Herding Cats Managing Volunteers in the new Millennium

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Herding Cats Managing Volunteers in the new Millennium. Scott A. Myles, CSP Past-President Orange County Chapter Mike F. Lorenzo, M.S., CSP Vice President, Region II. Goal & Objectives. Goal – Understand and Equip your Chapter Volunteers Objectives: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Herding CatsManaging Volunteers in the new MillenniumScott A. Myles, CSPPast-President Orange County Chapter

Mike F. Lorenzo, M.S., CSPVice President, Region II1Goal Understand and Equip your Chapter VolunteersObjectives:Learn new tools and techniques to recruit volunteersLearn how to spread the wealth (not the money.the work!)Implement strategies to grow and nurture your leadersRecognize the differences between Generation Xers, The Millennials, and the Baby Boomers

Goal & Objectives2Managing Volunteers is like Herding Cats!3Herding Cats

4Volunteers are Like CatsThe 21st Century VolunteerThe New Breed of ProfessionalsGenerational DynamicsThe Greatest GenerationBoomersGen XMillennialsGeneration @Young ProfessionalsRigid scheduling to AvailabilitySkilled to Knowledge Workers


The New Breed of VolunteerDo you recognize people like these in your chapter?Is very busy, many obligations, volunteers for many organizationsWants flexibilityExpects to be empoweredDoes not tolerate disinterested people or volunteersIs Tech SavvyWants to make a difference rather than a contributionDoes not like or want to be micromanaged6Recruiting the New BreedDating7First date communicate the opportunity to join the team/tribe/chapter Second date listen to their interests find a fit share rolesThird date ask them to consider going steadyUnderstand that no doesnt always mean never

The trick is to offer them a small role in your big picture

NEVER>>>>>EVER>>>>>ASK THEM TO CONSIDER THE LEAD ROLESin 1 Expecting Announcements to obtain VolunteersSin 2 Recruiting: Going at it aloneSin 3 Recruiting volunteers to make long-term commitmentsSin 4 Assume that No means NeverSin 5 Recruit any B.I.C.Sin 6 Ask busy people to do busy workSin 7 Leaders who know nothing about volunteer management8The Seven Deadly SinsBoomers/Xers/Generation @The willing groupsThey want to make a difference & change the worldHowever, they are not committedCome lateLeave earlyWork on their own scheduleJump ship more often!Knowledgeable about tech stuff but not necessarily good at it!!Considering retirement!!!

9Tapping into the (2) New BreedsThe Young ProfessionalsTheyre impatientTheyre multi-taskersThey think digitalTheyre tolerant Theyre looking for causes!Theyre team players.but!!They dont want to managed; they want to be led!!!

10Tapping into the (2) New BreedsDiscover what motivates your folksGive them regular feedbackOffer special privileges and perksSend volunteers to leadership conferencesProvide on-the-job trainingBe available to your volunteer leadersProvide free foodProvide tangible incentivesHave funAccountabilityPositive gossip (aka - - - networking!)Huddles (aka - - - Executive Board Meetings!)Thanking the families of your volunteers

11The Thirteen VirtuesHow to Manage Lead your LeadersRule One: Dont take the footballpass it!Rule Two: Label each handoff as delegation Rule Three: Secure the handoff with a check-upRule Four: Break down tasks into manageable goalsRule Five: Dont take the football if you cant handle itRule Six: Develop good handoff skills to avoid disaster


Its become a virtual worldwhether we liked it or not!You do not have to be a techieWhat is the Virtual VolunteerWhy you should consider (use) Virtual VolunteersHow do you recruit Virtual VolunteersHow do you manage Virtual VolunteersHow do you release (fire) Virtual Volunteers

13Managing in the Virtual WorldUse email as a follow-up toolUse email to document your conversationsUse email as one of many tools to make an announcementUse email for affirmation (aka thanks to an individual)




14Communicating in the Virtual World

Leading is different from managing.

Leaders set the vision where an organization is going.

Management paves the road to get it there!

Sometimes youre the Leader. Sometimes youre the Manager15Managing Leading your Chapter

Passion Where the power beginsFocus The power of focused missionStrategy Keys for mobilizing the passionCommunity Building spirit!Training Development: A Valuable Tool for Instilling Passion16Managing your Chapter LeadersThe EssentialsPassion:Its vital, passionate people get things done!It all begins with YOUR passion!!

Steps:Develop your (team) annual goals (STAR Program)Develop your (team) objectivesOrganize your volunteers into teamsGenerate team tasksManage your teams (build your community!)Follow-up Follow-up Follow-up!!!

17Managing your Chapter LeadersThe EssentialsFocus:The Power of Focused Mission!The POWER OF ONE!!!!

Steps:The new breed of volunteers are independent. Treat them as suchOld Model: All ships moving in the same direction . Older generation volunteers want all other volunteers to follow command & control. Be their commander!New Model: A school of empowered minnows! Your new volunteers all want to swim their own directions. Tell them where the finish line islet them figure out how to get there

Lead the ships and minnows in the preferred path!

18Managing your Chapter LeadersThe EssentialsStrategic Thinking: Keys for Mobilizing PassionWe the People Ask not What

The keys:Develop a Mission and a Mission StatementDevelop your Vision and Vision Statement

Typical Mission statement includes two semicolons, two dashes and at least two business buzzwords.

Typical Vision statements contain only one dash but consist of at least one run-on sentence.

19Managing your Chapter LeadersThe EssentialsTeam:Team building exercisesseriouslyGet to know you gamesShare at least one important factDevelop your leadership team into a family!

20Managing your Chapter LeadersThe EssentialsTraining and DevelopmentGive training a context (ASSE Training!)Use role-playing in your officer trainingUse mentorsUse staff meetingsUse Case Studies (Chapter of the Year!)21Managing your Chapter LeadersThe EssentialsManaging your Chapter LeadersThe Essentials22Principles of Leadership:

Take Command Lead by ExampleListen Aggressively Communicate Purpose and Meaning Create a Climate of Trust Look for Results, not Salutes Take Calculated Risks Go Beyond Standard Procedure Build up Your People Generate Unity Improve Your People's Quality of Life

What did we learn today?RecruitingGenerationsThe Thirteen VirtuesThe Six Rules of EmpowermentCommunicationBe a Manager and a LeaderThe Five Essentials

23Herding CatsManaging Volunteers in the new MillenniumYoull never be able to herd them and youll only get scratched if you try to do so.Herding CatsManaging Volunteers in the new Millennium24