Fitness Classes Timetable 2011

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Synergy Health and Fitness - Fitness Classes Timetable 2011


  • Fitness Class TimetableJanuary 2011 March 2011

    More people, more active, more often

  • Langley Leisure Centre - 0845 1461781Monday

    Class Time Location InstructorStudio Cycling 7.00 7.45am Spin Room SimonaAbs Clinic 9.30 10.10am Fitness Studio MassimoB,T & Thighs 10.15 11.00am Fitness Studio MassimoYoga 11.15 12.15pm Synergy Studio KayStudio Cycling 12.30 1.15pm Spin Room LouiseGym X 16.30 17.30pm Gym/Studio Luke (12 - 14)Studio Cycling 6.15 6.55pm Spin Room LukeStep 6.00 6.55pm Fitness Studio SylviaCircuits 6.00 6.55pm Synergy Studio WendyStudio Cycling 7.00 7.40pm Spin Room WendyBoxercise 7.00 8.00pm Fitness Studio DianePilates 7.00 7.50pm Synergy Studio KayStudio Cycling 8.00 8.45pm Spin Room DianeAqua 8.00 8.45pm Pool KayBody Pump 8.00 9.00pm Synergy Studio MassimoYoga 9.00 9.45pm Synergy Studio Kay


    Class Time Location InstructorCardiac Rehab 8.00 9.00am Fitness Studio MassimoBody Conditioning 9.45 10.30am Fitness Studio LouiseOver 50s 10.50 11.50am Synergy Studio LouiseYoga 11.00 12.00pm Fitness Studio KayBody Pump 12:15 1.00pm Synergy Studio LouiseGym & Spin 12.30 1.15pm Spin Room Luke/Michael Aerobics 5.10 5.55pm Fitness Studio GazX - Combat 5.45 6.30pm Synergy Studio Luke (6 - 14)Studio Cycling 5.45 6.30pm Spin Room WendyB,T & thighs 6.00 6.55pm Fitness Studio KayStudio Cycling 6.40 7.20pm Spin Room AlisonStep 7.00 7.55pm Fitness Studio KayStudio Cycling 7.30 8.15pm Spin Room AlisonBody Pump 8.00 8.55pm Fitness Studio Geoff


    Class Time Location InstructorStudio Cycling 7.00 7.40am Spin Room LisaStudio Cycling 9.15 10.00am Spin Room AlisonPilates 9.30 10.10am Synergy Studio KayStep & Tone 9.30 10.15am Fitness Studio MassimoBaggy T shirt 10.15 11.00am Fitness Studio MassimoAqua 10.15 11.00am Pool KayAbs Clinic 11.05 11.50am Fitness Studio MassimoStudio Cycling 12.30 1.15pm Spin Room Fred Body Pump 6.00 6.55pm Fitness Studio GeoffStudio Cycling 6.20 7.05pm Spin Room Michael Step 7.00 7.55pm Fitness Studio GeoffYoga 7.00 7:55pm Synergy Studio KayStudio Cycling 7.10 7.55pm Spin Room LisaAqua 8.00 8.45pm Pool KayZumba 8.00 8.55pm Fitness Studio GeoffPilates 9.00 9.45pm Synergy Studio Kay


    Class Time Location InstructorCardiac Rehab 8.10 9.10am Synergy Studio MassimoPilates 9.30 10.10am Synergy Studio Kay

  • Aqua Rehab 9.30 10.30am Pool MassimoYoga 10.15 11.00am Synergy Studio KayStudio Cycling 12.15 1.00pm Spin Room LouiseX - Energy 5.00 5:55pm Synergy Studio Luke (6 - 14)Kobo 6.00 6.55pm Fitness Studio Kay ZCircuits 6.00 6.55pm Synergy Studio WendyStudio Cycling 6.05 6.50pm Spin Room DianeAerobics 7.00 7.55pm Fitness Studio LouiseBoxercise 7.00 7.55pm Synergy Studio DianeStudio Cycling 7.00 7.45pm Spin Room WendyZumba 8.00 8.55pm Synergy Studio MaxineYoga 8.15 9.15pm Fitness Studio Kay


    Class Time Location InstructorStudio Cycling 7.00 7.45am Spin Room Scott/AngieCardiac Rehab 8.00 8.55am Synergy Studio MassimoAqua Rehab 9.00 10.00am Pool MassimoPilates 9.30 10.10am Synergy Studio KayAqua 10.15 11am Pool KayB,T & Thighs 10.15 11.15am Fitness Studio MassimoStudio Cycling 6.00 6:45pm Spin Room HariFitness Yoga 7.00 8.00pm Fitness Studio ElaineAqua 8.00 8.45pm Pool Natalia


    Class Time Location InstructorStudio Cycling 9.15 10.15am Spin Room RenoKobo 9.30 10.25am Fitness Studio MassimoAerobics 9.30 10.30am Synergy Studio LouiseStudio Cycling 10.30 11.15am Spin Room AlisonBody Pump 10.45 11.45am Fitness Studio MassimoX - Cycle 11.30 12.30am Synergy Studio Luke (12 - 16)


