Fun Activity Ideas for Bali Holidays

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<p>BaliHolidaysOnline</p> <p>Fun Activity Ideas for Bali Holidays</p> <p>Despite this tropical paradise being the perfect venue to get a tan or go swimming on the beach there are several other fun activity ideas for Bali holidays that doesn't involve getting wet, or at least having to swim in a beach.</p> <p>Visit the Local Villages</p> <p>A visit to the Mas Village will introduce visitors to the culture of the Balinese and their fondness for woodcraft. In this village, the locals regularly craft sculptures, furniture, and other items out of wood and guests are welcome to watch them work on their creations or even buy some of those woodcraft to take home. Tourists could also visit Celuk Village where they'll get to see the locals craft jewelry out gold and silver.</p> <p>Go Cycling in Ubud</p> <p>Ride a bike and go around the countryside of Bali where you'll get to breathe in the fresh air and take in the wonderful sights. Biking in Ubud is a fun activity and you could get to see lots of rice paddies and broken trails that most tourists don't get to see. You could bike to Tegallalang where you can view the majestic rice terraces that they have there and you could stop over at Canang Sari Village to see how the Balinese live their simple lives away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. There are lots of bike shops in Bali that rent out bicycles and for this kind of tour it would be best to rent a mountain bike so you could pass through the rougher terrain. Most of the bikes for rent here range from IDR 10,000 to IDR 25,000 for the whole day (don't be fooled with the price, if you convert Indonesian currency to Australian dollars you'll see that the dollar is very high compared to Indonesian currency). Helmets, knee pads and other safety items for cycling are available and they could also be rented for a small price. Lastly, if you want your bike tour to be worthwhile you could hire a tour guide as well. There are tour guides in Bali that could go cycling with you as they teach you about the different historical sites and culture of Bali.</p> <p>Learn to dance traditional Balinese dances and learn their music</p> <p>There are small short classes in Bali that teaches tourists the various Balinese dances and guests could also learn to play some of Bali's traditional instruments. There are many studios in Ubud that offer classes on Balinese dances and learning Balinese music. You could enroll in their short classes or workshops to learn more about the Joged Bumbung, the Rangda, Barong, Ramayana Epic dance, Fire Dance or Kecak, and Cenrawasih. For those guests who can learn fast the dance instructors might even ask them to perform with the whole dance troupe on stage complete with traditional Balinese costumes and in front of a live audience.</p> <p>Go Kayaking at the Ayung River</p> <p>Another favorite water activity of most tourists here in Bali is their kayaking activity. Guests could go kayaking on the Ayung River where they'll get to see the crystal clear waters of Bali's river. Most resorts provide equipment for this kind of thing, but if not they can help guests find a shop that could give out kayaking equipment.</p> <p>About The Publisher:Check out the Bali holidays Online and you just might find something there that youve been raring to do for a long time. If you want your vacation in Bali to be more than just sitting at the beach then fear not because if you check the Bali holidays online you will find so many things to do aside from lounging in your beach resort.</p>


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