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guide to make it organized


<p>Content of Portfolio in FS 2</p> <p>Content of Portfolio in FS 2</p> <p>Cover Page</p> <p>Table of Contents</p> <p>Acknowledgment</p> <p>Student Profile</p> <p>I. Profile of the School</p> <p>School History</p> <p>School Profile (location)</p> <p>Mission and Vision</p> <p>School Programs</p> <p>Schools Faculty and Staff (Teachers List)</p> <p>II. Observations</p> <p>Meaningful Learning Experiences</p> <p>Activity Sheet No. 1a (List of methods and strategies, instructional materials and assessment tools in the learning environment)</p> <p>Activity Sheet No. 1b</p> <p>B. Enriching Learning</p> <p>Activity Sheet No. 2</p> <p>C. Assisting a Teacher</p> <p>Activity Sheet No. 3</p> <p>Reflection</p> <p>A Case Study ( An Interview with the recommended learner (his background, interests, needs, and difficulties))</p> <p>III. Personal Reflections on the Portfolio</p> <p>IV. Rubric for the Portfolio *</p> <p>V. Students Self Rating Competency Checklist *</p> <p>VI. DTR</p> <p>VII. Certificates</p> <p>VIII. Pictures/Documentation</p>