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Invisible Cities - Online Greenlight Review

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Invisible Cities

Invisible Cities Online Greenlight Review

Numbers 7 - 9 are of Octavia in black and white digital paintings. Number 10 is a rural shot of Anastasia in colour.Thumbnails 1-4 are of Anastasia, thumbnail 5 is of Armilla and 6 of Baucis.

Images 11 and 12 are of Diomira. One long shot of the city and then an up close of one of the domes. 13 to 15 are of Despina. 13 is an aerial shot of the city while 14 is a shot from sea and 15 from camel. 16 is a aerial shot of Esmerelda.Images 17 - 18 are of Isaura, the city of wells. Images 19 - 20 are of Phyllis. Images 21 -22 are of Armilla

Images 23 - 24 are of Baucis, with image 23 being a long shot of the city on stilts and image 24 being an internal shot looking down to the earth. Images 25 - 26 are of Ersilla.

Images 27 and 30 are of Sophronia. Images 28 - 29 are of Argia with 29 being an internal shot of the stairs filled with dirt.

Images 31 - 33 are of Fedora with 32 being an internal shot of the crystal globe. Image 34 is Moriana with the light hitting the transparent gate.

Images 35 and 36 are of Zirma, one of the cobblestone street and the other of a lunatic internal shot. Image 37 is an internal shot looking out the window of Ersilla. 38 - 39 are of Zenobia with the houses on bamboo stilts. And thumbnail 40 is of Tamara.

Images 41 - 42 are of Leonia, I was trying to represent the plastic coating over the side walk and all new items in a bathroom but I did find this a bit difficult and think the thumbnails are a bit unclear. Thumbnails 43 - 44 are of Thekla trying to show the scaffolding and construction taking place past the plank fence. 45 -46 are of Diomera with 46 an attempt at an internal shot but I have found internal shots rather difficult to convey.

Image of Tamara, I have found it rather difficult trying to portray this city, it is supposed to be a front shot of a store with the scale sign above it. Image 48 is of Armila trying to show the porcelain bathtubs and sinks left behind. Thumbnails 49 and 50 are of Ovtavia showing the bridges and beams from the mountain supporting the city. Images 51 and 52 are of Moriana showing the serpentine encrusted columns and also behind the big rusting metal wall.

Image 53 is a shot of houses along the canal in Anastasia. Images 54 - 56 are of Phyllis, I particularly like this city as there are so many different possibilities with the bridges. Image 57 is of Ersilla looking down from the mountains onto the city and image 58 is a thumbnail of looking down one of the winding streets in Esmerelda

Thumbnails 59 - 60 are internal shots of Fedora inside the building which is a 'museum of orbs'. Images 61- 62 are of Isura, the city of wells. Image 63 is an internal shot of Sophronia, trying to show the two different halfs of the city. Thumbnail 64 is of Esmerelda, showing a bridge at the end of the street crossing a canal.

Thumbnail 65 is a shot of Zirma trying to convey the girl walking the puma but I found trying to draw the animal rather difficult. Thumbnail 66 is of Moriana and the girls dancing under the chandelier. thumbnails 67 - 69 are of Esmerelda, 67 is showing if you arrive to the city by boat. Image 68 is a above shot of the city and 69 is showing a gondola going down the canals. Thumbnail 70 is of a suspension bridge in Phyllis.

Thumbnails 71 - 73 are of Phyllis showing the different bridges and the use of barges. Thumbnail 74 is an interior shot of Esmeralda and looking out onto the canal through a window. Thumbnails 75 and 76 are trying to convey the bamboo and zinc houses of Zenobia.

Thumbnails 77 and 78 are of Argia. I found it difficult to try and convey the presence of dirt everywhere. Image 79 is of a statue in Diomira. Thumbnail 80 is an interior shot of Octavia with the hammocks. 81 and 82 are two different imagery I could visualize when thinking of the secret garden pool in Anastasia.

Thumbnails 83 - 84 are of Despina, one approaching the city wall from the sand and the other from a boat. Images 85 and 86 are of Thekla trying to show all the scaffolding outside a building and then a shot of an empty building with tools in it. Images 87 and 88 are one way in which I visualized the houses in Octavia to look like.

Thumbnail 89 is of Esmeralda showing the bridges of the different levels.Thumbnail 90 is another shot of Anastasia secretgarden and pool.Thumbnail 91 is a shot of a skyscraper in Zenobia but from the bottom of the building. Thumbnail 92 is another shot of Esmeralda with the bridges going from different levels of the city. Images 93 - 94 are long shots of Octavia showing the huts attached to the spider web like structure.

Thumbnails 95 and 96 are of Baucis. Showing the houses high on stilts in the crowd. Thumbnails 97 100 are all oh Esmeralda. 97 is showing the different bridges from different levels. 98 is representing one of the streets within Esmeralda. 99 is showing the sewers with the lines of rats and 100 is what I visualised the interior to be.My Chosen CityEsmeralda

Mission StatementMy chosen city is Esmeralda. This city stands out to me because I can visualise the city very vividly from the chapter in Calvinos novel Invisible Cities. When reading through the chapter I get a lot of imagery of Amsterdam and Venice with the extensive and winding roads and canals. I find the city very interesting as well with the different levels. I feel as if this can leave a large window for creativity when trying to portray this city in the concept art. When thinking of the three main images I am going to create I believe I covered a lot of ground within my thumbnails for this city as it gives me a lot of variety and choice what to base these images off. One slight issue Ive had with this city is that Calvino did not explain the interior of the buildings too much. This made thinking of ideas a bit more difficult for interior shots. When it comes to thinking of the colour pallet for this city I think Calvino helped out a lot from where he is talking about if someone was to draw a map. He states that the map would be Marked in different coloured inks, all these routes, solid and liquid, evident and hidden. This tells me that there will a very wide range of colours to use within this city. I can see all colours from light creams and pinks all the way to dark browns and blacks to portray the shadows and different levels of the city. I think for the settings of the final drawings I will be aiming to try and convey dawn so as if the sun is rising. My reasoning for this is when I imagine the city I can imagine it half in shadow half bright and colourful and with the sun rising it will be able to convey this but still be to a realistic level. I also think that canals with the sunlight reflecting off them will add to the beauty of the city rather then if it was late and only street lights would provide lighting. I can imagine this city very vividly in my mind and I will try my best to convey these ideas to the viewer and my overall goal would be for them to be able to read the paragraph and think of the city scape that I produce.Influence Map Exterior

Influence Map Interior