    Class Time Location InstructorStudio Cycling 10.00 10.45am Spin Room AlisonAerobics 10.30 11.30am Fitness Studio SylviaStudio Cycling 1.00 1.45pm Spin Room RenoKobo 2.00 2.45pm Fitness Studio Reno

    Montem Leisure Centre - 01753 894700Monday

    Class Time Location InstructorSpin 7.15 8.00am Spinning Studio Fitness TeamBLT 9.45 10.30am Dance Studio LouiseBody Balance 10.35 11.20am Dance Studio LouiseCircuits 12.15 1.00pm Dance Studio GazStreet Dance (8-11yrs) 5.15 6.00pm Dance Studio JameenSpin 5.15 6.00pm Spinning Studio KayBody Attack 6.05 7.00pm Dance Studio KayBody Pump 6.05 7.00pm Synergy Studio GeoffStudio cycling 6.15 7.00pm Spinning Studio LeeKobo 7.05 8.00pm Dance Studio Jen PBLT 7.05 8.00pm Synergy Studio KayBody Balance 8.05 9.00pm Synergy Studio Louise

  • Tuesday

    Class Time Location InstructorCircuits 7.15 8.00am Dance Studio HarryBLT 10.00 11.00am Dance Studio GazBelly Dancing 10.00 11.00am Synergy Studio MaiaBelly Dancing 11.00 12.00pm Synergy Studio Maia(improvers / t/o)Gentle Aerobics 11.10 11.55am Dance Studio Kirsty Mat Pilates 12.00 1.00pm Dance Studio DennySpin Taster Session 12.0012.15pm Spinning Studio AngieSpin 12.15 1.00pm Spinning Studio AngieYoga 2.00 2.45pm Dance Studio CiliaFirst Time Body Pump 5.00 5.15pm Synergy Studio LouiseX-Cycle (11-15yrs) 5.15 5.45pm Spinning Studio LindaBody Pump 5.15 6.00pm Synergy Studio LouiseZumba 6.05 7.00pm Dance Studio KayMat Pilates 6.05 7.00pm Synergy Studio MaxineStudio Cycling 6.15 7.00pm Spinning Studio LindaBody Pump 7.05 8.00pm Synergy Studio HarryYoga 7.05 8.00pm Dance Studio MaxineStudio Cycling 7.15 8.00pm Spinning Studio HariBoxercise 8.05 - 9.00pm Dance Studio Tony


    Class Time Location InstructorBody Conditioning 9.45 10.30am Dance Studio HarryAqua 10.00 10.45am Pool NataliaStreet Dance (12-15yrs) 5.15 6.00pm Dance Studio JameenKidz Yoga (8-11 yrs) 5.15 6.00pm Synergy Studio MerylStudio Cycling 5.15 6.00pm Spinning Studio LisaBody Pump 6.05 7.00pm Synergy Studio LeeQuick Spin 6.30 7.00pm Spinning Studio Jen PZumba 7.05 8.00pm Synergy Studio KayBoxercise 7.05 8.00pm Dance Studio Jen PGym & Spin 7.15 8.15pm Spinning Studio RenoBody Pump 8.05 9.00pm Synergy Studio Kay


    Class Time Location InstructorCircuits 7.15 8.00am Dance Studio HarryBody Pump 10.00 11.00am Synergy Studio HarryGentle Aerobics 11.15 11.45am Dance Studio GazLine Dancing 12.00 1.00pm Dance Studio DennyStudio Cycling 12.00 12.45pm Spinning Studio LindaYoga 1.45 2.40pm Synergy Studio JulieBody Balance 5.15 6.00pm Synergy Studio GeoffAerobics 6.05 7.00pm Dance Studio HansaBody Pump 6.05 7.00pm Synergy Studio LeeSpin 6.15 7.00pm Spinning Studio RenoStep Dance 7.05 8.00pm Dance Studio RosaYoga 7.30 - 8.30pm Synergy Studio SatwantStudio Cycling 7.15 8.00pm Spinning Studio LeeAqua 8.05 8.50pm Pool RosaKobo 8.05 9.00pm Dance Studio Reno

  • Friday

    Class Time Location InstructorStudio Cycling 7.00 8.00am Spinning Studio Darrin / LinaSpin 9.45 10.30am Spinning Studio AngieBody Pump 10.35 11.20am Synergy Studio LouiseCircuits 12.15 1.00pm Dance Studio GazX-Energy 5.15 6.00pm Dance Studio GazQuick Spin 5.30 6.00pm Spinning Studio KayBody Pump 6.05 7.00pm Synergy Studio KayAdult Streetdance 6:05 7.00pm Dance Studio Az Rock


