For young researchers from Africa, Latin America, European Neighbourhood Coimbra Group Scholarship Programme for young researchers from Africa, Latin America,

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  • for young researchers from Africa, Latin America, European Neighbourhood Coimbra Group Scholarship Programme for young researchers from Africa, Latin America, European Neighbourhood Initially established in 1999 to assist scholars from Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans, the Coimbra Group Scholarship Programme has been widening its geographical scope over the years to include young researchers from Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and the wider European neighbourhood. Besides enhancing the visibility of the Coimbra Group in the above-mentioned areas, our Scholarship Programme is enjoying a high level of popularity. This emerged from the evaluation survey of grant holders that was carried out by the Coimbra Group Office in 2012. A relatively small investment can bring vast benefits both for young researchers in the target areas and for the reputation of our group; this is why we are grateful to our member universities for their kind contribution and why we would like to encourage them to continue their support. European Neighbourhood With the efforts and support from some noble-minded professors from his home and host universities, Dr. Kovacevic began working with non- invasive ventilation treatment in Banja Luka Hospital. Cooperation continued through various means of communication and staff exchanges. Finally, in December 2008, the first modern Medical Intensive Care Unit in Bosnia could be opened in Banja Luka, where Dr. Kovacevic currently works. Pedja, Bosnia and Herzegovina The experience of my stay abroad has been and will be of such an importance that I cannot explain. Getting to know another type of institutional organization, the teaching- learning modes, the everydaylife has made me reevaluate my practices. The possibility to work, get to know and discuss with renowed experts in my area has allowed me to develop both in a personal in a professional level. Believe me when I say that I will always remember this programme, this experience, as one of the best things in my life! Lorena, Argentina The short-stay was helpful in a number of ways. First, I was able to access classical texts and journal articles with arguments and debates on my subject matter. Secondly, I was able to share my perspectives as well as hear from others on the issues I was writing on. Third, the experience was an opportunity to break the ice in my writing. In the past two years I have been gathering data but family and work commitments always made it difficult to begin the writing process. I have managed to break this ice in the months I was in Coimbra. I am really grateful to many people and institutions which made my trip and stay a success. Ushehwedu, Zimbabwe Africa 2014 Coimbra Group Annual Conference Latin America 26 grants available from 14 CG Institutions: Aarhus, Coimbra, Granada, Graz, Iasi, Jena, Leiden, Leuven, Louvain, Padova, Poitiers, Salamanca, Siena, Tartu 16 grants available from 11 CG Institutions: Granada, Graz, Groningen, Heidelberg, Iasi, Jena, Leuven, Padova, Poitiers, Salamanca, Tartu 19 grants available from 10 CG institutions: Aarhus, Barcelona, Coimbra, Granada, Graz, Groningen, Leuven, Padova, Poitiers, Salamanca