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<ul><li><p>Vol. 01 Issue 08</p><p>LIVING LARGEGrand Taste of Argentina</p><p>Seafood Spread at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali</p><p>Bistecca Flavor-packed Feast</p><p>Supersized Brunch of Fun</p><p>November 2016 </p></li><li><p>C</p><p>M</p><p>Y</p><p>CM</p><p>MY</p><p>CY</p><p>CMY</p><p>K</p><p>COE-ad-foodies-millefeuille-FA.pdf 1 10/21/2016 9:42:19 PM</p></li><li><p>C</p><p>M</p><p>Y</p><p>CM</p><p>MY</p><p>CY</p><p>CMY</p><p>K</p><p>COE-ad-foodies-montblanc-FA.pdf 1 10/21/2016 9:43:49 PM</p></li><li><p>PUBLISHERS NOTE</p><p>4 November 2016 </p><p>THE PUBLISHERs NOTE</p><p>LIVING LARGE</p><p>WHEN I WAS YOUNG, pizza night didnt happen too often but when it did, we ordered the mad scramble a pizza with every available topping the store had. And we always ordered Family Size. Maybe I was still small then, but I remember the pizza arriving and it was huge! Too big that you couldnt cut a slice, it would be too big and too difficult to eat, so they cut the pizza into easy-to-pick-up squares. Well, there is a saying that you either go big, or go home.</p><p>We are calling this issue, Living Large. Our collection of the larger than life, but extremely delicious food out there. We open with Taste of Argentina, Chef Pancho and his lovely wife Katrina are opening their Argentine restaurant soon and give us a sneak peek of the large scale barbecues the Argentines are fond of doing. We also have large Italian meals at Bistecca and Ristorante Da Valentino. Plus the huge seafood brunch at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali. Plus we almost </p><p>November 2016</p><p>unhinge our jaws trying to sink our teeth into a huge BO$$MAN burger.</p><p>Well if you are anything like the FoodieS team, who come with appetites to spare, you will definitely like this issue. Tell us what you think of these large meals. Head on to our social media sites and give us a shout out.</p><p>Forget about your diets and live large.</p><p>Happy eating!</p><p>JEd V. dOBLEPublisher@jed.doble</p></li><li><p>OUR GUESTS</p><p>6 November 2016 </p><p>MANPALAGUPTA SITORUSManaging director</p><p>JEd V. dOBLEPublisher</p><p>JUKE BACHTIARCreative director</p><p>dENNIE RAMONHead Photographer</p><p>ANdRE ARdITYAManaging Editor</p><p>RIAN FARISASenior Editor, digital</p><p>YOSUA YANUARddigital Editor</p><p>HIMAWAN SUTANTOAKHMAd BAIHAKI (AKI)dIVYA PRIdHNANIPRIMO RIZKYTATU HUTAMIRITTER WILLY PUTRAContributors</p><p>BOEdY ASTUTIOffice Manager</p><p>MUKTI PELUPESSYdistribution Assistant</p><p>FOODIES is published monthly. FOODIES and its logo are registered trademarks. COPYRIGHT 2016The Publisher reserves the right to accept or reject all editorial and advertising material. No part of this magazine may be reproduced or copied without the explicit written consent of the Publisher. Neither the Publisher, editors and their employees and agents can be held liable for any errors or omissions, nor any action taken based on the views expressed or information provided within this publication. All rights reserved.</p><p>HLPHOTOCover Photographer</p><p>For advertising</p><p>WWW.FOOdIES.Id</p><p>AKHMAd BAIHAKI (AKI)Photographer</p><p>Enthusiastic and dedicated, Aki has been a professional photographer for more than 10 years now. Originally from Mojokerto, East Java, in his spare time, he loves to travel, watch and play his favorite sports and listen to music.</p><p>dIVYA PRIdHNANI Writer</p><p>Divya Pridhnani is an Indo-Indian freelance writer focusing on food reviews, lifestyle features and social causes across the archipelago. She is a major foodie, with a passionate love for seafood and everything spicy! Also, she loves dogs. Her personal life quote is: Our insanity often keeps us insane. Visit her blog at</p><p>TATU HUTAMIWriter</p><p>Born as Tatu Hutami, she always hate it when somebody ask her if her name was inspired by the Russian duo t.A.T.u. She wants to clarify that it is not the history behind her name. Tatu enjoys writing, eating, watching films, traveling, and daydreaming. </p><p>RITTER WILLY PUTRAIllustrator</p><p>Ritter is currently working on his undergraduate thesis for his Bachelor of Design, major in Graphic Design degree from Multimedia Nusantara University. While at uni, he is an active student, getting himself involved with some organizations and communities in and out of campus. Nevertheless, he still always makes time to enjoy food, especially his moms home cooking.