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  • Membership Card

  • About Us

    Gather Up LLC GU is an Egyptian limited liability company located in the city of Sheikh Zayed, Giza, Egypt.

    The aim of GU is to make the lives of residents and businesses in the Sheikh Zayed Community rewarding by bringing

    together businesses and customers.

    GU is not just a discount card. It is a continuous effort of making the lives of our community members more rewarding by offering them a list of premium vendors, service providers,

    clinics, gyms, hospitals and much more.

  • Our members will enjoy the services offered by the different service providers, our true partners in making our community

    more united and connected.

    GU was based on a platform of the great lady members of our Gather Up Facebook Group. This group was the initial

    step to bring our community together. The GU Membership Card is a second step to further unite and strengthen

    our community.

    GU will have much more to offer to our community members in the near future. Our aim is always to make you life more

    rewarding in all aspects.

  • Clinics

  • 5

    Hawary Dental ClinicSheikh Zayed

    Discount of 15% of everything offered


  • 6

    Nile Scan & LabsMaadi Branch: 1 Mahatta Square- Road 9- Maadi Palace Building

    Downtown Branch: 8 Hoda Shaarawi Street- Bab El Louq Dokki Mosaddaq Branch: 59 Mosadaq Street- Dokki-Giza

    Heliopolis Branch: 8 Ahmed El Rashidy Street- Off Nabil El Wakkad Ard El Golf Sheikh Zayed/6th of October Branch: Sheikh Zayed, Entrance 2,

    Near Sheikh Zayed Hospital. Katamia/Tagamo3 Branch: Downtown Mall Katamia, S2B Building 2nd Floor,

    Road 90, New Cairo

    10% discount for scans20% discount for labs to any of Gahterup card holders

    Call center: 19656

  • 7

    Skinova ClinicsTwin Tower - Shiekh Zayed

    10% botox or fillers15% laser services

    5% off all facial treatments5% facials done by Glow with Sarah


  • 8

    Seeds ClinicsBuilding 4, Unit 0-B, polygon sodic west, Sheikh Zayed

    15% discount on all consultations 15% discount on all Services including NSA Labs



  • 9

    10% discount on subscription fees

    5% discount on each call

  • 10

    WHAM ClinicsSheikh Zayed

    Discount of 20% on all examinations and follow-upsDiscount of 15% on all laser sessions & body contouring sessions

    Discount of 10% on any injectable products(Botox, fillers, PRP & Mesotherapy) peeling

    Discount of 5% on any take home products.


  • 11

    Safa ClinicsAmericana Plaza

    Discount of 20% on all consultations




  • 12

    Body & BeyondMediPoint

    Discount of 25% on assessments. Discount of 10% on all sessions.



  • 13

    Skin AvenuesArkan

    15% discount on total amount of pulses in hair laser removal sessions by(Vectus & Candela gentlelase Pro U).

    10% discount on Juvederm Fillers done exclusively by Dr. Mohamed Mongy.10% on Botox done exclusively by Dr. Rehab Hegazy.


  • 14

    Re3aya ClinicsSheikh Zayed

    Discount of 10% on all consultations including dentistry (excluding diet).

    Discount of 5% on all procedures



  • 15

    Laser HomeCapital Business Park

    Laser Home offer 15% total amount of pulses in hair laser removal (Candela gentlelase pro U)

    20% plastic surgeries 20% bariatric surgeries


  • 16

    IBN HAYAN LabsSheikh Zayed

    Discount of 15% on all routine TestsDiscount of 5% on all advanced Testing

    Such as Imupro-Isac and panorama


  • 17

    Queen LabsDiscount 5% on all fees including skin prick tests,

    allergy and blood tests. Discount 2.5% on vaccinations.


  • 18

    City ClinicNada Shopping Center Gezira Plaza Beverly Hills

    Discount of 25% for Customers on first visit for child in pediatric clinicDiscount of 20% on pediatric clinic.

    Discount of 25% on pregnancy follow up package.Discount of 25% on dental procedures.Discount of 25% on eye clinic services.

