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Ethnographic Design

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Ethnographic Design. Randy Huberman Ariel Johnsey Steve McGuire. What is Ethnographic Research?. Qualitative research method Used to describe, analyze, and interpret culture Significant time needs to be spent “in the field”. How Did E thnographic R esearch D evelop?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When should ethnographic research be used?

EthnographicDesignRandy HubermanAriel Johnsey Steve McGuireWhat is Ethnographic Research?Qualitative research methodUsed to describe, analyze, and interpret cultureSignificant time needs to be spent in the field

How Did Ethnographic Research Develop?Began in the late 19th and early 20th centuriesSolidifies in the 1950sThe watershed event was the publication of Writing Culture, by Clifford & Marcus in 1986

Realist EthnographyAn objective account of a situation gained through observationUsually narrated in 3rd personShould contain no bias, political goals, or judgmentParticipants views are presented in direct quotations

Case StudiesStudies individuals or groups involved in a processIf the case is unusual it is an intrinsic caseIf the case illustrates an issue it is an instrumental caseCollective case studies encompass multiple cases

Critical EthnographiesStudies of social issues such as power, inequality, dominance, repression, and victimizationStudies are done with the interest of improving the situationNot an objective method. The researcher is in the textOften messy and multilevel

What are Ethnographers Looking For?Shared Patterns common social interaction that stabilizes the rules and expectations of the groupBehaviorsBeliefsLanguage

Fieldwork Types of DataEmic Data Information provided by participantsFirst order conceptsEtic Data Information representing the researchers interpretationSecond order conceptsNegotiation Data Information that the researcher and the participants agree to use

When should ethnographic research be used?Ethnographic research is when the researcher wants to learn more about a specific person or group of peopleResults are qualitative

Who uses ethnographies?Ethnographic research is common among social and cultural anthropologists. Researchers hope to gain a better understanding of different divisions of cultures

What are issues with ethnographies?EthicsDo not out any specific peopleYour sampleIs your sample an accurate representation of a population?Data analysisHow do you organize your data dealing with peoples stories

Examples of ethnographic studiesResearch on the smokers community Bumming cigarettesResearch on education Studying abroadResearch on gender and sexuality GLBT community

Participant ObservationsTake part in the culture you are studying

InterviewsGetting to know your sampleAsking questionsAllowing your subject to feel safe

Reporting resultsHow do you inform others of what you researched?How well was your question defined?