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  • 1. Everyone has a story to tell. Curran & Connors, Inc. :: Designers of Annual Reports, Corporate Literature and New Media
  • 2. This is our story. From annual reports and brochures to Web design and corporate branding, Curran & Connors has helped a wide variety of clients tell their storiesfrom start-ups to not-for-profits to Fortune 100 companies, and everyone in between.
  • 3. Ch apt er on e There are different reasons to tell your story. Annual Reports Everyone has a story to tell, and although the chapters may be the same, the specific content is as unique to each of our clients as the varied industries they serve.
  • 4. to communicate with shareholders Kenneth Cole Productions The Kenneth Cole brand speaks in a singular corporate voice of social consciousness. Their strategic and brand-driven annual reports remain true to their unique voice, one that is honest and direct.
  • 5. to show results to investors American Vanguard The American Vanguard annual report portrays a story of growth to their investors. It begins with the soil and ends with a successful track record, and their annual report visually illustrates just how many facets of the agricultural cycle American Vanguard touches.
  • 6. When Eddie was diagnosed with to reach out to employees cancer, I told myself I would do everything I could to make his life as normal and positive as possible. Going to Quest Diagnostics made such a difference. Mona made sure Eddie never had to dread the countless blood draws, and her friendship became one of the real bright spots in his treatment. Quest Diagnostics J o n i Q u a a s , Eddies Mom Courage, compassion and commitment. These are the values exemplified by Quest phlebotomist Mona Carrico, pictured above with patient Eddie Quaas, and embraced every day by Quest Diagnostics as they continue to drive toward fulfilling their mission to be the undisputed world leader in diagnostic testing, information and services.
  • 7. to reinforce the brand Activision By reinforcing their corporate brand, Activision is prepared to ride the next wave of growth. Activisions innovation and growth as a company with the flexibility and vision to seize opportunities and create future value have enabled it to be a leader in the industry.
  • 8. to show responsibility FEMSA FEMSA is one of the largest beverage companies in Latin America. The annual report exemplifies FEMSAs ability to stay one step ahead of the game. Whether strategic market execution, brand management or social responsibility, FEMSA excels in even the most complex environments. The result is sustainable, profitable growth for all of its stakeholders.
  • 9. to stand out from the competition Physicians Formula Creativity and strategic messaging are two of the components that can make your communication piece stand out from the crowd. The 2007 Physicians Formula annual report is an example of utilizing an innovative delivery of messaging and a playful photographic approach to capture the readers attention.
  • 10. to reach donors Boys & Girls Harbor Balancing testimonials of positive experiences and heartwarming images drove the concept for this emotionally moving piece that achieved the goal of raising donors awareness while honoring the organizations founder.
  • 11. Ch apt er two There are different methods to tell your story. Identity Interactive Advertising & Marketing Customer Outreach We have continued to evolve to meet the needs of our clients through our commitment to technology, which has improved efficiency, enhanced our design capabilities and enabled us to better service our clients through our expanded product offerings.
  • 12. through your identity Enzon Pharmaceuticals The development of the new corporate identity for Enzon followed the normal creative process, focusing on defining a companys philosophy in a graphic representation. A companys logo, typeface and colors are elements that help make up its corporate identity and establish a cohesive brand that reflects the companys principles and values.
  • 13. through the internet Miami Subs In the world of Web design, the challenge is to stand out from your competitors. The Miami Subs Web site introduces the viewer to an interactive cartoon-like world that stimulates the senses and keeps the viewers attention and desire to look deeper into the site.
  • 14. Lions Gate On-line Annual Report All successful companies need certain basic ingredients, but they all start with a vision. The concept for the Lions Gate on-line annual report was to create a piece that would help capture their vision of creating an independent entrepreneurial company that would become dominant in its space. The report uses the energy and visual impact that Times Square offers with a focus on functionality for the interactive viewer.
  • 15. through advertising & marketing Rodman & Renshaw Differentiating a brand and communicating its unique benefits to a desired audience were achieved through intelligent deployment of targeted advertising and marketing activities. The integrated campaign for Rodman & Renshaw leveraged a visually and physically distinctive presentation kit, an elegantly designed brochure and clever advertising targeted to reach CEOs, CFOs, board-level executives and C-suite advisors.
  • 16. through customer outreach DRS Technologies In a highly competitive environment, DRS Technologies deployed a sales brochure with high-tech production values that were consistent with its position as a leading provider of technology solutions to U.S. military operations. Metalized finishing, color-saturated imagery and spot-positioned printing effects combined to visually reinforce their brand image with customers and prospects.
  • 17. Ch apt er three There are many things to consider when choosing a design firm. What are the communication needs of my company? How do I begin the creative process? Who will help me tell my companys story? These are just a few of the questions that will arise during the process of selecting a design firm.
  • 18. Over the past four decades, Curran & Connors has evolved to meet the challenges in a continually changing corporate environment. Our ongoing evolution translates into enhanced design capabilities, cutting-edge technology and better service to our clients. With design studios in New York, Florida, California and Chicago, and sales offices in 16 locations across the country, we continue to offer an unparalleled diversity of talent coupled with local representation to tell the unique stories of our clients.