Early Christian and Byzantine

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Early Christian and Byzantine. arts and ideas. naturalist vs abstract period, cultural idea, dominant mode, technique, effect. Images of Christ. Which are Early Christine and which are Byzantine?. The Good Shepherd. Notes. Which are Early Christian and which are Byzantine? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Early Christian and Byzantine

Early Christian and ByzantineHellenicRomanEarly ChristianByzantineHumanism[Cosmopolitanism]Idealism[Stoicism/Epicureanism][conservatism]RationalismUtilitarianism organization copyingrestraint, nobilitydidactic, functional, piousarts and ideasPre-HellenicHellenicHellenisticRoman[Divinism]HumanismIndividualism[Cosmopolitanism]mysticalhierarchicalIdealismRealism[Stoicism/Epicureanism][conservatism]symbolism

RationalismEmpiricism emotional techniqueUtilitarianism organization copyingawerestraint, nobilityengagement, emotional responsedidactic, functional, piousnaturalist vs abstractperiod, cultural idea, dominant mode, technique, effectImages of ChristWhich are Early Christine and which are Byzantine?

The Good Shepherd

NotesWhich are Early Christian and which are Byzantine?Look at the subject matter.Look at the style of clothing.Christ as Orpheus

Christ Enthroned

notesinheritance of Rome and Greeceappeal to common peopleinheritance of the Eastappeal to hierarchy


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