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Sue Hitchen, Angela McKean, Caroline Whitham, Malcolm Irving, Lucy Wormell Foley, Lisa Chanos, Charis Stewart, and Rebecca Bain.



    Foodies Festival with top chefs





    Tatton Park May 17, 18 & 19

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    Chefs Theatre

    Drinks Theatre

    Kids Cookery Theatre

    Cake & Bake Theatre

    Chocolate Theatre

    Restaurant Tents

    Producers Market

    BBQ Arena

    City Beach

    Bar Bus

    VIP Tent


    Street Food Arena

    First Aid

    Cash Machines


    welcome foodies festival

    foodies 3

    Foodies Festival is back for another year at tatton Park, and what a treat we have for you this weekend. Malaysian extraordinaire Norman Musa will be cooking up a storm in the aga Rangemaster Chefs theatre, joined by Great British star Mary-ellen Mctague. Meanwhile, in our all-new Chocolate theatre, Fiona sciolti will be melting our hearts with her ethical treats, using flowers picked from her garden. aeG have also brought a wonderful, top of the range cook school to inspire you with delicious recipes. We also have our first Cake and Bake theatre this year for you to master the art of desserts. Head to the Registration desk to sign up for any of the events. Wed like to extend a massive thank you to Jamie Magazine and aga Rangemaster for their support, along with all the wonderful top chefs whove come out this weekend. l

    Published by theMedia CompanyPublications Ltd21 Royal Circus,edinburgh eH3 6tltel: 0131 226 7766Fax: 0131 225


    Norman musainternationalMalaysian star and creator of Nig

    mary-ellen mctagueof Great British Menu and aumbry

    Justine forrestPassionate about baking, but with a healthy emphasis

    david mooneytv chef and co-owner of lord Binning

    Welcome to Foodies

    Foodies Festival with top chefs

    editoRialEditor sue HitchenDesign angela McKeanSub Editing Caroline WhithamDigital Imaging Malcolm irvingProduction lucy WormellPublishing Assistantamy McGoldricklisa Chanosdanielle BassetteAdvertising DesignCharis stewart

    adveRtisiNGSales ManagerBill MackayBusiness DevelopmentMatthew MageeCourtney stiven

    with thaNks tooUR spoNsoRs

    Brighton Hove Lawns May 4, 5 & 6 l Tatton Park Cheshire May 17, 18 & 19 Hampton Court Palace May 25, 26 & 27 l London Clapham Common June 7, 8 & 9Bristol Harbourside July 12, 13 & 14 l Edinburgh Inverleith Park august 9, 10 & 11 London Battersea Park august 16, 17 & 18 l Oxford South Park august 24, 25 & 26

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    Charlie LawsonCoronation Street star Charlie Lawson began Prestbury Farm Shop with his partner, Debbie Stanley. It sells free-range game and meat, local fruit and vegetables, as well as jams, chutney and pickle. Charlie will also be taking part in the Chefs Theatre Friday 17th, 15:00

    Celebrity Masterchef star Ze Salmon will be our compere in the Aga Rangemaster Chefs Theatre this weekend.

    Ms Salmon will be taking us through the top chefs signature recipes every hour. Make sure to sign up for your free Chefs

    Theatre tickets at the Registration Desk near the entrance. Tickets are subject to availability throughout the day.


    Discover the bestDiscover the Origin is showcasing fi ve of its best-quality products namely, Bourgogne and Douro wines, Parma ham, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and port. Explore the food and drink of the Mediterranean through Discover the Origins food and wine matching sessions this weekend.

    Every day in the Drinks Theatre at 14:30

    the Mediterranean through

    AEG and Cheshire Cookery School are bringing you inspiring recipe lessons this weekend, full to the brimm with ideas of sumptuous dishes that you can make at home! Enjoy top quality lessons with experienced professionals all day.

    No registration is needed for these sessions.


    Manchesters biggest names are in the Chefs Theatre this weekend, cooking every hour. Chefs including Norman Musa of Ning, the Aumbrys Mary-Ellen McTague, star of the Great British Menu, and George Yiannis from Stolen Lamb will be cooking their signature dishes.

    MILES AHEAD Here comesthe sunTaste of Barbados bring the Caribbean with them, with their fantastic guide to the best home grown products on the island. Taste true authenticity with their caramel chocolate bar that uses Mount Gay rum. Bursting with Barbadian quality, youll not want to miss out!

    Celebrity Masterchef star Ze Salmon will be our compere in the Rangemaster Chefs Theatre


    Manchesters biggest names

    Taste of Barbados bring the

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    Steaming AheadSteampunk baking extraordinaire Emilly Ladybird will enchant you with her illustrious combination of gin and baking to help you construct the perfect gin and tonic cake. Sure to wow your friends and family, make sure to catch her in action!In the Cake and Bake Theatre from Saturday 18th from 13:15.

