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Ancient Greek Art Unit

Instructor: Angela ChampionAncient Greek Art Unit

You are to create a paper mache sculpture that has the form of an Ancient Greek god or goddess. The sculpture must be no bigger than 12 tall with a base.You will build the armature with found objects, cover the form with paper mache, and paint the form to create visual appeal.

ProblemResearchIn what 3 ways has the sculptural form evolved in Ancient Greece? What materials were used to create human/god forms in Ancient Greece. What types of art was create that exemplified the Ancient Greek figure/style? What evidence shows this? In what ways does the artwork of the Ancient Greeks show up in our world today? ResearchFind a god or goddess and explain his or her significance to the Greek Mythology.What symbols/colors/objects did they have? What clothing, textures, objects were on their form? How was their figure proportioned? Idea GenerationSketch out a rendering from front and side that represents the pose of your god or goddess.

Test Search for objects to build your form. Assemble them with tape or hot glue. Test out the structure for balance and correct proportions.

After you assemble the armature, wrap your form with newspaper and glue mixture. Coat at least 2 times. Paint dried form with tempera paint.

Final Solution DescribeAnalyze Interpret Evaluate Evaluation