    Discount of 50% on first diet session Discount of 20% on life coaching sessions.Discount of 20% on homeopathy sessions.

    Discount of 20% on laser and cosmetology treatment.Discount of 20% house calls and home services. (The offers above are excluding medications.

    Some doctors are excluded. Prices may vary according to specialty and location)

  • 19

    Didental ClinicDown Town Mall

    Discount of 10% of everything offered, excluding orthodontic.


  • 20


    Discount of 10% on all consultations (not including vaccines).


  • 21

    Ultra Dental Care & Esthetics7B Borg El Atebaa, Al-Fath building, Central Axis St

    10% Discount for (veneer - crown - Bridge - Implant - whitening - Botox - Fillers)

    15% Discount for (Root canal treatment - Surgical procedures) 20% Discount for (Fillings - teeth cleaning (kids + adults)

    30% Discount for (Exam excluding X-ray)

    Clinic Numbers: 01115111161 - 01115111171

    Emergency 24/7: 01115111141

    Marketing Number : 01005130005


  • 22

    Dr. Dina Akmal Clinic Shefaa Clinics20% discount on all consultation


  • 23

    Perfecta Dental & Cosmetic ClinicSeoudi Building

    Discount of 10% on any treatment, whether dental or skin and Dermatology related.


  • 24

    Alfa Pneumo CareDiscount of 20% on all consultations.

    Discount of 10% on pulmonary function and provocation test.




  • 25

    Derbala Ultrasound CenterMediPoint

    20% on 4D Ultrasound (Women Scan and Fetal Scan Only).


  • 26

    The DentistMedipoint

    50% on examination.20% on scaling and polishing.

    15% on all filings, root canal treatment and all surgical treatment 15% on veneers and all ceramic crowns and bridges.

    15-10% on dental implants. 10% on prepless veneers.


  • 27

    Roeya Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Center

    20% discount on all services.

    +2 01010010071

    02 37963111

    02 37963112


  • 28

    Dr. Hussien Hegab(Pediatrician/Twin Towers, Building D)

    10% off consultations in clinic (Excluding vaccines and home visits)


  • 29

    Dr. Amr SalemElSheikh Zayed: Twin Towers - Building C -Second floor 6

    October: Cairo Medical Center- Central Axis- beside Police HospitalConsultant of Pediatrics,

    Lecturer of PediatricsFaculty of Medicine, Cairo University

    Discount of 20% on pediatric clinicDiscount of 15% on home visits

    Discount of 10% on all compulsory, and non compulsory vaccines

    Clinic number: 01005799957


  • 30

    Exclusive Medical Care52 Gamaet El Dewal El Arabia Street, Gulf Tower, 10th Floor

    Mohandseen, Giza.United Kingdom

    Crown House,68-72 Hammersmith Road London W14 8TH

    10% over E-consultation and booking appointments




    +44 2075591369


  • 31

    Prime Clinics Palm Hills: Sreet 88, 6th of October

    15% on laser 10% on dental services

    20% on dental bleaching

    / prime clinics




  • 32

    El Safwa Clinics Twin towers Building C, unit O, 4th floor

    10% Discount on all consultations 02 3793 8028

  • Hospitals

  • 34

    Dar Al Fouad Hospital10% on everything (not including inclusive packages) Doctors fees Pharmacy - Special medical supplies



  • 35

    Dar El Oyoun HospitalSheikh Zayed

    10% discount on operations will be given to patients who are examined at the Dar El Oyoun hospital.

    10% on Lasik & Femtolasik procedures




  • 36

    Al Safwa Hospital10% on all services.


  • 37

    Global Care HospitalDiscount of 20% on all consultations.

    Discount of 20% on all labs, scans and accommodation.


  • 38

    Diet and Nutrition

  • 39




    5% WEIGHT-LOSS-CHALLENGE Straight 21 days WITH MEALS10% Online WLC Straight 30 days


    5% Discount on the 1-3-5 & 7 DAYS