcester Nelson's Victory At Trafalgar tankard, a Meissen cup and saucer, applied flowers, and other ceramics (box) Sold for 140 A pair of Royal Crown Derby plates, Mr Jorrocks Hunt, and another Royal Crown Derby plate (3) Sold for 40 A Coalport cabaret tray, 42 cm wide Four Imari plates (4) Sold for 15 A pearlware jug, and two pottery groups (a.f.) (3) A Border Fine Arts group, Thoroughbred Mare and Foal, B0357B (grey), with certificate and associated stand A slipware dish, 41 cm wide Sold for 60

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A Royal Copenhagen vase, decorated flowers, 2629/2129, 27 cm high Sold for 40 Two Chinese porcelain comports, and other similar ceramics (a.f.) (5) Sold for 90 A German porcelain group, of a stag and doe, 24 cm high, and two similar figures (a.f.) (3) A Chinese famille rose nine piece supper set, decorated figures, in a black lacquered box and cover (two dishes restored, some damage to the lacquer) See illustration Sold for 280 A faience jug, 1905, 18.5 cm high, a ewer, and two art pottery vases (a.f.) (4) Sold for 30 A Chinese porcelain vase, of shaped hexagonal form, decorated garden scenes (a.f.) 36.5 cm high See illustration Sold for 140 An Italian painted circular charger, 40 cm diameter A 19th century parian figure, Ruth, 37 cm high Sold for 60 A Wedgwood porcelain dessert service, decorated purple berries and foliage A Chinese famille rose cup, and other Chinese ceramics (a.f.) Sold for 20 A Chinese porcelain bowl, decorated figures, 20 cm diameter, two others similar, and other ceramics (a.f.) (5) Sold for 50 A Victorian Staffordshire group, of a lion standing on a man (cracked) 24 cm high A pair of Chinese vases and covers, 25 cm high (2) A 19th century Spode milk jug, with a matching bowl, and another similar set (4) Sold for 10 A pair of Loetz style iridescent glass vases, 15 cm high Sold for 110 A Royal Doulton flamb vase, decorated a dragon 22.5 cm high, a Bing & Grondahl calf, 1826, two tea bowls, a Paragon commemorative loving cup and other ceramics (box) Note: Two cows have been withdrawn from this lot. Sold for 980 A Crown Derby part tea service, decorated in the Imari palette, and assorted Minton Delft tea wares (a.f.) (qty) Sold for 45 A set of three graduated Doulton Lambeth stoneware harvest jugs, a Royal Doulton nursery cup, saucer and plate, a Beswick foal, a Dalmatian, a Retriever, and assorted crested ware (box) Sold for 60 A pair of Lille square dishes, decorated boats, and another similar (3) An Amadeus pattern dolls house part dinner service (a.f.) Sold for 15 A 19th century English porcelain egg cup stand, with swan handles, 28 cm wide Sold for 10 A Victorian style mirror, applied cherubs and flowers, 57 cm high Sold for 50 A pair of Victorian style glass claret jugs, with silver plated mounts A cranberry and clear glass decanter, in the form of a parrot, with silver plated mounts, 27 cm high A Moore table oil lamp, applied foliage (a.f.) A large pair of Continental baluster vases, painted stag and boar hunting, one inscribed to the base 'Exposition 1867 Klotz Rue de Parade (?) Paris no 22, Paris' (a.f.), 49 cm high Sold for 150 A ceramic cat, 21 cm high, and a similar jug with a cat handle (2)

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A Continental pottery vase, with gilt metal mounts, 23.5 cm high A Spode Sporting Dogs Golden Retriever vase, cover and stand, a Royal Doulton Character Dog, HN1099, a terrier, HN1035, a Peter Rabbit figure, and other ceramics (box) Sold for 60 A St Ives pottery vase, 12 cm high, a Muchelney pottery jug, nine similar plates, a quantity of die-cast hounds, and other items (box) Sold for 90 . A Poole pottery Seal, others similar, a Lilliput Lane Little Scrumpy cottage, similar cottages, and other items (2 boxes) Sold for 70 A pottery basket of fruit, a Lenox elephant and other ceramics (box) A Whitefriars glass molar vase, 14 cm high, a WMF Ikora vase, a Caithness paperweight, other paperweights and glass (qty) Sold for 70 A Royal Doulton Worcester June Garland tea service, a quantity of Hummel figures, a Capodimonte jardiniere and stand, and other ceramics (qty) Sold for 45 A p

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