</p><p>YOSUA YANUARddigital Editor</p><p>He used his spare time in college to hunt traditional hidden culinary treasure of Yogyakarta. He had to stop doing it when he moved back to Jakarta and spent several years in creative business. When faith rebound and he had the opportunity to explore the food world with FoodieS, he grabbed it fast only now, rather than just experiencing the food, he is excited to share it with everyone.</p><p>GUPTA SITORUS ANd PRIMO RIZKYWriters</p><p>This dynamic duo has always had a strong passion for food. They decided to enter the culinary industry in 2012 by launching their handcrafted gourmet ice cream brand, although none of them had prior culinary experience. Both have day jobs, Gupta works as country communications manager for the global leader in power and automation technologies, while Primo, heads Studio Geometry, an independent publishing house that focuses on creative culture. </p></li><li><p>ON THE MENU</p><p>8 November 2016 </p><p>CEREBRAL SNACK12 | Meat in Number</p><p>OPEN14 | A Whole Lotta Loaf</p><p>16 | Eat Big, Korean Style</p><p>18 | Expat.Roasters specialty coffee</p><p>20 | Tons of Flavors from The Spice Route </p><p> at Attarine</p><p>22 | Alaya Resort Ubuds New Wing </p><p> and Restaurant</p><p>ON THE PASS24 | The Legian Bali Culinary Journey </p><p>26 | Chef Enrico Bartolini at Shangri-La Hotel, </p><p> Jakarta</p><p>28 | The Proof Is In The Tasting</p><p>30 | Spanish Flavors by Michelin Star Chef at </p><p> Fairmont Jakarta</p><p>32 | Branding Belitung Through Culinary</p><p>MY OTHER HALF40 | Conrads and Erwans Collaborative Kinship</p><p>KITCHEN ENVY42 | Feast Like The Royals </p><p>COVER STORY46 | Grand Taste of Argentina </p><p>COVER FEATURE52 | Supersized Brunch of Fun </p><p>54 | Flavor-packed feast at Bistecca </p><p>58 | Whos The BO$$?</p><p>60 | My Big Fat Italian Lunch </p><p>64 | Seafood Spread by Chef Stefano Attardi</p><p>68 | Time For A Big Change </p><p>72 | Caution: Wide Load</p><p>November 2016 | Vol. 01 | Issue 08</p><p>LIVING LARGE</p><p>46</p><p>6858</p></li><li><p>ON THE MENU</p><p>10 November 2016 </p><p>NEIGHBORHOOd EATS74 | Where Old and Modern Tastes Collide </p><p>WEEKENd COOK76 | Chef Bengs Big Black Burger</p><p>HAPPY HOUR80 | Nautilus Bar: Watering Port</p><p>84 | The Katamamas Maxibar</p><p>FOOdIE CONFIdENTIALS86 | Redefining Family-Style with Arun Kumar</p><p>90 | Nadines Meaningful Journey</p><p>92 | Nicola Scaramuzzino: Wine and </p><p> Adventures</p><p>THE CLASSICS94 | Rendezvous Delicious Chinese Food </p><p>SEARCHING FOR STREET FOOd96 | Gado-gado Ciragil </p><p>FINE dINING98 | Art of Serving</p><p>90</p><p>76</p><p>84</p></li><li><p>kg per capita41.3 </p><p>CEREBRAL SNACK</p><p>12 November 2016 </p><p>ACCORDING TO data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), global meat consumption has increased from 36.4 kilogram (kg) per person in 1999 to 41.3 kg in 2015. The FAO is projecting that meat consumption will rise to 45.3 in 2030.