Cognos TM1 User Experience - Enhance Your Cognos TM1 User Experience Safely Manage Security

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    Visualize the impact of security changes before implementing

    Diminish the effort of auditing and documenting security in TM1

    Quicker alternative to Architect on a remote desktop

    Enhance Your Cognos TM1 User Experience

    Safely Manage Security Settings in a Sandbox Environment

    When the wrong permissions get assigned to clients and groups in your TM1 environment, this can cause serious issues such as, the inability to access the TM1 content used to accomplish tasks or gaining access to sensitive information.

    Security information in TM1 is disjointed, forcing you to search multiple places to find all the details you need about security access. Agni’s Security Sandbox can transform hours of debugging into minutes, as it lays out all of the information you need in one location. Additionally, you can visualize the results of a proposed security change to see if it impacts any clients or groups.

    Apply Security Changes with TI Processes

    Now that you’ve experimented with security changes in the sandbox, you can generate a TI process in Agni to quickly apply them. Agni provides the ability to script your security changes to easily deploy them across your TM1 servers. This allows for a lot of flexibility and can fit into a variety of workflows, including ones that require higher-level TM1 users to approve security changes before they are finalized. Additionally, these security changes can easily be rolled back and reapplied.

    Impact of Security Changes in TM1

  • Agni Data Sheet

    Document and Audit User Licenses

    It is imperative to have documentation of all the permissions assigned to each TM1 user. You wouldn’t want to risk paying huge fees associated with license violations such as incorrect security configurations that give users more access than they need. You also don’t want to overpay for licenses that aren’t being used. Unfortunately, the approach to do this task in TM1 with security rules costs too much time.

    Agni’s Security Export provides documentation of all your TM1 users and their permissions. You can use this information to document data access, ensure you are in compliance with government regulations and maintain the appropriate types of TM1 licenses for your user community.

    Quickly Find What You Need with the Powerful Search Engine and Navigator

    The slow and clunky process of searching your TM1 environment makes navigating and finding information a very painful undertaking. Agni is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly find the information you need to complete your tasks more efficiently.

    For example, when performing an audit on incorrectly assigned writeback capabilities on websheets in your TM1 environments, you would have to navigate through folders full of TM1 content in Architect and comb through each object one by one. You would then have to manually keep record of the websheets as you check them. This task of running an audit in TM1 can result in a tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone process.

    Agni solves this agonizing auditing process by finding all the websheets that allow for writeback capabilities in your TM1 environment.

    Apply Security Changes in TM1


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