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HOUSEDuring the summer I took a summer course called Color Theory. Color Theory was a month long course that focused on the ideas and beliefs associated with color. I found this course very enlight-ening and fulfilling. It taught me many ways to use color in my Architecture. For example using color as a material or an object, how different emotions are related to warm or cool colors, and most importantly that color is everything. For our final project we were to photograph a building we found interesting and provocative. Then copy the building onto a different medium using any color craft we wanted. For my building I chose the famous Gingerbread House in Boulder, Colorado. DueDue to its historical significance to Boulder and the way it sits quietly in the environment, it would be a great choice for my final project. I chose vellum for my stationary and colored pencils for my medium. From this final project I learned many more aspects of color including different tints, hues, styles and characteristics.

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