</p><p>The modest and decelerating growth in world per capita consumption of meat has been taking place for a wide variety of reasons. For the high-income countries, the reasons include the near saturation of consumption (e.g. in the EU and Australia), policies of high domestic meat prices and/or preference for fish (Japan and Norway), and health and food safety reasons everywhere. </p><p>However, by far the most important reasons have been the low-level income rates as well as the cultural and religious factors affecting the growth of meat consumption in some major countries. </p></li><li><p>Following success at its two first outlets in Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia, this artisanal bakery ran by Talita Setyadi opens a new outlet with homey atmosphere in Cikajang area, South Jakarta. </p><p>A Whole Lotta Loaf</p><p>OPEN</p><p>14 November 2016 </p><p>BEAU HQ Jalan Cikajang No.29, Petogogan, Jakarta T: +62 21 27517433Instagram: @beaujktFaceboo:</p><p>story by GUPTA SITORUS &amp; PRIMO RIZKYphotographs by BEAU HQ</p></li><li><p>UNLIKE THE PREVIOUS outlets, the BEAU HQ is a standalone outlet that also serves as their central kitchen. Here, upon entry, you will be welcomed by the wonderful aroma of freshly baked breads. This outlet has a slightly different menu concept, in which Talita plays with her creativity to offer brunch menu that includes their home product breads.</p><p>Smrrebrd, which is traditional Nordic version of open-faced sandwich, is the most recommended menu at BEAU HQ. There are a lot of varieties of smrrebrd that you can choose, from smoked salmon, beef pastrami, to vegetarian-favorite roasted pumpkin. While the filling can be made according to your liking, Talita builds the base of these smrrebrd using traditional Danish rye bread called rugbrd, which is loaded with kernels and seeds just like how Danish people would make. Perhaps, BEAU is one of very few bakeries in Indonesia that produce their own rugbrd rye breads.</p><p>Our favourite menu here is Gravad Laks Smrrebrd, the traditional sandwich with smoked salmon filling. The unique aroma of smoked salmon really stands out, while the yoghurt sauce, dill, beet and radish lend freshness to the dish and balance the overall taste. You must also try the Beef Pastrami Smrrebrd that is served with poached egg and caramelized onion.</p><p>Besides savory dishes, BEAU Cikajang also has varieties of pastries and cakes that are known as their signatures. Dainty slices of cakes are put on display at the front of this bakery, while scrumptious breads are arranged on shelves along the main dining area. One of their latest items that you can enjoy here is Mont Violet, which is a creative twist of purple sweet potato cake. This pretty cake is beyond delectable, with brilliant combinations of milk chocolate ganache, purple sweet potato mousse, mascarpone chantilly and purple sweet potato cream that each fairly contributes to create pleasurable culinary experience.</p><p>For Talita, this most recent outlets is a manifestation of the real BEAU brand personality. Situated in Cikajang which is basically a residential area BEAU blends into the environment as a neighborhood cafe with homey laid back atmosphere: a perfect place to spend your leisure time, especially on the weekend. This cafe also has nice architectural and interior designs that make this place an ideal spot to create attention-grabbing Instagram feeds. </p><p>15 November 2016</p></li><li><p>There are not many places that offer food in large portions for sharing with friends or family, but at Ojju, you can find specialty dishes in portions that are enough to satisfy not just one or two persons, but the whole gang!</p><p>story by GUPTA SITORUS &amp; PRIMO RIZKYphotographs by GUPTA SITORUS &amp; PRIMO RIZKY</p><p>Korean StyleEAT BIG, </p><p>OPEN</p><p>16 November 2016 </p><p>OJJU K-FOODKota Kasablanka, UG Floor, Food SocietyInstagram:</p></li><li><p>SOUTH KOREAN people have the tradition to serve food on a large plate or bowl and enjoy them together with family or friends. This unique custom is adopted by Ojju the newest Korean restaurant brand in Jakarta, operated by GF Culinary, with the first outlet located at Kota Kasablanka Mall. </p><p>Korean style comfort food are dominant in the Ojjus menu, such as Korean lunchbox or the famous Korean ramyeon (noodle soup). However, the most popular dishes at this hip restaurant are Budae Jjigae and Rolling Cheese which we believe have often appeared on your social media news feed. Yup, these two dishes are the most sought after dishes at Ojju, and to be honest, they do look very Instagrammable.