NATIONAL N-DIPLOMA Business Management N4-N6 ??FIRST YEAR N4, First Semester Introductory Accounting Management Communication Computer Practice Entrepreneurship and Business Management

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<ul><li><p>FIRST YEAR</p><p>N4, First Semester</p><p>&gt; Introductory Accounting</p><p>&gt; Management Communication</p><p>&gt; Computer Practice</p><p>&gt; Entrepreneurship and Business Management</p><p>N5, Second Semester</p><p>&gt; Financial Accounting</p><p>&gt; Sales Management</p><p>&gt; Computer Practice</p><p>&gt; Entrepreneurship and Business Management</p><p>SECOND YEAR</p><p>N6, First Semester</p><p>&gt; Entrepreneurship and Business Management</p><p>&gt; Computer Practice</p><p>&gt; Computerised Financial Systems</p><p>&gt; Public Relations</p><p>ENTRY REQUIREMENTSGrade 12 Certificate</p><p>DURATION3 Years (18 months theory and 18 months practical work experience)</p><p>WHAT IS THIS PROGRAMME ABOUT?Once you complete this programme you will understand the principles on which the South African Economy is founded and have the skills to be an entrepreneur. This includes insight into the management environment in which the business functions to provide the characteristics and skills which are needed to start and successfully manage your own business, and also to have insight into the challenging world of entrepreneurship and the social responsibilities of entrepreneurs. You would also need to be familiar with the economic and business environment in which entrepreneurs function and to be able to prepare a successful business plan.</p><p>WHAT CAREER OPPORTUNITIES ARE OUT THERE?&gt; Entrepreneur&gt; Sales&gt; Bookkeeping&gt; Administration</p><p>Business Management N4-N6</p><p>HEAD OFFICEt: 021 886 7111</p><p>e:</p><p>CALEDONt: 028 212 3270</p><p>e:</p><p>PAARLt: 021 872 3323</p><p>e:</p><p>STELLENBOSCHt: 021 887 3027</p><p>e:</p><p>STRANDt: 021 853 7611</p><p>e:</p><p>WORCESTERt: 023 348 6920</p><p>e:</p><p>FACULTY OF ECONOMIC AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES</p><p>WHAT SUBJECTS WILL I BE TAKING? WHAT DO THESE SUBJECTS ENTAIL?</p><p>NATIONAL N-DIPLOMA</p><p>INTRODUCTORY ACCOUNTING</p><p>Introductory Accounting provides students with a basic knowledge of accountancy, helping them to understand the concept of contra accounts and how to do financial statements.</p><p>MANAGEMENT COMMUNICATION</p><p>Studies the different disciplines of communication, motivation and self-image as tools in the organisation. Practical activities are included, especially the writing of business communication documents.</p><p>This subject also studies the theory behind advertising, the communication tool for marketing, with emphasis on the role it plays in marketing strategies of an organisation.</p><p>COMPUTER PRACTICE</p><p>Provides students with skills to perform basic computer functions. The subject field covers Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and basic Internet and Email functionality.</p><p>ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT</p><p>Entrepreneurship and Business Management studies the different aspects of starting your own business. It provides basic knowledge of how to draw up a business plan and all the necessary aspects needed for a business plan.</p><p>FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING</p><p>Financial Accounting studies the basic accounting principles and its contra accounts. Students will have the skills to enter data from the journal to general ledger, cashbook and bank reconciliation. How to do the books of different organisations will be covered e.g. partnerships, public and private companies, corporations, etc.</p><p>SALES MANAGEMENT</p><p>Sales Management studies aspects of selling such as the organisation for sales activities as well as the recruitment, training, remuneration and evaluation of sales people.</p><p>COMPUTERISED FINANCIAL SYSTEMS</p><p>This subject provides the student with the necessary background to do Pastel Accounting and Pastel Payroll. The subject is presented in a practical and accessible manner.</p><p>PUBLIC RELATIONS</p><p>Public Relations equips students with the public relations front line skills required in all business organisations. To help students realise the importance of communication between an organisation and its public/target markets, and to instil into students the awareness that all presented material should enhance the image of the company.</p></li></ul>


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