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  • Professional Portfolio Emma Curran

    Emmajoe794@hotmail.com 087 457 2116

  • Thank you for taking the @me to view my porDolio. Please find within this folder some of my professional achievements. I have loved my journey from event administrator to event coordinator over the last three years and the opportuni@es I have been given. I will con@nue to develop and up skill as I have plans to further my educa@on within events and marke@ng to fund my long-term goal of working within the events industry. I believe that if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life! My background is diverse but I believe that gives colour to my career and without the steps I have taken I would not have made the achievements I have today.

  • Development of department SOP Support event coordinators in extra du@es Implementa@on of filing system Budge@ng, invoicing Development of email templates to ensure

    consistency within the department and amongst event coordinators

    Organiza@on of internal mee@ngs and events

    Job Descrip,on and Summary 2012 2015

    2012- 2013

    Daily Administra,on & Event Coordina,on Du,es Check event schedule daily

    Schedule mee@ngs and ensure @melines are meet

    Deal with client queries, respond to emails, answer calls, walk-ins and provide facility tours

    Invoicing, sales including cold calling, prospec@ng, and budge@ng

    Daily mee@ngs for the next two day events

    Con@nued administra@on support to event coordinators

    Stronger sales strategy implemented to generate business and revenue

    More ac@ve role as event coordinator, events include weddings, corporate galas, trade shows, government mee@ngs, internal mee@ngs and events



    Implementa@on of new booking system DELPHI, the change in system allowed us to prospect and track revenue accurately

    Major events worked on included: Aerosmith Concert, Firefighter Gala, Two CFL football games, Western Canada Summer Games

  • Duties and Responsibilities Support Arts and Culture department with

    understanding facility event space Working with Alberta Ballet creative director

    to ensure the audio visual and stage allocations are within the creative specification for the event

    Negotiate discount within the Arts and Culture department for event rental space

    Organization of print material and ticket sales with our marketing department and box office

    Maintain and update function sheets as event specifications change

    Develop and submit floor plans to audio visual department

    Liaise with audio visual technicians on the day of the event to ensure set up timeline was on schedule

    Coordinate food for crew and production team

    Organize hotel accommodation Airport pick up and drop of Organize car rental

  • Duties and Responsibilities Coordination with marketing department to

    ensure posters and print materials are to specification

    Ensure marketing and media was in accordance with facility obligations and event day proceedings

    Complete planning from start to finish of event through coordination with team in kitchen and banquets department

    Responsibility for budgeting of the event, keeping costs low to maximize revenue.

    Connecting with local vendors to donate door prices in return for a marketing opportunity

    Organization of childrens entertainment Development of function sheet, coordination

    with the audio visual department Responsibility of implementing an

    emergency safety procedure Track ticket sales to ensure success of the

    event, weekly and daily as event approached

  • Duties and responsibilities Developed function sheets for band and

    crew dressing rooms Responsibility for the development of

    contracts and invoicing pertaining to food and beverage

    Coordinated with kitchen and banquet staff for meals and rider requests

    Ensured access to dressing rooms for crew and band members

    Responsible for taking dressing rooms offline in a timely manner and ensure enough space was allocated to band and crew members

    Day of contact to band and crew members parting to food and beverage requests

    Organization of security personal and briefing security staff on any matters involving the band and crew

    Development of traffic routes along with a detailed facility map for crew members

    Organization of food for crew members on set up days, event days and tear down days

    Arrange stage coolers and responsibility for distributing them on stage in the correct locations

  • Duties and responsibilities Member of two year planning committee Role as volunteer coordinator Coordinated with community liaison for the

    committee to ensure we had the 2,000 volunteers needed to support event staff

    Organized volunteer food to be donated by local supermarket

    Development of volunteer duties and roles, Development of volunteer wavier

    Organization of volunteer training and placement

    Distribution of volunteer merchandise, including t-shirt, hats

    Support coordinator for 4 days of back to back events including concerts, Guinness book of world records ribbon cutting, food vendor area, player meet and greet

    Development of function sheets for team dressing rooms

    Support sports and recreational department with event coordination

    Support banquet staff day of event to ensure stock and merchandise were accurately distributed to correct vendor areas

    Organization of media giveaways