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Charterhouse Results July 29th 2011

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July 29th 2011 Auction results - the end of a fantastic month of auctions for Charterhouse

Text of Charterhouse Results July 29th 2011

CHARTERHOUSEAuctioneers & Valuers

Auction held at The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset Friday 29th July at 10.00 am Please note new viewing timesA buyers premium of 19.5% (plus VAT) is payable on the final bid price of each lot.

Lots valued at less than 20 do not have an estimate printed

Delivery can be arranged with the officePostage can be arranged. A minimum charge of 15 per parcel plus postage applies CHARTERHOUSE The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset DT9 3BS Telephone 01935 812277 Facsimile 01935 389387 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 A Victorian pottery cheese dish and cover (a.f.) Sold for 10 A Copenhagen celadon ground vase, decorated flowers, 9.5 cm high Unsold A Chinese famille verte baluster vase, decorated trees and foliage (hairline crack, lacks cover) 17.5 cm high Sold for 160 A porcelain coffee pot and cover, decorated flowers and a similar coffee cup (2) Sold for 30 A late 18th century English porcelain bowl, decorated pagodas, foliage and a bridge in underglaze blue, 23 cm diameter See illustration Sold for 130 A majolica parrot jug, 24 cm high and a pottery vase (2) Sold for 60 A pair of English porcelain plates, painted flowers, and a glass celery vase (3) Sold for 20 A Dresden condiment stand, with matching napkin rings, candlesticks and a vase Sold for 15 A Chinese baluster vase, decorated in a dark green glaze and with gilt decoration (repaired, rubbed and lacks cover), 35.5 cm high Sold for 180 A glass atomizer, other glass, ceramics and a postcard album (box) Sold for 25


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A Shelley Queen Anne shape coffee set, decorated large yellow fruit with tendrils around a trailing down, pattern no 11590, (lacks a cup, coffee pot with a small crack) See illustration Unsold A Crown Perfumery green glass scent bottle, in a pierced silver mount and three other items of glass Sold for 20 A Wedgwood Gold Chelsea pattern dinner service, for six place settings Sold for 45 A large late 19th century Continental porcelain figure, of a woman holding flowers, 42.5 cm high Unsold An amber glass decanter, with a brass clown stopper Sold for 10 A 19th century Delft plate, 30 cm diameter, three other Delft plates and a polychrome Delft plate (a.f.) (5) Sold for 60 A maiolica plate decorated a cherub, 20.5 cm diameter and an earthenware vase (a.f.) (2) Sold for 70 A Shelley Regent shape tea set, decorated flowers and trees, Lawleys, comprising two bread and butter plates, two milk jugs, two sugar bowls, twelve cups, twelve saucers and twelve side plates, WS 0148 (a cup and a bowl cracked) See illustration Sold for 200 A Royal Doulton figure, Top O' The Hill, HN1834, and a set of six wine glasses Sold for 25 A Chinese famille rose bowl (chipped), 20.5 cm diameter Unsold A vase and cover, decorated cherubs, on putti supports and with gilt decoration, 73 cm high Unsold A collection of thirty seven slipware spice jars and covers, named and decorated hearts, three matching larger storage jars and five others bigger (slight damage) See illustration Sold for 190 A Spode Green Velvet pattern tea, coffee and dinner service, Y7869 Sold for 40 A Chinese Ming style vase, decorated foliage (a.f.), 30 cm high Unsold Two Hummel figures, a Royal Worcester figure, The Queens 80th Birthday, 2006, and a Royal Doulton figure, Lady Diana (a.f.) (4) Sold for 40 A faience inkwell, applied a figure (a.f.), 27 cm wide Sold for 20 Three Cantonese export Chinese plates Unsold A Chinese ginger jar and cover, decorated figures, 18 cm high Sold for 110 A Chinese ginger jar and cover, 15 cm high Unsold A Chinese hexagonal teapot, decorated figures and calligraphy, 13 cm high (over handle) Sold for 80 A Japanese Imari baluster vase (a.f.), 25 cm high Unsold Two famille rose plates, and other ceramics (box) Sold for 35 A Masons ginger jar and cover, two bowls, and an earthenware jug Sold for 25 A set of four Caithness glass limited edition elements paperweights, Earth, Fire, Air and Water, 40/1000, all boxed with certificates Sold for 130 A Royal Crown Derby Derby Posies pattern coffee set (box) Sold for 90 A Continental porcelain vase, and other items Unsold A Davenport majolica comport, and similar plates Sold for 70 A 19th century Delft plate, decorated a tree in underglaze blue (some fritting), 31 cm diameter Sold for 100

