January 2012 Updates: School Holidays, Part 4

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January 2012 Updates: School Holidays, Part 4. We had a play date at the park with Benji and once again, we arrived early. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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January 2012 Updates: School Holidays, Part 4


We had a play date at the park with Benji and once again, we arrived early.2

It took Benji a good 20 minutes to warm up and get ready to engage in play, but Hahgoot was very patient. When she joined him in collecting sticks, they started chatting and had a nice time.3

We were honoured to be one of the first guests to Benjis house in Five Dock. Benji and Hahgoot had a great time playing several board games.4

We had morning tea together(here you can also see 2 years old Jeremy)5


Our friend Claudine invited us to join her and the girls at the Breakfast Point country club, for a swim in the pool. I always find this neighbourhood eerie, its spotless clean, like a movie set...7

All the houses are in a big circle around a massive cricket oval8

Top left: the country club

Bottom right: the view from the country club9

Hahgoot didnt have much time to get used to the water, Claudine whisked her away...

As I was in the middle of packing the house, I already packed my swimming suit and most of the pool equipment. Luckily, the girls suits were still around.10

At the pool we met another family we know from the school: Irina, a lovely German lady, and her three gorgeous kids. Hahgoot is especially fond of Celina, who is lovely.11

Alma liked the water but didnt go in far as I couldnt leave the side of the pool due to lack of swimming suit.

She really enjoyed the picnic...12

All the kids enjoyed the picnic... It was a fun day!13

We borrowed some floaties for Alma to try on14

Hahgoot was very independent and enjoyed the floaties (to my great surprise...) Little Maddie15

Hahgoot joined all the kids in a jumping marathon, with Claudine catching them one by one. She dived in three times!16


Big Maddie and Celina performed some very dramatic jumps 18

In our next presentation:

School holidays fun, part 5

Another visit to the swimming pool at Breakfast Point and a Sushi train lunch with Barak, Bernadette, Mia and Sarah

At mid day we headed home, Hahgoot was exhausted and we stopped for ice cream to refuel. Hahgoot had a great time but said she could still feel the water on her skin 4 hours after we were home. I spent the whole afternoon brushing her and doing deep pressure massage to reduce the sensation. Took about two days to balance her back from the exhaustion and mood swings following the experience. And that is after a positive experience... Wait to hear what happened after a not so good experience at the pool... 19