Earning Attention through Social Media

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Earning attention through social media

Earning attention through social media

Social media marketing benefits to local businessesIncrease brand awarenessSocial media is an excellent way to introduce people to your brand.78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media.Serves as an additional source of online exposure to prospective clientele, through which your business can be discovered

Legitimize your brandSocial media gives your brand the opportunity to show that you are active and engaged with local clientele.When managed well, social media also gives you the opportunity to show that you care about your consumers and their concerns.

Increased salesBy either selling directly from the network, or through increased brand awareness and affinity.

Social media marketing benefits to local businessesImproved customer serviceBy being receptive to needs addressed via social media, brands can increase customer loyalty.Allows prospective clients to better understand the personality of your business, which is particularly important in this social age.

Content distributionPeople are looking for content, and are eager to consume and share Wise Content.

Boosts SEO performanceSocial connections impact the relevancy of some search results.Many consumers use social media as a search engine to discover new content.

What is a social media plan?Every action you take on social networks should be a part of a larger social media marketing strategy. Set your strategy goals, and work toward them Tweet by Tweet, Comment by Comment, Like by Like.

A Social Media Plan is a summary of everything you plan to do and achieve for your business using social networks.

A Social Media Plan should be specific, concise, and attainable.

social media plan tacticsSet campaign objectives More followers? Broader content distribution? Better brand awareness? Each objective comes with a precise strategy to achieve the goal.

Social media accounts auditTake a look at all existing social media accounts. Identify the owner(s), and set a goal for each medium.

Competitive analysisChances are, your competitors are active on social media. Well take note of what theyre doing well, and what you can do better.

social media plan tacticsCreate a Content PlanDetermine how much content is needed, and where it will come from. The type of content you distribute should rotate fairly equally among promoting your business, sharing ideas from industry leaders, and evoking your business culture and personality.Consider your business buyer personas to target content based on social network.

Create an Editorial CalendarList the Post, and dates and times you intend to distribute it.Include any message variations based on social network.

Seems like a heavy lift, right? Let Galileo Tech Media handle it.An effective Social Media Plan must be flexible enough to expand or contract with little warning. A blog post goes viral, and in order to capitalize on the opportunity, the business must drop other priorities and shift focus. A customer service situation develops on Facebook, threatening your carefully built reputation.

Galileo Tech Media was designed to scale with your business, so that you can keep your eyes on the prize and we can manage the aspects of your social profile.

A Galileo social media plan could includeProfile management of all social networks Strategy for careful growth and increased engagement of followersOutreach to like-minded thought leaders and organizations across social networksDiligent monitoring of and thoughtful, strategic responses to followers contentCreation of Wise Content, which could include custom, brand-owned content for distributionCuration of content from thought leaders and organizations, including custom content to add depth and your business point of view to the curated content Creation of an Editorial Calendar, with strategic variations of posts based on social networkAnalysis and monitoring of your competitors profiles for trends and news-story ideasConstant monitoring, analysis, and improvement based on social media analytics

Talk to usGalileo Tech Media is that rare combination of creative, strategic thinkers and highly-detailed, results-based consultants. We are a team of Big Picture Thinkers and Executors. We are as unconventional as we are practical.

So if you think youve been doing the right things, but have been wondering: Why arent my social media efforts creating the right conversions? Or even more likely, how can my department possibly create enough content to satisfy internal stakeholders and really make a ripple in social media?

Talk to us. Wise Content is about the Right Content. Wise Content is based on strategy, technology, data, keywords, and analytics; and it comes to you from some of the best brains in the business who dig into your brand and breathe it just like you do.

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