    Class Time Location InstructorBody Attack 9.05 10.00am Dance Studio GeoffStudio Cycling 9.15 10.00am Spinning Studio Angie / Lisa Zumba 10.05 11.00am Dance Studio DooshiBody Pump 10.05 11.00am Synergy Studio GeoffKobo 11.05 12.00pm Dance Studio RenoX-Combat (8-11yrs) 11.05 12.00pm Synergy Studio Jemma


    Class Time Location InstructorSpin 2.00 2.45pm Spinning Studio HarryBody Pump 3.00 4.00pm Synergy Studio Harry

    Thames Valley Athletics Centre - 01753 770037MondayYoga 11.00 12.00pm MerylCircuits 7.30 8.30pm SylviaWednesdayYoga 6.45 7.45pm MerylYoga 8.00 9.00pm MerylThursdayCircuits 7.00 8.00pm TheresaFridayOver 50s Yoga 11.00 12.00pm Meryl Herschel Sports Centre - 01753 256506MondayAerobics 6.30 7.30pm SylviaBelly Dancing 7.30 8.30pm MaiaBelly Dancing 8.30 9.30pm MaiaTuesdayBums, legs and tums 7.00 8.00pm Sylvia WednesdaySBC Ladies 7.30 8.30pm Sylvia

    t/o = Term time only

  • Fitness Class DescriptionsBums, Legs & Tums (BLT) A short aerobic workout followed by low impact toning and conditioning.

    Baggy T - ShirtA combination of simple low - impact moves, followed by toning for bums, legs and tums.

    AerobicsHigh and low impact routines followed by all over toning and conditioning.

    StepUtilises a step to perform aerobic routines, followed by toning for bums, tums and thighs.

    Abdominal ClinicAbs, abs and more abs! Want that six pack? Then this is the session for you!

    Line DancingBe guided through the latest sounds and steps in country music.

    X-Combat A martial fitness programme, X-Combat combines both the discipline and tradition of martial arts, with the fun of martial fitness.

    X-EnergyUsing circuits, relays, partner and team games, X-Energy provides children with base fitness levels that will open the door to a much wider range of activities to participate in.

    X-Cycle Enjoy an athletic and authentic cycling ride. With driving music and great drills, we bring your outdoor cycling experience indoors without the barking dogs! Youll climb hills, pass riders on the flats and do a few time trials. Get ready to sweat! Well bring the workout.

    AquaLow impact water based exercise for all ages with the added fun of being in the water!

    Cardiac RehabilitationA heart strengthening class designed for people recovering from heart conditions.

    Spinning & Studio CyclingAimed at all ages and abilities, an exciting and dynamic cycle workout that will leave you sweaty, exhausted but all over happy!

    Funk & StreetdanceA combination of a wide variety of dancing styles choreographed to fulfill an upbeat and enjoyable class workout.

    Step and Tone Utilises a step to perform aerobic routines, followed by toning for Bums, Tums and upper body.

  • Body ConditioningAn all over workout which tones your muscles using resistance equipment.

    CircuitsA high impact workout incorporating a range of aerobic and resistance exercises which improve fitness and body toning.

    Kidz YogaKidz Yoga is a natural and healthy way to exercise, relax, focus, and at the same time have fun! Only available to the 8-11yrs age group

    KoboA blend of Martial Arts and Thai - boxing mixed with high intensity dancercise and some funky music.

    Body PumpA demanding workout with a motivating instructor utilising resistance training to improve strength and tone muscle.

    BoxerciseA combination of boxing techniques and punch bags incorporated into a high - intensity circuit for an all over body workout.

    Gym & SpinA combination of spinning and circuits into one adrenaline filled class.

    Pilates & Mat PilatesA holistic class, similar to Yoga, aimed at developing core strength and posture.

    YogaA low impact class concentrating on core muscle stability, body posture and increasing flexibility.

    Ball ConditioningA low impact workout which improves core stability by utilising a stability ball.

    Body BalanceA holistic workout which combines the principals of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates.

    StreetdanceLearn some funky new steps to the latest dance tunes. Open to all levels and participants.

    Belly DancingLadies, get moving to a fusion of Turkish, Egyptian and Tribal dancing for beginners and improvers.

    ZumbaA combination of high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allows participants to dance away their worries.

  • Slough Community Leisure Facilities

    Langley Leisure Centre0845 1461781

    Parlaunt Road, Langley, Slough, SL3 8BD

    Montem Leisure Centre01753 894700

    Montem Lane, Slough, SL1 2QG

    Herschel Sports01753 526506

    Whitby Road, Slough, SL1 3BW

    Thames Valley Athletics Centre01753 770037

    Pococks Lane, Eton, SL4 6HN

    Slough Trading Estate,01753 478688

    Liverpool Road, Slough, SL1 4QZ

    This paper is sourced from managed sustainable forests.

    Could all participants please bring a towel and a bottle of water to all classes. New customers are advised to attend classes 10 minutes early to be

    advised on set up positions.


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