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<ul><li><p>7/29/2019 Filcro Media Staffing Media Staffing for TV Sales and Media Advertising Sales</p><p> 1/23</p><p>o Media Staffing advertising sales media staffing for the media industry</p><p>/[2/2/2013 1:50:37 PM]</p><p> Media Sales</p><p>Local, Regional, National and InternationalMedia &amp; Broadcasting Sales</p><p>Advertising, Direct Response, Sponsorship, Technology</p><p>Filcro Media Staffing provides international, national, regional and local market recruitment of CROs, CSOs, PresidVice Presidents, Directors, Managers and Account Executives of advertising, direct response, media technologsponsorship sales. Sales Case Histories</p><p>Filcro Media Staffing recruits media sales executives for varied combinations of media platforms, media prod, assimilators and disseminators. The firms media sales recruitment experience attracts highly talented mediaexecutives to function on every strategic and tactical level for single or multicast media platforms and their assomedia product monetization.</p><p>Broadcast TV Cable TV Mobile DOOH Gaming</p><p>Social Networking Radio Outdoor Online Music</p><p>Search Engine Print Satellite Place Based OEMs</p><p>Filcro Media Staffing headquartered in New York City recruits complete international, national, regional or local adforces and their required sales support and back office services structure anywhere in the United States for domestiinternational markets.</p><p>When identifying, recruiting and attracting a single key sales executive for leadership or an entire national sales force Media Staffing utilizes proven methodologies to recruit and attract advertising and media sales executives. A honed "sales profile" combined with over twenty-five years of media and broadcasting industry sales recruitment expe</p><p>assures proper and timely identification. Hard and soft skill sets are analyzed on three levels to determine currefuture capacity for each sales executive. Filcro Media Staffing is one the most effective media sales executive searchin the world.</p><p>Filcro Media Staffing begins each media sales executive search with a complete understandinclient's current markets - local, regional, national or international. Filcro Media Staffing uticlient company's current media brand penetration of markets through metrics such as SDMA's, uniques, category specific verticals, platforms and revenue to determine recrustrategies. The firm then relates current budgets to an "ideal" and identifies the sales execwith the proper management skills, client relationships, agency contacts and industry experien</p><p>facilitate the growth desired. Talented media recruiters that specialize in media sales compile extensive search univerrecruit, tier and present in an expeditious manner.</p><p>When confidential change is a consideration, Filcro Media Staffing provides the sensitivities and experience totransitions seamless without industry or internal awareness.</p><p>Skilled sales executives are identified that manage entire sales organizations, the development of sales staff, sales tr</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 Filcro Media Staffing Media Staffing for TV Sales and Media Advertising Sales</p><p> 2/23</p><p>o Media Staffing advertising sales media staffing for the media industry</p><p>/[2/2/2013 1:50:37 PM]</p><p>Global CRO Chief Revenue Officer</p><p>Music Media &amp; Entertainment</p><p>Music TV, Music Radio ,Music Merchandising, Music TV Networks, Music Production, Music Licensing and MusicPublishing assets and monetization</p><p>Based New York, NY - USA</p><p>Executive Search Firm Filcro Media Staffing</p><p>Officer in Charge of Search Tony Filson reporting to the CEO and Investment Bankers</p><p>Client U.S. holding company acquiring multinational music and music entertainment assets.</p><p>Search Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) - Global Markets</p><p>Client Situation</p><p>Recognizing opportunities for music related content and merchandising this media holding company was formed to aunder performing assets in and related to:</p><p>Music ProductionMusic PublishingMusic Artist RelationsMusic Video ProductionMusic Entertainment BroadcastingMusic Dissemination: TV, Mobile, DOOH, Online, OD</p><p>The goal is to combine content and platforms across all music genres to provide alternative assimilation that coincidethe firms proprietary technology and intellectual property.</p><p>programs, ad sales services, new business development, sales technology management, budget development, onlinmulticast integration, sales planning, research, affiliate and digital / multicast network relationships and much more.