French & Indian War

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French & Indian War. 7 Years’ War. Beginning. French and English wanted to control North America Especially the rich Ohio Valley French already trapped and traded there English colonies were expanding that way. Middle. French won several battles with the aid of their Indian allies. Middle. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of French & Indian War

French & Indian War

French & Indian War7 Years WarKnown in North America as the French and Indian WarKnown in Europe as the 7 Year War

BeginningFrench and English wanted to control North AmericaEspecially the rich Ohio ValleyFrench already trapped and traded thereEnglish colonies were expanding that way

MiddleFrench won several battles with the aid of their Indian allies

MiddleWar was also fought in Europe, Africa, and India

MiddleBritish get more colonists to helpBritish get Iroquois supportTide Turns British capture Fort Duquesne, Quebec, and Montreal

EndBritish win 7 year war with FranceFrench leave North America

Pontiacs RebellionAfter the French and Indian War ended, some British colonists moved across the Appalachian Mountains to the Ohio Valley.They did not get along with the Ottawa Indians.Chief Pontiac encouraged the Ohio natives to join him in a rebellion against the British.They attacked Fort Detroit (formerly called Fort Pontchartrain) and held it for a while.Eventually, British troops arrived and defeated Pontiacs warriors.

EndProclamation of 1763 gave control of the land west of the Appalachian Mountains to the Native Americans.This was done to avoid further fights with the Native Americans living there.Another reason was so that the King could keep the colonists under tighter control.

Michigan ConnectionFort Detroit was turned over to the British Army after the French surrendered MontrealLater, Fort Detroit was attacked in Pontiacs Rebellion