Mammoth Cave National Park

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Mammoth Cave National Park. By: Jacob Mazur. How was Mammoth Cave Formed. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Mammoth Cave National ParkBy: Jacob Mazur

  • How was Mammoth Cave FormedMammoth Cave was formed by vigorous streams and waterfalls. There are five levels of Mammoth Cave. The first one is a narrow canyon that was formed by fast-moving water that filled the whole level. The second level is formed by fast flowing water filling the whole level carving it out. The third level was formed by water filling the room cutting out the walls making another passages. The fourth level is large long room the water sculpts out a vertical passages with sinkholes along the bottom of the level. The fifth cave was formed like all the other ones fast flowing water taking the form of the final level. When water runs through limestone it carves out paths in the cave. But the cave is mainly made of levels and rushing water and the cave is still forming.

  • The Year it became a National ParkIn 1812 slaves mined saltpetre in the caves sediments to be used to make gunpowder. Later in 1812 started tours drawing in great numbers of people.. Then exploration in the cave got bigger and then in 1926 it became congress authorized as an National Park on March 3.

  • What Type of Rocks and Landforms are in Mammoth Cave

    The type of rocks in Mammoth cave are limestone and chert. Almost the whole cave is made out of limestone. Chert is an rock that makes up the cave to.

  • The Landforms in Mammoth CaveThe landforms in the cave are stalactites, stalagmites, underground rivers, underground waterfalls, and rock forms. Stalactites are made by little chips on the top of the cave. The is also how stalactites are made but they are just coming up from the bottom.

  • How is the Land Changing in Mammoth Cave The land in Mammoth cave is changing in the last layer of Mammoth Cave because the river is flowing and making it deeper and wider. Wherever there is water in Mammoth Cave the land is changing. Stalactites are also forming slowly. They are forming by chips anywhere in the cave. Stalagmites are forming by chips in the ground and are coming up.

  • Environmental Issues in Mammoth Cave One exae mplenvironmental issues in the mammoth cave system is in Horse Cave which is part of mammoth cave system but not protected by the park the town decide to throw there trash in the cave This caused a great deal of pollution to get into the caves water supply. It was so polluted the cave had a horrible odor that could be smelled up in the town center. Another example is that a foam factory had leak and the little foam piece got into the cave and the factory is giving money to the American cave consevation group to clean it all up.

  • How is the Technology Used in the ParkThe technology in the park is that they raise the bored walks so that people dont step on the flowers, plants, new trees coming up, animal nests, and other natural things. The other one is they explore the cave almost every day and they map new parts of the cave. The last one is that they reroute the energy into the cave so tourist can see all the unique landforms.

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