The trick to herding cats

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Selina Fox and Susannah Randall, RandallFox Mission Critical: Crafting your communications strategy workshop

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  • 1. Mission Critical: CraftingYour CommunicationsStrategy30 May 2012#CommsStrategy

2. The trick to herding cats -the process and principles of audience focusCharityComms May 2012 #CommsStrategy 3. Our task for today ... Understand the basic process of audience mapping and prioritising Share techniques we use to help clients develop audience focused messages Share ideas and tips 4. Audience QIThere are prizes ...... 5. Explorer Families active, educated, enthusiastic 6. NT key points Started from existing visitor base Invested and made it evidence-based Embedded it throughout the organisation internal comms,training, degree of self-determination Used insight to reach more of the same and to improve theiroffer 7. Audience focus - basic process 8. Core to activityWho do you need to carry outyour work? Trustees StaffPotential donors Volunteering agencies VolunteersMediaOpinion leadersPeers/partners Devt charitiesDiffuse Who is in a similar position toWho else matters? you/shares your goals? Enablers Who provides the framework Potential volunteers for your work? Overseas ministries Department for Intl Devt (DfID) 9. Prioritising ? Willing/Able ? Influence/interest ? Motivation/ability 10. Knowledge/characterisationWhat is most useful to know about yourpriority audiences? 11. Message development workshop processYou will need .... Small group influencers/creatives (trusted external colleague?) To be pragmatic/manage expectations around output Get under the skin of the audience & create a positive atmosphere Intended output = clear message areas Redraft and refine Keep everyone on board circulate draft? Test 12. Getting under the skin of an audience workshop outline Package and present everything that you know existing data,new or old research, anecdotal evidence, secondary sources Circulate with some questions to ensure its read and digested Discuss and dissect Exercise Meet Dorothy Donor Pub pitch two minutes, everyone notes what resonates= message areas 13. Warning - you are too close to this ... TEST YOUR MESSAGES 14. Putting order into the creative process ... You will need: Good internal communications spread understanding Training spread the knowledge A way of ordering info on audiences and messages Milestones: evaluation and refinement 15. Audience focus - review 16. Its a journey ... 17. The trick to herding cats 18.