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  • 1. Our group submitted our first draft horror trailer onto our blog & requested feedback from our teacher. This led to usretrieving helpful information on how to improve our trailer technically & alongside gathering more feedback fromour audience to widen our chances of making an overall successful production.Once w e had gathered this information from both our teachers feedback & our target audience it meant that weresearch more into previous horror trailers & to see how we could incorporate the feedback within our second draft ofour trailer by recognising it within other horror trailers. When we had discussed & planned the shots we were going toadd in we developed a check list which we were going to take with us when arriving at our original location on the29th October. This meant that we were clear on what shots we were going to take & to somewhat act spontaneouslywith filming more unplanned shots when in the location & in the mind set of our storyline/trailer.The shots that we filmed were focused on creating more action for our trailer to grip the audience and engage themin & too then be able to make a montage of action at the end of our trailer (with smaller shots) to match theconventions of other horror trailers.