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There are two types of Vehicle Tracking Systems to monitor a vehicle with. Both of these systems are useful when you want to know where your teenager is or has been when they take the family car on an outing or to track an employee, a spouse or to know where a vehicle is or has been.

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  • 1. About GPS Tracking

    2. Sky Patrol Real Time

    3. Vehicle VP 400 Real Time

    4. Trimble Trimtrac Real Time

    5. TD 300 Real Time

    6. Sleuth iTrail Passive

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  • GPS Vehicle Tracking

    There are two different types of GPS for vehicle tracking. One is a realtime tracking while the other is a passive tracker. Realtime tracking cost more than passive tracking but you get a whole lot more. You can login into an online account and then watch the vehicle as it is moving on a map provided by the online service.

    The other option is with a passive system. A passive system are less expensive and just as easy. In both real time and passive trackers they have to be attached to some part of the vehicle. This will allow you to place the tracking device onto the vehicle you want to track then after a few days retrieve the device and plug it into your USB port on your computer. From there you will be able to see where the vehicle has been.

    RealTime Trackers

    RealTime Trackers have different features depending upon the device. Alerts can easily be set up to alert you about certain conditions of a vehicle. Alert notification will advise you when the vehicle moves in or out of a certain area, this is know as a GeoFence. Notification of the speed of a vehicle, the times when the vehicle is stopped or idle. Also when the vehicle is used during off hours. Private detectives use realtime trackers to track vehicles for banks and dealerships in the process of repossessing. Businesses use tracking systems to monitor there location of service vehicles creating a better utilization of personnel. With a tracking system they can tell exactly how long their employees are taking off for lunch and break. Monitor government vehicles and their location to create a more efficient system.

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  • Vehicle Tracking is commonly used to monitor teenagers when they take the family car or there own car you may have helped them pay for to monitor their whereabouts. When going for a hike or camping a tracking device will keep loved ones informed of your location. When you suspect your mate is having a affair and are suspicious as to their whereabouts.

    Tracking your teenager could help to save their lives.

    Passive Tracking

    The unique features with a passive device is they are much less expensive than a realtime tracker. There are no monthly fees and the cost of these trackers is generally 50 percent less than a realtime tracker. When you do not have to have a real time tracker and can wait to see where the vehicle has been this is the perfect tracker for the job. Situations for this would be tracking a suspicious husband or monitoring a teenager to make sure they are doing what they say. Plus you get to see how fast they are driving.

    Vehicle Trackers At SpyGeeks

    At SpyGeeks we market three different models of a realtime tracking device that we have found to be dependable. Real time trackers require a monthly subscription to monitor the vehicle tracker.

    VP400 OBD II RealTime Tracker: This is used as a covert tracker as well as a tracking device to increase productivity and monitor the whereabouts of the vehicle.

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  • RealTime GPS TrimTrac: The TrimTrac tracker is widely accepted with Private investigators. Because of its ease to place under a vehicle by just attaching it with its magnets and then monitor it on a designated website with the proper login information.

    TD300 Personal or Vehicle Tracker. The tracker is a personal fashionable portable realtime tracker with fast acquisition times. It is compact and excellent to track young children, teenagers or family members when they are out camping, bicycling or jogging. The tracker also will work well to track a vehicle by placing the tracker in a hidden location within the vehicle.

    Sleuth iTrail A passive GPS logger, simply place the small iTrail unit wherever you like - your car, child's backpack, virtually anywhere, and the logger goes it will record the location, speed, and time. This will provide an exact whereabouts of the person or vehicle being tracked.

    Sky Patrol TT8850 is a powerful GPS locator which is designed for vehicle, pets and assets tracking. With superior receiving sensitivity, fast TTFF and GSM frequencies 850/900/1800/1900. Its location can be real time or schedule tracked by backend server or specified terminals. Based on the embedded protocol, TT8850 can communicate with the backend server through GPRS/GSM network, and transfer reports of emergency, Geo-fencing, device status and scheduled GPS position etc...Service provider is easy to setup their tracking platform based on the functional protocol.

