Myrtle Beach Corvette Club Vette Gazette ... 2019/11/02 ¢  Mike Woldanski - NCM Ambassador Volume 8

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  • November 2018

    We are quickly coming upon the Holiday season. With that in mind I would like to see everyone signed up for our Holiday Party at the Bay Watch Resort on January 12, 2019. See the enclosed flyer. Room rates for those of you wishing to stay overnight will be available soon. A BIG thank you to our 2019 Car Show Chairman Richard Miller and our Judging Chairman Rick Serfass. These gentlemen are already hard at work on the show. Contact them for your help on the club's biggest fundraiser of the year. See ya'll at Mulligans to cast your votes for our charities and officers.

    And remember to SAVE THE WAVE...... Regards, Gerry

    Chevrolet Corvette - Made in the USA

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    Volume 8 Issue 11 Editor: Bob Carey


    Presidents Corner by Gerry Gismondi

    Myrtle Beach Corvette Club

    Vette Gazette

  • Chevrolet Corvette - Made in the USA

    Volume 8 Issue 11 November 2018

    Holiday Party


    JANUARY 12,2019










    MBCC at P. 0. Box 4836, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29597

  • ELECTIONS for new or returning officers THIS MEETING WHERE WE WERE - MEXICO LINDO thanks again for our hosting couple Charlie & Pat Slevin WHERE WE ARE GOING - MULLIGANS November 4, 2018 5PM MEETING DINNER AT 6PM $20.00 each covers the dinner, gratuity & taxes 
 1359 US-17, Little River, SC 29566 843-249-7145 I’ll stamp your “PASSPORT” IRELAND


    A) Fish & Chips - Hand dipped in batter and fried to a golden brown. Served with French Fries and homemade coleslaw.

    B) Corned Beef & Cabbage -Tender roasted corned beef served with cabbage, potatoes, and carrots-St. Patrick’s Day in November

    C) Sheppard’s Pie - Ground beef sautéed with carrots, onions, peas, and special seasonings in a rich red gravy-topped with mashed potatoes

    D) Prime Rib (addl. $5.00) Slow roasted Loin of Beef with our special blend of seasoning, natural au jus, baked potato with seasonal salad. Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well

    ALL ENTREES COME WITH A SALAD WITH OUR HOMEMADE RANCH DRESSING $5.00 Guinness, Smithwicks, Black & Tan $6.00 Nutty Irishman (Frangelico & Bailey’s), Irish Coffee (Jameson, Bailey’s & coffee

    HOSTING Al & Betty Freedman RSVP no later than 11/01/18

    So until then....or as I often say:


    Melvin Baker VP MBCC

    Melvin Baker - VP

    Chevrolet Corvette - Made in the USA

    Melvin Baker

    Volume 8 Issue 11 November 2018


    for our meeting/dinner locations. Foods from North Carolina, Maryland, South Carolina, Venice, Albania, France, Ireland, England and Mexico.

    Print this copy of your passport and mark on the dotted line the locations of your visits.


    Chevrolet Corvette - Made in the USA

    Volume 8 Issue 11 November 2018

    Passport to fine Dining

  • Volume 8 Issue 11 November 2018

    Rumors about the mid engine continue with speculation now focused on when it will be revealed. Most sources are leaning toward the Auto Show in January 2019 in Detroit. It's Going Racing, Possibly with V6 Power While prototypes are out on public roads doing testing now, the racing version of the C8 was just spotted at Road America getting ready for the 2019 season. As with all Corvette race cars dating back to the C5-R, the C8.R will be built by Pratt and Miller and entered into the IMSA WeatherTech Series. A run at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2020 is possible, too.

    Audio recorded at the track reveals that the C8.R isn't packing a V8, but rather, an engine that sounds an awful lot like the turbocharged V6 from the Ford GT. What does that mean for the road car? Who knows. IMSA has let automakers enter race cars with different engines than their road-car counterparts. corvette-spy-photos/ yet-at-the-mid-engine-corvette/

    Bob Carey - Editor

    Chevrolet Corvette - Made in the USA

    Bob Carey

  • Hello Members!

    Gee, it’s been quite some time since I saw any of you! I brought home more than memories from my New England vacation………..bronchitis that morphed into pneumonia…… my grandchildren to bits but they are all walking petri dishes!

    We have 237 active members, 107 family memberships, 23 single memberships and 8 Honorary memberships, the latest Honoree being Sandy Beall - who is moving out of the area- we will miss you greatly Sandy!!!! And best of luck

    with your new adventures! !!!!!!!Congratulations to Kevin and Della Goettl for 5 years of membership!!!!!!

    It was husband Rich’s pleasure to introduce 7 new members at the October meeting: Robert & Susan Casper, ’09 coupe, originally from PA Joseph & Linda Ferraro, ’19 convertible; originally from PA Keith Meiere, ’78 25th anniversary T-top; originally from Indianapolis Steve & Marlene Prentice,'03 coupe; originally from MD PLEASE all of you come find me at the next meeting - I’d like to meet y’all! AND AS USUAL- If you lose your name badge I can order you another - the cost is $10. If you’d like your car model and year added to your name badge, the cost is $8. I have MBCC cling-ons for your car. They are static plastic - will not inflict any damage! The cost is $22 for 2. If you are interested in purchasing a set, let me know at I always have some with me at club meetings, as well as the car stickers ($3.00).

    If you attend club events where everyone will meet and caravan to the particular event, please come with a two-way radio so that you can communicate with others in the caravan, especially the leader. All two-way radios should be tuned to Channel 8. In addition, we now have club shirts that can be worn to group events. You are not required to purchase a shirt, but if you want to, the information will be at the end of the Vette Gazette. Should there be any changes/corrections to your address, phone number, email, etc, please let me know at so we can keep our roster up- to-date and you don't miss out on any of the fun. Please also let me know if there is an illness or passing of a member. Thank you Happy Halloween & don’t eat too much candy!!

    Patricia Miller - Memberships

    Volume 8 Issue 11 November 2018

    Chevrolet Corvette - Made in the USA

    Patricia Miller

  • This month is a very busy month for all of us, so I will put our events in the order that they happen.

    Nov 4th - Monthly meeting at Mulligans in Little River 5PM Don’t forget to change your clocks back!

    Nov 7th - Cruise In at Milardo’s in Murrells Inlet 5PM

    Nov 11th - Veterans Day, thank all of you who served for your service. Go out & enjoy all your free food

    Nov 20th - Cruise In at Papa’s in Little River 5PM