    Hendricks Gin are in the Drinks Theatre. Learn all about cocktail making and how to mix them. Every day at 17:30.


    Coeur deXocolatCoeur de Xocolats David Greenwood-Haigh is a professional chocolatier and member of the Craft Guild of Chefs. David and his team will be hosting the Chocolate Theatre, with classes on truffl e making, chocolate and wine matching and tastings. Use sight, sound, touch and fi nally taste to fully appreciate the subtle nuances of premium chocolate.

    Melissa Cole is forerunner in beer expertise. An international judge, she has also written a well-received book, Let Me Tell You

    All About Beer: A Beginners Guide to All Things Brewed. Imbibe magazines

    Educator of the Year award, she blazes a trail and is a steadfast beer enthusiast. Catch her in the Drinks Theatre every day at 12:30.


    Kids CookeryKiddy Cook are hosting hands-on classes. From tomato soup to carbon dioxide and bread bubble bombs, these classes will entertain and inspire. From 10:30 every day in the Childrens Cookery Theatre.

    Hendricks Gin are in the Theatreall about cocktail making and how to mix them.Every day at 17:30

    Learn to make your own bread withSean Bird, award-winning chef, food writer and columnist. Make sure tohead along to the Cake and Bake Theatrefor top tips and the best recipes to take home with you. Twice daily in the Cake and Bake Theatre, 15:15 and 16:45.


    FLOWER POWERFiona Scioltis botanical chocolates are elegantly simple; take the nations favourite indulgence and source the ingredients from the local countryside! Come along and see Fiona talk about her beautiful creations, and to ask her questions about how she does it. Fionas in the Chocolate Theatre every day at 13:45.







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    THE LORD BINNINGBased in Kelsall, Cheshire, this pub and kitchen is run by no less than David Mooney, the chef who has worked with both Raymond Blanc and Marco Pierre White. With a menu jam-packed with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, using farmers theyve known for many years and a menu that comes from the market straight to you. Now opening a new restaurant in Knutsford, called The Old Sessions House.

    Tel: 01829 751441Web:

    LOCH FYNELoch Fynes seafood reputation precedes it, with their world-famous oysters, lobster platters, mussels and salmon, not to mention their wonderful organic cod. Loch Fyne bring classic menus with a delicious twist. Enjoy the freshest ingredients with sumptuous fl avours.

    Tel: 01565 622980Web:

    STOLEN LAMB Stolen Lamb takes family to heart, with the recipes passed down from father to son. The signature dish of the restaurant, Kleftiko itself means stolen lamb, so its not just the owners who have history. Kleftiko will be on the menu this weekend,

    along with charcoal-fi red souvlaki chicken and delicious sesame-seeded Halloumi cheese. Enjoy strong, full fl avours and fresh ingredients that are unforgettable.

    Tel: 01625 419571Web:

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  • FOODIES FEStIval thE aga rangEmaStEr chEFS thEatrEtatton park may 17, 18 & 19 2013

    Sponsored by

    10 foodies

    Cooking live at FoodiesMichelin star and top chefs cook favourite recipes in the

    Aga Rangemaster Chefs Theatre. Register for free entry at the registration point. Tickets are released throughout the day and subject to availability

    YANG SINGSituated in the heart of Manchesters Chinatown, Yang Sing focuses on market fresh, gourmet food that is transformed into delicious Cantonese cuisine. The restaurant offers cordial old-school service, cooking of the highest quality and an enviable reputation as one of the finest food institutions in the city. .

    34 Princess St, Manchester, M1 4JYtel: 0161 236 2200Web:

    See the Yang Sing Culinary Team in the Chefs Theatre Friday, 17th May, 14:00

    SteAmed lobSter wIth toFu ANd Supreme wINe

    1 Scottish lobster, halved/portioned as appropriate500ml soya milk or silken tofu5 egg whites300ml chicken stock50ml Shaoxing/ rice wine20g finely chopped spring onion10g cubed fresh ginger20g large pieces of chicken skin10g spring onion, sliced

    thickly on a diagonal5g salt5g sugar

    l Whisk soya milk/silken tofu, egg whites and chicken stock in a bowl, cover with cling film and steam for 10 minutes over medium heat until it forms a curd. Set aside. l Stir-fry chicken skin and spring onion until fragrant. Separate spring onion and set aside skin.

    This should be almost like scratching: crisp and golden. For the healthier option, substitute skin for large onions. l Mix ginger, salt, sugar and rice wine, and pour onto this lobster. Pour this mixture on the chicken skin. Place the lobster into the curd, ensure its partly covered in the mixture and allow to steam for 5 mins. Sprinkle with diced spring onion and serve.