</p><p>Speaking about the origin, Budae Jjigae which literally means Korean Army Stew was the most common meal for South Korean soldiers during the civil war when food was scarce. You can imagine that this dish contains varieties of ingredients, from instant noodle, tteokpokki (Korean rice cake), sausages, Spam, to baked beans all cooked together in a single pot with extra seasonings of gochujang and kimchi, plus vegetables. </p><p>Ojju has three varieties of Budae Jjigae to offer, which are beef, chicken, and seafood Jjigae. While all of these are equally delicious, we tend to choose the seafood Budae Jjigae because it is loaded with fresh seafoods, such as squids, prawns, mussels and crab, which make this a very flavorful dish.</p><p>When you order Budae Jjigae, the waiter will bring a large pot on top of a portable stove. The waiter will pour broth to the bowl and prepare the stew at your table. Ojjus version of Budae Jjigae has a mild spicy flavor, because the hot gochujang is beautifully balanced by the rich and smooth broth. </p><p>Once you finish devouring Budae Jjigae, you must try </p><p>17 November 2016</p><p>Rolling Cheese, which we must say is very interesting. There are two kinds of Rolling Cheese at Ojju, namely Beef Ribs and Chicken Wings, with three level of spiciness ranging from mild, spicy to fiery spicy. </p><p>This Rolling Cheese comes in a very tempting presentation, where you can see big chunks of beef ribs or chicken wings on the bed of shredded cheese, sprinkled with jalapeno slices and corn kernels, all arranged in a large hotplate. Be patient when you order this menu, because to properly enjoy Rolling Cheese you need to wait for the cheese to completely melt before you can wrap the melted cheese around the ribs </p><p>or wings. Dont forget to order fried </p><p>rice along with your Rolling Cheese. Your fried rice will be cooked right on the same plate that was previously used to prepare the Rolling Cheese. Waiter will add cooked rice and eggs to the plate and mix them together with the remaining cheese and sauce from Rolling Cheese. </p><p>With large portioned dishes and fun culinary experience, Ojju is definitely on top of your list whenever you want to take your friends and family along. Just remember that you may need to arrive early, because waiting list at peak hours (at lunch or dinner time) could be long! </p></li><li><p>Specialty Coffee</p><p>International award winning Barista Shae Macnamara and Australian entrepreneur Adam McAsey have joined forces to create Expat. Roasters, a specialty coffee brew bar and wholesale business located in the heart of Bali.</p><p>photographs by EXPAT.ROASTERS AND AKI</p><p>Expat.Roasters </p><p>OPEN</p><p>18 November 2016 </p><p>EXPAT.ROASTERSJalan Kayu Cendana Block C003, Seminyak, BaliT: +62 361 738 454Instagram: @expatroastersFacebook: expatroasters</p></li><li><p>JUST RIGHT NEXT door to the islands favorite cafe and McAseys other venture Sisterfields in Seminyak, Expat started as a passion project for two Aussie lads who were driven by a desire to produce an exceptional, unpretentious brew - from the ground up. </p><p>Co-founder and Australian Coffee and Good Spirits Champion 2016, Shae Macnamara believes that what set Expat apart from other coffee joints is their approachable ethos around all things coffee alongside their heavy focus on education and training.</p><p>We specialize in high quality specialty coffee, yes, but the whole reason for doing this is to bring a new approach to the coffee industry in Indonesia. We want to collaborate within the industry and educate coffee lovers along the way, said Macnamara.</p><p>Coffee is first and foremost on the menu which include espresso and their chosen form of alternative brew method, the V60, also known as a pourover. Amongst the raw, concrete interior youll find Expat treat...</p></li></ul>