New Mobile Phone Communication Brand Management Case Study 5

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<ol><li> 1. New Mobile Brand Launch Campaign, ATL &amp; BTL Campaign Management Objective: Design the Brand Communication, Launch New Mobile Brand in 24 tire 2 cities across India via ATL &amp; BTL activities. Agency challenge: Conceptualize an effective communication plan with regional connect strategy keeping key regional language and media channel limitations to manage the regional campaign execution plan for closure, for all four regions for the client in an integrated manner entailing different competencies/offerings of its diversified product portfolio and create visibility around the launch and sustain it for three months. Background of the campaign: New brand launch, competitive mobile market, Brand marketing campaign to start riding high on ATL channels, a high octane creative pitch on being the best local Mobile phone brand in the offering with multi language facility as USP of the brand. The Campaign Management Process: Drive the launch campaign on ATL, for all the 24 selected tire 2 cities with different languages in a phased manner along with BTL visibility drive at the ground with retail store visibility as per S&amp;D footprint. Tactical outdoor visibility in tire 2 cities and FM radio to sustain the campaign for a longish period. On ground pre-launch campaign management activities: Install retail signage at shops and vantage locations in and around the city for brand launch visibility as per S&amp;D foot print. Our Core launch visibility execution plan: Managed to optimize the ATL campaign with each regional newspaper publication tie-up, optimized the on ground in store visibility on retail telecom multi branded shops with posters and danglers and on ground retail signage visibility for the launch with maximum number of non-telecom surrogate signage placements at vantage points and smart location across each city. On ground tactical long term visibility execution plan: Identified key traffic inland spots, managed permission with the local civic authority and municipalities to adopt inlands for brand visibility under agreed terms to maintain and manage the beautification, upkeep of these inlands for longish period for 1 to 2 yrs. for a sustained brand visibility campaign at a reasonable budget for the client. Miller Marketing was successful in designing a creative campaign with its diverse regional interest in mind across 24 locations pan India by drawing a very strong connection between each regional cultural value proposition as regional identification for the mobile brand. </li><li> 2. Break language barriers through effective conversion of local heritage values in to the brand communication for the product to connect with the last mile at the ground level, create pull for the brand across retail and followed it up by traditional ATL channels for instant TOMA and sustain the visibility campaign by converting tactical locations in to brand visibility properties across locations for a longer term. Disclaimer: The information contained in this case study is the property of miller marketing &amp; advertising services and is published only as examples of the work executed by the agency. </li></ol>


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