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  • Real time trackers are very easy to use it is just a matter attaching them to the vehicle you would like to monitor. Then logging into the software on a computer.

    We have found the Sleuthgear iTrail Multi-Purpose Vehicle GPS Logger with magnetic case to be the best tracker for its light weight and cost. The uniqueness with this tracker is that it can be used on any type of vehicle, or placed in back packs as a personal tracker.

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  • Sky Patrol Real Time

    The Sky Patrol TT8850 is a powerful GPS locator which is designed for vehicle, pets and assets tracking. With

    superior receiving sensitivity, fast TTFF and GSM frequencies 850/900/1800/1900. Its location can be

    real time or schedule tracked by backend server or specified terminals. Based on the embedded

    protocol, TT8850 can communicate with the backend server through GPRS/GSM network, and transfer reports of emergency, Geo-fencing, device status and scheduled GPS


    One of the unique benefits of the TT8850 is with the purchase comes a full years of service with 5 minute updates. The service is easy to setup on their tracking platform provided through the service provider. Unlike other realtime trackers there is no set up fee. The cost of the tracker is all you have to pay making this one of the least expensive real time trackers on the market today.

    There is very little that has to be done to operate this unique tracker. Three LEDs indicators, one to let you know when the power is on, another to let you know when a GPS signal is being received and another to let you know when the signal is being sent to the GSM or cell tower. There is also a function key to set the Geo-Fence by holding it down to enable it. SOS mode is activated with the same function key.

    The Mini USB interface connects to any computer to charge the Li-ion or Li-Polymer battery. The data cable is used to configure the TT8850. When the battery is charging the LED will flash at a fast pace. When it becomes solid the charging has finished.

    A SIM card must also be installed in the slot as shown according to the directions of the manual that comes with the TT8850.

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  • When the GSM is searching for a cell tower to network with the GSM-LED will have a fast flash. Once it makes contact to the network the flash will be slow. No lighted LEDs mean that the power is off.

    The GPS light is solid it means that it has locked onto a Satellite. When it is flashing fast it means that it is looking for and getting real close to locking onto a satellite. When there is a slow flash it means the data being captured is the wrong.

    The parts list for the TT8850 consist of the GSM/GPRS/GPS locator. An AC-DC power adapter to charge the internal battery. A holder for the locator with two magnets for easy placement. The data cable is an optional accessory which can be used for firmware upgrading and configuration.

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  • VP 400 OBDIIThe VP400 OBD II is manufactured by VehiclePath located in San Diego, California incorporated in 2000. VehiclePath began producing vehicle tracking devices in 2003. They are developed and manufactured mostly on location in Southern California. The OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics. The II

    The Signal The GPS and cellular antennas are located within the unit and it updates its firmware over the air. The tracker will support a 5,2 and 1 minute by minute rate plans. The signal transmits on GSM Dual Band (850 | 1900 MHz) functioning on AT&Ts GPRS wireless data network. The tracker supports all OBDII protocols.

    FeaturesThere are many features that are built into the VP400. The feature I like the most is how easy it is to use. To set up the tracker it is just a matter of installing it into the ODBII port on the vehicle. There are no splicing of wires or connectors. Then setting up an account and then it is just a matter of setting up the alerts and tracking the vehicle over the internet. For covert installation there is an extension Y cable that is available to plug into the OBDII data port and then have a service connection as well as a connection for the vehicle tracker.

    Set UpBesides plugging the tracker into the data port, an online realtime account is set up to allow you to log into the tracker. Once logged into the account you will be able to see where the vehicle is and set up the alerts that will be

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  • beneficial to your needs. There is a monthly fee of $19.95 for the realtime access. The account is set up when you buy the VP400.

    Once the account has been setup you can easily set up alert parameters for the VP400. The technology within the VP400 provides the ability to minute by minute track the vehicle being monitored. Alerts can be sent to 3 different places. The Alerts that can be set are:Set Idle time- Alerts: This will send out an