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EMPTYING STAGE 7. Food. WORKSHEET 1. BULGARIA. Soups  T arator, Bob chorba, Shkembe chorba. Salads  Shopska salad, Ovcharska Salad, Snow White salad. Main dishes  Moussaka, Kavarma, Mish- Mash, Elenski but, Kufte. Breads and pastries  Tikvenik, Pita bread, Banitsa. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • WORKSHEET 1Soups Tarator,Bobchorba, Shkembechorba.Salads Shopskasalad,Ovcharska Salad, Snow White salad.Maindishes Moussaka,Kavarma,Mish- Mash,Elenskibut,Kufte.


  • Breads and pastries Tikvenik,Pita bread,Banitsa.Cheeses Kashkaval,Sirene.Sweets Baklava,Halva,Kozunak, Tolumbichki.Drinks Rakia,Mastika, Menta.

  • FRANCE- DAILY FOODSouth: influence of Italy pasta, rice and pizza.North potatoes, cream and pancakes. Typical food baguette, cheese,wine andcroissants.Drinks water, juice and refreshes.


    Christmas, Easter, St. Nicolas` s Day, St. Georges Day etc.Christmas "foie gras", oysters, turkey, chestnuts, deserts composed of different fruits, almond pate, dried fruits...Easter lots of chocolate and cakes.

  • SPAIN- DAILY FOODHome food Meat, fish, pasta and salads.Typical food Calots,paellaandtapas,omelette potatos,breadwith tomatoandham.Drinks Wine, cava and sangria.

  • - SPECIAL MENUKings,Saint Stephen,easter...Kings tapas,galets soup, pigroastanddessertacake.St. Stephenn tapas,cannelloniof meat,meatandCatalan creamorcustard.Easter special mealand for dessertacakewith decorationthatbringschocolateeggs.


    BULGARIAFRANCESPAINCooked mealYesYesYesOpinion about fast foodGreat whenyoudont have timeOK, but it is not good every day Its not OK for health


  • BULGARIAFRANCESPAINTable settingsPlate, fork, spoon, knife and glass and other furniture.Plate, glass, knife, fork. If we eat soup, we add a spoon and a soup bowl.Plate, glass, knife, fork, spoon and napkin.

    Formal table settingsUse more glasses (two): one big for some juice, soft drink or water, and one small for alcohol. Cover the table with white table-cloth, and put table-napkin right to the plate.Have two or three glasses on the table: a large one for water, a small one for red wine and a middle-sized one for white wine. Set the table with a table cloth and matching napkins.Add more forks and knives of all sizes.Order it from the smallest to the biggest. Put two glasses or coups, one for the water and the other one for wine. The napkin its always fold in a special shape.

    Family together on the tableYes, but only for dinner.YesYes


  • BULGARIAFRANCESPAINThe most popular and simple main mealsMoussaka,tarator,shopskasalad,gyuveche,banitza, boiled mutton,tripe soup, bean soup, lentil soup.Sauerkraut, steakand chips,Bouillabaisse, QuicheLorraine, Boiled chicken, Pissaladire,aoli,aligot,salty and sweet crepes...Sausages,bread withtomato,meat,potatoomelette, pasta salad,salad, allioli.How many main meals do you haveWe have four meals.We have three meals.We have four orfive meals, it depends.

  • The usual breakfast, lunch and dinner

    BULGARIAFRANCESPAINBreakfastCoffee Tea Juice Cookies SandwichesOrange jus, coffee or tea. Bread with butter,jam or chocolate spread. Cereals, Croissants or chocolate breads. milk with cereals, coffee and biscuits or juice with toasts and marmalade.LunchSaladSoup or chicken meat with garnish.-Salad,delicatessen. - meat & vegetable. -Salad and cheese. -Dessert-Coffee -Pasta or salad-Meat or fish-Dessert-Coffee or teaDinner-Home-made dish (moussaka, gyuveche), soup or salad.-Soup-Light dish -Dessert -Salads with ham or cheese.-Bread

  • The food served at a party.

    BULGARIAThe dishes are often ham, cheese, prawns, bread, croquettes, smoked salmon, scallops, foie grasFRANCEAt party we served french fries with chicken meat or meatball, kebapche with salad again. Or also served only sandwiches, cake and juice (depends how old are you).

    SPAINRoast beef or beef tenderloin, Foie gras, oysters, sea food, smoked salmon, scallops.