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Cutting-Edge Accessories. Width Capacity Egg Conveying ... · PDF fileEgg Conveying Technology Curve Conveyor for Egg Transport A Tradition of Innovation. Cutting-Edge Accessories

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Text of Cutting-Edge Accessories. Width Capacity Egg Conveying ... · PDF fileEgg Conveying Technology...

  • LUBING Systems, L.P. 135 Corporate Drive, SW Cleveland, TN 37311 USA tel 423 709.1000 fax 423 709.1001 [email protected]

    System Capacities

    Territories by Salesman

    At a speed of 25 feet per minute, with adequate space for safe loading, the capacities are:

    Type 250

    Type 350

    Type 500

    Type 750

    Type 1000

    10 inches

    14 inches

    20 inches

    30 inches

    40 inches

    32,400 eggs/hr (90 cases/hr)

    45,000 eggs/hr (125 cases/hr)

    68,400 eggs/hr (190 cases/hr)

    108,000 eggs/hr (300 cases/hr)

    144,000 eggs/hr (400 cases/hr)

    Width Capacity

    At a Glance.Great Additions.

    Technical details subject to change.12 / 2016

    Egg Conveying Technology

    Curve Conveyor for Egg Transport

    A Tradition of Innovation.

    Cutting-Edge Accessories.SprayCabinet - With the increasing concerns over biosecurity and disease control, the all-new Lubing SprayCabinet System is an excellent addition to any layer operation. High-pressure spray nozzles in the enclosed cabinet safely spray the lower chain of the conveyor. The SprayCabinet can be operated during egg collection, saving time during wash-down.

    DripCanopy - The Lubing DripCanopy System offers a simple solution to help maintain a cleaner environment and make end-of-day cleaning a cinch. Simply pull the dirty paper off and roll out a new piece. The DripCanopy can easily be installed on new and existing conveyors to offer protection from egg droppings. The DripCanopy is available for all conveyor widths and can easily accommodate bends.

    ChainKeeper - The Lubing ChainKeeper System offers piece of mind by protecting your conveyor system from a catastrophic break-down. As every producer knows, conveyor down-times can translate to significant dollar losses. By sensing the pulse of the conveyor chain, the all-new ChainKeeper System is designed to detect, shut down and alert when there is a chain break or drop-out and allow your production to get back on line as quickly as possible.

    Accumulator Tables - The Lubing Accumulator Table offers increased flexibility in directing eggs into the grading machines from any Lubing Curve or Belt Conveyor System. Made from heavy-duty stainless steel, Lubings Accumulator Tables are custom-made and can be configured for nearly any situation.

    Northeast/CanadaGEORGE BAILEYCell: (540) 908-8899Fax: (540) 434-1925 E-mail: [email protected]

    MA,VT, NH, ME, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, WV, NC, MI, OHEast Canada: MB, ON, QC, NB, NL, PEI

    Midwest/CanadaSTEVE KUYKENDALLCell: (469) 644-0220Fax: (972) 223-2472 E-mail: [email protected]

    AK, AR, CO, KS, MO, MT, ND, NE, NM, OK, SD, TX, WYWest Canada: AB, SK, BC, YT, NT

    West CoastInternational SalesKURT HUTTCell: (423) 464-0500Fax: (423) 709-1001E-mail: [email protected]

    AZ, CA, ID, NV, OR, UT, WA, HISoutheastBARRY DUTTONCell: (205) 612-5625Fax: (240) 368-8784E-mail: [email protected]

    AL, FL, GA, KY, IN, MS, LA, SC, TN

  • Cutting-Edge Egg Conveying Technology.LUBING Egg Conveyors have become the most trusted systems in the

    LUBING Certified Installation Services are available upon request.

    industry because of their exceptional quality, reliability, performance and trouble-free operation. Did you know that more than 75% of all table-grade and breaking stock eggs are riding on a LUBING?

    The conveyor system is a critical component to egg farms of all sizes.Variations in bird housing arrangements generally require custom designed solutions. With this in mind, we developed the LUBING Curve Conveyor System to be modular in construction with the ability to cope with any imaginable requirements; any necessary curves, heights and distances.

    Curve Conveyor System. Born to Ride. And Ride and Ride and Ride...

    Idler Unit

    Available in stainless for wash-down applications

    Connecting Parts Available in stainless for wash-down applicationsor aluminum - 1, 2, 3mlengths

    Cantilever Drive UnitKeeps clutter out of processing

    Floor SupportsAvailable in a varietyof sizes for customadjustment

    Pivot UnitsAllows elevation changes

    Conveyor ChainAvailable in standard,hybrid or plasticcovered

    Egg DivertersAvailable in 5ft lengths

    Intermediate Drive UnitTop and Bottom drives

    pull chain along thelength of the system

    Bend UnitsAvailable in standard

    45 and 90 degrees.Also available in

    custom sizes

    Suspension BracketsFacilitate suspending theconveyor

    Oiler UnitsAvailable in

    single or tandemEnd Unit

    Idler Unit with Transfer Wheel Use with cantilever drive All stainless construction Transfer eggs on or off

    Suspension Bracket Easy to install with threaded3/8-in rods

    Can be used with allcomponents includingelevation changes

    Pivot Unit Allows for elevation changesup to 20 degrees withstandard chain or 25 degreeswith high-low chain

    End Piece with Tensioner Used on short length systems

    Bolt-In Tensioner Flexible mounting options Used with mini drive unit

    Intermediate Drive Top or bottom drives With legs or suspension Left or right-hand mount Required for longer systems

    Oiler Units Available in single ortandem designs

    Requires special grade oil 120v or 240v options

    Cutting-Edge Components.

    Front Drive Unit Integrated egg transfer system Easy to mount Integrated chain tensioner Adjustable leveling feet

    Cantilever Drive Unit Keeps motor/electrical

    out of processing Easy maintenance design Flexible mounting options Integrated chain tensioner Legs included

    Mini Drive Unit Compact design Optional legs Integrated egg transfer system Requires bolt-in tensioner fortensioning chain