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A group of Dresden porcelain, including a pair of candlesticks Sold for 70 A set of six wine glasses Unsold An oval strut mirror, applied cherubs, 30 cm high Sold for 45 A large quantity of Goss crested items, including a teapot stand and pine cones Sold for 150 A cranberry and clear glass epergne, with baskets, 60 cm high Unsold Three vaseline glass shades Sold for 90 A Kutani bottle vase, decorated figures, 24 cm high, and a similar jar (a.f.) (2) Sold for 30 An Imari plate, 21.5 cm diameter, and two others similar (3) Sold for 30 A Japanese plate, decorated landscapes, 24.5 cm wide Sold for 45 A pair of Japanese vases, decorated figures, 31 cm high, and another similar (3) Sold for 20 An oval jardiniere on stand, decorated putti, 33 cm wide Sold for 70 An Imari plate, 21.5 cm diameter, and three others similar (4) Sold for 30 An extensive late 19th century Worcester dinner service, with floral decoration, including tureens, blue printed mark See illustration Sold for 500 Three cranberry glass shades Sold for 70 Two Royal Doulton plates, decorated Kookaburra birds, a tray, a silver and glass dish and a silver backed brush Sold for 110 A Wallendorf figure, of a kneeling nude female, 21 cm high Sold for 60 A biscuit barrel, with silver plated mounts Unsold A 19th century nursery plate, Ship Building, others similar and other ceramics (qty) Sold for 160 A Continental porcelain dog, two Doulton plates and other ceramics (6) Sold for 140 A pair of Carlton Ware Rouge Royale vases, with chinoiserie decoration, 18 cm high Sold for 40 A Staffordshire pottery pot lid, Contrast, and two others (a.f.) (3) Unsold A Lemancean pottery group, of two buffalo, with cream crackle glaze, (a.f.) 45 cm wide Sold for 220 A bamboo brush pot, with carved decoration, two Chinese low comports and other items (a.f.) (5) Sold for 90 A C H Brannam Barum pottery cat (glaze chips) 30 cm high Sold for 120 A Chinese porcelain vase, decorated figures and animals in a landscape, (a.f.) 36 cm high, with an associated hardwood base (2) See illustration Sold for 80 A French faience plate decorated a bust portrait of a man, 41 cm diameter, and two other plates (a.f.) (3) Sold for 260 An early 19th century English porcelain part tea and coffee service, with floral and gilt decoration (a.f.) (box) Sold for 30 An early 19th century Spode Stone China dinner service, including meat plates and tureens, pattern No 2647, (a.f.) (54) See illustration Sold for 340 A Chinese vase, decorated dragons amongst flowers and foliage, (a.f.) 59.5 cm high Unsold An Italian pottery Bitossi vase, decorated stags, 14.5 cm high, and two similar jugs (3) Sold for 10

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A set of three green majolica leaf plates, and three others similar (6) Sold for 50 A Chinese celadon ground jug, of zoomorphic design, with a scale body and lizard handle (a.f.), 22 cm high Sold for 30 An Orrefors glass bowl, signed, 15 cm diameter, and two others similar (3) Sold for 10 A French majolica part dessert service, decorated figures and views within a pierced border (a.f.) (box) Sold for 40 A Holmegaard green glass vase, 18.5 cm high, other factory and art glass (10) Sold for 70 A pair of clear glass lustres, with etched decoration and glass drops, 56 cm high (2) Sold for 20 A Royal Doulton stoneware vase, decorated a rose, with Betsie Newbery monogram, 19 cm high Sold for 30 A Chinese porcelain bowl, decorated a phoenix and dragons, 23.5 cm diameter, and another (2) Unsold A pair of glass decanters and stoppers, with silver collars, 26 cm high Sold for 80 A Powell style cream and clear glass celery vase, on silver plated stand, 21 cm high Sold for 50 A pair of 19th century glass rummers, with 6d coins in the stems, a decanter and stopper with silver collar and others similar (a.f.) (7) Sold for 45 A set of four Bohemian hock glasses, a pair of glass goblets, each etched with a woodland scene, and other similar glass ware (box) Sold for 120 A David Winter Group, Stratford House, and other similar models (box) Sold for 15 An Iznik tin glaze vase, 50 cm high Sold for 30 A Sabino opalescent glass wall light shade decorated fish (some small chips), 38 cm wide Sold for 100 A pair of Willow Pattern plates, of octagonal form, and other Willow Pattern items (box) Sold for 30 A Royal Worcester figure, Grandmothers Dress, and other ceramics (box) Sold for 50 A Wedgwood creamware basket weave plate, various character jugs and other ceramics (box) Sold for 50 A cranberry glass epergne, other glass and ceramics (box) Sold for 200 A Chinese cylindrical mug, decorated figures, handle glued, other ceramics and items (box) Sold for 140 Assorted ceramics, glass, prints and items (4 boxes) Sold for 60 Assorted ceramics, glass, pictures and a Casall piano accordion (qty) Sold for 70 A studio pottery mug, assorted ceramics and glass (2 boxes) Sold for 40 A Goebel monk storage jar, other ceramics and items (box) Sold for 20 A Portmeirion Botanic Garden bowl, other ceramics and items (2 boxes) Sold for 70 A Continental porcelain plate, painted a heron, two Riley blue transfer printed plates, other ceramics and glass (box) Sold for 30

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A carnival glass bowl, decorated fruit, other glass and a wall barometer (box) Sold for 40 A Johnson Brothers Vienna pa