EDU 225: Instructional Technology

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EDU 225: Instructional Technology. Week 7. We shared websites/blogs We discussed technology to support special populations We looked at some technology software We wrote lesson plans incorporating technology. Last week. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


EDU 225: Instructional Technology

EDU 225: Instructional TechnologyWeek 7We shared websites/blogsWe discussed technology to support special populationsWe looked at some technology softwareWe wrote lesson plans incorporating technologyLast weekExplain how technology can be used to enhance instruction and facilitate learning.Describe assistive technology resources available for the classroom.Describe the types of computer hardware available for K-12 use.Compare and contrast wired and wireless classrooms.Identify the pros and cons of using technology in the classroom to facilitate instruction.Technology to Enhance Instruction:Hardware in the Classroom (Weeks 7 and 8)

What do I need in my classroom?Laptop computer with built-in camera and wireless connectivitySuperDrive (CD/DVD playing and recording)Digital camera (publishing)USB Flash Drive (quick storage and information transfer)External Hard DrivePrinter (hard copies)ScannerLCD Projector (presentation)WiFi StationiPod (music, Podcasts)SmartBoardPalm Pilot (pictures, music, schedules, grades, communication)Tablets

Hardware a Global ClassroomVideo ConferencingGoogle HangoutsSkypeOnline CommunityePalsTwitterBlogsThinking maps, Mind maps to connectKidspirationMicrosoft OfficeVirtual Field TripsMuseumsHistorical BuildingsTravel DestinationsNational ParksZoosVideo clips for concept applicationsLanguageCultureEnvironmentsBehaviorsExpertsDigital photos for purposeful communityInstagramDigital CameraWebsitesPhotos to support vocabulary/concepts

Components of a Global ClassroomVideo ConferencingOnline CommunityThinking maps, Mind maps to connectVirtual Field TripsVideo Clips for concept applicationsDigital photos for purposeful communityGlobal ClassroomMini Project:Select one of the ComponentsExplore how this supports global learningDetermine how this would look in a classroomDecide how to explain implementationProvide professional development to your peers


Professional Development

VideoSalman Khan Flipped ClassroomLine up according to the month of your birthdayThe beginning of the year will represent Wired classroomsThe end of the year will represent Wireless classroomsTake notes on your position are welcome to use additional resourcesWe will have a class debate between the two sides

Wired vs. Wireless NotebookSMART Technology: With a partner, create a SMART Notebook presentation on the topic of your choice. The file should be 8-10 slides in length, not including a title or reference slide, and must have interaction on at least 5 slides that is evident when presented to the class.Due 10/17 to present in class, in LC by MidnightNext Weeks Assignment


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