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  • FOODIES FEStIval thE aga rangEmaStEr chEFS thEatrEtatton park may 17, 18 & 19 2013

    Sponsored by

    Goan spice paste (makes more than you need)15g soft dark sugar3g Cornish sea salt 6g spice black peppercorns15g cumin seeds5g dried chilli powder7g fennel seeds7g tumeric2g whole cloves15g spices coriander seeds20ml vinegar red wine125g red chillies45g garlic prepped60g ginger15g lemon juice Goan curry sauce 50g Goan curry paste2 400ml tins coconut milk30ml tamarind water30ml lemon juice250ml tomato pasata

    Flat bread 190g self raising flour50ml thick greek yoghurt1 free range eggswater

    salt pinch turmericpinch of onion seeds

    Lemon and coconut rice 200g Basmati200ml coconut milk1 lemon

    To garnishtoasted almondsGreek yoghurtcoriander sprigs80g chickpeas40g spring onions40g green beansking prawns, shell removed enough for 4 peoplelemon juice

    l Toast the dry spices and blend. Add garlic, ginger and chilli and blend. Cook the paste in a small amount of oil, add vinegar and lemon, cook until dry. l Sieve the flour into a bowl, add salt, turmeric, onion seeds and the yoghurt and egg. Add water until its a dough

    and knead until smooth. Cover with cling film. l Bring salt water to the boil, simmer the rice for 8-12 mins and rest in the water to fluff up for 1 min. Drain, stir in lemon zest and enough coconut milk to coat. Keep warm. l Fry off the paste until fragrant, then add the pasatta and coconut milk. Simmer for 5 mins then season with tamarind and lemon juice. Add your prawns and chickpeas. After 3 mins, add beans and spring onions. Then add the coriander and check the seasoning.l Take a ball of dough, dust with flour and roll to the thickness of a pound coin, lightly oil and place in the pan, making sure it isnt too hot. Turn over when the bread rises.l Finish with coriander, spoon into a bowl, sprinkle with toasted flaked almonds, coriander and Greek yoghurt.

    AntonyShirley Antony Shirley is executive chef of the Seafood Pub Company which operated award-winning, seafood-led gastro pubs at the Oyster & Otter, on the outside of Blackburn, and the Assheton Arms in Downham. Two more will open this summer near Preston and Lancaster.

    The Oyster and Otter Restaurant631 Livesey Branch Road, Blackburn, BB2 5DQTel: 01254 203 200Web:

    See Antony Shirley in the Chefs Theatre Saturday 18th May, 17:00

    GoAn kinG prAwn curry, Grilled flAt breAd, lemon And coconut rice

    QWhich celebrity have you cooked for recently?

    AIve cooked for Paul Heathcote of The Olive Press Preston and Heathcotes Preston, who often comes to the pub.

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    Fillet troutbrine (250g salt, 100g sugar, 1 litre water)100g peas100g broad beanssmoking chips1 bag of frozen peas1 fresh horseradish50g smoked butter

    For the hollandaise200g butter2 yolks25ml vinegar (tarragon reduction)

    l For the brine, boil the sugar and the salt with the water, and leave to cool.l Cut the fillet trout in half, lengthways. Score

    the skin on the top half, and portion. l Pour the brine over the trout belly. After 15 minutes, remove the brine and rinse the fillet. l For the pea pure, heat the pan and add the butter and peas whilst stirring. Place everything into a blender, then adjust with water and season. l Blanch and pod both the peas and the broad beans. l Cover an old roasting tray with foil for the smoking chips, then place the fillet on a wire rack. Head on the hob until there is gentle smoke, then rest in said smoke

    for 10 minutes. l For the hollandaise, clarify the butter, and whisk the egg yolks and vinegar until youre at the ribbon stage. Slowly add butter, whisking continuously. l Heat a frying pan, and place the trout skin-side down. l Place the pure on the bottom of the plate. Heat the peas and beans in the pan alongside the fish; finish with butter and lemon, then spoon it onto the plate. l Shred up the smoked trout, before spooning on the hollandaise. Finish with grated horseradish.

    BRENT HULENAHIPPING HALLBrent Hulena is a New Zealander with a keen knowledge of British seasons. He has a rustic but sophisticated approach to cuisine, enjoying the full flavours and differing components that locally sourced food can bring. As Head Chef, his food has ensured that Hipping Hall has 2 rosettes from the 2012 AA guide.

    Cowan Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale, LA6 2JJTel: 0152 427 1187Web: hipping

    See Brent Hulena in the Chefs Theatre Sunday 19th May, 16:00

    LUNE RivER TRoUT, wiTH smokEd pEAs ANd HoLLANdAisE

    Q Whats your favourite meal?AIt...