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French Revolution

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French Revolution. An introduction. Storming the Bastille 1789. 1. The French Revolution and Napoleon—mid 18th century to 1815. This section deals with the origins, outbreak, course and results of the French Revolution. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of French Revolution

French Revolution

French RevolutionAn introduction

Storming the Bastille 17892This section deals with the origins, outbreak, course and results of the French Revolution.

It focuses on the social, economic, political and intellectual challenges confronting the ancien rgime and the stages of the revolutionary process during this period, culminating in the rise and rule of Napoleon Bonaparte. The unit requires investigation of the impact of the French Revolution, as well as Napoleons domestic and foreign policies, upon France and its European neighbours.

Crisis of the ancien rgime: role of the monarchy especially Louis XVI; intellectual, political, social, financial and economic challenges

Stages in, and radicalization of, the revolution: urban and rural revolt; Constitution of 1791; the fate of the monarchy; the Terror; Robespierre; Thermidorean Reaction; Directory

Revolutionary wars to promote and defend revolutionary ideals 179296

Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleons domestic and foreign policies pre- and post-1804; Napoleonic wars

Collapse of the Napoleonic Empire and Bourbon restoration; Congress of Vienna

1. The French Revolution and Napoleonmid 18th century to 1815

Tennis Court Oath

Women on the march to Versailles

Sans Coullettes

Excesses of the revolution

Return of royal family to Paris 1791

10 August 1792 Paris Commune - The Storming of the Tuileries Palace

Execution of Louis XVI


Closing the Jacobin Club 1794 during Thermidor


Louis XVI

Marie Antoinette

Jacques Necker



Generalities of France

Declaration of the Rights of Man, August 1789

Bastille Model

Provinces of France

ProvincesMajor Provinces of France before the Revolution, with provincial capitals marked. Listed as English name (capital). . 1. le-de-France (Paris)2. Berry (Bourges)3. Orlanais (Orlans)4. Normandy (Rouen)5. Languedoc (Toulouse)6. Lyonnais (Lyon)7. Dauphin (Grenoble)8. Champagne (Troyes)9. Aunis (La Rochelle)10. Saintonge (Saintes)11. Poitou (Poitiers)12. Guyenne and Gascony (Bordeaux)13. Burgundy (Dijon)14. Picardy (Amiens)15. Anjou (Angers)

16. Provence (Aix-en-Provence)17. Angoumois (Angoulme)18. Bourbonnais (Moulins)19. Marche (Guret)20. Brittany (Rennes)21. Maine (Le Mans)22. Touraine (Tours)23. Limousin (Limoges)24. Foix (Foix)25. Auvergne (Clermont-Ferrand)26. Barn (Pau)27. Alsace (Strasbourg, cons. souv. in Colmar)28. Artois (Arras)29. Roussillon (Perpignan)30. Flanders and Hainaut (Lille, parlement in Douai)

31. Franche-Comt (Besanon)32. Lorraine (Nancy)33. Corsica (off map, Ajaccio, cons. souv. in Bastia)34. Nivernais (Nevers)35. Comtat Venaissin, a Papal fief36. Imperial Free City of Mulhouse37. Savoy, a Sardinian fief38. Nice, a Sardinian fief39. Montbliard, a fief of Wrttemberg40. (not pictured) Trois-vchs (Metz, Toul and Verdun


Jacobin Club

Marat Murder

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or death



French time