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  • Lithologic Patterns and Symbols Used On Kentucky Geologic Quadrangle Maps

    Dolomitic siltstone

    Calcareous siltstone

    Silt, siltstone, or silt shale

    Argillaceous or shaly sandstone

    Dolomitic sandstone

    Calcareous sandstone

    Ripple-bedded sand or sandstone

    Crossbedded sand or sandstone

    Sand or sandstone



    Gravel or conglomerate

    Crossbedded gravel or conglomerate

    Gravel or conglomerate

    Crossbedded sand or sandstone

    Clay or clay shale

    Cherty shale

    Calcareous shale or marl

    Dolomitic shale

    Sandy or silty shale

    Carbonaceous shale


    Crossbedded limestone

    Crossbedded dolomite

    Cherty crossbedded limestone

    Cherty and sandy crossbedded clastic limestone

    Sandy limestone

    Argillaceous or shaly limestone

    Dolomitic limestone or limy dolomite

    Silty limestone

    Cherty limestone

    Cherty limestone

    Oolitic limestone


    Sandy dolomite

    Argillaceous or shaly dolomite

    Silty dolomite

    Bedded chert

    Bedded chert

    Fossiliferous bedded chert


    Oolitic dolomite

    Cherty dolomite


    Clastic limestone

    Fossiliferous clastic limestone

    Nodular or irregularly bedded limestone

    Interbedded sandstone and shale

    Interbedded ripple-bedded sandstone and shale

    Interbedded sandstone and siltstone

    Interbedded limestone and shale(limestone dominant)

    Interbedded limestone and shale

    Interbedded shale and limestone(shale dominant)


    Crossbedded subgraywacke

    Ripple-bedded subgraywacke

    Interbedded shale and limestone(shale dominant)

    Interbedded shale and silty limestone(shale dominant)

    Interbedded limestone and shale

    Interbedded silty limestone and shale

    Interbedded limestone and calcareous shale

    Interbedded calcareous shale and limestone(shale dominant)

    Camp Nelson-type limestone