Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

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Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Early Life. Born July 1, 1646 Leipzig, Saxony Educated family. Education. University of Leipzig Bachelor’s Degree in philosophy Master’s Degree in philosophy University at Altdorf Doctorate in Law. Contributions to Mathematics. Notation. dy dx. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Early LifeBorn July 1, 1646Leipzig, SaxonyEducated familyEducationUniversity of LeipzigBachelors Degree in philosophyMasters Degree in philosophyUniversity at AltdorfDoctorate in Law

Contributions to MathematicsNotation

dydxChain Ruley = f(g(x))dydxdy dudu dx=u=g(x)Calculus ControversyDiscovery of calculusIntegrals, maxima/minimaNewton vs LeibnizLeibniz published firstDifferent notationRoyal Society ruled in favor of Newton (Dr. Roberts comment: Newton essentially authored the report as President of the Royal Society)Binary Number systemUniversal languageInformation as a series of on/off choicesOther workWritingsPhilosophyTheologyMetaphysics

New Essays on Human Understanding Discourse on MetaphysicsEnd of LifeLast 40 years spent in HanoverDied November 14, 1716Buried in Hanoverian Court ChurchQuestions