</p><p>When Filcro Media Staffing identifies an advertising sales executive, they are uniquely qualified. We enhance revenumake positive changes from a tactical and strategic perspective by utilizing specialized recruitment methodologies thaspecific to the monetization of the media and broadcasting industries. Monetizing media assets links .</p><p>To browse through media and broadcasting advertising sales executive search case histories conduby the firm please utilize this link. For the Tony Filson OIC Roster this link</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 Filcro Media Staffing Media Staffing for TV Sales and Media Advertising Sales</p><p> 3/23</p><p>o Media Staffing advertising sales media staffing for the media industry</p><p>/[2/2/2013 1:50:37 PM]</p><p>Mobile Cable TV &amp; MSO Broadcast TV Radio &amp; Music Online Multicast &amp; OEM DOOH</p><p>Filcro Media Staffing</p><p>Broadcasting Executive Search Reviews</p><p>Executive Search Committee Member(s) Industry and Sector inclusion</p><p>Investment BankingCable &amp; Broadcast TVBroadcast &amp; Digital RadioTechnologyMusic PublishingMobile and Broadband</p><p>The CEO identified Filcro Media Staffing (FMS) and Tony Filson (TF) functioning as Officer in Charge of Search to idthe new CRO.</p><p>Filcro Media Staffing is Retained</p><p>The Filcro Media Staffing Officer in Charge of Search, The client CEO and a Managing Directhe investment bank met in New York to discuss current media holdings and those being acqu</p><p>Filcro Media Staffing was engaged to identify the new CRO and to staff all front and back offNew York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. Once the domestic markets were staffed, the firminstructed to identify XVP level personnel for the U.K. ; EU ; Asia ; South America and The ME</p><p>The Music Media Networks will launch at a cadence dictated by acquisitions and monetizatinfrastructure facilitated by new technology that merges cross-platform assimilationdissemination of music entertainment.</p><p>Challenges Facing The New CRO</p><p>Guidance during the acquisition of media assets.The merging and transformation of the acquired companies and their technologies as revenue drivers.Establishing channels and modalities that utilize the companies proprietary technologySetting new standards for sales planning, digital networks, ad agency and affiliate relationships in a multinasales organization.Review and identify key personnel with the ability to work with totally new offerings that undercut all current of music assimilation across 10 media platforms.</p><p>Filcro Media Staffings Recruitment Solution</p><p>Based on Filcro Media Staffings exposure to TV, Music, Technology and Media Merchandising is was determined thproper CROs to recruit to monetize the organization were limited to 5 domestic and 3 international organizations. assurances from the CEO that the search could be conducted by market driven factors, (3) three of the (8) were deappropriate and ultimately the merger of another media company facilitated the ability to attract our ideal at the cadrequired for a 2013 launch.</p><p>Successful CRO Recruited</p><p>This emerging and unique entity will formally launch in 2013 under the guidance of a highly skilled CRO responsigenerating many billions of dollars of music and entertainment revenue. Due to the competitive nature of this spahave limited this review. Thank you.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 Filcro Media Staffing Media Staffing for TV Sales and Media Advertising Sales</p><p> 4/23</p><p>o Media Staffing advertising sales media staffing for the media industry</p><p>/[2/2/2013 1:50:37 PM]</p><p>Chief Sales Officer (CSO)</p><p>Search Chief Sales Officer / Executive Vice PresidentClientGlobal Media and Entertainment Conglomerate.Based New York, NYSearch Firm Filcro Media StaffingOfficer in Charge Tony FilsonReporting to Chairman of the Board</p><p>Client SituationAn executive search committee was formed consisting of representation from each primary constituto identify an executive search firm to conduct the national search to identify a new global CSO/EVP. Objectives: GMonetization and Media Asset Acquisition</p><p>Executive Search Committee Member Industry and Sector inclusion</p><p>Television BroadcastingTelecommunications</p><p>Motion PictureMedia Ratings AnalysisMusic Publishing and ProductionSocial Networking</p><p>The executive search committee (ESC) unanimously voted to re...</p></li></ul>


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