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Invisible Cities TEXT Crit

Text of Invisible Cities TEXT Crit

  • Invisible CitiesSam Avery


  • Zirma

  • Visual Concept

  • For my exterior shot I focused on the city of new york as the layout of the city and the way the city connects with the waterfront. !This was something I was looking for, and believe by adding another element to my drawing it gave my city depth.

  • For my interior shot, I looked into asylum corridor designs, this was because my city was based around mad people and felt it was appropriate for the residents to be in an asylum like design. ! many of the corridors narrowed down to a point, this is why I have done the same with my hallway.

  • For my exterior Low angle shot I looked into built up areas such as the city of Amsterdam, The reason I looked into Amsterdam building designs was because of the way the buildings were all connected and only seemed to have narrow paths separating the buildings in-between. !This I thought would give my city a sense of exploration but also to make someone feel claustrophobic and make them on edge.

  • Final Shots